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Beginning to learn the art of DJ’ing at just 11 years old and progressing to music production at the age of 14; it’s safe to say Levela has dedicated his life to Music.Over a decade of releasing tracks, Levela has imprinted his own unique style upon the Drum and Bass scene receiving widespread recognition from his peers and dance music fans alike. Whilst releasing the vast majority of music on his own imprint – Multi Function, the last 12 months have seen Levela make guest appearances on high profile labels such as Critical Music, Technique Recordings, ProgRAM and Get Hype to name a few. These excursions continue into 2019 with multiple single and EP releases scheduled throughout the year plus a string of forthcoming remixes for the likes of Mefjus, S.P.Y, Kasra and Drumsound & Bassline Smith amongst others. The out-of-character 2018 single “Exhale” found its way into the DJ sets of the highest-profile artists within drum & bass and was heavily supported by the likes of Noisia, Kasra, Danny Byrd, The Prototypes & many more. This ushered in a new sound and direction in Levela’s music and prompted a more deeper, darker side to his productions with an ever continuing goal of increasing production quality. Levela’s success is not only held to production but his self-styled 4 deck mixing has led to him performing multiple tours of Australia, Latin America and North America with regular European shows too. Levela has held down a 6 year club night within his home town of Brighton with expansion of this in 2019. 2019 is signalling a new era in Levela’s sound with a goal to spread his production across all genres of Drum’n’Bass further breaking down the DnB sub-genre walls.


  • Document One Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack contains everything I love about the Document One sound. From their trademark double bass samples to the tech'y and intricate bass loops, this pack from EST Studios is an absolute must have for any bass music producer. Excellent starting blocks to twist up and further process in your own way, as well as sounds and samples lifted from some of the well known Doc One tracks. Essential stuff!

    Dark, minimal Drum & bass at it's finest. Some lovely deep bass samples in this pack, the one shots and loops are low end heavy leaving lost of room for additional layering or further processing. The synth folders contain high class drones and pad swells for that ominous intro and those eerie layers. The drum loops are for the more abstract end of the spectrum where loops are smothered in roomy reverbs and off-beat patterns, but the sections broken in to tops and percs can be layered with any styles of D&B. Great pack if you're into the sounds of Alix Perez, Skeptical, Halogenix.


    Rating: 8/10

    I've been a big fan of Ghost Syndicate packs for a while now and Erebus confirms why. Although primarily aimed at dubstep, you can used elements from this pack in any deep and dark style. Amazing one shot drum hits mostly pre-reverbed and ready to create big room filling drums. What I really like about GS packs are the way the bass loops are split into full, sub and mid-range variations which makes further processing and resampling real simple. And the same can be said for the multiples of synth melody loops. Having 3-5 to pick from when made from similar synths/instruments but in different variations will help you use them and keep the track interesting with slight melody changes. Also be sure to check the "dub siren"s in the "bonus" folder, you'll definitely use these!

    Does exactly what it says on the tin, simple but highly needed in my sample bank. Clean, single word/sound shots (with the odd sentence thrown in too) all key labelled and ready to drop straight in to your project. If you need that "hey" for your snare layer or pre-drop vocal, you're guaranteed to find something useful in this pack.


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