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Having been influenced by music as diverse as Brian Blade, The Yardbirds, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, Bugz in the Attic, The Stone Roses, Photek and Calibre Manchester based Drum and Bass producer Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 15 years ago by annoying the neighbours with a guitar, a double tape deck and his Dads collection of 7” records. 10 years later and Dub Phizix is an accomplished producer having made music in a variety of styles. Credits include tracks for Nokia and V inspired and have featured on MTV, BBC and 4Music. During this time he also released music on IDJR and remixed for Panjabi MC and DRS. The latter, being "Slow that Flow" which received support and airplay from Ras Kwame, Mistajam, Chimpo, The Steppahs and MRK-1. Other DJs to play his music include Fabio, Goldie, Marcus Intalex, D Bridge, A-sides, Bailey, Loxy, Data, Sabre, L Double, S.P.Y, Spectrasoul, Marky and many more. As a DJ he mixed the worlds first games mod for Grand Theft Auto alongside MC Code:breaker. As well as appearances at nights including Soul:ution, Hit and Run and Platoon. In 2010 Dub Phizix was signed and released throughout the year.


  • Dramatic Cinema 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Love this I've got the other libraries from this series and this one is just as good. It's not just all strings and orchestras like some cinematic libraries can be. It's well processed, high quality organic, useable sounds that are useable for any music that's deep and/or dark

    Wide and high quality selection of sounds all really well recorded and lots of loops to get ideas started Lots of them on the raw side which is better for me as it means there's more scope to make them what I want but the loops are also cool, There's a lot of sub folders which could be a good or a bad thing depending on how you work.

    Drums Of Sparta

    Rating: 9/10

    Love this. I've been using it along with another pack I got on here for tribal type tunes. The sounds are huge and have tons of character. The patterns are more modern and contemporary than other packs like this so they work well for dance music. it would also be a great pack to have if you were doing music for film.

    Trap Weapons

    Rating: 7/10

    This is cool but was a bit 'EDM' for me. If you're looking for that sound though, the sound are really high quality and very usable. They are more loops than sounds to edit and change but it's executed really well for what it is

    Weird Little One Shots

    Rating: 8/10

    Love this. I've been using something out of it in nearly every tune. It's mostly one shots and there's not tons of them but what's in there is top quality weird fx one shots. Which for me are often the hardest thing to find. They could also be used for drums if you make glitchy stuff

    Arabic percussion with real depth. This saved me on a tune I couldn't get right. I record a lot of percussion but without a decent sized and balanced room it's hard to get any depth in them. Luckily these have got bags of it. What's in there is quite "samey" but it's exactly what I was looking for.

    Love this, it's my go-to for bleeps and fx. I was mainly looking for fx type sounds when I got this and I wasn't disappointed. There's loads of bleeps and one shot fx as well as sweeps, builds and atmospheres. Unlike a lot of packs with those types of sounds, all of these have a lot of character and stuff going on instead of just the standard white noise sweeps you often get. I haven't really used it for the loops so I can't comment on that but they all seem decent if that's what you're looking for

    World class sample cd from a world class duo. These guys live and breathe sound design and it shows. This is probably the best dnb sample cd ive heard. It's definitely the most up to date.

    As far as Funk samples go, these are the best I've heard. I downloaded this to use on an advert job where the client wanted some funk and it was great. In fact it was so good, I spent half my time trying to choose the sounds as they pretty much all worked. It doesn't have that sampled sound in use. It feels as if the instruments were played on the track, something which cant be said for all sample cds. Obviously this is only going to be any use if you're making funk, but if you are, look no further

    A good selection of useable breaks. I find these useful for building a groove and adding other single hits such as kicks, snares and percussion to them. There's a good variety in there and the breaks have more character than your average sample cd.

    Hits For Kits

    Rating: 8/10

    A nice selection of alternative drum hits. I find these hits really useful as an alternative to the usual kind of hits found in packs. I do like to have something to use along side them as they are quite different. But when I'm looking for a layer for a lift in certain places or something to give a bit of tone on an accent they can be just right.

    Light Textures

    Rating: 9/10

    I downloaded this after having used the Dark textures pack. I found this pack to be just as good if not better than Dark Textures. After using Dark textures for a few weeks I found that they we're sometimes a bit too much to use along side other sounds as they contain discords in some of the samples. Thats great if you are looking for that or are just using them as the main atmos in an arrangement but it stops them from being as versatile as I would like. This pack doesn't have that problem and I feel is much more usable. The sounds can be layered and play much nicer with other sounds. Like Dark textures, the sounds are of great quality and full of character. Also don't be fooled by the Light textures name, that doesn't mean they're all soft and twinkly, The pack covers all bases and some of the sounds work really well for dark music.

    SFX Collection Vol 1

    Rating: 9/10

    One of the most usable sample packs I own and so good I have a short cut to it in my sidebar. For me, FX and Transitions are what makes a tune come to life and is something you can never have enough of. For a while I have needed a folder where all of that stuff is in one place. This pack offers that. It is set out into easy to understand categories and I have yet to go through the pack without finding what I wanted. This is the kind of pack you will go back to for every tune.

    Real Strings

    Rating: 7/10

    Beautiful, lush, emotive and enormous sounding. I first heard of Pete Whitfield through Future Cut as he had just finished writing and recording for their Un-cut album. I really like the way he moved between the notes and the tones he got from the bow. Check out the MIST VIP of Midnight for an example. This pack was created by Pete for Loopmasters and oozes class. Unfortunately there isn't much of the bowed sound in this pack which originally drew me to Petes work but that doesn't mean I was disappointed. The strings have a body and a character which adds something to a track which I haven't previously heard in string samples. If I had one criticism, it's that they aren't massively versatile but what they do, they do incredibly well. If you want string samples for emotive music these are highly recommended.

    Vintage Breaks Vol1

    Rating: 9/10

    Absolute fire! The tone in these breaks and hits are absolutely first rate. An absolute must have for people making breakbeat based music. They have all be really well recorded but processed in a way which gives them a crunch and an air in the top end. They have also been programmed in a way which makes it really easy to get a groove going with just 1 break. Then by layering the bundled kicks and snares underneath them, you have some huge sounding drums which don't really need anything else. If you like the music of artists like Break, Ulterior Motive, Noisia, Calyx and Teebee etc you will love this pack.

    Dark Textures

    Rating: 9/10

    I've been using these sounds a lot. For the kind of music I make they work really well. Many atmosphere sample packs just have flat samples of the sound and rarely add much to a track. These are nice organic sounds which are layered really well and evolve through the course of the patch. They allow you to easily add dynamics to the atmospheres in your music without hours of work. Also, when used in a sampler, they allow you to mute the separate layers which is useful if there's a part of it you don't like or you just want to simplify the sound. Using them for me was really simple. I just copied the sampler patches to my sampler instruments file and they popped up in logic. These are a specific sound which may not be to everyone's liking, but if you are making dark music or soundtracks you will love them.

    I'm really impressed with this sample pack. Anyone who knows of Kevin Sawka will know how technically gifted he is. If you don't, just Youtube him. The intricacy of his drumming is nothing short of amazing. The thing which really stands out for me though is the fact that not only is he a great drummer but he clearly has a vast knowledge of DnB and Jungle. I've heard people play DnB on a kit before but most of them still just sound like any drummer at 170+. Kevin Sawka sounds like Drum and Bass. Everything bites and accents in the right places and they all actually sound like DnB. It allows you to get a groove down really quickly when using these breaks and the fact that they were recorded at DnB speed means the grooves and the lengths of the hits and their relation the other hits in the break make reprogramming the rex loops really simple and intuitive. The pack is really well recorded, they used a Neve 8014 to do it and it really shows. Every break is open and natural yet still really well balanced with great tones. It doesn't sound like there's any compression on there and if there's any EQ its very unobtrusive. That basically means they can either be used as they are or can be molded just the way you want them making the pack great for people just starting out or experienced programmers. Highly recommended.


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