The latest course from Producertech Tutor Defazed/Fractronix takes you through the creation of a track in the ‘post digital’ genre of Glitch Hop.

Producer Defazed, who has releases on labels around the world, as well as being a renowned educator and expert on dance music, brings his wealth of knowledge to all aspects of the production process.

The course includes thorough demonstrations and explanations, as well as discussions about the techniques underpinning electronic music as a whole, and Defazed gives you the tools to take your track to the next level in this popular and highly addictive style.

Signing up not only gives you 24/7 access to the tutorials as well as a download of the complete Maschine project used, but also a 250MB bonus samples pack from Loopmasters.

This is a 10-minute excerpt from the course, and in this tutorial, he shows how to create glitchy sequences to compliment your main drums, by editing and processing samples, then sequencing them into complex patterns.

To discover more about the course visit here.