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Guy J

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Guy J has emerged over the course of the last two years to represent an intrinsic part of the Israeli dance music juggernaut that has been steadily powering through clubland in recent times. Along with fellow countrymen Guy Gerber, Sholmi Aber, Chaim and Gel Abril, Guy has been at the forefront of a movement back towards the melody rich sounds on which House music is based. Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha and Tiga are among Guy’s many supporters thanks to consistently releasing sterling tracks. In support of the album, the three singles ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Geko’ and ‘Mirko’ are all being released through Bedrock Records in the coming weeks and months.


  • I love this collection a lot , it is very creative and the fact is it ind of minimalistic , it gives you the opportunity to play around with it and edit it for your need , top package , thnx !

    Stacked Claps

    Rating: 7/10

    Great sounding samples of claps , just wish it was more creative , i find it very useful so thnx for that and best of luck !

    This is defnitely one of the best packages I got this year and thank u for that. All the samples are high quality, very flexible and original. Hermanez delivers again. Will use this for sure.

    Really enjoying this package , the fact it sounds just good and not over polished make it great , will use thnx

    I Love Wave Alchemy samples , this time i didn't have much use in it , but again it is a good package , Some of the loops are in here can give another layer on your music , alwayes keep an eye on stuff coming from Wave Alchemy , Thnx

    great package by Pablo Bolivar , you can get the warm sounds that you hear in Pablo's tracks , some more minimalistic but not too clean sounds , i like it , thnx

    Eraser - Beat Textures

    Rating: 8/10

    I Love this package , the quality of the glitch is very hi and add this little space you need in some tracks , will be using this one thnx

    Some of the loops here are signature sound of Carl cox music and sets and i like it , that Techno Jungle sound you would expect from the man , Thnx

    I Love this package , the quality of the sounds is very high and very clear in the mix of a track , i Think it can't be useful for the tracks to give different color when using this kind of percussions and not the usual stuff , thnx

    One of best sample libraries I've heard , the sound was what i expected to hear from "Faze Action" , tried to use it on a new remix im working on and was great tool for me , will def get next one by them!


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