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Chris Lum is widely considered to be a key player in the development of the San Francisco house scene. He has been heavily involved in its development as a key retail figure, as well as a well-respected DJ. As a DJ, Chris Lum is well respected and, although he has stepped away from the decks to concentrate on production over the last few years, his name is still associated with timeless parties in San Francisco, and he is respected for his classic house sound and solid mixing skills. These skills have found him playing alongside the likes of Doc Martin, Steve Loria, and members of San Francisco's Wicked Crew.


  • Power House Chords

    Rating: 7/10

    As always, very full, robust and easy use parts from you guys. Makes my job as a producer, educator, remixer and DJ slightly easier. The range and depth of these parts are great for layering parts, sketching ideas or inspiring new ones. As always, thank you very much for putting these out! Chris Lum ~ Moulton

    Used this pack on a few productions and remixes lately. The FX were just what I was looking for in a pinch. I usually leave the transition Fx and "glue" between section changes until the end of my process. But with a very busy life and limited time to work these days, it can be hard to spend hours crafting and dialing in the right vibe to make the transition flow. This pack helped me achieve that in no time at all. With so many things to choose from, I simply loaded up an EXS INST, flew through the options and found the perfect 3-6 I needed. It really helped finalize the writing and arrangement phase and got me to my goal quicker. Thanks for the tools to help me do that.

    Nu-Disco House Edition

    Rating: 9/10

    As always, Loopmasters provides me with a sample pack that makes my classes, sets or moments in the studio easy and to the point. I especially find this pack helpful when doing classes at Moulton. It allows me to grab an incredible sounding part and get straight to the demonstration at hand without much fussing about with sound sourcing, synth tweeking or long drum programming. The sounds are creative, fresh, easy to use and always on point. Thanks again...

    Another bullet in the creative gun thanks to you guys at LM. These are so easy to use and fit so many styles that it makes it one of the most versatile packs in my library. As always, well produced, well laid out, dense, rich sounds and just as cool in the studio as the club in sets. Thanks.

    MIDI Focus - Bass Line

    Rating: 8/10

    Writing these reviews gets harder and harder as the english language has limited words for excellence. Few adjectives for well produced. Only a handful of pronouns for how creative you can be with these sample and midi packs. But I'll try. This is great. Great for the classes I teach, great for my client work when I need to try and find a an example of what others are trying to create. These packs allow for quick idea gathering and continuity in session and classes. Can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to review. Thanks LM.

    I find this pack as diverse in its uses as the other packs. If I'm working on something that needs that extra bit of flavor, I can layer my sounds with these loops or simply cut them up, export to EXS24 and create whole new drums parts from these wicked tones. I've been a fan of Faze for years and this pack allows me to enjoy their work on a whole new level. Thanks for allowing me access. Cheers, Chris Lum Harlum Muziq & Moulton Media (aka Moulton Studios).

    I love that I can use these for a quick accent to beats, or to simply to use and template to get a vibe going quickly and move the production process along. I keep coming back to these again and again. Good work you guys are doing for the producers and dj's out there. Respect, Chris Lum Harlum Muziq & Moulton Media ( aka Moulton Studios )

    Again, the quality here is on point. This one even more than the last in my opinion. While some might think that these stems are merely going to fit into the "tech house" box, I personally feel that in the right hands, these stems can blend into a range of styles both live or in the studio. The level at which these are produced makes it so that in an instant, you can achieve a bigger, fuller more dimensional sound. I can't wait to hear the others in this series. Thanks again Loopmasters team. Cheers, Chris Lum m2 | moulton media (San Francisco)

    This is a really great package. The sounds are fresh, well produced, versatile and easy to navigate. These DJ mixtool series are an immense help in the production workshops I do here in San Francisco. The quality and ease with which these fit the style the package is named after, but other genres as well, make it the perfect addition to the production & teaching tools in my arsenal. I can't thank you guys enough for putting these out. I'm already telling my students and the 20 + producers at Moulton Media about these. Great job. Cheers, Chris Lum


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