Loop+ ‪bring you ‬this well made tutorial on Native Instruments iMaschine app for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. The first ever Native Instruments iPhone®, iPod touch and iPad App is an intuitive beat sketchpad based on MASCHINE’s groove production studio concept.

iMASCHINE is perfect for developing song ideas anytime, anywhere – Play and record drums on the 16 pads, jam a melody on the keyboard, sing on top of your loops via the built-in audio recorder or create your own unique sample banks from any source - With iMASCHINE the focus is always on the music.

And when you’re done, you can finalize your track in the full version of MASCHINE or MASCHINE MIKRO or directly upload the loop to SoundCloud and share with your friends.

ProducerTech's Rob Jones guides us through the individual areas within the app and offers insight and detail to show how this mobile tool can really integrate into your studio environment, allowing you to take your creativity with you wherever it may strike.