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Jeremy Jacobs first released his brand of very stripped down minimal techno on net labels such as Clever and Redevice. He made his first M_nus appearance on 2006’s ‘min2MAX’ compilation, following it up with the 12” ‘Program’, which had the distinction of perhaps being the most minimal thing ever released on the label. In 2007 he released his debut longplayer ‘Twilite’ also on M_nus. Jacobs makes his home in Indiana, one of only two M_nus artists who don’t live in Berlin. The website asked him if he planned on moving there. “Not yet. Berlin’s cool and I like Europe but I do such good work in the U.S. because I don’t have anything to do there. I like feeling really isolated from everything else. So as far as right now I’ll still be in the U.S.”


  • Coming from a very synthetic style, I am always in search of more organic and natural sounds to help expand my productions. Normally any sample pack under the 'exotic' guise is full of unusable loops and hits that sound great on their own but do not play well with others. Pete Lockett's World Percussion is like tribal glue for my typically ultra-synthetic songs. All sounds and loops are presented at an absolutely impeccable level of sound quality and recording. The clips are all edited so perfectly that they instantly warp correctly within Ableton. This, by itself, is a standout feature but combined with the quality of phrases and hits this pack has become a mainstay for me.


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