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D Ramirez

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D. Ramirez has achieved five top 20 hits, played on every continent and single handedly coined THAT electrohouse sound. He was awarded Best Remix and Best Producer in DJ Magazine’s awards and he has been knighted 'Player Of The Year' in iDJ. His remix of Bodyrox ‘Yeah Yeah’ scored him an Ivor Novello nomination while past exploits such as ‘Columbian Soul’, ‘Time Fades Away’, ‘Pleasure Me’ and ‘La Discotek’ have all achieved coveted Coolcuts and Buzz chart hotspots, championed by some of the biggest DJs in the game - even performing on 'Top Of The Pops'. D. Ramirez is currently collaborating with Underworld, Mark Knight, Smokin Jo & Martijn ten Velden creating singles due for release soon.


  • Some great raps with some great delivery's on offer here. There are various different performers who all offer something slightly different. Lots of usable raps and hooks on offer. Quite a unique pack in the respect that it offers you a new palette of performance and hook lines that you won't find anywhere else. I've used quite a few pieces myself recently.

    Fidget House

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is simply awesome! The genre has been well and truly nailed and you'll find everything you need to get rocking with your fidget productions. All the sounds and loops have been twisted and mangled to create a unique character to them. Highly usable across various genres of house, not just the fidget variety. I've used a lot of the sounds and loops in various productions of late to great effect. Highly recommended

    Fidget House Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is simply awesome! There's so much attention to detail here. The loops are crispy and funky - the filtered loops are grimy, funky and uber usable - the vox loops are intricately programmed - the bass is lo and glitchy. This pack is Usuble in a wide range of different styles, not just fidget house. What's not to like??

    Everything you need and more if you want to inject a bit of Island into your productions. Guitar skanks, organ riffs, Dub FX, Tape delayed and spring reverbed for full authenticity. A well thought out pack that has everything you need!

    Ragga Vocals Vol1

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is simply AWESOME! Everything you need to create the perfect Ragga track. There's the full song but then it's broken down into the different elements for even more choice. You get the backing vox, you get the double tracks, you get everything! Enough to keep you going for years!

    This is simply stunning! After using Real Strings Vol 1 extensively for my film and library work i was rather excited to get my hands on Vol 2 and it didn't disappoint. Beautifully recorded, there's everything you'd need to a bit of realness to your productions. Whether it be downtempo or more upbeat. The chords are lush, the melodies and simple but emotive. I no criticisms and i can't recommend this pack highly enough.

    This pack is simply stunning! Steve has pushed the boundaries with what's on offer here. Everything is organised into categories. The synths are multi-sampled, the loops are broken down into the full loop plus tops and tweaks, the basses are deep and growling, the vocals are twisted and menacing. There's literally everything you need to create the darkest, techiest beats possible. Steve Lawler i commend you!

    The quality on offer here is simply astounding. The loops literally leap out at you from the speakers. Amazingly produced as you'd expect from the legend that is Todd Terry. My only criticism would be that the drum loops can sometimes a little bit busy and it would have been good to have some more stripped down versions of the same loops. Other than that highly recommended.

    The best thing about this pack are the sheer amount of loops on offer here. You will be guaranteed to find what your looking for, be it a good percussion loop or a full house beat. The loops are presented as the full loop and then in some instances stripped down versions so there's plenty of choice. I was more than happy with this pack and it's one of my go to packs when i need a bit of shuffle and groove in my productions.

    SFX Collection Vol 1

    Rating: 9/10

    This is simply the most comprehensive collection of FX you will ever find on a sample pack! Quite simply put if you can't find what you're looking for on here then it doesn't exist! The samples are organised into folders so if you're looking for an uplifting effect then there's a folder full of hundreds of them. If you need a downlifter effect there's another folder full of hundreds, the same applies for every type of effect that you might require for a section of your song. Amazing and highly recommended!

    Raw Power

    Rating: 8/10

    This is an awesome collection of in your face loops, guitar licks, stabs, distorted and raw synth lines and phat drums for when you are looking for something meaty and out of the box to add to your productions. I was recently working on a project which required something different from your average dance sample CD and this fittted the bill perfectly. This is put together in the usual Loopmasters standard and is organised extreemly well. Everything is easy to find and slots right into your project regardless of what format you use. Highly recommended for and injection of Raw Power!

    For a project I was working on I specifically wanted a sample pack which included some heavy breakbeats and also some good noisy riffs and musical loops. As I know Hyper's sound I went straight for this sample pack with confidence that I would get what I was looking for and this sample pack didn't disappoint. The pack itself is organised into folders which consist of bass loops, drum loops, efx, music parts and loops. single hits, synth multis and sampler patches. Most of the loops are roughly in the same tempo which means they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. There's lots of variations in there including different types of breaks ranging from the manic to the very processed to the pretty straight up. There are loads of musical loops ranging from distorted and processed guitars to mangled synth loops and weird atonal offerings - all extremely useful and all of them fit into the genre as they are advertised. All the sounds and loops are incredibly well produced with lots of interesting processing used throughout. Enough to keep any funketier breakster rocking for a long while!

    While working on a specific project, i needed a sample pack which included party breaks and bass-lines and I had previously read a great review about this pack so i went straight for it. The demo is a very cheeky affair showing some of the content of the pack with wobbly, electro tinged breaks throughout. The sounds are organised into the usual Loopmasters standard. Folders include drum loops, bass line loops, and music loops and are all around the 130bpm and higher mark. The drum loops are presented as the full loop with various broken down versions of the main loop which is a nice touch. The bass line loops are some of my favourites in this pack, very cheeky LFO driven and are just in your face fun. Stick them over and of the loops and your off! The music loops compliment the bass lines nicely and are very much in the party rave style that you'd expect. FX wise - anybody familiar with the Krafty Kuts app on the iPhone will love these. Plenty of sirens and alarm noises. My favourite folder though has to be the snares - all of the big phat snares are here, beautifully produced and punchy. Overall a good sample pack for this genre - recommended!


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