Loopmasters bring you this Ableton tutorial from Point Blank's 'Electronic Dance Music Production' course for improving your Trance & Progressive House production skills.

In this video, DJ Mike Koglin shows you some vocal reverse FX tricks for Ableton live, exporting a vocal with a long reverb tail - then reversing this audio to use as a transition, slickening up your music productions.

Plus he uses Ableton's 'Slice To Midi Track' facility to add short bursts of vocal audio to layer over the complete vocals.

About the EDM Production Course

The course features tracks by 3 well-established international producer/DJs: Mike Koglin, Martin Roth and Tempo Giusto supported by Point Blank's own well-respected producer Danny J Lewis, who share their unique production methods and equipping you with the skills to get the very best from Ableton.


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