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LOST was born in the UK and raised in Croydon which is famous for being the birth ground of Dubstep and home to producers such as Skream, Benga, Mala, Loafah and many more. Starting as a Grime Dj it was not long before his attention was caught by the burgeoning Dubstep movement. From there he decided to take up music production and turned his hand to Dubstep late 2007. LOST was singled out by Dubstep/DNB don, Jakes, and was asked to join 'HENCH recordings'. As well as being known for his deep, more sub driven sound, LOST brought his own unique style to HENCH when he joined which helped sculpt and influence a new wave of producers to pioneer the 'Riddim' scene today. Aside from playing clubs and festivals and most recently touring the USA, LOST has seen releases on labels such as Deep, Dark & Dangerous to Disciple, From Subcarbon to RVRSL, Sin City, Black Box, Wheel & Deal and many more highly respected Dubstep labels.


  • Radikal

    Rating: 10/10

    Great sound design from the Ghost Syndicate crew once again. Jam-packed with grimey, psychedelic sounds, FX, synths & bass loops (that are also separated into one-shots) this pack is an instant must-have for any aspiring or pro-level Dubstep/Grime/140bpm bass music producer! Every single folder here is so top-notch that this collection transcends any specific genre. Don't forget the bonus folder which includes a template project for Ableton users to really delve into.

    Arabian Vocal Hooks

    Rating: 9/10

    A real authentic cross between Arabian and pop styles which are infused and beautifully put together. I found myself reaching for this pack a lot as it strangely suited my dark style of music. There's a lot of depth in the construction of the various kits and you'll find yourself getting lost in the various Arabian style melodies that you can come up with!


    Rating: 9/10

    Barra is a staple pack and an absolute must when it comes to those deep, techy half-step sounds. The whole pack is put together really well and all the sounds seem to perfectly complement one and other. I've used this pack a few times myself in my Dubstep projects and they sound great! Especially if you're looking for tribal sounding percs.


    Rating: 9/10

    If you're looking for some wobbly LFO inspiration look no further because this pack has enough LFO sub-bass darkness to wobble you to the next realm. It's just jam-packed with high quality, great sounding samples that sonically complement each other so you find yourself easily inspired! Definitely for those that are a fan of that original Dubstep sound.


    Rating: 9/10

    You know the saying "there's no smoke without fire". And that is exactly what this pack contains, FIRE! ha ha. No but seriously, Ghost Syndicate really throw you into the gritty streets of London with this edition, I really like it. They've filled it with a ton of hard hitting UK Drill drum samples. There's stacks of pre-chopped loops, one shots as well as a nice selection of dark, 'UK Drill type melodies'. Ohh, and enough gliding 808's to see you through.

    Dub Noire

    Rating: 8/10

    I've always believed that if you get a ton of ideas around 4 samples into the sample pack then you're onto a good one! I was able to put an idea together with all the sinister key stabs and chords. Workflow was made relatively quickly which allowed more time to really get creative and manipulate the sounds even further. I fell for this pack as soon as I delved into all the chest rattling sub bass loops. I'm in love with the top and particularly the percussion loops, they're organic and immediately give you that 'dubbed out' feel. Definitely an essential now in my arsenal!


    Rating: 9/10

    Very impressed with this pack and the endless possibilities it provides. Absolutely on point with the percussion, melody and FX, in fact, everything in this pack is a vibe. This one is an essential to expand your UK Dubstep artillery on the more deeper, darker side.


    Rating: 8/10

    This is a really solid pack for creating anything within the darker UK Dubstep sound. Mixed with some Grime and Trap influences, all sounds have been masterfully crafted with the producer in mind! Ranging from 130-140 bpm there is plenty in here that get my creative juices flowing, you'll most certainly find something to play around with. The whole thing has a sleek Asian feel mixed with spine-chilling atmospheres and foreboding synths which all coincides with the title, 'Shinigami', God of Death himself.

    Primate - Citrus

    Rating: 8/10

    I really enjoyed scrolling through this. You always know you're on to a good when when you start getting a ton of ideas around 4 samples deep. Once I really got in my zone I was able to put something together straight away, its a great pack full of clean, rich and not overly processed sounds so naturally I wasn't held back with a lot of processing on my part. There's a lot of hidden gems in here and the drums are just on point.


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