LoopTV show this tutorial from Quantize Courses about snare layering in Ableton's drum rack. In this Ableton Live Tutorial, we take a look at a free rack for layering snares and claps.

The video focuses on techniques for layering sounds and methods for altering their characteristics to get a useful and powerful final sound. We use a number of Ableton’s audio effects to create 8 simple macros that are tailored specifically for layering snares and claps.

This Ableton Live tutorial is suitable for both production and performance and is presented by Keith Mills. Download the Snare Layering Rack here: http://www.facebook.com/quantizecourses

Keith is head tutor and course manager of Quantise Courses.com – specialising in teaching Ableton Live for performance and production. Their online courses feature one to one interactivity with a professional tutor, and include tailor made tutorial packages, practical projects, bespoke online video feedback that ensure a full ‘in the studio learning’ experience.


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