Justin Harris - Music for Freaks

Justin Harris - Music for Freaks

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Justin Harris has been active as a DJ business since 1987 and has been producing since 1994 in collaboration with Luke Solomon and under the names Robotic Movement, Free soul (with Diesel) and Oliloqui for labels like Classic (Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter), Phono, 20/20 Vision, and SSR. Harris also works under the name Philippe Maurice but mainly to promote themselves as the duo Freaks (again a collaboration with Luke Solomon) and the acclaimed Music For Freaks label is both for diehard deephouse fans as for adventurous electronic music lovers.


  • Found all the loops and sounds very useful in this pack. Look out especially for the horns man...EXCELLENT horns. Oh and the breaks are crystal clear too :))

    Global Beatworks Vol 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Very useful pack. I usually end up using samples of this kind of percussion in the background because i rarely find squeaky clean loops. This pack has supplied all that and more but really really clean. I would say that you need this...

    Real Strings

    Rating: 8/10

    Got this in the hope that it was as strong as the vol2 strings as they were excellent. Not disappointed at all!!Very strong content here. Huge selection and very simply organised so as not to confuse the less musically trained. You need this.

    Yep, was really intrigued to see if this pack was any use to me coming from a house perspective. It certainly was. Great sounds and loops and really does what is says on the packet. Nice one.

    SFX Collection Vol 1

    Rating: 7/10

    I spend so much time looking for good effects that when a package comes along which has so carefully compiled so many of them, i tend to cane it. This one is getting caned. Massive selection.. a deliverer! If you're looking for an extensive collection of all types of transitional and atmospheric sounds to enhance then this is probably your first stop.. Nice one fella's. :)

    Yes! I have regular need to use amazing strings... here it is. As i progress through different levels of writing and production, i have the need more and more to concentrate on the 'atmospherics'. The real guts of a track. No matter how 'tough' or 'hard' your sound is, strings and pads set the mood. This pack was an unexpected treat which gave me far more than i was looking for in it. This has been a highly useful tool for this. Also love that there are some excellent midi files which, for the geeks amongst us, are perfect to learn just how to get strings arranged to sound beautiful... like it - A LOT.

    This is top top class work. As respected members of my musical genre/circle ever since i was involved, Faze Action have always made amazing music. With this package they have genuinely offered an insight into the way they make this music by giving you all the audio material and loops needed to produce tracks in this style.. For me personally the highlights are the great effects - proper old school disco stuff - and the perfectly recorded drum kits which are going to get caned...nice.

    These 'flavour' sample CD's only work if they successfully convey the true feel and soul of the style of music they represent. Well this one definitely delivers. Nice one. Very strong percussion loops and a nice strong and authentic instrumental loop library which can easily set the feel for you to elaborate on. Nicely organised into key for easy building of a backing track. Oh and some nice effecte too... me like! :)

    Atjazz Deep & Analogue

    Rating: 8/10

    Yes this is hugely useful on many different levels and i can tell a lot of work went into this package. Overall, strong for the advanced and basic users. The keyboard loops are all supplying more of those harder to get sounds from even harder to get synths, which i found handy for chopping and bastardizing. Because of their excellent sound quality, i was able to go REAL deep. And of course let's not underestimate the fact that these hooks were written by Atjazz, nuff said. Highlights though were the amazing classic drum loops. Painstakingly re-created and then broken down into their separate elements - oh my... hours of fun (albeit serious fun of course). Top package!

    There wasn't much in the way of keyboard hooks or sound effects but what was there was excellently presented. Great drum programming and very meticulously presented. The 7/10 was ALL about drum loops for me. Included in that is the fact that every sound used to make those loops is available as separate hits or a multitude of sampler patches. For that, well done :)


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