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Golf Clap

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They say nothing's as powerful as an idea who's time has come, and Golf Clap is reaching its moment. After six years of tireless hustle, Bryan Jones and Hugh Cleal have conjured a palpable energy. It's one fans can feel at every gig, be it a hot-and-heavy club set or an energetic takeover of a festival stage. With roots in the Detroit and Chicago house scenes, the duo feeds off each other and the crowd, spinning the hottest songs of the moment while breaking new records, and it's not any press play, hands in the air fair. You're likely to hear a lot of cutting up between face fulls of funk and bass. Golf Clap is insatiable, having performed 13official and surprise sets at this Electric Forest 2018 alone. This constant dance floor momentum makes Golf Clap regulars at Movement, Miami Music Week, and Holy Ship, and landed the duo a spot at the inaugural Friendship music cruise. Fueled by relentless passion, if the guys aren't behind the decks, they're likely pulling all-nighters in the studio. Bodies dancing in real-time is an addiction, but when it comes to original productions or high-profile remixes, Golf Clap wants to create something for every moment. Recent EPs Vices and Machines showcase their club-ready attitudes, while high-profile remixes for Zeds Dead and Illenium, Zhu and Tame Impala, Louis The Child, and Hotel Garuda give the music makers a chance to showcase stylistic variety. It's as Jones says, “rhythm makes people dance, melody makes people remember, and Golf Clap aims to keep you coming back for more.


  • Speakin' & Preachin'

    Rating: 9/10

    Really good pack here for house music especially. A lot of different voices and phrases to go through. I really like a couple of the female speaking vocals on this one. They sound like they will fill in a lot of tracks pretty easily.

    This was a very compete pack with many things you could use in any genre. They did a great job of getting a bunch of common phrases that work well throughout time. The voice sounds really good on this one as well.

    Future Tech Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Very nice pack here that we will be using a lot. Really like how there are multiple different effected sounds in here. Even when it's the same voice it sounds like something else and makes it much more versatile.

    House Vocal Glitches 8

    Rating: 8/10

    Very complete pack. Lots of small cuts that you can put in a sampler to make beat-a-pellas. Will be using this a lot to fill in space in songs in the background. Very clean and well mastered sounds all around.

    House Acapellas Vol.2

    Rating: 9/10

    Very good pack here. There are a lot of male vocals processed really clean and crisp that would be very easy to cut up in a lot of genres of music. There's some spoken word stuff that I think will be easy to pull phrases from. It all sounds mastered very well and the phrases are universal enough that they won't seem played out fast. Thumbs up.

    Really like this one a lot. Tons of short chops in here that I'll probably cut single hits from. I like these because they are just short enough to not be recognizable vocals, but just enough presence to really make your track pop out more if you layer a few of them. Excited to pull some of these in my next project!

    I recognized a lot of sounds in this one from other songs throughout the years. There was a lot of stuff on this and I found quite a bit of usable stuff. I didn't like a couple of the MCs voices, but there were a lot I really did like. The lyrics got a little silly, but I was able to wade through those pretty quickly. Overall pretty usable pack here.

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 1

    Rating: 9/10

    Really good clips in here. This would be good for a hip hop or lo fi producer in particular but will get some use out of this. They are all clipped nicely and easy to drop it. It's nice getting those classic old recording sounds without having to worry about copyright issues by ripping stuff from Youtube. They also fixed all the poor audio quality that would have resulted in trying to rip it from old movies. I think there was a good amount of stuff in this pack, i took a long time to go through them all which is what I want in a pack.


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