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Christian Fial, better known as INFEKT has been producing since 2011, focusing on minimalistic, yet energetic basslines. He has released his music with the labels Disciple, Circus Records, NSD: Black Label, SMOG and much more. Which has gained support by numerous popular artists such as Kill The Noise, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, 12th Planet etc. His previous live performances include sets at events like Drop In Bass, Night Grinderz, Havoc and Royal Bass. Be on the lookout as it's rumored that INFEKT is spreading to North America.


  • Robostep V2

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack has everything from weapon sounds to robotic bleepy noises, hydraulic sounds, impacts, glitches and more. I really really like these sounds and I'm excited to use them in my projects. Very impressed with this pack and it delivered on what it promised to be.

    EDM Drop Vocals 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Really good samples, they are well categorized and I like that there are also longer vocal samples here and there. Lots of different voices, with various amounts of processing and they sound quality. There were one or two samples in here that I recognized from popular dubstep tracks, so that goes to show that this pack has some very usable samples.


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