If there’s one exceptional DJ and Producer who’s famous for his production ability it’s Elite Force. In this segment taken from his new ‘Secrets Of The Mashup’ course, he shows us some often overlooked simple tips for spicing up your tracks movement, with layered FX send automations.

About - Simon Shackleton

Since 1996, Simon Shackleton has been producing and DJing across the globe as Elite Force. Famed for both his technical prowess and exceptional creative capacity, he has received support from legendary DJs like Sasha and Fatboy Slim.

Secrets Of The Mashup - By Elite Force

In this new online Ableton course, he provides an insight into how he created his mix of M.A.D. (with Hatiras, Jelo, Stanton Warriors & Vandal), featured on his 2010 ‘Revamped’ album.

Throughout the course, the methods Elite Force utilises are dissected so you can understand not just how he works, but also the 'why?', which is fundamental to his ability to put together such vibrant and memorable mixes.

By the end of the course you will have learnt how one of the most respected producers around uses these methods, as he imparts information to you in his clear and concise manner alongside real time demonstrations of these sophisticated techniques.

Alongside the two hours of video tutorials, the course also includes a 100MB bonus pack of samples courtesy of Loopmasters and the track M.A.D. For more information about this course and other Artist production courses visit here.