In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper expands on the sidechaining videos from earlier by going to the next level. Now that you know what sidechaining is and how to do it, it's time to do it better.

In this video, you will learn how to use an Effect Rack in Ableton Live 10 to make a multi-band filtering system using EQ 8s. Then we can use Live's compressor to sidechain just low to sub-bass frequencies of a bass loop, letting the mid to high frequencies pass by unaffected by the sidechain compression!

About the Sample Pack - Brazilian Bass by Triad Sounds

Triad Sounds are proud to present Brazilian Bass 2018, an original and fresh sounding sample pack that fuses Brazilian Bass with other ideas and genres. For example, the first drop in the demo is inspired by Indian / Ethnic style music! We drew inspiration from other genres like Future House / Techno & artists like Oliver Heldens.  Be sure to check the audio demo above!

Inside is a quality over quantity collection of samples that include: Bass Loops, Bass One Shots, Drum Beats, Full Drop Beats, FX, Vocals, Bass Growls and more.


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