Niche Audio presents Romanian Maschine performer and producer DuzzyDAS aka Doroga Alexandru, talking about his live ‘The Detonator’ shows.  Doroga talks about his live Maschine setup and the integration of Niche Audio expansion sample products as part of his live rig.

About Producer DuzzyDAS

Buttons, knobs and faders are the three magical words that will get DuzzyDAS aka Doroga Alexandru’s attention. Driven by passion for music and a healthy dose of determination he has been experimenting with sounds and the effect they have on people for more than 10 years.  Doroga started his career as a DJ aged 15 and has since evolved into a producer, sound designer, label manager and live performer.

“I believe that music is meant to be played live, and every artist has his own charm, there is no good music or bad, just music you like and music other people like.”

After his education he took several online courses at Point Blank London, and built his own project studio, which he practically never leaves (!  He works around the clock to keep his record label running ( “4-2 The Floor Records" at the heart of his productions.

In 2012 signed his first vinyl record on Kling Klong and in 2013 released his first LP - "Step Up" on Smiley Fingers Limited.  Between the gigs and music production, his passion for designing sounds has lead him to create several sample packs for Loopmasters.

In summer 2013 he moved to Ibiza and started a new project called D.A.T.M. with Mike T, his hometown friend and had a season residency at infamous esVive Hotel Ibiza, promoting their new record label Overlay Records.

His latest project is called "The Detonator". A very energetic and skilfully crafted live performance set, which he talks about passionately in this video.

Check out his Niche Audio pack Stripped Techno here.



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