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Marie Vaunt

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Marie Vaunt is one of the biggest up-and-coming names in Techno. Based in Los Angeles, she burst onto the scene in March 2018 with her debut single, “Witchcraft,” which skyrocketed through the Beatport Techno Top 100 chart, reaching #22 within days of its release. Her next two singles, “The Coven” and “Alchemy,” achieved even greater results taking the #5 and the #14 spots respectively. Her unique production style — which delivers dark and hypnotizing synths coupled with hard, yet pristine, beats and percussive elements — has gathered a growing, dedicated, worldwide fanbase, as well as the attention of audio industry giants Arturia and PreSonus who have already taken Marie Vaunt under their wings.


  • Techno Foundations delivers what it says on the package; it's a great starting off point for any Techno production as these are some of the highest quality samples you'll find for the genre. The drum one-shots alone are worth the download, great stuff!

    Another great addition to the Unity Samples family of sample packs. The variety in this pack really makes it a solid inspiration tool for anyone looking to make some serious Techno. The one shots are as production-ready as they come, and the construction kit stems are a sure way to spice up an existing production or kick start a brand new track.

    Unity Samples never disappoints, but this sample pack is on another level. The focus on harder, peak-time Techno is evident, and every single construction kit offers a jolt of creativity to get your next banger up and running. The one-shots are some of the best I've heard and the variety makes them useful for other hard, dark genres. If you're serious about making Techno, you need this pack in your arsenal.

    This pack is a definite must-have for any producer looking for peak time Techno samples. Lots of great drum and synth one-shots; great selection of effects and atmospheres ready to be tweaked and make your own. The construction kits are also top-quality and serve as a great tool in case you need to sketch up something quick.


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