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Max Cooper

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Since his first release in 2007, his back catalogue now includes two mainstream Hype Machine smashes with reworks of Hot Chip and Portishead, several Beatport genre top 10s, work with the visual artists Whiskas fX and Nick Cobby and an increasing number of collaborations with artists a long distance from Cooper's dancefloor beginnings


  • I've been having fun layering and mangling the content here, lots of good atmospheric and effects laden vocal timbres to bring life to a track, lots of nice textures and detailing elements too. Also some good kits and Ableton ready content for those of you who want to use the pack in that way.

    Felix's Machines are real mechanical musical machines which create electronica style pieces. So there's a whole load of nice real sound sources in here, with a very classic electronica feel about them. Plus melody and sequence samples if you're after something more complete. I ended up pulling little single hits and metalic sounds from the package to use in my Molten Landscapes track.

    A whole load of high quality hits and loops here. And my first ever set of "Ibiza Tech" drums! I came in search of new claps mostly, but I'll be testing all of these out over coming months and seeing what will work for me - first impressions are that there's a lot of good material, so hopefully plenty of these one hits will be finding their way into my tracks.

    Nu School Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    A nice range of elements here - hits, loops, melodies and vocals, with some quality stuff in there, and plenty of pre-mixed drums too in case you need a hand getting the punch.

    I say this pack is amazing, as it does exactly what you want from it to the highest possible standard, no post-download disappointment here! You've got a hefty 1.2gb of content for a start, with the choice of single hits and melody loops too. It's oozing with character and I can't wait to incorporate this pack into some new tracks. In fact, this review is over because I'm going to do that right now!...

    Nice fat drum loops which have already come in really handy to add a bit of percussive life to my tracks. Plus some nice piano and string riffs in there ideal for that classic house sound - very useful package all round thanks

    I wanted to make a new track with some quality vocals, which are always hard to come by, so I thought I'd give loopmasters a go. I got on the site, searched for vocals, downloaded the pack which came ready to go in Ableton, and within minutes had a library of quality samples ready to go. Looking forward to seeing what other gems are on here.


    Rating: 7/10

    This pack is full of rhythmic life, which is exactly what I was after. The style is different from mine, but that doesn't matter, there's plenty of exceptional crossover material in here which can be applied to any number of genres.


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