Blu Mar Ten

Blu Mar Ten

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Formed in the big-bang of 90’s drum & bass and regular faces at Rage, Metalheadz, Speed & AWOL, Blu Mar Ten were rapidly spotted by LTJ Bukem and signed to Good Looking Records, cementing their position in the genre as originators of complex, atmospheric music. They quickly grew and mutated beyond the confines of the jungle into lush experimentation with downtempo, ambient, house, breaks, techno & left-field for labels such as Naked Music, Guidance, Big Chill, with two full albums of non-d&b material on Exceptional Records.


  • Dream Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    These are fantastic for vocal beds and textures, especially when you loop them up. They timestretch perfectly as well.

    Organic Textures & SFX

    Rating: 8/10

    Strong on atmospheric cinematic textures and inspiration for melodies. Varying chords make it easy to programme progressions, and the quality of the effects throughout is just great. Plenty of reverb and epic, quality swooping sounds galore, definitely one to check for sounds to work with. Stick them in a sampler for even more choice and variation.

    Pure tech heaven. Anyone who wants to know how to engineer proper techy d&b should buy this pack - these guys are the best at what they do. The breaks are pounding, the basses are twisted and the fx are 100% darkout. The only downside is the temptation to use the samples without altering them.

    totally impossible to feel depressed when you listen to these samples. the very epitome of 'upbeat'

    Downbeat Guitars

    Rating: 9/10

    Love this to bits. Great for giving tracks a nice human feel and the loops are great for giving you ideas to write a whole tune 0ff

    Live Lounge

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing inspirations for creating a whole tune. The music loops are just perfect and the keys are to die for. Great for people like us who prefer to go for an organic sound rather than a battery of synths. Gives everything a real human touch. Brilliant.

    Real Strings

    Rating: 9/10

    Absolutely fantastic collection of riffs and beds, all ready to go. The music loops in particular are outstanding and perfect to use as a springboard to write an entire tune from. Having the samples in rex format has saved me hours in chopping things up. Perfect.

    An excellent array of those sounds and fx that you never really notice in a track until you take them out, leaving a big ugly hole. Although the pack is geared towards a house tempo, the samples are ideal for a genre like drum & bass which is really 'drop' focused. Pretty much everything in this pack is usable almost instantly, and having rex loops means they'll fit our projects out of the box. We particularly like the rhythmic build components, as taking samples at a house tempo and fitting them to drum & bass often produces really interesting results. The overall quality of the samples is excellent.

    Jazz Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    We're always trying to reintroduce more organic elements into drum & bass and these loops are a great way of doing it. Not only are the sounds warm and authentic, you get the human swing of the drummer which livens up the track and gets you further away from that 'machine' feeling. The varied time signatures are great, especially when you chop them up and loop them differently. The quality of the individual drum hits is excellent, especially the brush kits.


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