Here are cool tips for Ableton Live users from DJ TechTools looking at Launch Properties and Follow actions – if you’ve been wanting to find out how you can really customise Live into your controller then knowing how to manipulate the Launch Properties of the clips you use is a must. 

In this video DJ Tech Tools Tech Editor – Chris Cartledge shows how to can use these techniques to get two great effects.

In the first example he takes four drum loops that are each two bars long and shows how to get an effect akin to chopping between channels with a crossfader – tweaking this effect further by tightening the launch quantisation settings.

In the second example Chris sets a one bar loop up to sequence itself in 8th notes in the clip sequencer. By duplicating the single bar into eight versions of itself and changing the start point of each loop, he can make it so that triggering each version of the loop chops to a different point in time! 

Chris is a tutor and educational course developer, longtime scratch DJ and electronic musician, and founder of Oh Drat Digital, a site that focuses on music production, providing tips, tutorials, and kit reviews. 


Source: here.