Tom Hades

Tom Hades

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Tom Hades started to discover and experiment with electronic music when listening to DAF, Kraftwerk, Front 242, ... At the age of 15, he bought his first keyboard, the famous Casio CZ-101 and transformed his game-computer, Amiga 500, into his first DAW. Quickly he got experienced with MIDI-integration and sampling functions, which gave him even more urge for buying/selling new material as addition to his current setup


  • love the glitchy, well sounding percussion stereo sound is nicely present typical rave stabs which can be used on multiple types of productions (so not only rave) cool vocal snippets for the extra touch in tracks overall feeling : love the nicely build samples with accurate precision in effects and stereo width ! recommended & supported by me !!

    what can we say more from David aka Audio Injection : his sounds, percussion and so precisely used effects on the correct & right moments makes this sample pack a want to have ! this is what is missing in a lot of techno tracks, the "special" sounds & percussions which will make the difference in the dj-sets. full support by me !! overall feeling : perfect add-on on a lot of nowadays techno productions so that when your production is mixed you will be noticed !


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