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Growing up in different areas of England, on a steady diet of Motown, Techno & the blossoming UK Hardcore scene, his productions manage to encompass such a wide range of these influences. Starting out DJ’ing with a bunch of like- minded friends on pirate radio stations while still in school, ASC soon found himself getting interested in how the tracks he was playing were made. This led to an investment in a modest studio setup, which proved to be a defining point in James’ life. After a handful of successful releases on these labels and a few others, James started his own label, Covert Operations, which went on to put out a total of 30 vinyl releases & 8 CD’s between 2000 & 2009.


  • In a word, excellent. That pretty much sums up what you get here from Bop, Oak and Jalex. All three producers are accomplished in their craft and all their tracks have plenty of originality and an otherworldly sonic sensibility to them. The chords, pads, stabs and various other elements on offer here are no different. High quality programming, pristine sound design and most importantly, they just sound gorgeous. Highly recommended.

    This is a very useful pack for adding exactly what the title says - live organic elements to your productions. The synths are varied enough to feel there's analog warmth there and some FM tones too. The rhodes are dusty and vintage. The percussion feels alive and reminiscent of old MAW stuff. Overall, this a high quality pack of great elements that are worthy of your attention and hard drive space.

    I couldn't get this to work, so I can't provide a review. Sorry!

    Some great drum work in here, as you would expect from one of the leading names in breakbeat manipulation. Very useful bass sounds in here also. Pretty much everything you'd need to add that quality that might be lacking from your own productions. Fracture supplies the goods with this pack.

    A very nice selection of sounds from a true pioneer of electronic music. This pack features a useful amount of keys, chords, stabs that are trademarks of the AGCG sound. The drum sounds can be very useful also. All in all, it's a nicely rounded pack that will be welcome whatever style of music you produce and will become a 'goto' source for sounds.


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