We bring you ‬this awesome tutorial from DJ Techtools.com's 'Mad Zach', who takes us through one of his favourite hardware wirings to create MIDI Controlled Analog Feedback setup for Ableton Live!

Equipment List

  1. Audio interface with 2+ out/1+ input (in the video, a Edirol FA-66, similar to the Edirol FA-101 10 x 10)
  2. Distortion pedal or unit (software won’t work properly to create the same effect – compare some distortion pedals here)
  3. Cables for routing inputs/outputs
  4. Ableton Live or software with similar routing capabilities
  5. MIDI controller with knobs and/or sliders (in the video, the Midi Fighter Pro is used)

Making It Work

  • Route the audio coming from your instrument track (drums or instrument both work) to a dedicated output. For the example here he has used output 3, but the main thing is that this be separate from your main output.
  • Run this signal through your distortion pedal and back into input 1 on your interface.
  • Create an audio track to receive this signal.
  • Next, create a return track that is routed to external output 3 (the same output used to route your instrument through the distortion pedal).

Now, by sending your audio track (the one that receives audio from the distortion unit) to the return track that is ALSO routed to output 3, you can create feedback!

Confused? Handily DJ Techtools have made a demo Ableton template (click to download) that shows exactly the routing used in the video. For more information on this subject and other great tutorials check out DJ Techtools.com