Loop+ present DJ Tech Tool’s Brian Funk aka Afro DJ Mac sharing a cool trick that will add delay on just certain words of a vocal performance.

Most listeners will be focusing on the vocals more than any other aspect of the song. Therefore, it is important to make vocals as exciting and expressive as possible. If there is an important word, phrase, or note you wish to emphasize, a little splash of delay will cause that portion of the vocal to stand out.

Generally there are two ways to achieve this effect; one is quite simple and involves using a return track, the other offers a bit more control and can be done with a custom Ableton Live Audio Effect Rack.

Whether you are performing live or working in the studio, these techniques will allow you to add delay to certain words and phrases, on the fly, and add a new dimension of excitement to your vocal tracks.

Download the Free Audio Effect Rack and experiment and try in your own projects.  Keep in mind you are not limited to using the Ping Pong Delay. The delay can be replaced with a Reverb or any other effect you on a track, and this effect is not just for vocals either. Try it out on drums, synths or guitar parts!

Download the free “One Word Delay” rack and project!

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