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DJ Wehbba

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Hailing from Brazil, Wehbba is one of the latest additions of Brazil's techno ambassadors. Dentist graduate, licensed diver and Jiu Jitsu fighter for almost five years, he could have just stuck to what he does. But DJing and music is what he really does best. His involvement in the ripe underground scene in Australia inspired him to continue his dream of becoming a DJ. After returning to Brazil he started collecting wax and participating in events. As a producer, his main aspiration led him to create his own sound in techno and its subgenres.


  • Vocal Collection

    Rating: 8/10

    Really useful library of vocal shots, found myself cutting a lot of the loops to use specific bits because I liked how they were chopped initially, sound quality is great and covering a wide range of styles.

    Dub Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Great textures and atmospheres, most sounds inspire to either being used or to unleash new ideas

    perfectly crafted beats and great for cutting out sounds and effects, very inspiring package

    nice collection for the house/techno producer, with different textures and many useful inspirational tools. Definitely useable in full, but also very inspiring to cut and use in various ways.

    really good collection, with good quality samples, especially the long ensemble ones. In my case I found some of the samples cut up and quantised in an odd way, which required a lot of tweaking to get right, but in the end it's still a very useful collection and I hope I'll be able to feature it in some of my music.

    Modular Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Really good sound textures to chop up and use in various ways, there's a nice mix from nicely tailored sounds to complete mayhem barely useable in a musical environment, which for some I believe might be useful as well. Been using it a lot and definitely recommend it

    Studio Percussion

    Rating: 9/10

    Really well recorded samples that cover a wide range of organic percussion, it fits perfectly on my work, these loops really tend to inspire me to cut them creatively

    fat, ready-to-go tribal loops that are very useful for those making house or techno music "on the move". These loops are especially good for giving insights on which texture to reach out for on the drum programming, before adding them on top, either chopped up or as they are.

    I love the amount of heavily and carefully processed samples which still sound clean although with very deeply embedded character, which makes them all very useful. The 303 samples are out of this world, some really special sounds in there. Been using some of the drum samples in many of my recent works since I’ve got the pack, it’s a one stop shop for all sorts of sounds to be used within the techno/house realm. 10/10

    Great collection of house music oriented samples, especially the individual samples, they are all processed in a useful way

    Disco Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    when you need good drums, well recorded and with that peculiar loose feel of disco songs performance, this is the place to look. Perfectly recorded loops and tracks that certainly bring in some extra spice to well programmed material

    full of raw, juicy, classic todd terry sounds, always good to have access to a master's working tools.

    Traditional Percussion

    Rating: 10/10

    The greatest percussion pack I've ever come across, with very high-quality samples, and loads of cool percussion patterns, either standard ones or unconventional as well..........will use this for a very long time!


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