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Instant Cues - Sound Design Beds
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Genre: Filmscore

Additional Styles: Cinematic


BPM: 90 - 140

Introducing the third ground-breaking release from Instant Cues - Sound Design Beds, the epitome of cinematic excellence in the realm of sound effects libraries. As the name suggests, this collection is dedicated to providing larger-than-life trailer sound design cues and beds, moving away from tonal or musical cues presented in our first two releases. Dive into a world where every sonic detail is meticulously produced, offering a treasure trove of production ready SFX cues with versatile variations to elevate your creative projects.

Within Instant Cues - Sound Design Beds, each cue is a masterpiece, carefully crafted to perfection and brimming with hundreds of single SFX, ranging from impactful hits to exhilarating rises, mesmerising whooshes to intricate mechanical SFX, and immersive foley. This library is the ultimate toolkit for creators who demand heavy sound design, making it perfect for Hollywood-style movie trailers, game trailers, and any video edits that require a touch of sonic brilliance.

As the third instalment in the Instant Cues series, this collection continues the tradition of delivering top-notch sound design elements with boutique sample collections. Just like its predecessors, Sound Design Beds is designed to revolutionise your trailer soundtracks, ensuring that every project reaches extraordinary heights. Why spend countless hours struggling with complex instruments or creating your own sound effects when you can effortlessly infuse your projects with cinematic brilliance through a few simple clicks?

Prepare to be captivated by the sheer excellence and stylistic versatility of Instant Cues - Sound Design Beds. It's not just a library; it's your gateway to a sonic journey that unlocks limitless possibilities. Immerse your audience in the intensity of meticulously crafted soundscapes, transport them to new dimensions, and evoke a wide range of emotions effortlessly.

Whether you're a visionary filmmaker, a passionate game developer, or an audio professional seeking to create unforgettable sonic landscapes, this library is your indispensable companion. With Instant Cues - Sound Design Beds, redefine the auditory experience of your projects, making every moment truly cinematic and unforgettable. Elevate your creativity and embrace the extraordinary with this exceptional cinematic sound effect library.

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Jasonnevins big


Jason Nevins
Cincetools is one of if not - the best in business when it comes to sound design and trailer sample sets. These mini kits come as a combi with 2 additional tracks of the parts split so you're able to manipulate individual tracks.

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