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About EXS

Loopmasters is the best place to find royalty free exs sounds packed with a world of influences from the acoustic and electronic world. Our exs sample packs have been created and curated by some of the biggest names in the industry, meaning you have access to studio quality sounds, produced and polished to the highest standard. Our Logic sampler patches will bring new life to your core library, with immediate access to cutting edge sounds in your daw. Whether you need bowed instruments, analogue polysynths, live bass, acoustic drums or vocal harmonies, we have the exs loop packs to take your production to the next level. We’ve collated exs sample and loop packs for every conceivable genre, including house, drum & bass, techno, jazz, blues, indie, synthwave and more - formatted by our in house team to give you a range of controls over each sound. Our exs formatted sample packs come with exs presets with custom modulations, settings and macro controls to ensure you have expressive and diverse sampler instruments unique to Cubase. Discover exs loops and exs samples with tempo and key information embedded, letting you focus on creative flow and musical experimentation. Find the best exs banks for Cubase on our site where you’ll get 24 hour access to the latest exs sounds.


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