Steve Lawler

Steve Lawler

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Steve Lawler is a definitive DJ and producer; a tastemaker whose sets combine quality house music with the power to move dance floors around the world. In the last few years, he’ wowed crowds in such far flung places as Zouk in Singapore, Groovejet in Miami, Twilo in New York and the mighty Space in Ibiza. Courtesy of home, he provided the most groundbreaking sets of the season for many of those lucky enough to hear him. After two months he had been crowned ‘King Of Space’ by the locals – a rare and well deserved honour.


  • some interesting stuff in here.. a great pack if not for using certainly for inspiration. Again loop masters do what they do best and deliver some loopy goodness for either use in the studio or live.

    overall a great package, something you just simply have to have after all it is todd terry ;) I was a little disappointed on the amount of fx and vocal fx but the main reason why i got this package was for the oldschool todd flavour and that is in there :) so in my humble opinion an absolute must have in your studio collection.

    Tribal House

    Rating: 7/10

    Some great stuff in here.. the point of these loopmasters is for those young budding producers to get a hand on making your own music, and finding your own way to make your sound with the use of others. creating your track from broken down loops of others is still a creative process and one that is a great way to excite your taste for making music


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