Sometimes there are very simple things that can be done that work really well to take the sludge and mud out of your mix. Getting your kick tuned to a note that’s in key with your bassline is one thing that does magic for this.

This Ableton tutorial will show you how to exactly that. Tuning the kick up 12 or 24 steps to first get it in tune works really well. However this is something you’ll want to do before you apply tons of compression and other effects to your kick, because once you do that it will be harder to tell what’s in tune and what isn’t, as your kick will sound worse at every frequency except the original, because your effects will be “tuned” to that setting of your kick.

Also don’t worry about getting the cents tuning exactly perfect. Your kick drum does a frequency sweep when it hits, so getting something that sounds exactly perfect isn’t possible. You can also use the same idea on other drums. Things like bongo hits and tom drums work the same way.

However you’ll want to A/B them to be sure that the pitch change actually does sound good in your mix. Sometimes a “out of tune” tom hit actually sounds better than one that’s perfectly in tune with your track.  

Source: Ableton Production Tutorials