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Hailing from the suburbs of Paris, France, Naibu started making music around 2002, focusing mainly on drum n bass at first, drawing inspiration from acclaimed crate diggers such as Dj Shadow, Amon Tobin or Dj Krush, sampling's always been at the core of his production. Naibu's music has been supported by BBC Radio 1 DJ Fabio, Loxy, Marcus Intalex, DJ Flight, London Elektricty to name but a few and has released music on labels like Creative Source, Soul:R, Horizons, Critical, Fokuz Recordings amongst others.


  • Excellent pack, great recording, great writing and arranging. The breakdown of the main recordings into individual voices is the best part of this pack. Very easy to get in there and to get creative with the voicings. This pack will come in handy when your job requires some classic brass hits or hooks. Top stuff.

    Great pack, there's a lot to listen through and pick bits from, lots of potential to create one shots and rhythmic beds, or simply grab some of that impossible to emulate atmosphere. These field recordings are the most valuable as they will get you sorted when a brief comes in requiring such specific and impossible-to-fake sounds. Must have.

    808 Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    Great 808 sounds. This pack is a great place to start if you need these classic sounds (who doesn't need them?), it's all in there, well processed in a variety of tones and ready to use. If you don't own an 808 drum machine, just grab these.

    Planet 808

    Rating: 8/10

    Great collection of 808 sounds. Nicely processed and in varied shapes and tones, the basics are all in there plus more. A great addition to your drum library, all ready to use.

    SOR Transformation

    Rating: 9/10

    Very impressive sound design. All these effects are beautifully crafted and it really feels like cheating. Very suitable for all kinds of heavy dance music and commercial sound design, and a good source of raw sounds to manipulate further into your own designs. Highly recommended if you're making trailer music. Top quality.

    Syncussion Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    Fantastic sounding drum machine. I haven't heard about it before and was very impressed by the tones and sound quality of the bits included in this package. Some of the mangled sounds are excellent, but it's all about the classic snares, kicks and percs one would expect from a drum machine that makes this pack stand out in my opinion. The kick drums especially sound soft, round and punchy. All the sounds are available unprocessed as well as run through a tape machine, which is a nice additional feature.

    This is a great pack if you are interested in string arrangements. The recorded string parts are excellent in terms of recording but also in terms of arrangement. Although I would not use those strings samples as is, the one feature that makes this pack stand out is the availability of the Midi files for each of the recorded parts. It's a great way to look at the arrangements and how those classic strings sections are written. It makes this package a fantastic learning tool.


    Rating: 8/10

    Rich selection of percussions. The variety of sounds in this pack is great. From classic percussions such as shakers, congas or tambourine to more exotic ones like water bowls or persian daf, this sample pack covers a wide range of flavours. You can even find traditional drum hits (kick, snare, hi hats) recorded at different velocities to build your own kits or add a bit a life to your grooves. The recording quality is excellent and you'll find loops, one shots and patches for your favourite samplers. The basics are well covered with great sounding shakers, congas, tablas which blend effortlessly into the mix. There's also a lot of potential for creating original sounds, a lot of the one shots and loops are clearly aimed at a more experimental use. The wide range of tones, from metallic to liquid to wooden makes this the perfect go to percussion library for standard percussive layers, as well as original sounds and will add spice to any style of production.

    Tasteful selection of useful sounds by the master, Tom Middleton. These samples are like your wardrobe essentials, the perfect basic elements you need for the backbone of your tracks. Bass patches are simple and excellent, drum hits are all you need to get started and build drum machine grooves. You won't find anything extravagant in this pack, only beautifully processed and recorded classics. A must have.

    Excellent package full of warm and fat analog sounds. The multisampling is excellent, and having a Taurus at your fingertips is priceless ! The Moog Taurus is a renowned bass synth, and the variety of basses programmed and available in this pack is excellent. These sounds have this unmistakeable vintage tone to them but will also suit just any modern style. After you put those patches in the sampler of your choice it also becomes more than just a bass synth, tweak and pitch the sounds and you can get a very rich palette of effects and analog noises, just let your creativity go. A well rounded bass pack which provides a great backbone for your bass layering and to add a remarkable vintage touch to your tracks.

    Goody Goody Drum Drops

    Rating: 10/10

    Excellent drums! Those grooves are absolutely tight and well recorded. Having access to all the different drum tracks, kick, snare, overheads, etc, is a brillant feature. Being able to mix the drum tracks yourself is essential when you need to make them seat properly into a mix, these come very handy if you're working on a project and need that live sound, but don't have access to a drummer or proper recording room. I also found them excellent to build all sorts of programmed drum kits, just grab any of the parts you need, ride cymbals, hi hats, kicks or snares, and chop them up the way you like and get creative, as all the parts are individually accessible. A great resource for composers, beat makers and anyone interested in multi tracking drums, the drumming is flawless, useable in a lot of different situations.

    Excellent collection of useful sounds here, good varied selection of percussions, very well played and nicely recorded. Very helpful to liven up your tracks, great to add energy or vibe. Definitely recommended if you're into percussions or are looking for good, clean conventional, as well as not so conventional sounds for your productions, these will suit any genre and sound tight in any situation. 8/10 because I wish there was more !


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