Dino Psaras

Dino Psaras

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Dino Psaras started his DJ career back in 1988 DJing with the likes of Carl Cox in small warehouse parties in the south of England playing a wide variety of dance music from acid house to techno. His career took a sudden change in direction in 1992. After travelling in India he was exposed to the outdoor underground trance scene with its new found energy. Since this time he went on to DJ at some of the first underground psychedelic trance parties in London called A.C.I.D.(a concept in dance), playing alongside Mike Maguire(Juno Reactor). From this he found his way into producing his own music working with Steve Ronan & Joti Sidhu to form one of the first psychedelic dance acts "Ayahuasca". His appearances at Samothraki Dance Festival dancefloor bring him straight to Oktava Records for releasing his debut album "Lick It" in 2003 contains 9 full on tracks written and produced at his studio in Brighton. He continues to play live and DJ sets headlining the world's largest psytrance festivals.


  • Disco House Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    I really like this pack, attention has been paid to detail with this bundle, sounds very authentic. I've been using this for last month and it never seems to disappoint. Great that finally there is a pack where most things work as they should when applied to the mix.

    TD Audio Psytrance

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a great bundle of rippers, basses, percussion everything you need to take your Psy Trance to the next level, great stuff for the more underground producers. It's not full of the typical sounds which makes it a bit more interesting than a lot of other packs out there.

    Cinerobotic Fx

    Rating: 7/10

    These are quite retro which I like, not as clean as other packs I've come across but good for bit reduced daft punk madness or 80s low grade electro, plenty of little bits to chop and play around with here. Keep up the good work, the sample market needs more dirt.

    Carl Cox is one of the greatest Dj s that i have ever seen,i grew up around him and went to all his old partys so i was expecting this to be a killer and believe me i wasn't disappointed.

    Its really a nice pack a very current sounds good edm bits iI find all the sounds fit well inside the mix also nice drum sounds all and all a winner

    This is all pretty much on the money for people interested in moving the sub bass around really nice sweet mid sounds also a really good selection of different sounds from dubsteb to drum and bass nice.

    So this is a very seriuos bunch of presets unlike most out there on the market the demo is great ,showing you that you can really make a cool tune out of these sounds which i like. What can i say a very classy sounding bunch nice keep it up.

    yeah this is a really usefull pack for many differrent genres of current dance music,although the bassline section could be a bit more varied ,but if your looking for that fat classic club sound this is for sure one of the best packs out there.dino psaras

    Swedish House

    Rating: 7/10

    This a great starting point for anyone trying to acheive that euro sound of the swedish house mafia and there are some great full loops there to give you a good solid groove which is a must for all big dance tunes.dino psaras


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