Hi Sebastien Leger fans,

Today we are going to look at how to create a bass line like the one Sebastien Leger has in his infamous remix of Format:B  'Dog Tags'  Click here to listen

Sebastien Leger uses Arturia's Minimoog plugin for most of his bass lines so here's how to create something similar to to the remix.

Firstly,  open up the preset called KU_Phat.

Now from this preset turn on 2 oscillators which are both on sawtooth wave and set both the volumes of the oscillators at the highest volume.

Next, make sure you have the attack at the lowest, a medium decay and sustain.

Now draw in a midi bass line for the Minimoog, which consists of a longer note at the start and then shorter notes after this in a 4 bar loop. Once you have a bass line you are happy with. The first thing to do is make sure that the pitch bend range is fully turned up on the Minimoog.  

Next, automate the pitch bend on the first long note and some of the smaller notes. Either do this by drawing the envelopes in your DAW or record the pitch bend from your midi controller. Once you are happy with the pitch bend, now automate the cutoff frequency and amount of contour on the Minimoog and you should have something similar to the bass line.

Lastly, just side chain the bass line and you will have something that resembles the bass line that Sebastien Leger used in the remix. 

Have fun making naughty pitch bent bass lines!!!