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Lead vocalist and producer of Raizer band. His field of creation is industrial electro with elements of anthemic rock, drum ā€™nā€™ bass and progressive synth-wave. Also the Raizer frequently employs various sound effects that are relative to dubstep and some other modern techno genres. Core style and concept are reflected in the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of cyberpunk world. Raizer signed to FiXT along with artists like Celldweller, The Anix, Voicians. Also known for his remixes on Celldweller, Circle of Dust, and his participation in the break-beat project UNDERBIZ.


  • The "juiciest" snare drums I've ever heard.All drums and percussion useful for fast bpm. You don`t need to cut or process this drums, it`s mix-ready. Suitable for both Liquid and for heavier Neuro tunes. And of course a lot of inspiring atmospheres and effects.Must have for every modern DnB producers.


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