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Loop+ catch up with reigning Beatbox champions Pash and Jeyton aka Mad Twinz who have just released an awesome sample collection EDMBOX on DABRO Music, to talk about their latest releases and find out a bit more about their musical backgrounds.

Q: When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music?
Pash: We came across music for the first time very early in our childhood. In 1998, we went to music school and excelled in piano class and finished perfectly. Since 2004, we started playing beatbox, it seemed to us very unusual and original, especially when we first heard Killa Kela (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killa_Kela), it was a brain explosion haha! Since then, we have never looked back - this is the meaning of life. So at this time we started making music. In 2006, I installed Reason 4 and the rest is History!

Q: What is your musical influence?
Jayton: We are influenced by a lot of different music. We believe that every style has its own delicacies and subtleties, so we are inspired by very different things.
Pash: And I'll say that on our scoring, the sound is any sound since we began to see the world differently when we launched our Soundhunter project.

Q: Does anyone in your family play music?
Jayton: Unfortunately not, but they strongly support us in this and they really like what we do.  When we beatbox with our parents, our father often plays along with some sound that he skilfully mastered from childhood. It's very funny looking
Pash: Yeah, dad often plays along with us, we love him for it.

Q: I watched your project Soundhunter, it's awesome. How did you come to this and what will the next series be like?
Jayton: It all happened by accident. At the time we were recording the beatbox video on the street and quite by accident we spontaneously decided to record the sounds of the street and make a track out of it. We edited the sounds on the camera, made a track and a video and that was the first release.  This created a big positive resonance and we realised that we need to shoot more. Now we shoot Soundhunter wherever we tour all over the world in different cities and countries.

Q: What else do you do besides music?
Pash: We are engaged in charity, we establish pillars of peace in different cities and countries we have visited. We have our own fund, and for example I like to take pictures.
Jayton: And I like to mount video content, show my vision for this or that picture. By the way, all Soundhunter’s mounted by me, you can check =)
Pash: About the next part. Let this remain a secret ;)

Q: Which famous musician do you admire? What for?
Pash: We admire many artists of different genres. You can not single out one person, everything is cool in its own way. If it's specifically in the beatbox, then it's Beardyman. He is a genius.
Jayton: Yes. He is sick!

Q: How often did you use the fact that you are twins?
Jayton: When we were teenagers, we used this often and it was fun.
Pash: Yes, especially when my brother and I exchanged at night with the girls ahahah
Jayton: Ahahahah

Q: How often and for how long do you train?
Jayton: Usually we train a lot before any championship or performance, and that’s a lot!
Pash: I can say one thing, we beatbox every day, because it's a way of life and our best friend.  It can even warm you when you are cold. It's true :)

Q: What is the next release?
Pash: We have accumulated a lot of material and the first one to be released is "Home in Me". Generally we write very diverse music, but Trap and Future Trap it's our favourite genres.
Jayton: By the way, there's also a release where we Rap, but rather it's more for the Russian-speaking audience.  

Q: Is there anything you regret?
Pash: In general, we never regret anything, but there is one moment…we regret that we did not work sooner. We did not have such a pace as now. We rarely shot videos and did not follow our public pages. Now everything is different!
Jayton: I'm supporting my brother.

Q: What do you recommend to beginning beatboxers and musicians?
Jayton: We advise you find a goal in life and build priorities so that no one and nothing will break your desire to develop further in this direction. Do content every day, believe in yourself and everything will turn out! Try to avoid those people who do not have dreams and not believe in it, this is very important. Trust your heart.
Pash: And I'll add that my eyes are afraid and my hands are doing it. Work will always be rewarded in material and spiritual terms. Do not be afraid to experiment! Get out of your shadow and show the world who you are!

Q: Thank you very much Mad Twinz, Pash and Jayton I hope I'll see you again!
Pash: All right!
Jayton: Thank you!

EDMBOX by Mad Twinz is a huge collection of cutting edge beatbox samples, which includes more than 300 beats and melodic loops divided by such genres as DnB, Dubstep, Trap, Hip-Hop and House. Also included are the WAV stems plus a huge collection of vocal effects, one shots and phrases.

Check out the full demo and free taster samples here.


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