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Unless you've been living on Pluto for the last decade, there's a good chance you've heard of Jason Nevins. A talented Producer, Remixer and DJ, Jason's name became ubiquitous with the release of his remix of Run DMC's "It's Like That" in 1998. Way before his impressive hit, Jason had been enjoying a long and illustrious relationship with music – not just making it, but being passionate about his love for it too. "I've always been into various types of music" he explains. "Not just dance music but everything from 70's mellow tunes to 80's pop, tons of classic rock... and everything in between."


  • Great slap house / tech / baseline set from Singomakers. Basslines, drum loops, single drum hits, synth lines. chopped vocals, full kits, fx and more. The quality of all the loops are excellent and everything is mixed really well, giving you room to add your own effects on the mix buss without over doing it. The style of the sounds are really spot-on and current, with no filler. Great set all around! Easy to knock out banging tracks very quickly with this.

    Excellent piano house set of loops. They organized it quite well with everything set up as piano loop, bass loop, combi loop, bass midi and piano midi. This formula really helps to be creative as possible. The quality is great and the riffs work really well. The piano 'sounds' are excellent. There are 3 volumes and all are just as good. These loops will work in a variety of tracks going for a retro house sound to current house, when used in a certain way. Nice job from GTS.

    Hugel Sounds - Vol 1

    Rating: 9/10

    Really good set of progressive tech house sounds from Hugel. He's got the knack of being able to make a club track which also translates to radio. This sample set is grouped in kits so you know elements will work together perfectly. Drums are broken down in section making it easy to section off. Presets, sampler patches for single sounds are also included. If you're a fan of his work, you'll like this set. He's also included some sounds in this set from some of his remixes as well!

    Disco Strings

    Rating: 10/10

    Great set of strings for dance, disco & pop. There are 3 folders of various stabs, melodies, runs, pads and more. Some are stemmed and some are full mixes of upper and lower registers. There are also multiple chords on the same style so you can use for multiple chord changes. Very authentic and these are "real" strings, no synths here.

    Ultimate Strings

    Rating: 9/10

    Really good string set to add to your tracks or start with for inspiration. Multiple versions of runs and phrases as well as various octaves for slight variations. Everything played in A,E & G. Having these as Apple Loops is a huge bonus or should say necessity so it easy to change keys. Also nice that these have a good amount of headroom and are barely processed, giving you space to alter (or not) for your own taste. Nicely recorded, giving your songs that extra organic sound. Great job on this by Frontline!

    Another huge set from Singomakers that gives you instant inspiration right from the start. Tight and punchy drums, bleepy modular loops, tech synth loops, cool effected vocal loops, crisp percussion and top end loops, fully effected fills and fat tech and slap basslines. Everything produced perfectly by Rezone and the team at Singomakers. If you want the latest in Tech House, this is a great set to buy.

    Something different....if your used to buying EDM and House packs on Loopmasters, this is would be something quite different. Its not going to be for everyone's taste but those who know what to do with this, will appreciate it. This has a hybrid feel of electro/ rocktronica/ tehcno / trap and just some eerie sounds wrapped into one kit. Great for trailers and creative audio sculpting. The bass loops are the focus of the pack and gives you most to chose from.

    Sometime old sets can be fresh when used in a current way. This Part 1 of the French House Songstarters set paved the way for future volumes which got even better as they went on. This slices, dices and chops a combination of original music as well as disco loops to form the "French house sound". You can mix and match so many of these loops to find your own flavor. A lot of this style is in the experimentation of it all. Sometimes music theory is not so necessary and you can go a little wild trying different computations to get a cool sound. Most loops will set instant inspiration, where you can add your own beats and bassline and the loops provided becomes the 'secret sauce'.

    Another Uktu S French Disco/ Daft Punk style set which is amazing. Older... but still great. There are 4 volumes in this series and each one is excellent. Pianos, strings, guitars, distorted leads, filtered synths and rhythmic chords, everything from basses to drums to create your own masterpiece. I feel like these loops give so much inspiration to create so many tracks, you can keep mashing these sounds endlessly. This is a big set with lots of various loops, to have you pumping out tracks very quickly.

    Oldie but a goody ! Utku S delivers Vol 2 of an amzing pack. I know this is old but if you want that Daft Punk-ish/ French/ Disco vibe...this has it. Vol 1 is also just as good. Filtered disco loops, chunky crisp beats, organic instruments, funky guitars, pianos, organs, synths, lush pads, pretty string lines, pluck disco basslines and tons more. I can tell where some of these disco loops came from (lol) but they are so well disguised and manipulated, most wont know. So many excellent sounds and loops in this pack, sometimes its great to look back at older material not just the newest in the bunch.

    Combining pop, dance, retro and a bit of Cyberpop/punk - you get this cool set from Keep It Sample. Obviously by the copy cat demo of The Weeknd, you get the vibe they are going for...and they do a great job. I do wish this was a bigger set as it is so good but what you get is really good. Retro drums fills and loops, broken down into full, kick & snare and toploop is helpful. As well you get one shots to create your own patterns. Small folder of basic - but good fx are included. The melody loop and vox loops are excellent and encompass the genre perfectly. Melody one-shots and vox one-shots for your sampler are here too. Serum presets and midi complete the set. Great job KIS !

    Cyber Pop 2027

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set of Cyber / retro 80's vibe. The sounds are heavily compressed/ smashed so no need for extra effects on the master buss. Quality loops and sounds with everything very authentic sounding. Folders are a tad 'light' in variety but all very useful. They also give you a bonus folder of extra vocal loops and some of the midi files.

    Cool set of Latin House loops/ sets. Vocals, effects, beats and 6 construction kits are what you get in this set. What is missing though - is another folder or so of basslines and keys. The folder of beats is cool if you are looking for good tribal/ Latin style beats which are broken down into full, kick and hat / top. You do get a full set within the 6 construction kits- with beats, vocals, fx, musical loops. Kid Massive has put out a good amount of these Latin House style sets and this one keeps the integrity and once again is a quality set.

    Great set from Singomakers of Slap House elements. You get tech house style melody loops. Great drum loops, broken down into full loops, hat loops,snare, and top loops. The quality of the drum loops is amazing. Bass loops are also excellent, really showing the true sound of slap house. You also get Reese bass loops, vocal chopped loops and full vocal phrases in both wet and dry. The quality that comes from Singomakers is always great and not that much is needed in the way of processing as everything sounds top notch from the start.

    Power House Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    10 really cool kits of hard EDM - full of sounds to get your creativity flowing quick. Its kinda cheating to have everything done for you - so Id suggest adding in your own original elements to give it your own vibe. The sounds are great and super tight. Very punchy- no need for lots of additional compression. The vibe is tech house/ hard house and is quite versatile. You get drums, bass, fx and vocals- so its quite comprehensive. Great job Hy2rogen !

    Great set of tech House from my buddy Rezone & Singomakers. As usual they always deliver substance as well as great quality. Singomakers packs always have a ton to choose from. You get a folder of staccato synth lines to keep things moving, a folder of snappy, deep basslines. A folder of 'bonus' loops which are vocals and effected synths. Finally a folder of drumloops- full and tops only. Drums for tech house are usually clean and sparse, not cluttered with too much percussion. Tech house beats should be 'tight' and these drumloops are put together perfectly for the sound. You also get midi as well as one shots and fx to round it all out. Singomakers are one of the brands that you really never have to think too much about- they always deliver the goods !

    Good set of female EDM vocals. Works for trap, house and pop. You get 5 main folders in kit form with dry vocals and wet vocals as well as the lyrics and midi. You get a synth stem track, drum track and bass track. There's also a bonus folder of more vocals and phrases. The vocal stems are good with cool harmonies and added effects on the vocals for a full sound.

    Slap House Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent set of Slap House loops from IQ Samples. Really cool melody loops as well as great drum loops- broken down into full, stripped and top loops. Excellent bass loops already punchy and with sidechaining. Good bunch of fx, fairly standard- impacts, risers, sweepers and more. You also get a folder of Resse bass loops, vocal loops, chopped vocals, one shots and midi. Strongest thing are the bass loops and then coming in 2nd are the accompanying melody loops. Get ready to make great tracks quickly.

    Kong-Zilla Hip Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    Lovin' this ! Great hip hop set of loops. Got the old boom bap DJ Premier style to it... but twisted. Music loops are amazing...add a bit of bit crusher and low pass filter to dirty them up and they sound even better. Beat loops and drum sounds are spot on and very punchy. Kong-Zilla is a great name for this because its a fu&%ing beast! Great job Industrial Strength!

    If you know the sound, then you know. This lends itself to just what title says, Cinematic Soul & Funk. There are only 6 complete sets but within each are all the parts broken down into separate segments. Its all old school organic sounds but done in a current, up to date way. That's what makes these so good. No current sounding synths, drums or effects. This is the real stuff- live drums and percussion, strings, Wurlitzer electric pianos, live bass, synth bass, horns and more. This would be what you want if you're looking for something that would work in an action or maybe a Guy Ritchie film.

  • Hip-Hop Golden Bullets

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool hip hop / trap-ish set from IQ Samples. I wouldn't classify this just as "hip hop"...its got more of a hybrid which is great because its got a fresh sound. Almost sounds like this has a bit of Neptunes vibe to it- which is really cool. You get single drum hits, fx, fills, beat loops, melody loops, 808/ sub bass loops, percussion loops, shaker loops and vocal loops. Always looking for something slightly different and this hip hop set delivers that and more. Nice job

    Just as the title suggests- great set of hard hitting trap beats & loops. You get a nice sized folder of music loops, which include synth loops, 808 basslines, chords, leads and arps. Drum loops are broken down into sets with full, top and bass (kick). You get a folder of chants, folder of drum fills, folder of fx, and folder of serum presets. I like how this combines some EDM styles with Trap and gives a different vibe than just the standard Trap style.

    Retro Nights

    Rating: 8/10

    This has that hybrid retro feel which combines authentic 80's mixed with The Weeknd and some of the newer JPop sounds that have been coming out. Pads and leads sound like true analog synths as well as the keys folder. You get a folder of one shots of synths and drums as well. Drum loops as you would guess ,are retro in their sound and patterns as well. The small folder of bass loops have the right feel and sound to compliment the rest of the loops.

    Once again, top notch work from Organic Loops with the series of real string loops. This set could be for film scoring, some disco, some pop....its a mix that evokes different feelings. The quality is amazing and obviously you cant beat REAL strings. Some might find it a bit tough with this set to find the right placement and these loops wont work for everyone's musical taste but those that know how to use them will find them extremely helpful. BPM's range from 110 to 134 but since they are Apple Loops - can change tempo and key easily. I fond it easier to start with a loop or loops you like and build up on the string loop.

    Organic Loops keeps coming with really good material. As most sample sets everywhere today lean on the synth / electronic or urban hip hop / trap side- OL has a breath of fresh air bringing real, organic, live instrument loops. Here you get 5 folders ranging from 80 to 120 bpm. Each folder contains a separate folder of bass as well as folder of guitar loops to match in key. These loops work for rock, pop and hip hop or a hybrid. Most of these are based on 1 idea but some have A and B sections. The vibe and sounds are on the grungy, dirty side- which in this case is good! You want that for this kind of sound. The guitar loops are well effected so there's nothing for you to really need to do to them. Drop in your favorite beats and some effects and you're good to go.

    Bassline Banger Tools

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of hyped bassline loops. Dark, gritty basslines with crisp pumping beats. Throw in some rap vocals and you've got a complete set of really cool club banging tools. The drum loops are broken into 3 stems, full, top and hats only. Some of the drums have a tuned low end/ kick and some make way more for a bassline. You also get a folder of amazing synth loops which are very particular to this sound and compliment the basslines perfectly. You get some fx and one shots too.

    Moombahton Attack

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent and huge set of Moombahton from Hy2rogen. There are 10 kits but there's tons of material in each folder. Almost too much. Personally, I feel it very unnecessary to have everything dry, wet, with sidechain and without. Gets a little confusing with so many options and if you don't know how to use a little reverb, delay and sidechain, maybe you should be doing something else with your time. I also like to mix and match and only use parts of these kits with different material as well as completely original material so you end up with something that's your own. Hy2rogen literally gives you everything you need in one complete set. Each set contains the individual loops, drum loops, drum one shots, midi, synth loops and synth one shots.

    Oldie but goodie. These are 'real string' as stated in the title....no synths here. This wont be for everyone's taste and won't necessarily be for all hip hop...but there are styles and times you want really cool authentic strings. This pack has it. From staccato to legato, stabs, pads and trills. From sounding like 50 Cent to Scott Storch, these string loops are excellent. They will work for hip hop but probably also good for mid tempo and pop stuff as well. You get broken down riffs as well as full sounds. Top notch Organic Loops !

    Great set of up tempo string loops. Strings are being used today in everything from house-disco revival like Purple Disco Machine to pop with artist like Dua Lipa. You get full mixes here as well as the individual parts (cello, violin, viola, etc). Everything is 120 bpm, the average disco style tempo. These can also be used at any tempo- like slowing them down for hip hop. Excellent runs, swells and melodies. You do somewhat have to know a bit on how to use these and how they fit in, but if you know what you're looking for and know quality- this is a great set.

    Let There Be Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    Great variations on simple rock beats with a twist - useful for rock, funk and more. You get a wet and dry version, although the wet version is really what you would want from this set. These loops range from 75 bpm to 142 bpm which gives a wide range of possible styles. The grooves vary from straight to heavy swing and are useful for different styles. The mix is also what sets this apart, having a really fat and somewhat effected sound, which is what makes them stand out.. Nice job !

    2 Step Selecta

    Rating: 9/10

    Normally not something I would gravitate towards at first thought but UK's 2 Step, can sneak up on you with something quite cool and fresh sounding. Want to sound like Craig David, Disclosure, The Artful Dodger- then is the set for you. The sounds are excellent and authentic to the genre with a lot to chose from. Drum loops, bass loops, music loops, effected and chopped vocal bits, one shots and midi round out a full set. Many of these sounds are also useful in other styles. Another great pack from Singomakers!

    Great set with LOTS to choose from. This is a huge set...10 inspirational kits - fully loaded with all the stems. Drums loops with stems as well, giving you full creative freedom. Musical loops, keys, guitars, vocals, synths, bass and more. You also get another 5 full songstarters- which are basically full mini songs- ready to go which leave little for you to do as its all done for you. This is a really good tropical house/ future pop/ reggaeton set with Spanish vocals. This set will work great for non Spanish vibes too, its got loads of sounds that will work with trap, hip hop, EDM and more. With BPM's ranging from 85 to 115, you can time stretch these sounds to work with a lot of various styles of music.

    Yes, technically the #1 chord progression in pop music but there's more to it than that. You get 22 chord structures with midi as well as a corresponding audio file. The midi is more valuable than audio in this case IMO. Most of the audio is simplistic, piano chords, pad and a synth. Some of the loops are more intricate and have variation in the sounds. There are major an minor variations to give you versatility. For those who want quick inspiration or don't have much musical knowledge, this is a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

    Deep & Funky Nu-Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing! If you want great funky disco loops- this set has everything. Guitars, live bass, synth bass, horns, strings, keys, synths , fx and more. Everything is funky and fat. This is a mega comprehensive set of high quality sounds. Everything is authentic and you can tell a lot of time went into designing this. Drum sounds have a nice feel between live and machine. Synths are hardware and are on point. Live bass loops plus synth bass loops are great- gives you 2 variations to go with. Even the fx are organic, originally made with a synth rather than todays effects- which is great, giving you a more authentic feel for what you're trying to achieve. Excellent job on this!

    Future Retro Pop 2

    Rating: 10/10

    This is the follow up to a very creative set of what Singomakers calls "Future retro Pop" and it keeps it going - at full speed from V1. There's so much creativity here- with a blend of styles from different eras to create something fresh yet retro at the same time. This definitely has an 80's pop feel and use of sounds and because of artists like The Weeknd , Dua Lipa or Robyn, it feels new. This is very comprehensive set, giving you all the parts you will need. Each mini song has the beats broken down into sections and has a main bassline, pads, arp synths, chords / lead and vocals. Everything is at 86 bpm (really 172 bpm) making much of the stuff easily interchangeable. You get the mid and one-shots and fx as well to round out the set. Fans of 80s retro- especially The Weeknd, will really get into this one.

    Very cool set from Vocal Roads of vocal rap house/ Ragga vocal house. Little bit of a strange way of organizing the loops but you get the bulk of the material broken down enough to be able to change things up. You get 5 folders of stems of each part- bass, drums, vocals, fx & melody. You also get the stems dry and vocals broken down and dry. They also included a lyric sheet and the midi for the music parts which is always helpful to have. You do also get a folder of one-shots of the drums as well as vocal ad libs and phrases. If you like hip house/ ragga UK house- this is for you!

    Great set of tech house loops and mini song starters from Get Down Samples. Beats are broken down so you can use each part really well. You get 16 mini sets with each part broken down for different usages. You also get 4 stocked folders of chopped and effected vocal loops to use with almost anything. The vibe is funky with a good swing. Sound quality is very good as well. Everything is at 125 bpm so its easy to fit in basically anything from this set. Really good job !

    Bassified Tech House

    Rating: 10/10

    Excellent set of Tech House from Hy2rogen. There's a lot in the set to choose from with good variety- this is HUGE. Really amazing rolling basslines, super cool tech synth lines, amazing funky drum fills, great fx, simple hat loops, great clean perc loops, Reese bass loops, sub loops, sick synth loops, combo top loops and vocal drop loops. You also get the sampler patches and midi! Grab this now and don't think twice if you need some funky hard tech house.


    Rating: 9/10

    Very cool current commercial EDM set from KIS. Been following them for a while now and the stuff they put is great quality....and this doesn't disappoint. Drums are broken down in stems for good mixing abilities. The vocals are done with pitched effects and without, which is great. Not a lot, but the fx and fills are really good. Bass, pad, pluck, synth melody loops are excellent. You also get Serum presets. Looking forward to more great stuff from KIS. Would also be nice to see Apple Loops come in their kits...

    Disco Lookbook

    Rating: 10/10

    Nice vibe for those looking for that new disco sound. Has some bits of what would be considered disco from the 70s to Purple Disco Machine take on things. You know what you're getting here and you know the quality is to notch with Singomakers. Drum loops, different basslines, perc loops, vocals, strings, keys, synths, organs and more. You get the sampler patches for the one shots and get midi to, which is really nice. Melody loops as well as the basslines "have a kit feel" so things match together easy. Another great job by one of the best in the biz.

  • Good set if you're looking for deep house or tech house. Even if you're looking for a 90's style this works well too. Everything is at 124 or 125 bpm. Why make only a 1 bpm difference...I don't know. Basslines are pretty cool in this pack, subby and deep. Most of the set is made up of percussive loops, drum loops and top loops. The music loops are cool, although just a small amount. Its a mixed bag of piano, chords and rave sounds. You also get single drum hits and matching sampler sets. Nice all around deep tech house set.

    Very large set of tech house basics. There's a lot to choose from in this set. Basses are subby, leads are simple and all analog. Vocal fx are chopped and heavily effected loops. Vocal loops follow with heavy effects as well. Drum loops are basic house style with good swing. The beat loops are broken down into stems as well as the full loop- which is useful. You also get bass & synth midi which helps. The fx loops are usual risers, swooshes and falls. Nice tech house set from IQ Samples.

    Slap House Influence

    Rating: 9/10

    Always quality sets from Singomakers. This slap house set doesn't disappoint. Bass loops, bass fills, drum loops, music loops, vocal phrases and vocal chopped loops are the bulk of the material. You get the midi which is great so you can add your own sounds. Also you get one shot drum sounds and effects. Plus sampler patches and Serum presets for a well rounded package. Its all put together in a "kit" style - where the sounds are grouped together in sections so you know what will work together. Overall, this has a laid back vibe yet still aggressive and punchy. All sounds are very authentic to the slap house genre. Great job Rezone!

    Cool set of laid back guitar loops perfect for chill, trap, hip hop, pop, edm, tropical and more. Tempos are slow and relaxed. A folder of Ensemble guitars have loops of grouped clean and mellow chords. The Lead folder are quick riffs and fills of clean electrics. The Rhythm folder has additional rhythmic riffs. They also give you a folder of live Bass loops to round out the set. The chord structures are mostly jazzy style chords but there is a diverse mix. Simply run the loops through amp simulators and it brings life to everything.

    Wh0's House

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent all around house set from Loopmasters & Wh0. Drum loops are cool, I recognize a bunch of them - coming from big records and then tweaked and added elements mixed in for flavor. Melodic loops are amazing, mixture of organic, disco loops and synths. A bulk of them giving a 90's feel yet work great right now. Combi loops are few - but cool, where you get a bunch of sounds mashed and chopped. Bass loops are funky and filtered, some synths and some filtered samples. Overall really nice- gives you a good variety, the single drum and bass hits are quite useful too!

    Crusy Future Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing set of tech house from HOL & Crusy. Drum loops are rough and chunky, broken down into stems for easy mixing. There's a folder called "background" which are great, small effected bits for great filler. Bass loops are fat as hell, the synth loops are very techy, bleepy. You also get one shots and a folder of chopped effected vocal loops. If you are looking for a really tight set of tech house loops- this is a great choice.

    Slap House Nation

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice set from Hy2rogen of edm/tech/slap house. To me this is a bit of a hybrid slap, where Hy2rogen incorporated some other sounds to mix things up. The bass, lead and stab loops are spot on slap house and have just the right sound. Chord loops go in a slightly different direction and lean towards an organic guitar and piano sound. Drum loops come in full, base and top so you can use your own way. You also get some pre-drop and build up fills, fx, one shots including cool horn shots and midi. There's a good amount of material as always from Hy2rogen.


    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent tech house set from KIS. 'Legions' gives you all the parts you'll need to create a bangin' tech track. Melody loops are a mix of basses and synths, You also get bass and synth one shots to create your own melodies. Drums are broken down into stems- you get 6 basic sets, full, kick and clap/ snare and percussion. The fx and drum builds are pretty standard run of the mill. You also get the midi which is a nice addition. The sounds are chunky and deep with the basses and leads being the main focus. Great job !

    The World Spin Faster

    Rating: 9/10

    Very cool vocal set from Delectable with simple lyrics and a clean tone but that's what makes it pretty cool. I prefer the dry version of everything but they also give you a digital and analog processed folder. I find those a bit unnecessary. The "wet" folder has the same loops effected with different reverbs and delays, which is nice to have as an alternate take for each. Very nice job !

    Duro Reggaeton

    Rating: 9/10

    Hot set of beats from Singomakers of sounds for Reggaeton to Trap. Single drums hits, fx, fills, melody loops, bass loops, chords and more. The basses are super fat. The chords and melodies are tripped out, lo-fi sounding and will work with various musical formats. You can easily take these sounds and make a hot trap beat but also dub and obviously reggaeton. The sounds in this set are nicely mix with tons of punch yet not over compressed. Having the matching midi is great as well. I really like this one because it doesn't have to be just focused only for reggaeton- its going to be very useful for multiple genres.

    Excellent set from Kid Massive of Cuban samples, beats and sounds. You get 7 kits labeled A-G with variations of a full track broken down into sections. Not sure about where the basis of Cuban samples come from...but they are hot. You can mix and match these as kits as well as lots of material to bring in other sounds. The loops are not over compressed which is great- lots of headroom for you to work. Gives you more room on your master buss as well for your own chain. You can definitely hear these beats bangin' in the clubs from South Beach to Brazil.

    Tech House Trendsetter

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool bouncy tech house for the coming summer. With outdoor events now starting to open globally- we'll see the DJ's breaking new tunes all over. Time to stock up on great sample sets and get the tracks going. Singomakers always delivers top notch material. You get bass loops, transition drops, drum loops, synth loops, vox loops, one shots, fx and midi. If you've got the right skills, you can take these sounds and knock out a bangin' tech house track - quick! Plenty of sounds to get you moving in the right direction.

    Horror Soundtracks

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing sounds for soundtrack and trailers. Pulsating synths and pads, deep sub basses, lush string pads, dark horns, modulating synths and more. You get 6 great construction kits. You can use some of these sounds as a starter to creating music beds as well as tracks. Many of the sounds should work well for trap. You get all the parts separated as well as folder of bonus sounds. You also get 2 folders of amazing multi samples. These multi samples are great for transitions of sounds and to emphasize changes. Great job from Thick Sounds.

    Trentino Bass House

    Rating: 10/10

    You want hard? You got it. You want club bangers ? You got it. If you want your ears to hurt after listening for a long time (but in a good way). You got it. This will make the speakers melt. Growling bass lines, thick basslines, dirty grinding synths, hard beats. Don't forget melodic loops and one shots too! Beat loops are broken down into sections which makes things much better for arranging and mixing. Excellent job.

    Tropical Pop 4

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of tropical house sounds from Singomakers. Vocal loops, bass loops, drum loops, synth loops, vocal loops, one shots, fx and more. The loops and sounds are spot on and really top notch for Tropical house. Some of the sounds are more laid back and some more energetic, which is nice to give variety. You can actually create anything from trap to pop to tropical house with these sounds. Having the midi is also great so you can create with your own sounds. Another great release from Singomakers.

    Really nice job from Get Down Samples on this classic piano house set. Each complete kit is done in 3 parts - "All", "Piano" and "Bass" as well as the corresponding midi. This is definitely a set for those looking for a 90's house/ European piano house sound. These piano loops can also be used for a old school, Hip House/ Italo House sound. As the parts also come split into bass and piano- you can use the bassline for the verse and the combo for the chorus. All your own sections for the b-section or bridge and you've got a full song. Tracks could use individual effects - so its good they come split up. Great set !

    Amazing set from Gustavo Mota & Evoxx of Brazilian House. The set leans heavy on the drum loops, fills and percussion yet quality overall is great. This is a combo of slap house/ basic EDM and tech house. You get great synth loops with hard brass sounds, tech perc synths, heavy leads and deep hard basses. You do get the midi which is always great to have. The single sounds and hits are great- everything from the bass to the synth to the drum hits are here. This is a very versatile set - great job !

    If you are looking for something super cool and something that will be used for synch, then this is it. 6 folders/ sets of top notch funky movie music. A little different (and a little strange) how things are broken down- in micro sections. Horns, drums, live bass, acoustic guitars, real strings, and more make up this funky set. The parts are brilliant. Played and mixed extremely well. Everything is organic and with loads of reverb...lol. As I'm writing this I am now waiting for Pt 2. Please hurry and don't wait to get that out. I'm giving it a 10/10 (Id give it an 11) but I would have really loved it even more if they included Apple Loops...hint, hint.


    Rating: 9/10

    Super cool trap/ thrash/ metal/ screamo set from KIS. I'm looking at using it for a hybrid rather than what its fully intended for. I think that's the trick with many of these sample sets- even though they are great as it is put in front of you- as a producer/ songwriter- what makes all of these even better is when you come up with your own sound and combine elements from different packs and vibes to create something new. Keep It Sample did an amazing job with this and its quite versatile. Its pretty dark and hard- with 808 loops, guitar loops, hard synth loops, distorted screamo vocals, drum loops and fills. Nice one from KIS.

    Global Beatworks Vol 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent set of global percussive loops. The 90 loops are split into N Africa and Egypt headings with a bpm range of 75 to 144. These loops are great for anything from Trap to EDM to House to scoring for synch. Perfect for scoring a tribal/ percussive commercial segment to a Trap beat. Love having the loops as Apple Loops. For Mac/ Logic users - this is always great to have. These loops can also be used for Calypso to Brazilian music as they have similar textures and sounds. Great job from the team at Loopmasters!

  • Nightclub Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Very good set of 5 kits of EDM vocals. You get music stems as well as the midi for each track plus all the vocals broken down into full sections, ad libs, background, phrases and more. You also get a folder of as they call it a bonus- the wet stems, which are complete stems of each song. This is cool to use as it is or use the vocals for your own original track or use the track and add your own original vocals. The stems can be used in various ways. Nice job from Vocal Roads

    Really good mixed bag of Trap / Future Pop sounds from ODD Smpls. There's quite a bit to chose from but be prepared to find a few sounds that work together and you fill in the blanks on your own original material. BPM's range from 85 to 160 so there's stuff to use with a wide range of tempos. You get mallet loops, pads, basses, strings, synths, drums and vocals. There are full vocals as well as chopped vocal loops. The only thing missing is the midi. Would have been great to had added that. Overall nice job!

    Amanda Wilson has one of those voices that cut through and always sound great. She's been involved in loads of pop dance hits is an amazing talent. Her vibe is a mix between soulful and pop. You get 18 folders of her 'mini kits' with leads, harms and ad-libs. These aren't full songs or full sets of vocals but groups of kits that can be used as a 'hook' or almost like a 'vocal drop'. Quality is excellent as always from Loopmasters.

    1.2 GB set of authentic Ska, Rocksteady and Dub sounds. There is TONS of material in this one. Mostly made up of drums, bass and guitars. The bpms range from 115 to 147. Not sure why the horn loops are only at 115 bpm though, so you'll have to stretch those for other tempos. Music loops are pianos and some various organic instruments as well. You also get a folder of a good amount of drum fills which are really good as well. If you want the authentic sound of Ska- this has exactly what you are looking for!

    Bass Music Vocals & FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Great reggae vocal drops for Trap, EDM, Reggae, Hip Hop, D&B, Bass, Drill and more. The vocalist has a great tone and quality. The FX are cool as well- something different . These will work well for a 'Drop' or before a hook very well. The FX are very reggae sounding, so those will be pretty genre specific. Already looking forward to a 2nd volume of this. Nice job !

    Tech House Foundation

    Rating: 9/10

    Very nice set from Class A. Good all around Tech House/ EDM set with all the parts you would need. Drum fills are pure drums, no fx with these. Bass loops are sub loops, very deep. Drum loops are done nicely, with a full kit and each part broken down. Pretty basic drum sounds with this one. Synth loops are cool, definitely 'tech house' and on the "noisy" side rather than more musical. Vocal fx and vocal loops are cool and have fx already on them. Great set with all useful sounds. One thing I would stress to all sample set creators is not waste space with side chained parts. Perhaps its to make the set larger... but today with so many plugins that people have to do side chaining there's no need to add it.

    You get 5 excellent trap construction kits, all 24 bit for great sound quality. You also get the corresponding midi which is nice so you can adjust and change to your own individual taste. One shots are included as well if you desire to change up the beat. In the bonus folder you get each kit as a 4 stem mix. The stems are uncompressed to give you lots of headroom for mixing it yourself. The only issue is that since each kit offers you so much as complete song- you'll have tons of people with the same song. I think it would be cool to mix and match to flip it from its original. Nice job on this.

    Stamped House

    Rating: 10/10

    Hy2rogen brings you 10 amazing, hard-as-nails EDM tracks in complete construction kit sets. The organization is excellent, keeping a good structure to work with all the loops. All loops are 24 bit which give you the best sound quality. All sets have a quick pre-drop build-up then right into the drop. The 'verse' parts or the main body is left up to you The overall vibe is hard-style Slap House, which is hot right now. Another great job by Hy2rogen.

    Slap House Hitmaker

    Rating: 10/10

    Great set of Slap House from Singomakers. Always delivering the best in sample sets- Singomakers delivers crisp punchy leads, fat deep bass loops, tight beats, cutting string sections, vocal chops and on- point slap bass loops. Everything is at 125 bpm making it easy to match up. Having the Apple Loops makes it even easier. As usual you also get the midi, sampler patches and Serum presets so you can truly make each track individualized. This is really a comprehensive pack with all the elements you need to get your tracks sounding like authentic Slap House.

    Future Rave

    Rating: 9/10

    Big room rave sounds from Hy2rogen. Everything as always is huge sounding with great processing. Deep tech basses, loads of one shot drums, fills, fx, crisp big lead lines, rhythmic percussion loops, top loops and chopped glitch style vocal loops. If you want the highest quality tech/ rave sounds - you'll love this set . Having the midi files as well as the sound patches make the set even better as you can change it up and experiment more in your own style.

    United Colors Of Disco

    Rating: 9/10

    Lots of funky/ jazzy house going on in this eclectic release from Singomakers. Its a cool hybrid of elements from the classic house era. A mix of 90's style drum sounds with organic and classic house synths. The set is filled with guitars, pads, pianos, live bass, organs, autotuned vocals, percussive synths, top loops, full drum loops and more. Everything is at 123 bpm to make it easy to all fit together. One thing I love specifically about this set are the full drum loops - in how they chop small bits of musical sounds in the loop at off times, giving a really funky vibe. This one is slightly something different which is nice. Great job as always.

    Nice job from Dabro on this vocal acapella set. You get 8 "kits" of lead vocals, backgrounds and harmonies in both dry and wet. You also get 2 other folders of ad libs and quick 'phrases'. The ad libs and phrases remind of back in the day of those old Zero-G sample cds...lol. If you've been in the game long enough- you know what I'm talking about. There is also a folder of "demo stems" which are song clips broken down into stems. Not sure why that would be needed but could have a use. If you are looking for some current sounding vocal bits to add to a track - this is a cool set.

    Bass House Vol.7

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing bass house set from Dabro Music. You get everything you need for a killer track. These are some of the sickest synths and basses I've heard in a while. They are just hard and dirty and also sound different than so many of the packs I've been hearing. You get single hits, drum loops, bass loops, vocal hits, music loops, vox loops, fx and more. .Everything is at126 bpm so it fits perfectly. The sound quality is excellent- everything is very punchy. Started messing with the loops and instantly came up with a bangin track. Dabro nailed this one.

    Bass House Pandemic

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great job from Hy2rogen. You get 15 sets of Bass house/ Tech house drops. All with audio loops, midi and the synth presets. Great way to build each kit- so you have a lot of versatility. Everything is hard as hell. You can build your own track from scratch and use these just as the drop or use some of the elements to build up the track as well. Do wish these were Apple Loops as well...

    Future Pop 2021

    Rating: 9/10

    Top notch Pop set from IQ Samples. You get 5 complete sets with everything broken down into individual stems. Sound quality is excellent and presented in 24 bit HQ wavs. Personally, I prefer to use the sounds in new productions rather than put them together in the original song structure as is so it becomes original. Would be great to have these in Apple Loops as well. The sound is very current and works well across multiple platforms for Pop, Trap & Hip Hop, A lot of sounds can even be time stretched for uptempo EDM. Nice job!

    Sweet Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    Hot trap beats from Shuriken Audio! Sounds in this set are excellent for any trap style you're working on. You get all the parts you need to create a current hot sound. Whether its for a full song or instrumental track, these sounds work really well. Drum loops, fills, hats, perc, bass loops, chord loops, melody loops, full musical loops and more complete this full set. Sound quality is excellent and also an important part of Trap. You want things sounding big and tight but not too clean and this has the right "grit" that you need for this type of music.

    Piano House Anthems

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set from Samplestate of killer piano house riffs. Great that they include midi as well. Instant inspiration for creating the classic/ retro 90's style piano house feel. Even though its almost retro- its completely fresh and been a hot sound for a while now. Beautiful piano sounds used for this, they used classic instruments used for that authentic sound. Lots of funky grooves with effects so everything sounds great out of the box. You get 2 tempos 120 & 125 but with all new DAWS, you can change tempos on your own to whatever you need. Would have loved these as Apple Loops though...maybe next time! (wink, wink).

    Make It Slap

    Rating: 10/10

    You get 15 amazing drops organized into kits. Slap House is pretty much the #1 style right now and this came just in time. I do think this one is more of a 'hybrid' Slap than in its pure form in my opinion. Its got a Slap style mixed with some Tech House elements. As always Hy2rogen delivers amazing sounds, produced to perfection. All 15 folders are organized very well giving you audio, presets and midi. You also get the raw sounds for Serum (minimum V 1.3) which is great as well. Hy2rogen is one of best series on the sample market, you can never go wrong with Andrei and his sets.

    Lowkey Riders 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Really cool lo-fi trap and hip hop set from ODD SMPLE. There's tons to chose from of weird and trippy lo-fi style loops. These can be used for anything that you want to vibe out to. No "energy "here....look for only those chill trap sounds. You get full musical loops, chill boom bap drum loops, wind instrument loops, a few vocals, organic synth loops, string loops, pads, deep basses, plucky mallets, organic keys and guitars. This is a very complete set of sounds. Being almost all organic, these will also work well mixed with some synths of today or 2021 style trap beats. Will work great for instrumental tracks as well as vocals. Nice job!

    Future Reggaeton

    Rating: 10/10

    Excellent job from Loopmasters on this release of Future Reggaeton. You get great vocal loops mixed with full vocals as well as vocal effect loops. Music loops, which are all effected in some cool way. Reggaeton drums with the perfect amount of swing and deep sub bass loops, which also are effected in some way. You also get some single hit sounds with the corresponding sampler patches. You definitely get instant inspiration from a quick listen to these sounds. Even though the vocal loops are great, even better to get your own vocalist to cut a full original song to the smash tracks you will get from this set.

  • Tech House Magic

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent set from Sharp of bangin Tech House. Folders of cool vocal loops, bouncy synth loops, tight drum loops, deep funky basslines, spacy fx, and more. Drum loops are abundant as well broken down into separate sections making it easier to use in different sections of your track. Also from a mixing perspective- having separated drum parts will sound better in your mix. If you want that punchy tech house sound- this is a great set to have.

    Nice set of Tech House from Sharp. There are basically 5 kits which are broken into folders of bass, drums, fx, midi, one shots, synth loops and vocal loops. Usually each folder would contain various loops- these are subdivided but are meant to be used as 5 individual kits. With crispy drums and fat basses, the production is very good, you just don't get a large amount of loops. Very cool for those looking to get that tight Tech House sound.

    Disco In The House

    Rating: 9/10

    At first you might think this is just another disco set of tracks...but upon hearing the demos individual sounds, I realized this is an amazing set that will give you the elements for a variety of ideas. I would have loved to have this as an Apple Loops set though. The drums in this are excellent- I really like the combination of old school and new sounds mixed to give it a really punchy sound. Drum loops are broken down to make it easy to work with and with more versatility. You get singing and talking vocal phrases, music and bass midi, bass loops, drum loops, music loops, fx, and percussion loops. The set is full of material that will keep you busy creating. You can use this set for making proper disco or what I like better- using elements to use for hybrid tracks. Its easy to mix single parts with other styles to create something fresh.

    Bassline Anarchy

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent set of hard EDM bassline. Thick deep bass loops, punchy drum loops and fills, percussive, top loops, fx, music loops and vocals loops are all top notch. Music loops are actually mixed with synths, bass and organic music loops. Vocals loops are also mixed with chopped loops as well as vocal phrases. There is a folder of 'modular loops' which are distorted, industrial sounding percussive loops, which are a mixture of bass, percussion and noise all with a granular effect to them. Another nice job as always from Singomakers!

    You get 5 really good kits full with drums, effects, vocals, basses, synths and much more with midi and synth presets. Quality is excellent, though would have liked more variety rather than just putting it all in 5 pre-made kits. You can use the sounds within other projects but then its limited to the initial key...but that can be changed in your DAW if you want to take the time. All the sounds are really punchy and pumped up so no need for tons of added effects to make them sounds great. You get all the elements for a full track including the vocals - so its good for a starting point or to get ideas to create further.

    Emo Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    Really well put together set of EMO Trap sounds and tracks. This is going to obviously work well with KIS - EMO Vocals set but will also work great with any vocal style that fits in the pocket with this style of track. You don't get tons of choices but the quality is great. About 12- 15 loops in each folder of pads, plucks, synths, guitars, keys and bass. You also get fx, full drum loops, broken down drum loops and midi files. The music loops are fairly atmospheric and airy. Production style is really good. This set would work great for a pop trap sound.

    Emo Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool set of EMO vocals for a variety of styles of music. Obviously works great with an EMO style but can work well with EDM, Pop, Alternative or Rock. The vocals have a somewhat "Blink-182" 90's vibe but still feels fresh. You get 13 set of phrases/ hooks. Also short bits and ad libs. Really cool harmonies- which is what gives it the specific EMO style. If you want something different to the usual stuff you might download or you are looking for something specific to an EMO style - this is a great set of vocals with excellent production.


    Rating: 9/10

    Great deep / tech house sounds for right now. Got that great Meduza sound. Jump right in creating - with tracks that match up as most are somewhat in kit style. You get drum loops, melody loops, fx, vox loops, drum one shots, synth one shots and more. Would have been great to get sampler patches- as the synth, bass, piano and brass one shots are great...but you can make those on your own. You do get a set of midi which is a nice addition. Sounds are not overly compressed either which is nice and gives you headroom to pump up your own mix.

    Tech House Loops 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Awesome set of percussive, top-end tech house loops. Its not groundbreaking... but as usual, the loops and quality are great. It gives you a great place to start. Add your kick, and a clap and or snare and your drums are 'done'. The loops are like the "secret sauce" for creating a hot beat. The loops have a great feel / swing and will work work perfectly in any EDM or Tech House track. Another great job by Hy2rogen.

    BRY Bass House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of hard bass house from BRY & Get Down Samples. They really give you quite a bit to chose from ....4 folders of beats, basslines, vox and fx. There are also 6 kits which are full of everything you need to complete a track. All bpms are 126 so everything matches up. Basses are fat and also get the midi which is great. You can easily use the elements from the 6 kits in anything else you like. Overall nice job!

    Future Retro Pop

    Rating: 10/10

    If you want something in a Retro Pop vein- similar to something you would get from Robyn, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Goldfrapp or Röyksopp - this will be something for you. This is a Future-Retro- Electro-Pop hybrid, full of everything you need to get a great sound. Its got a taste of the 80's with a double-time feel. Great arpeggiated synths and basses, punchy drums and lush buttery electro pads. The tempo ranges from 86 to 93 but its double time, so for example, even though its at 86- its really at 172 bpm. This is pure pop.... not clubby for those who aren't sure. You want something that is different and something great, you'll love this.

    TD Audio - Vocalized Pop

    Rating: 10/10

    Great set from TD Audio of EDP Pop. You basically get 5 complete sets broken down into multiple sections. Bass, drum loops, vocals, fx, synths, combo musical loops, one shots and more. Besides the elements obviously working perfectly together for the tracks intended - they also will work independently in any other sound and format. The BPMs range from 90 up to 148. The drums are excellent, super punchy and are broken down into multiple stems to use in various parts. The overall current pop sound really works well and with the various tempos- each has endless potential.

    Classic House Pianos

    Rating: 8/10

    The title is spot on....if you want those 90's M1,01-W, Roland JV/ JD/ D-50, etc. piano sounds, this is a great set. You get .wav files as well as the midi, groove templates and multi samples to play your own. Everything basically has a NY/ Chicago house feel, which then morphed into other areas like the UK and Italy, etc. Great quality and works well with current sounds now as well. Nice job by 5 Pin.

    Great set from Get Down Samples and Kid Massive ! It feels fresh yet at the same time a bit retro....but in a very good way ! You get 6 complete kits, with midi, ready to go which are great. Everything you need. Then you get beats - as full loops and as well as parts broken down into stems. You get a small bit of FX and vocal loops too. Quality is excellent and this gives you a great starting point if you're looking for that Balkan/ Eastern European vibe. Excellent job by Kid !


    Rating: 9/10

    With tempos ranging from 100-110, this sounds like someone took your EDM loops at 128 and half-timed them to give you a funky- tech groove. I love this sound and think its pretty versatile. This sound is also great for DJ's to transition from Trap to EDM. I love the feel in this set- as much as they are hard, they have a great groove to them. You get bass loops, full drum loops, percussion loops, top end loops, fx loops, music loops and vocal loops. Its something a little of the beaten path, so if you're looking for something to get creative with and want to change up the style- this is a perfect fit.

    This is an older set from 2009 but has some great sounds that still work today. Sometimes older sets have great material that sounds fresh. The sounds work for hip hop, trap and pop. BPM's are 82 bpm, 91 bpm, 97 bpm, 110 bpm and 126 bpm. You get bass loops, drum loops, fills, music loops, one shots and fx. If you're looking for some cool throwback beats and sounds that will be useful in today's market- this is a cool set.

    Ethnic Feedback

    Rating: 9/10

    "Subby tech groove" is more of what Id call this one. There's lots to choose from in this set. You get ethnic/ middle eastern style synths with subby bass loops and percussive grooves. You get bass loops, drums and perc, kicks, hats, fx, melody loops, vocals loops, snares, and vocal one-shots. The melody loops are a combo of ethnic melodies, mixed with dronish pads and sparse 'sound effect' style synths. There are some organic sounds but there's more in the way of synths. The drum & percussion folder is filled with both full beats as well as perc loops where you can add your own kick. The drum loops also have versions which are pre-effected in various way to give you some extra spice to your loops. Bass loops are pretty much subby and come in various keys. Nice job from IQ.

    Hard. Heavy. Dark. Even though the loops are at 125 bpm- you can create house to trap with this set of amazing loops. If you want that hard, dark, thick yet almost trippy sound- this will have what you are looking for. There's loads to choose from in this set, with the melody loops being the most creative and full. They are definitely instant idea starters. The melody loops range from tech to airy which give this set a definitive sound. The lead loops could have been merged with the melody loops but are a combo of tweaked vocal chops and synths. You get great build ups and effects in this one. The drum loops have a heavy swing, which keeps the overall sound bouncy. Another great job on this from IQ Samples.

    Cyberpunk Mid Tempo

    Rating: 8/10

    Great quality if you are interested in the half time Cyberpunk sound. You get a good amount of basslines but very short on everything else in terms of loops. Lots of hard basslines. But most of the bulk of this set is comprised of one-shots. There are 5 drum loops with the matching 5 perc top loops. Lots of one shot drum sounds to create on your own. This set is also based largely on effects, so if you're looking for that- this has the right amount. Loops are at 90 bpm, so your going to get that trap/ slow electronic sound from this. No uptempo stuff here.

    Excellent set of funky disco'ish house loops from Crazibiza. Would have loved this set to have more in quantity but they give you is top notch. This is for the guys looking to do the 'housier' side of EDM. The music loops have a retro feel and sound, but blended with modern drums and basses- gives the 2020 disco sound from Crazibiza. Great job- looking forward to the next version.

  • Back To Ibiza

    Rating: 9/10

    All around nice EDM set. Great drum loops, bass, piano loops and synths loops- although I wish there were more piano & synth loops. Variety is nice and this set will work for any EDM sound. Sounds are mixed and processed very nicely as well. Bass loops, pianos, guitars, vox, synths, one shots and more. You also get Massive presets and midi which is very nice so you customize what you want. I'm def feeling this set from Class A.

    Looking for something big room sounding that's hard yet melodic at the same time ? Look no further than Hard & Epic Vol 3 from Class A Samples. The drum loops have a tribal vibe and definitely are slightly different than most. Lots of percussion and gives you more than just a standard 4/4 sound. Lots of bounce and elements mixed in that give them a different edge. Bass lines run from tech to sub which work great with the synth lines. You also get melody loops and synth loops which are really similar- lots of variety to chose from. This set really gives you a various all around club sound from trance to house- its just in the way in which you use the sounds.

    Fractures Pop EDM

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a great set of actually a wide range of sounds. I'm giving this a 10/10 because it shows the depth and creativity of what can be used in some of today's pop dance sound. As much as I love a great hard synth set, this has a lot of creativity behind it and provides a great variety. This is a set for a more musical producer or someone who wants something a bit different, rather than the producer looking for a harder club sound. Tempos range from 140-150. The beats are all trap influenced, giving the half-time feel. You get music loops (musical & bass), guitar loops, drums, fx and vox loops. (next time just need Apple loops too...)

    Tech House Bangers

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of Tech House sounds and loops from Samplestate. You get basically drum loops broken down into 3 sections- full, top and perc. Also basslines and synths. The style of more current tech house has a rolling feeling from the bassline, which you get a good selection of. You also get vocal/ rap 'shouts' as well, which are chopped and fill in the gaps really well. This sound is meant to be minimal...the basses are deep and the synth loops range in styles from old school to new. Nice job.

    Reggae Rockers

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice size set of Reggae sounds and loops from Renegade Audio. You can use these to get that authentic Dub & Skank sound on a variety of vibes from Reggae (obviously) to EDM to Trap. Everything is at 140 bpm, but you can stretch it down in tempo or do half time to use on what you want. Horns, guitars, pianos, organs, bass, drum loops and single shots , vocals and fx. The variety is great and the quality as well, plus lots to choose from. What I really like about this set is that its got an aggressive Reggae feel rather than more of a typical laid back approach...very cool.

    Pop & Future Disco

    Rating: 9/10

    Eclectic set of mid-tempo organic pop sounds. Great to use with other loops from this set or to mix with others or just to start a burst of inspiration. Everything is at 114 bpm and has a nice bounce to it. You get chords, guitars, live bass as well as synth bass, melody loops, pianos and drums. The melody loops and chord loops are the best of the bunch - providing nice inspiration. The melody loops are strings, leads, plucks and textures. Drums are split up into full, hats alone, percussion and top-end, which are made up of a combination of percussion. If you would like a funky pop sound - this is nice set to get a variety of sounds.

    Bass Music MCs

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of ragga/ bass/ dnb/ UK MC vocals. You get 1, 2 4 and 8 bar loops from various MC's at various tempos- 124, 130,140 and 175. This means you can use these vocals for almost any style of EDM. You can also stretch them down within your DAW. The MC's in this set have great authentic tone to their vocals. I find these kind of sets come in very handy to get a vibe going right away. The vocalists are from the UK- so if you're looking for that 'raggamuffin' style - you found the right set.

    Bass Decent

    Rating: 10/10

    Hot. If you're looking for hard tech/ bass house - you found the right bunch of sounds. Lots of top material in this set. Its laser focused on this specific sound, so if you're looking for mixed variety- go for a different Singomakers sample pack. You get all the loops you need to create awesome tracks. You cant make something bad with this....lol. Everything is at 127 bpm, so it all matches up perfectly and having Apple Loops is always the best.

    Subsonic Tech House

    Rating: 9/10

    If you are looking for a deep tech house sound, this Subsonic set from Hy2rogen will be up your alley. Its also got an old school Detroit techno influences going on as well mixed with today's tech sound. The Sub loops are a mix of percussive sounds with a sub bass sound. Think of it as if someone sampled a full loop and put loads of sub harmonic bass and a low pass filter on it. You get something called 'Adder loops' which are also filtered percussion loops. The folder of Top Loops are great, just add a kick. Overall very cool set from Hy2rogen.

    Great set of hard tech house from Industrial Strength & TD Audio. Beat loops are broken down into separate sections for easiest adjustability. You also get folders of drum hits. Bass loops are deep and you also get the corresponding midi which is nice. You also get fx hits, music hits, pads, vox hits and some synth loops. Loop folders have about 10-12 loops in each.

    Great set of Latin grooves from Kid Massive and Get Down Samples. You get 6 complete sets to get you started. You also get a beats folder which has all the loops broken down into each part. Nice way of doing that. You get a folder of fx and a folder of vocal loops. Everything is at 125 bpm so it all fits together nicely. This is a great addition to your arsenal of sounds if you are looking for a Latin/ Spanish vibe to add to your tracks.

    Urban Scratch Edition

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice job of old school scratches for hip hop, trap, bass, EDM and more. 75-100 BPM loops, scratch one shots and vinyl noises. These will work best in hip hop but can be stretched for other genres. These scratches are of sounds and phrases from actual vinyl hip hop records records in the past. These could also be used by DJ's for scratch "battle" sets.

    Tech House Fish Patrol

    Rating: 9/10

    5 Pin's take on Australia's FISHER sound. Although sounds change so fast- this has elements that will cross boundaries and work with different forms of EDM. You get loops, midi and one shots. The loops are based around the typical - bass, drum, fx, synth and vox. Good amount of loops in section to choose from. The quality is great and the levels are not smashed so there is enough headroom for you to work with in the mix. Drum loops are done in full, stripped and then each element. Although not necessary, it can make your work flow faster to have each variation. Nice job guys !

    Nice job of piano and bassline loops. You get 40 "sets" in 3 parts: the bass, the piano and the combination. The combo version isn't really necessary though. You also get the midi for both do create your own parts and sounds. It would have been great to get an "A" section and a "B" section rather than just 1 loop. Maybe for the next part of the series they will take that into consideration. Nice progressions and nice sounds used for the pianos and basses. Overall vibe is more towards classic house. Great addition to my library of sounds.

    Bass Confession

    Rating: 9/10

    10 sets of hot deep tech/ future house. IQ did a great job with this- giving you all the tracks set up in folders ready to go. I don't like to use everything "as is" so there aren't the same tracks out there but what's great is to use bits and pieces of each and bring in your own original flavor. Great quality and great sounds- nice job IQ Samples !

    Nice set of ragga/ dancehall/ bashment vocal loops from Monster Sounds. Some loops will work better at mid tempo and some can be time stretched for faster tempos. If you are a fan of ragga style vocals, like I am - this is a great set. I do wish they had longer phrases or more multi-phrases that are meant to work with each other but you can get creative and use a bunch as a phrase. Really good mix of styles recorded for this one- make it more interesting and versatile. Apple Loops would have great as well...maybe next time.

    Great job from Get Down Samples with this amazing set of big room hard house. You get 6 great complete sets to get the inspiration flowing. A folder of fx, drum loops, bass loops and some vocal loops. Everything at the standard 128 bpm so it all flows together. The beat loops are organized nicely so you can build up your drums in segments. The kits are great because there's enough room to expand on each one. You can also utilize the kits as starting blocks with only using a few of the elements to start something new.

    Tropical Pop Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    Everything you would expect from a set for Tropical Pop and more. Singomakers always delivers the goods and they do this time as well. All loops go from 105 to 120 bpm to give you various grooves. Sound quality is always the best. Its great how they labeled the music loops- easily categorized by instrument (piano/ flute/ marimba/ brass). Also, nice to have various guitar styles in this set. Just scrolling through the loops- I can hear instant songs. Excellent set for those looking to nail the Tropical Pop sound.

    Surgical House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set from Loopmasters. To be honest though, I just would have loved more quantity (as well as Apple Loops) on this being the vibe is VERY cool. Its a great combo of 90's style sounding loops done in a 2020 style. Rough and rugged drum loops, deep basses and tech synths. I love this because its got a bit of throwback quality but definitely fresh sounding. This one could easily be considered a 'tech house' set. Great job !

    Amazing set from Hy2rogen of Future Bass/Trap/Vaporwave sounds. I really like this one because it offers something of substance with lots of creativity. I love the sets that are hard beats and synths but its great to have options and to stretch your own creativity. This Future Bass set does just that. even if you don't normally do this sound- it offers a lot for various genres. The sounds are spot on to the genre and the sound quality is amazing as it always is from Hy2rogen.

  • Great set of Tech House loops. Great quality bangin samples sure to work with anything. I like that the sounds are not smashed in compression and gives me room to work with. You get fills, buildups, synths, basslines, top loops, vocal loops, atmospheric hi-end loops, one-shots, fx and more. Everything is very clean and crisp with excellent production. Would have loved more bass and synth sounds but quite happy with what is in the pack. Great job on this release.

    VIBES 13 - Post Punk

    Rating: 9/10

    If you produce pop rock or 90's style rock, then this will be something of interest for you from Loopmasters. There are 8 'songs' with drums, bass and guitars broken into segments for each. The quality is great - doesn't take a lot to achieve the right rock vibe.You get a "part 1" as well as "part 2" for each folder. BPMS range from 135 to 155. As anyone who has followed my sound over the years knows I like rock elements mixed in as well as guitars. This set has some really nice elements, not only that work perfectly together as is- but things you can use to incorporate in other genres and styles. You can use some of the drum loops for tracks that don't use the music loops or you can use some of the musical loops in EDM, pop and more. This is only for those looking for a rock sound... and who want great sounding loops of real live drums, real bass and electric rock guitars.

    Bass House Therapy

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent hard bass house to make your speaker pound. Lots of energy from this set. Deep basses and hard tech crunch synth loops. The beats are excellent with lots of swing - a fusion of some classic 909 drum sounds and styles. Singomakers always puts out the highest quality and this keeps that theory moving forward. Bass loops, drum loops, modular loops, music loops, vocal loops, one shots and fx. You all the usual elements to build bangin tracks.

    Songwriters Pop Tools

    Rating: 9/10

    As always- loads to choose from and always excellent quality. I would classify this as a different 'pop' sound, not necessarily something obvious. There's an eclectic variety of sounds - guitars,basses, electric guitars, oud, strings, synths, chord, drop, woodwinds and more. Its a combo of programmed and live instruments. This one is definitely something to go for if you are looking for something different and not the same as whats out there.

    Summer EDM 2020

    Rating: 10/10

    Another excellent job from Singomakers. This set is jam packed with tons of hard bangin EDM ....you everything you would want for a hot track. This is a no-brainer if you are looking for something to pound the speakers. This will make your neighbors very angry at you because the floor and wall will be vibrating from the raw energy that these tracks have. I specifically like the way the tracks were processed. Everything is tight but not maxxed out...that way I can add compression and finalizing on my end and everything is not over smashed.

    Fresh Guitars

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice guitar loops for trap/ pop/ future house.. BPM's from 93 to 150 for different genres. The songstarter loops are very good, giving you more of a complete guitar riff to work from. Yo get both dry and wet versions. Kind of unnecessary, but I guess for someone just starting- they can be useful to have some fx on it. They also give you some bonus melodic loops and beats to round out the set. Those looking for a "missing organic piece" for their tracks will find some really good stuff here.

    Deep basses and chunky beats. This set is basically about the drum loops but added in are deep tech basses and some additional synths. You also get some fx risers to round it out. Beats have a classic house feel with really good swing yet still feeling modern. Drums are broken down nicely to give you lots of variations and separations. Nice job on this basic EDM / Tech House set

    I love the creativity with this Latin House set. If you are looking for this sound - this set will give you exactly what you want ! Kid did an amazing job with this one. All these sounds are usable in everything you do - so you wont be confined to use them just with this set. The beats are a great combo of classic house with new house sounds and obviously very percussive. I love that all the sounds have a common direction yet come from various places...samples and synth patches, fusing them all together. His beats are hot- lots of groove and funkiness to them and set organization is very helpful. Excellent job !

    Acid Discotechno

    Rating: 9/10

    This set is full of inspiring and useful techno loops. You get 303 loops, bass loops, drum loops and synth loops. You also get a folder of cool 'disco cut loops' which are bits of classic disco records chopped up and put back together in a glitched interesting way. I was mainly excited listening to the demo for those disco loops but be careful as they seem to be chopped into non- consistent song keys. You also get one shots and fx loops. Also included is a set of Live songstarters which are great mashing deep dark Detroit style techno with disco loops.

    This set from Freaky Loops is pretty cool if you are scoring film trailers. I can see listening to the tracks how most of them would fit perfectly in the synch world. I don't really see the fit for use in standard music though. Whether it's action or horror- these will fit great. A bunch might work as intros or can be used if cut up to work with a particular beat. All that being said- if you need effects for trailers and film beds, this is will work really well.

    LUV Vocal Chops

    Rating: 10/10

    Really nice set of completely tweaked vocal chopped loops. Lots of effects on everything which is what makes it great. Just add chords that follow the vocal loops for a great sound. These loops will work for lots of styles of music from Pop to House to Trap and Hip Hop. I find this set one of the best in the 'vocal chop' category. Nice job !

    80s Rewind

    Rating: 10/10

    Lovin this 80's pack from RV Samplepacks. You get 4 folders with bass loops, drums & perc, fx and music loops. BPMs range from 85 to 147 with everything grouped into about 7 groups/ tracks. This is a pretty authentic set to the era with everything from the drums to instruments. The sound quality is great as well. The only caveat is, would have loved this as an Apple Loops set as well which would have allowed for easy key changes...Great job !

    Electro Future

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing set from EDMGP. Very hard and lots of material to choose from ! This is a very large set of sounds. You get every aspect you would need to create a sick club hit- so its going to be loads of inspiration you find here. You also get 5 amazing construction kits which jump start you in the right direction. All the sounds are highly maximized and eq'ed for a huge sound- so be careful not to put much of anything on your final mix with these. Just very slight adjustments on the master buss needed as these sounds come to you with tons of punch. This is a great label to look out for !

    Incognet Bassline EDM

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers does it again. Another HOT sample pack for a hot summer. Loads of great material. You can never go wrong with packs from Singomakers. Every sound is crisp and tight. Everything is maximized for the best sound quality already so there is very little to do with processing. The sounds are hard and underground YET at the same time, used the right way- commercial enough for any dance floor (even though the only dance floors right now are in your own house...) If you can't make a slammin' track in 10 minutes with this set, you should figure something else to do....lol.

    Always top notch production from Rezone & his team. Also there's always lots of content to choose from. This kit is super hard. Its head-bangin and speaker poppin...Strictly for the underground. You get 4 track starters with all the elements you need but you probably want o create your own not to have the same thing as everyone else...Great demonic distorted vocal chops, grinding synth loops, drum top loops as well as full drum loops and wall-shaking bass loops. The quality is also far superior in this set, everything is very crisp, tight and compressed. The sounds have a wide stereo field and thickness to everything. Great job !

    Excellent job from Freaky Loops for this Cinematic pack. Very well put together. I would have liked midi as well as the parts broken down further but even that being said- this is a great addition to any cinematic arsenal of sounds. A lot of the sounds can also be used for hip hop and trap, which makes it versatile. These are great starting blocks to build on to create or orchestral beds for sync. The loops are rich in sound and has great depth.

    Ghetto Trap Acapellas

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of trap vocals. There are 8 different rappers with their own styles. BPM's range from 60 -150 to also give you variation in tempo / style. You also get sampler patches with one shots to match. The vocals are gritty and sound similar to the big records you hear all over the place. Easy to get a vibe going with this set and your 808's.

    Cool set of rap/ bass vocal phrases. Some really nice lines- mostly dry with a few heavily auto-tuned style. 140 BPM for bass tracks and 124 BPM for the house tracks. You can dig through and pick the best lines, chopping them up to give you what you need. Some of the lines have multiple variations to pick from as well. Some of the lines though remind me of the 90's East West sample sets from back in the day...

    Naughty Bass House

    Rating: 9/10

    This set is all about the drums and bass. You get a whole bunch of folders of material. 2 construction kits to start, multis, one shots, fx, bass loops, drum loops, perc loops and more. Drum loops are broken down into 2, the full version and a more stripped down version. You also get synth presets and midi files. This set is definitely hard and for the club, you wont find radio or pop sounds here. Only 20 bass loops, would have liked more as they are very tasty...

    Bass Boosted

    Rating: 9/10

    If you are looking for hard & heavy- this is your set. Another set for the club heads but don't look for commercial dance in this one. Drums are trap style (with a few breaks/ grime/ UK bass style) and everything is at 160 BPM. The folder of melody loops are great- as they cut through the mix. You also get the midi files to go along as well as one shot drums sounds. I got a bunch of inspiration right away from this set. You can also use the Apple Loops or stretch the bass and synth loops down for use with more of a house sound.

  • The New EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    Top set from Sharp - with amazing quality. Hard as hell. You get great vocal chopped loops, hard synth loops, one shots, fx, drum loops- which are built into 7 kits, some midi loops and bass loops. This set of sounds are more for harder clubs. Everything is very punchy and doesn't need tons of mastering. The vibe of the sounds works with almost all forms of EDM and can be flipped easily. Great job on this one !

    Great set for film trailer beds - if you're looking for tech, dark, space, sci-fi, thriller sounds. This set really sounds like different styles coming together to create a massive wall of sound. Excellent tribal drums, with huge effects. Huge instrumental loops. Everything has a very crisp, tight sound to it. You also get a folder of very cool drone style and atmosphere effects loops. The instrument hits are great- combined with the musical loops and fx, give you that very specific trailer sound. Excellent job from Looptone!

    Stoner & Garage Rock

    Rating: 9/10

    Some very cool riffs in this classic rock set from Frontline Producer. Tight drum loops, dirty guitars riffs and fat basslines are at the forefront of this collection. You get a folder of strummed rhythm loops with multiple chords, riff loops, drum loops, bass loops and percussion loops. I love creating hybrid style tracks where you merge completely different vibes. I also do a lot of rock stuff as well, so this set works for me. Whether your'e a rock purist or looking to add a rock 'spice' to other styles, this is a great set.

    Great bassline set from IQ Samples. Having the chopped vocals in this set is a nice addition. Would have loved to have additional fitting sounds to round it out but the quality of the bass loops and vocal loops are excellent. All parts work great together as interchangeable bits. The sounds are super authentic of the genre and will go over really well in any hard underground sound. Vocal chops can be also used in any format.

    EDM Crowd Control

    Rating: 8/10

    Really good quality hard club pack. This is one s for the harder, more underground bunch rather than for the commercial guys. You get 10-20 loops in each folder and get the usual one shots as well as drum loops, melody loops, fx, bass loops and build ups. You also get the midi files for the bass and melody loops which is always nice. The vibe and sounds are aggressive and hard. Some real banger loops in the melody folder - nice job.

    Codes Future Pop

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice set of pop EDM loops and elements. For me- the best part of this set are the synth & key loops. Beat loops are basic yet sound good. You get single drum hits as well. The melody loops are set up as almost construction kit style with groupings. You also get the matching midi which is nice. This is a great current pop and commercial sound. Just add your original vocals and you're good to go.

    Bassline Axiom

    Rating: 10/10

    Bangin hard bassline tech house. The drum loops a big - almost with a retro'ish feel. The basslines and synth loops are great- right in the pocket. You get vocal phrases that are heavily effected. There are "modular loops" which are percussive loops ran through a vocoder or some kind of granular synthesis. They are the extra "ear candy" in the audio spectrum. You also get regular percussion loops and top loops where you just add a kick. Those looking for something hard and clubby, this is another great set from the great Singomakers label.

    Bass House Drops

    Rating: 10/10

    Awesome set of hard a f&c# bass drops. You get 15 amazing kits with audio stems, midi and Serum patches. Some of the sets feel like a continuation of each other or even looked at as a "Part 2...3" as they use similar sounds but they are easily usable with each other. This is great for using some of the parts and bringing in other sounds and drums rather than going with the set as it was originally built. If you like NOISY and HARD , this is something you'll most likely love.

    Future Of House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great future house set from Sharp. Quite a mixed bag of sounds - from drum loops, fx, synths, build ups and more. Most of the sounds and synths are less musical and more on the tech side. Drum loops and bass loops are great, would have loved to have had even more. You also get a few midi files as well as a folder of one shots.

    Kid Massive - Latin Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    A great set from Get Down Samples of what they call "Latin Tech". The beats are excellent- funky and percussive. They give you the beats in a full loop as well as broken down into individual parts. You get a small folder of effects as well as vocal loops. There are 6 great construction kits with everything broken out as well. If you want something funky mixed with house and a Latin feel - you'll love this one. This is a very creative set and a great addition to have in your arsenal of sounds.

    Sound Of Tomorrow

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of Future House/ EDM from Hy2rogen. Lots of choices in this pack - great energy and loads of inspiration. 2 construction kits are included along with bass loops, horn loops, lead synth loops, perc loops, top loops, vox, fx, one shots and more. This definitely has the mainstage, hands in the air vibe. In my opinion the basses are the best part - super driving and hard. The bass have that deep, almost old school/ new school feel which is a very current sound. Lovin it- great job !


    Rating: 8/10

    Singomakers always puts out quality products. This is something a bit different with a retro disco feel. Everything is at 120 bpm . You get full drum loops, melody loops which consists of horns, synths, keys, pianos, pads and more. The folder of bass loops are what makes it have the modern feel. The full drum loops are tight and punchy. You also get really nice percussive top loops, as well as a folder of vocal loops, fx and one shots. If you're looking for some funky, retro disco you'll like it.

    Nu Cumbia 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool authentic Cumbia sounds in this set from Loopmasters. If you are looking for the true style of looking to mix up a hybrid - this is a great collection of sounds. According to Wikipedia, Cumbia is a folkloric genre and dance from Colombia. It brings together three cultures - African, Indigenous and European. The African influence gives the foundation in rhythm of the drums and movement while the Indigenous based flute blends in the melody. These styles and sounds are represented quite well. The accordion loops are what gives it that authentic feel. Bass, drum, gtr, keys, synths, vocal and percussion loops round it out nicely. You also get one shots with patches for all common samplers. If you know this sound - this is a great choice of sets.

    EDM 2020

    Rating: 9/10

    As always - a great set from Singomakers. There have been many tech sets that have been making the rounds but this is more 'hard commercial mainstage EDM' sounding than anything else. I like the way the synth loops are broken down into sections. There are straight 4/4 loops as well as triplet loops. Drum loops are broken down into top loops as well as full. The melody loops are grouped with a name so you know what works/ goes together. You also get vocal shouts & phrases, one-shots, fx and the midi files which are definitely a great addition to have. You can never go wrong with Singomakers products, as you will always turn out a quality track.

    I've always been a fan of Ska from back in the day. This is a very cool set if you are looking for this very specific sound. Lots of choices and lots of inspiration. Everything is authentic, so you're getting the real deal. You get guitars, basses, drum loops and music loops. Also a folder of single instrument hits. This is style specific, so its most useful simply for the Ska sound. Also, might have to fine tune some of the loops as well to fit as everything sounds like it was recorded live and 'loose'. All in all, a nice job !

    Electro Swing 2

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a very specific sound - so if you are looking for Swing... this is for you. You're not going to really use this for anything else but that specific old time swing sound. The way the loops are engineered is very well done- each being EQ'ed to be used for a specific purpose. I'm fairly certain the samples are public domain old school recordings of real swing bands, which gives this set a real authentic vibe. You couldn't pull it off with patches from a synth. Drums are tight and all very usable as well. Nice job RVS.

    Good set of classic house samples. Pianos, synths, bass, pads, guitars and drums. They also include a set on single drum hits. The piano loops are the standout of this set. They all have a main riff as well as a solo section. The only issue is everything is listed at 120 bpm but its not. Be aware stuff won't all match up in tempo. The sound has definitely got a classic 90's house vibe. Parts work well together or using bits and pieces mixed with other sample sets.

    Lost In Bassline

    Rating: 10/10

    Another amazing set from Yakov at Singomakers. I love this combo of funky, deep and tech. Just immediately dropping loops together and then adding new, original parts as well - it sounds like a huge banger ! Sometimes sample sets can sound great on first listen then as you get into using the loops- your ideas can "drift" and the sound doesn't end up working as well as you thought it would. That's not the case here...as everything provided works amazingly well and sounds hot. It's instant inspiration as soon as you start working. You get bass loops, drum loops, music loops and vox loops with enough variety in each folder.

    Reggaeton Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    It's called 'Reggaeton Vocals' but its not....its actually 'Brazilian Vocals'. Regardless, they are quite good. You get wet and dry versions of phrases, riffs and one shots. All vocals are from a sexy Brazilian female vocalist with bpm's ranging from 92 to 100 which are good for Trap and Reggaeton to Tropical House. You also get a few bonus musical and beat loops. Not a big pack but very good quality.

    Tech House Animals

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set of Tech House loops from Sharp. Loops range 124 to 126 bpm. Bass loops, drum loops, perc loops, fx loops, synth loops and more. All the loops are deep, dark and have a bouncy groove. Definitely get the old school feel from these loops, whether its the 909 style drums or the techno style synths.

  • This is some seriously hard stuff. If you like Techno- this is for you. This actually reminds me of 90's techno like Joey Beltram's Energy Flash. I think you can go for the style its meant for or use a lot of these loops for a hybrid of sounds. You could go for some Hardstyle, hard trance as well as hard tech house. You've got acid sounds, arps, basses, drums, vocals, percussion and more.

    This set of "Swing Tech House" definitely has an old school sampler/ house feel which I really like. The loops actually sound old school - not like these were created in 2019 but something stemmming from the past. Perhaps coming from 90's sampler sets. When I say "sampler" - I mean the real thing...back in the day Akai or Roland samplers. The drum loops feel more authentic to 909 sounds. The bass loops are simple, fat and round, almost like a Juno 106. Synth loops sound more sample-like as well or perhaps emulations of original synths. All in all, a cool collective of bounced tech house.

    House Horns

    Rating: 10/10

    Great set of house style horn samples from Hy2rogen ! Always delivering one of the best products on the market- Andrei doesn't disappoint. The horns seem like a combo of sampled sounds mixed with live and create a great feel. There's lots of inspiration in these loops...from the minute you listen. You get wet and dry loops as well as dry one-shots to create your own lines. Lots of punch with great mixing and EQ'ing. Can't go wrong with a Hy2rogen release.

    Deep House Kits & Bits

    Rating: 9/10

    Huge set of Deep House sounds and loops. 10 pre-made, full construction kits as well as a bunch of synth loops, bass loops and broken-down drum kits. A nice well rounded set, offering lots to chose from. The synths loops are a bit of a mixed bag, giving to a few styles. The bass loops are deep, plucky and fat. Having the midi is also excellent, letting you build on what is given by creating your own sounds. You also get Sylenth presets and sampler patches. Cant go wrong with Hy2rogen !

    Boogie Funk

    Rating: 9/10

    I'm always into sample sets that are excellent in quality as well as standing out from the crowd. This new set from Singomakers captures a current pop sound and gives a nice variety to get you going in the right direction. Sometimes when trying to go in the pop direction you might get stuck with your ideas. With this set you've got instant inspiration. You get basses, drum loops, music loops, fx, top loops, vocal loops one-shots and more. All the sounds in this set will definitely feel right at home on the radio. Even if you just use some of the elements, you've got that great pop feel.

    Max Liese Solar House

    Rating: 9/10

    Something different and really cool. This mix of textures and sounds is a fresh take and something great to have in your arsenal. Its deep and dark and has a nice mix of progressive and deep house. The set also has a nice mix of organic sounds as well as synth sounds. The overall feel is laid back but still has a peak hour vibe. I think the synth and bass loops shine the most in this collection. Great job.

    EDM Fusion

    Rating: 10/10

    Once again- bangin' beats from Hy2rogen. This has some massive sounds that won't disappoint. This is main floor/ main stage chest-pounding stuff. MASSIVE amount of top notch sounds with loads of inspiration to keep you busy for weeks. It's got a few EDM styles mixed together as the title states and will work on every dancefloor. Def one of my favorites at the moment.

    Disco Cassette

    Rating: 9/10

    I love when something different comes along that is useful in various ways. This is obviously geared towards a retro feel and delivers that but still with a twist with a current sound. The sound is definitely a crossover/ pop style. You get an 80's synth vibe blended with fresh guitar and synth basslines and hybrid drumloops. As always- Singomakers brings amazing quality and a great amount of variety. You also get folders of oneshot drums and fx, complete with sampler files. The hybrid of loops in this set will work with a variety of styles so you are not limited at all.

    Awesome set from Get Down Samples with Luke Nash. If you are looking for deep, dark, hard & funky tech house- this is what you want. You get 5 full sets as well as a folder of full beat loops broken down, some effects, vocal hits and bass loops. Its not a huge set but is very good quality and has great loops. The sounds are very current and will work well on any floor that play tech house.

    Bass Driven Tech House

    Rating: 9/10

    "It's all about the bass" in this set from 5 Pin Media. The basslines are super deep and heavy. For Apple loops - the beats are great as they come in 4 various versions. You get a limited amount of basic drum fills and rolls. 2 folders of risers and downlifters. A folder of simple yet cool synth lines, arps and some vocal chopped loops. To expand the set- you also get WAV files of...bonus Arp loops, bass & synth Multisamples, one shots and a full set of midi files. Loading in some drums and bass gets the inspiration going right away.

    Great set from Singomakers of Middle Eastern EDM. You get music loops, bass loops, flute loops, percussion loops, drum loops, vocal loops and top loops. One shots, fx and midi as well. The sound quality on this set is excellent with parts that cut through the mix. You can combine these sounds with everything from trap to house. Always good to have something different in your arsenal of sounds.

    5 great kits of Future house from TD Audio. 115 to 128 bpm. Each kits has all the elements in different renditions. A bit of overkill if you ask me but it gives you a lot of options. You get the drums as simple drumloops as well as one shots. You get fx loops, the full stems as well as the midi files and VST presets if you have the same synths as in the kits. The quality is very crisp, sounds amazing right out of the box. If you like chopped and tuned vocal future house, this is a great set for you. Even though it is 5 song kits - you can obviously use any loop interchanged with other kits in the same key.

    Nice set from Freak Loops of Tropical Future Pop. 90-115 bpm, all with a relaxed laid back groove. Pretty simple set of one shot drums, bass loops, drum loops, mixed melodic loops and lead lines. The loops sound great yet they left room for compression and finalizing on the mix, which is helpful. As awesome as other sets might sound at first, they dont leave headroom for the mix...this allows room for that. Great summer pop and radio vibe on this one.

    Summer EDM 2019

    Rating: 10/10

    When it comes to making great sample packs- Singomakers is always on the top of the list. Rezone always comes with the heat,making some of the best packs around. This one is jam packed with great mainstage power. Love how this set has straight, swing and triplet loops, which really adds to the variety and spices things up. Everything is at the standard EDM 128 bpm tempo, so everything fits easily. The sounds in this set are really hard and produced perfectly for any club system.

    Rough Edge Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Class A Samples nailed this release - lovin' the hybrid of hard bass sounds. Merging bass house, tech and house to achieve a huge release ! I love finding sets on Loopmasters that sound fresh - yet a bit different than other things on the market. This is a hard club/ festival sound that will rock any floor. Lots of inspiring loops and sounds right out of the gate to get the juices flowing. Listen to the demos and you'll be hooked from the start !

    Summer Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    Good quality pop sounding trap. You get 7 folders of great sounds but only a limited amount of only 10 tracks per folder. The sounds are on point. You get drum loops - split up which is nice, fx loops as well as one shots of drums and sounds. If you are looking for quality over quantity- then this will work well for you. They also give you the midi for the music loops which is great for changing up the sounds to give your track a personalized touch.

    Taki Trap & Reggaeton

    Rating: 9/10

    Good set from Keep It Sample of Trap/ Reggaeton/ Tropical sounds. Not a huge set - but good a very quality and comprehensive. Each folder has 10-12 loops of drums w/ variations, fx, music loops, bass loops, chords, synths, vox, etc. Also a folder of one-shots...drums & synths. BPMS range from 97 to 105 and everything has a really good commercial vibe. Look forward to checking out more from this label.

    Props to Rankin Audio for being pretty quick on this style to get out a nice set. The timing couldn't be more perfect to capitalize on the hype of the current sound. This is a really good mix of trap and country. The guitar sounds are excellent, maybe even a little too close to Lil Nas X' "Old Town Road" but if you want to sound just like that record- this is the right set. You're basically getting 4 "sets" which are all 140 bpm plus some extra weird one shots and fx.

    Bass House Vol 5

    Rating: 10/10

    Dabro nailed this one. I like it because it's got a great hybrid sense to it- merging different vibes together and is super hard as well. This is dark and deep - late night kind of stuff. You can make it more mainstream or more club depending how to produce it. I think it will be great to get some starting points which will go off in a new direction. There's a vast amount included- very comprehensive for the sound. Lots of distorted "dubstep-ish" basslines as well as tight drum loops. Really cool music loops which contrast nicely with the hard bass sounds. The sets/ stems are a great starting point. You also get Serum presets and the MIDI which is great. Nice job guys !

    Great future bass/ EDM set from Singomakers. Great piano & synth riffs with deep dark bass loops. The drum loops are tight and punchy. You get a folder of "old school drum loops" which would be cool to drop in a break. The top drum loops are crisp and well programmed. Vocal & vocoder loops are really good as well. As always- theres a good amount to chose from and you can create tons of fresh tracks. You also get the midi which is great for using your own synths and bass sounds. Typical one shot drums plus effects rounds out the package.

  • 5 very cool kits of Latin Pop from Industrial Strength. Great starting points to create your own Latin pop hit. You get kick loops, bass loops, snare loops,percussion loops, fx lops, synth loops and vocal loops. All these elements work really well together and can be used in multiple productions don't feel limited to use with just these sets. You get things in stems or simple loops with even more control. Also having midi is especially helpful.

    Vocal Future House

    Rating: 9/10

    10 bangin' future house kits of every element you'll need. Top sounds lots of energy. Each kit has all the separated parts along with the midi, one shots as well as Serum presets. The sounds are great as usual from Hy2rogen. There seem to be minimal vocals though in this set - some of the tracks have 'chopped vocal bits' or vocal fx loops rather than full-on vocals. All files are uncompressed - which is nice so you can master your entire song on your own.

    Nu Disco Pops

    Rating: 9/10

    Super cool funky set of hybrid loops for that NU Disco and Funk sound. This set from Singomakers has everything and the kitchen sink included....Its got a nice blend of organic as well as programmed sounds. I love sets like this because you can be super creative with the melange of sounds and styles to create something a little different. Tracks with these sounds would work great for synch as well.

    6 awesome kits of festival/ big room house. No filler here- just great loops. Each set consists of a full range of sounds and loops- all for a solid track. You can definitely use the loops in other tracks as well but they are all based on 1 finished track. Its a nice pop sound but the drops are big ! Add you original vocals and you've got a great jump off point. You also get a folder of 'bonus' material- effects and lops which are also great. Just would have loved this even more if came with Apple Loops....

    Great organic set of funky loops from Loopmasters. Loads of material to chose from. everything is warm with a loose, funky feel. Its like having a recording session with tons of live musicians at your fingertips. From organs, bass, guitars, vox, drums to percussion - you all the elements you need to create this type of sound. Cool for that retro or "Fatboy Slim" funk style.

    Bass House Vol 4

    Rating: 10/10

    Great sounds from this Bass House set from Dabro. Hard and actually a bit funky. Almost a bit industrial sounding. This is going to make the speakers pound and your ears bleed. If you are looking for something with a "WOW" factor and something that will be VERY HARD- this is for you. Good amount included with everything you need. You also get 5 stem kits as a bonus- though Id go straight for the individual sounds.

    Vocals With Attitude

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool vocal soundsets from Loopmasters. You get 5 kits with a full spectrum of vocal elements for each. Some with dry and wet files. I would have liked to see more groups as these are pretty cool. You also get 2 folders of additional shouts and phrases. Only a few female and more male. Would work great as pitched or distorted. Really nice job.

    TD Audio – Vocal Pop

    Rating: 9/10

    Very nice job on these vocal and music sets from TD Audio. Vocal tracks have the vibe similar to an Ariana Grande or Dua Lipa record. You get the individual loops, stems, midi and one shots for each track - so you have complete control over everything. The tempos are current radio tempos - and the vocals were processed really well. Another great vocal set.

    I love this set. It's something different to have in your arsenal. Since its pure Latin/ tribal, not everyone will want it or need it but it's fun and has great Latin House sounds and loops. You get the full kits which are great and contain everything you need to create a bangin track as well as folders of bass loops, beats, vocals and fx. The beats will work great in everything from progressive house to tribal.

    Nova Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    This set from Singomakers is a little off center. A lot of the sounds/ musical elements actually are "Sci-Fi" sounding... like it would work well in an errie film. The beats are amazing- the drum loops as well as the 'dirty top' loops. The one shot drums are very cool as well. Its not your average set of House, Future House or Progressive House sounds- its definitely something different. You get drone loops, bass loops, top loops, fills, drum loops, synth loops, percussive loops and vox loops. This set does have a progressive vibe to it. Very nicely done !

    The Future Of House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great job on this house set from Soundsmiths. Youll find lots of great basslines and melody synth lines. Drumloops are very tight and punchy. You also get synth, drum, bass and fx one-shots. BPMs are 125 and 126. You can do a lot with this set as its pretty mainstream house- sounds will work with a multitude of styles. You also get Serum presets which is a nice addition.

    Club Funk & Nu Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    Great funky and fat basslines, awesome mid tempo drumloops, funky rhythmic guitars, classic organic synth,string,piano and pad lines are just some of the great things youre getting in this funky nu disco set. A big folder of top loops, some vocal loops, fx and single drum hits round it off. This is a super strong set from Loopmasters for those looking for a more pop/funk/nu disco set. Everything is at 118 bpm and was designed perfectly to mesh together in a cohesive sound. Having the midi is also a great feature. Good amount of sounds- lots to chose from as well as for the Logic users- Apple Loops are always the best. I find these kind of sounds can work within many genres and work equally as well with more commercial as well as harder club stuff.

    The Power House

    Rating: 10/10

    Im loving this one. Funky, tech, progressive house. One of the best sets from Loopmasters. If you want to create hard club bangers that will work in any club - this set is for you. These sounds would go over from small venue dancelfoors to massive festival stages. The bass loops are techy and bouncy. The folder of drum loops is actually very small and is a mix of various things from breaks to simple claps and hat loops. The percussion top loops folder are loops made of different sounds that give a melodic feel. The vocal loops are great- some of the best Ive heard in a while, just wish there were more. They are all based on 1 vocal idea. The synth loops are a great combo of different sounds yet all tech leaning. Some are plucky, some bleepy and some percussive. You also get standard folders of multis, fx and single drum hits. Great job on this set !

    Pop Culture

    Rating: 8/10

    Very nice set of pop dance sounds. These sounds are versatile enough to work for dance as well as mainstream pop, with everything at the current mid-tempo feel. Each folder has a minimal amount of loops- would have liked to see more but they are very good quality. You get drum sets that are broken down you can use individual loops. You get synth lops, bass loops, chord loops, other drum loops, percussion loops as well as single drum hits, fx and bass & synth single hits so you can play your own melodies. Having the midi is also a nice addition.

    You get 10 folders of kits of dub guitars and melodicas. This is strictly for those looking for the dub/ reggae sound. There is not a lot of loops in this set but the quality is great. Get out your reggae drum kits and your favorite tape delay plugin and you'll be set to create some cool new dub. You get many parts dry and wet, although not sure why the dry would be necessary to have. As things are put together as 'sets' in individual folders - it very easy to quickly get a track together.

    EDM 3000

    Rating: 10/10

    Hard and cool. Singomakers brings a new set of bangin main stage, hard-hitting EDM sounds. This is stuff that makes the bass bins shake. Everything is perfectly laid out with lots to choose from. This set has a fresh, current sound as it takes elements that work really well in large festivals. Its got a somewhat futuristic vibe - when mixing the basses with the vocoder vocal loops. Always on the top of their game- Singomakers does it again.

    Complete Dance Guitars

    Rating: 10/10

    Anyone that knows of my sound for the last 20+ years knows I have used guitars in so many of my productions and remixes. Ive heard many guitar sample sets, but most have fell flat and been boring and not very good. This set from Loopmasters is top notch. You get pop, funk, rock and more all at 128 bpm. Its a bit 'rock guitar' leaning and has loads of great loops. Great job Loopmasters on this release !

    Future House Piano

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of 50 WAV file and midi house piano loops. Having both audio and midi is great as you can change up the sounds according to what you want to do. The 'mono' files are a great mix in combination with the 'poly' files. Excellent piano sounds have been used for this set - very punchy and clean. It sounds like they interspersed 2 pianos as some are more on the high-end and eq'ed compared to others which sound a bit more smooth and less eq'ed. Nice job!

    Majorton 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Singomakers always on their game- comes with another great set. You get a ton of material, deep basses, great musical loops, crisp percussion top loops, drum fills, chopped vocal loops and bouncing beat loops. You also get - as usual, some great fx and single drum hits. The great thing about this sound is it is a hybrid of different genres coming together to create something fresh. These sounds can be used in all forms of EDM and used in a certain way - it also lends itself to both mainstream & underground dance.

    Very creative, funky and musical set. Not something I would normally go for immediately... but I was drawn to it for its creativity. This set is great for multimedia as well as pure song production. Its got loads of great loops, from ambient and chill to mid tempo funky. If you are looking for that spacey, "acoustic meets hip hop blend" specifically - this is a great pack for you. Lots of beats, arps, organic sounds, thick basses and lush pads.

  • Latin Underground 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool beats and latin sounds in this set from Loopmasters & DJ Wady. Some of the sounds have a retro vibe and some a more organic feel to them. The Latin pianos are very authentic and specific to the sound. Lots of amazing percussive loops- bongos, congas as well as mixed perc loops. The beat loops are really good, with again a very percussive house feel. Basses are thick and are a mix of new sounds as well as older classic synth bass sounds. Not completely sure how the Latin piano loops fit in with everything but I like this set for its eclectic mix of sounds.

    Great Future House pack from Singomakers. Thick, grooving bassline loops... crisp drum loops (with no kick)... nice piano loops that cut through...smooth synth loops and a few fills and chopped vocal loops. You also get single drum hits and effects to round it out. As Singomakers is one of the best in the sample market- this set has the same great quality as the rest of their packs. You can always count on great sounds and loops from Singomakers & Rezone !

    Great set as it combines old with the new. Twisted Tech Funk is a perfect title- as it mashes a retro house vibe with the freshness of today. The bass loops are very reminiscent of retro synth bassline sounds. The drum loops are great although not a lot. You also get some single drum hits and perc/ topend loops. Synth loops also have a very funky retro sound to them- which is a nice twist. You also get one shot vocal phases which will work right before the drop.

    Nice set of brass/synth stabs from Apollo Sound. Not a large set but good quality with variations. Only 25 WAV loops and the rest are individual single 'hits'. They give you the hits in both dry and wet, depending if you want to add effects or not. With the wet hits, you will most likely need to make a long release on your sampler to get the full hit with the effect.

    Sacred Indian Chants 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool set of Indian chants from Singonakers. The quality of the recordings are very well done and offer many of the loops with and without fx (reverb/ delay). Loops are from 90 bpm to 140 bpm. Many of the loops are humming/vowel style chants rather than Hindi/ Punjabi words. I think a lot of these would work best with hip hop or trance - having the different bpm definitely help although you can obviously stretch them into any tempo desired.

    Baile Pump!

    Rating: 9/10

    Very cool set from IQ Samples of Baile rhythms, beats & sounds. I love getting into sounds that are different and can expand your own arsenal of beats. Like most people into dance & EDM, I will go for the obvious, but its great to find sets that expand on that and take your ear in a different direction. You can incorporate these sounds in almost any style of music. The sounds are super fat and are 100% authentic.

    Festival Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Big room and festival sounds from Singomakers. Great drum sounds and loops as well as fat and huge bass loops. Some mixed noisy synth loops as well as vocal loops. The sub bass loops are super fat making the bass bins shake ! Good variations on drum loops offered as well. If you're looking for huge bass sounds you've come to the right place.

    Essential Fills Vol.7

    Rating: 10/10

    I've been creating combo fills like this in my productions for a long time. Eventually people started creating them as well and packaging them- as well making them even better. Hy2rogen is one of those guys. Their stuff is always on point and this set of combo fills is top notch. There's loads to choose from and everything is of great quality- NO filler. This is a like a producers secret weapon... just add these fills and it will make you sound better...lol.

    Disco Funky House

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool funky disco sounds from Apollo Sound in this pack. Got a large amount of authentic live sounds which can be used for everything from funk to EDM. Even though you might not think to use these sounds for a more electronic styles, you can. The funky live basses still work well layered with synth basses. The tempos ranger from 115 bpm to 125 bpm and obviously these days every DAW has the easy capability of stretching the tempo. The drum loops have a nice mid tempo funk groove with a good swing to them. The guitars are mostly on the clean side with a 'funky rhythmic picking' style. The pianos are excellent, nice mix of clavs & organs. The strings are not real but they are played in a true disco or live style and the synths are really just extra ear candy rather than something you would use as a lead. All in all a good set if your wanting the funky disco sound.

    Speakin' & Preachin'

    Rating: 8/10

    Good mix of male and female vocal speaking bits. Its got preaching style, male, female & fx. Some of the line got me laughing - as it reminded me of the old "one liner" vocal sample CDs of the early 90's. A lot of the vocals are very good and useful. You will find that detuning and effecting some of the vocals will make them even cooler and more interesting. I think these will also work well as drop or pre-drop vocals... especially pitched up or down. Definitely worth getting for a good handful as you don't see a lot of new vocal sample sets like this.

    Future Hexagon House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set from Singomakers. This set is right on point, it really encompasses the current dance sound, providing all the right elements. Fat, deep basses, tight and perfectly programmed drum loops, simple and bouncy synth lines, crisp top end loops and well chopped vocal loops. You also get single drum hits and fx. Its great to also have the midi to create your own sounds using the same patterns as well. Its one of those sets you can get instant inspiration from!

    Moombah Drive

    Rating: 9/10

    IQ Samples deliver a great set of Moombah sounds. Nice variety and a good amount to choose from. The sounds are primarily hard and dirty - which is what you want for this vibe. The quality is great and the sounds cut though each other nicely in the mix. Everything is at 110 bpm so it fit together easily without adjustment. Very easy to get quick inspiration from just a few of these loops to get you off and running.

    EDM 2019

    Rating: 9/10

    You get quite a bit of material from Singomakers in this EDM 2019 set. Singomakers always delivers great quality. This is 128 bpm driving big room/ mainstage EDM. You get a mix of straight loops as well as triplet loops. The main folders are drop synth & bass loops, fills, drum loops and melody loops. You also get one shot drums, fx and vocal shouts. Also included are the midi files and sampler patches, which are always a great addition. This set is going to be more for someone looking for that hard "noise" vibe rather than the more musical sound.


    Rating: 8/10

    Cool set from Ghost Syndicate of slow/ mid tempo hard electro. It actually sounds like a clash between Nine Inch Nails and Electro. You get 7 folders - bass loops, atmosphere loops, drum loops, fx loops, perc loops, synth loops and one shots. BPM's from 100 to 110 but you can time stretch them and the loops still feel good at a faster tempo.

    Diablo's Future House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of Future House / overall House from Keep It Sample. Great variety of sounds which are all nicely effected. Good mix of BPMs - all the way from 100 to 128 for the different genres. Everything was recorded very well, really warm yet crisp to cut through the clutter. You get arps, bass loops, synths, pads, plucks, vox loops, drum loops, drum one shots, synth one shots and fx. Midi is also included which is always great. Only thing I would have like to have - would be the set in Apple Loops format. Looking forward to hearing more from KIS.

    Mad Twerk Zone

    Rating: 10/10

    Excellent set from Famous Audio of Twerk/ Trap style bangers. This is pretty hard. I will warn you to be careful on your master buss effects because these sounds are pushed to the limit- this is loud. You get a few kits/ song starters as well as bass loops, drum loops, fills, horn loops, melodic loops, synth loops, vox loops, fx and one shots. Everything is 100 & 150 bpm. I'm going to guess this is going after the 'Mad Decent' vibe...and they do a pretty good job.

    Why do I love this set....first its different than most and second, its the stuff you hear that's so cool and has that 'repetitive' feel that's also got a sick groove. These sounds in different forms can go from late night in a small dark club to main room / main stage. If you layer some of this stuff- its massive main stage sounds -but if you keep some of the bass and/or additive sounds broken down and you can rock the hell out of a late night smaller moody venue. I hate giving this a 10 because I secretly dont want you to know about it... but its that good in my opinion (LOL). The basses, sub basses, additive sounds, leads, melody loops...everything is top notch. The singe drum sounds are super tight- ZERO filler, all great drums. Hy2rogen killed this one. Great job !

    Jacking Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set of 124 bpm deep house from Loopmasters. These are old school sounds crafted in a new way- with a fresh feel. The funny thing is, for those that weren't in the business back in the day- these are all old sounds- restructured and re-played to sound like they are 'new'. Everything from the drums to the basses are classic machines and sounds. Originally- Roland, Korg and Yamaha outboard gear, these are authentic 90's (and before) sounds. I specifically like the basslines and drum programming. Nice twist to bring old to the new.

    Future Funk & Disco

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set for either mixing these elements into other genres or keeping it all together as funk & disco. These are great pieces that add that 'special sauce' to track. Maybe you feel like it needs something extra but dont know what it needs...sometimes things you may not expect work the best ! Lots of good inspiration also in this set. Start with a loop or two and use them as a jump off to get a different groove than you are used to doing. Everything is funky and at 110 or 115 bpm. The sound is definitely geared more towards a pop funk or R&B style than an EDM or festival sound. Always nice having something quality thats a bit different to add to the arsenal !

    Good set of basic melodic mainstream EDM/ Future House. You get 8 kits with everything organized very nicely. You have the loops themselves as well as stems of the full tracks as they sit in the overall mix. The vibe is very melodic house. You also get a folder of the one shot drum sounds. Each "song" is just about 1 minute or longer, where you can set it up how you like. You do get the midi and VST presets which is nice so you can customize everything... a nice touch.

  • Major Diablo House

    Rating: 9/10

    Singomakers going after a bit of the Diablo sound on this one. This has swinging beats and deep and funky basses. Synth loops, piano loops, fills, vox loops, top loops as well as one-shot drums. Its very good quality and is right on time with the current vibe and sound. This feels right at home with a main-stage or festival feel. All the parts fit great together - which is not always an easy thing to do... Singomakers always bring the heat.

    Tropical Hits Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of Summer/ Tropical Pop Radio EDM. Everything is at 100 BPM, easy to mix and match. Tons of great melodic synth lines for creative inspiration. Live and synth bass loops. Cool vocal chopped loops, full beat loops, perc loops, guitar loops, fx and drum one shots. This definitely has the current sound of radio. I prefer to mix it up and combine elements to create something different rather than just using the sounds from one set. Sometimes its nice to get inspiration just from one or two loops from a particular set or sometimes you need to fill in a sound while working on something. Either way Singomakers always delivers the best quality !

    Bass House Vol 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Very cool bass house from Dabro. Hard beats, deep and beefy bass and techy synths. If you're feeling hard and clubby- this is a great set. Everything is at 126 bpm. You get folders of full drum loops, kick & snare, top loops, bass loops, vox loops and music loops. Also bass, drum and synth hits. FX and vocal phrases. Synth loops feel on the 'trancy' side, while the bass loops are really hard and dirty and are really the stars of this pack. Nice job !

    Emergency House

    Rating: 10/10

    Dark and dirty 128 bpm tech house. I like the way the drum loops are set up in this - full, kick and tops... very easy to set up in creating your track. The drum loops are excellent as well. Bass loops are dark and deep with a funky feel to them. There are also a set of effected percussion loops for added measure. You get a folder of synth fx, which are great and the synth loops themselves. The synth loops are very effected, which is actually VERY welcoming! It's something slightly different because it's not just basic synths. Some are more standard but most are heavily effected- and there are also a TON to chose from. To close it out you get a folder of vocal effect loops which could add just a little extra spice. Drum hits, fx, synth hits and bass multi's are also included. Great job on this one from Loopmasters.


    Rating: 8/10

    This is one of those sets that is not something you would think I would go for at first. This is a sound that I think would work great for many things but not necessarily the club. Its very industrial, almost Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails mixed with some trap and bass. You get 5 inspiration sets, all the one shots, 10 folders of loops. The basses are super dark, dirty and hard. Synths are bright and really in your face. Everything is at 100 bpm so its easy to match up. Nice job and something different from Freaky Loops.

    Toolbox Drum Hits

    Rating: 8/10

    Here's a massive collection of drum sounds from Hy2rogen. You get 5 basic folders- kicks, hats, claps & snares, cymbals and percussion. Tons to choose from in each folder. If you are a seasoned producer, you might think this overkill but if you're new to the game- this could one of the best sets you'll ever buy. The quality is great and you probably wont need another set of drums. Just make sure you understand these are 'one-shots'- not loops. You make your own drum patterns. Also know that because there are so many sounds- when you load them in your sampler of choice- they load in large clips and not in "sets" or "kits" so you will be loading 50 kicks, then 50 claps, then 50 hats, etc.

    Designer Disco Guitars

    Rating: 9/10

    Funky 'Chic'/ Disco/ 'Nile Rogers' style guitar loops. 110 and 120 bpm. Yo get chord loops and little fills. You also get riffs to use in conjunction with the loops. The sounds are nicely clean and compressed. Some have some effects and some "dirt" added. You also get processed chord loops with delay, flange, reverb and more. If you are in need of an all around nice set of funky guitar disco loops- this is the right pack for you !

    Indie Dance Electronica

    Rating: 10/10

    10 great sets of pop/ indie dance. BPMs range from 98 to 116. Its set up in separate folders but you only get the sounds from the 10 sets. You also get individual drum hits, chord hits, bass hits, midi and Serum presets. The vibe is more pop to me than indie dance but it works across the board. Synth sounds are great- has that retro'ish vibe yet completely current sound. Even though you get the individual drum sounds- I do wish the drums were done in stems though...All in all, great set from Loopmasters !

    EDM Arena

    Rating: 9/10

    Great quality EDM set from Singomakers. Lots of variety to chose from. The overall sounds are big room/ mainstage / hard. Basses are great, really big sounding. The synth loops actually have a bit of 90's feel to them and plenty to chose from. Top loops have great elements and give a great sheen to anything.The full drum loops are bit different in my opinion- not the typical 4/4 that you would expect. There's a mix of hard as f&*$ but also some break style. As well the kick/ low end is so hard its got a bit of 'hardstyle' to some of them. These drums are the drums you hear at a festival and the crowd starts to yell just when the drums come in alone...You also get one shot drum sounds and 4 folders of effects. Always a great job from one of the top brands!

    Indie Summer

    Rating: 8/10

    Many times I'll download a pack not based on the name, graphics or even what its titled. I like to use sounds based on what I hear and what I can vision doing with those sounds. I really like this set from LP24 because I can hear being creative and flipping these sounds into different styles. I always mix organic with electric sounds. I mix dance beats with real drum loops. I've always used real guitars. I love live bass. You just have to know how to use the elements in the right way...This set is great because they gave you a variety of styles off the bat. They labeled loops in groups so you have a great place to start- as a mini set. Sometimes I keep that intact and sometimes I just use one element and go in my own direction.

    Future Bass Lush

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set from Singomakers. 130 bpm to 160 bpm of crisp beats, fat ass basses, lush synths and pads, chopped vocal loops and more. There's a lot to chose from - as always from Singomakers. Great variety and they give all the elements you could need for your track. Nice amount of fx in this as well. You also get the drums as one shots for you to program yourself or load into your favorite sampler. The bass loops are really excellent and the drums have the perfect mixed elements - so mix in a some synths and you've got a top notch track in no time !

    House Hooks & Phrases

    Rating: 9/10

    I haven't found many sample sets of vocals that have impressed me enough... but this new one from Samplestate is quite good. They thought it out and give you multiple phrases that all match together and make sense. The vocalists are also good. The ideas / topics are a bit generic (ie: love/ club/ dance, etc) but still work well. There's also a nice amount to choose from - which is another plus. Each little set has 5-6 elements which you can chop up to create your own phrasing. Overall BPMs range from 117-126. Very nice job from this new label!

    House Vocal Glitches 6

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of vocal glitch loops & one-shots from Hy2rogen. These are very useful in almost any sound from hard EDM to tropical house. Just time stretch them to your desired tempo and they will work ! Everything is at 125 bpm to start but will stretch fine a bit faster or slower. Good mix of male and female vocals as well as rap/ urban style as well. These can be mixed with original vocals as well to be used seamlessly - which saves some time from having to chop original vocals - so grab a copy today!

    Modern Tribal House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice basses and beats in this set of Tribal House from Industrial Strength. You also get top loops, kicks, snare, hats, claps, melody loops, bass loops, fx, vocal loops, tribal sounds, snares as well as the corresponding midi. Everything is 125 bpm. The beats have a great groove to them- very driving. Sound quality is good, just wish there was more of a selection of beat, bass and melody loops.


    Rating: 9/10

    If you are doing any sync or film work, these sets are great to have. The quality is amazing and each mini set, gives you all the sounds you need. The stems are great but the only thing I think is missing are the individual sounds on their own so you can manipulate them exactly how you want. Technically, you can still sample or cut up each sound and change it up. The quality is amazing and these beds will work for any action, thriller, cop or horror trailer or scene. The overall vibe of these beds are super fast cuts with loads of suspense.

    TD Audio Universal EDM

    Rating: 7/10

    Good set of 7 EDM construction kits. Variety of mixshow and 'hands in the air' festival style. Sets are broken down a bit too much in confusing ways. Could have simplified the folders much better and also cut the overall size down from 2GB !. The sounds are cool though and tight drum loops. You can mix and match with anything but these are set up as specific "kits". Also, many of these loops seem quite low in volume- but some are not. In comparison to most sets out there- be careful as many of the loops will need compression on each track and finalizing on the master buss. The sound is good for overall club/ EDM.

    Tropical Vibrations

    Rating: 9/10

    As usual- Singomakers, one of the best in the business- delivers great quality material. Fat basses, super tight drum loops, amazing drum fills with killer melody loops. The musical loops are variations of flutes, pianos, bells, pads and horns. You also get effected vocal loops and one-shot drums and fx. Tempos range from 100-120 which is nice. The variety is great in this pack as it is with all their products. It's honestly hard NOT to find a great pack from these guys.

    Slamming EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of all around hard EDM. Great 126 bpm beat loops that are broken down into full, perc & top. Lots of piano, synth and bass loops to chose from. Single drum hits and fx are also included. You also get some cool pitched & chopped vocal loops. The bass loops are really fat and heavy, some sub and some future bass sounding. Great job from Loopmasters on this release !

    BKs Hard Beats

    Rating: 8/10

    This isn't something I would normally download but I really liked the 90's 'techno-ish' hoover synths. This is hard & fast but having Apple Loops - you can easily play everything back at a lower tempo as well. I also really like the sub-loops, which will also work well at any tempo. You do get the usual folders of bass loops, drum loops, fx, music loops, percussion loops, top loops & more. Whether you want that 145 hardstyle or to incorporate old school sounds into a different style - this could work well for you.

    Tropical Pop 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of radio sounding/ club friendly Tropical Pop. The tempos range from 105-115 bpm. As much as I appreciate this sound- its been extremely overused so my suggestion is to take what is given and create something new. Give it a twist...add your own style. These sounds can also work at higher tempos. The Tropical Pop sound to me needs to progress and move forward and this set is great for that. Singomakers always have the best sounds and this is no different. Great melodies, tight beats and fat basses. You also get all the single drum hits and fx. Having the midi is huge so you can layer or come up with your own patches.

  • In Da Disco 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set of 80s inspired, retro disco loops. Tempo ranges from 85 to 142 bpm with a variety of sounds. This is a cool set for a retro feel but to mix with other genres as well. While the drum loops are all retro feeling and genre specific- you can easily mix any of the musical sounds with anything from trap to house. The strings and synths are probably the best part of the pack. Nice job by Delectable.

    Electrified Future Pop

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing set of 'Future Pop' loops. Everything is at 100 bpm. There are tons to choose from in each folder of vocal loops, bass loops, drum loops and music loops. You also get some fx, atmospheres and drum oneshots. Great combo of pop and club vibes meshed together. The sounds are mainly laid back but not too dreamy. The music loops have nice melodies. Drums are tight and punchy. You get full drum loops as well as perc loops. Half time as well as 4/4. Nice job from Looptone.

    Future House 2018

    Rating: 9/10

    As always, Singomakers brings the heat. Amazing job with a new Future House set. The synths are really great- almost a bit minimal so it lets the bass breathe and fill up the space. Also, great melodically as well as having a nice pumping compression sound to them. The vocal loops are cool, fitting in perfectly. Drums are full and punchy and the top loops are a great accompaniment. The basses are fat and deep, with a lot of sub frequencies in them. You always can count on a quality set from Singomakers.


    Rating: 9/10

    Something I normally wouldn't go for... but since I've been much more involved in the sync world the last few years I decided to it check out. You get 5 incredible sets of fx beds for sync / film. This isn't something I'd suggest for your typical recorded music producer but definitely for the people doing film scoring. The quality is amazing and the sonic field is incredible as well. This set is really only geared toward horror/ sci-fi. The layers of sounds fit perfectly together and you know this will sound incredible in Dolby 5.1 Surround. Amazing job !

    Vocalized Future Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Great set of Pop/EDM/Future Bass. These sounds fit great with both current EDM and Pop tracks. Great quality and great amount to chose from. Everything is at 100 bpm. What makes this set stand out from the rest are really the chord loops and vocal chops - which give it the 'feel'. You also get 6 amazing kits - ready to go with all the stems. Although I would use them as starting blocks and build / change them up to make them original. Singomakers sets are always very comprehensive and always sound great.

    Slavic Folklore

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set of 'Slavic Folklore' sounds and melodies. Will come in handy when you are going for something different. Many sounds have a somewhat 'Gaelic' feel in my opinion. Most folders offer both dry and wet versions (which increase the size drastically). The drums are actually percussive sounds - not typical 'drum' sounds. These sounds overall will work with their original format / style but also mixing them with different styles to come up with something completely new.

    F9 is one of the most comprehensive, educational and best sounding sample labels out there. The time and dedication F9 spends on creating such an elaborate set/ sample instrument is very evident. The instructions are very clear and well laid out. With this piano instrument 'set' - it seems as simple as a piano...or so you think. It's far from simple. The piano sounds are amazing and are true to their description- they cut through like a razor and are pianos meant for club and pop. These aren't ballad or dreamy pianos. Piano sounds like this aren't easy to find either as most sounds are standard and generic, but not these. The fact that they also create such great sounds with all built-in effects are great as well. Great job !

    This Is Miami

    Rating: 10/10

    Lovin this new set from Singomakers. The elements are hard yet hit right in the pocket for being commercial. I immediately dug right in and was coming up with some really cool sounds. This is set up in "kit" format but I like to mix and match, adding an equal amount of original material so it wont sound the same as others. This set has a good additional tribal/ Miami festival feel to everything- which is a good addition to anyones sample arsenal.

    Future Disco Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    Very cool organic / future disco set from Singomakers. Lots of organic sounds in this one, lots of cool, ambient guitars. Live bass mixed with deep synths. Airy pianos, old school sounding synth lines and guitar leads. The drums are programmed- yet old school sounding. You also get some vocal loops to sweeten the deal. All the loops work perfectly together but also work really well with other sets of various genres. You can mix and match these organic sounds with sounds of today to achieve a great vibe.

    It amazes me each time I review one of the F9 products because of the comprehensiveness that goes into them. This set is geared for Tech House but you can take away so much more...The sound quality is always amazing and the amount of material included is great as well. I haven't come across any other series that offers as much learning potential as these from F9. Whether you use LIVE of Logic X- this will not only give hot sounds but the backbone on how to use them properly. You also get insight on overall mixing and effect techniques. Having access to the entire backend of a session like these give valuable lessons that anyone can pick up new tricks from. Make sure you read the instructions- they are critical as to the sets working properly.

    Groovy Bass House

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice set from Famous Audio of "old school meets new school". This "Groovy Bass House" is actually a cool combo of old house sounds mashed with new tech and house. They went back in time to a good amount of old school techno records from back in the day and created something new with some of the newer sounds. You also get some female vocals and the usual drum and effect one-shots. There are 5 produced kits with basic stems for each sound. I can definitely see taking a bunch of elements from this kit as a great start to creating something fresh.

    Ultra Edm 2018

    Rating: 10/10

    Immediate inspiration right out of the box. Always one of the best in the sample pack game- Singomakers does it again. This is huge hands-in-the-air, festival style. I love the way they put the synths and bass in groupings on this one. The drum build ups are purely drums no extra effects- which gives you a chance to use your own. Drum loops are huge...you get both full loops as well as top loops. Just add your own kick. Melody loops again are in groups which is great ! They included a side- chained version of some of the loops but that's somewhat unnecessary. By the way- there are a HUGE amount of loops to choose from. You get all the typical one-shots too. Of course fx and the agressive male vocal shouts are great as well. For me- its always a no-brainer with Singomakers. You will always be getting the best quality.

    Hot Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set of retro house/ tech house. This is strictly for the underground clubs. Something dark and late night. The basses are deep and punchy. The synths are very minimal and are meant to 'sneak' in to the track and not be up front. This is all about the dark bass. Drum loops come as full and broken down in sections. You get some vocal loops, fx, fills, single drum sounds, single synth hits and drum kits as well which are nice to have.

    Not Your House

    Rating: 8/10

    For me- this set is all about the drums and bass. Tempos from 122 to 128 bpm. The basses are deep, dark and funky at the same time. The drums are a creative mix of sounds, very 'retro house' beats. They broken down for use in different sections or a build up of drums. You also get some fx, one shot drums, some perc loops, synth loops and some vocal effect loops. The synth loops are on the 'deep house' side and are pretty laid back. If you are interested in more of a retro house sound that still feels fresh and funky, this is a good choice !

    Tropical Kaleidoscope

    Rating: 10/10

    As usual, Singomakers brings the heat! This is a great set, which is something you can pretty much always expect from them. Very comprehensive and amazing sound quality. You get amazing drum loops which include broken down sections, as well as thick bass loops, beautiful guitar loops and catchy melody loops. One shot drums and effects round it out. This is a great blend of current sounds.

    Twisted Future Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Everything is a 'one-shot' in this set. The sounds are great- really big, dirty and punchy. Im using it as audio- so putting them in kit form makes for a bit more work. if you are using NI's Maschine or Ableton's LIVE- Im sure the kits come pre-set. Even though these come as "sets" the sounds can used with anything and mixed and matched to create some hot club tracks. Great job from Niche Audio !

    Future Tech Grooves

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool future tech set from Soundbox. You get about 20 loops in about 11 folders. Everything is at 125 bpm. You get perc loops, bass loops, clap loops, drum loops, hat loops, kick loops, music loops, synth loops, vocal loops and fx. The basslines are probably the best part - very deep and fit perfectly with the drum sounds. If you're looking for some deep club sounds - this fits the bill.

    Reggaeton Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set from Singomakers. You get all the usual folders- bassloops, drum fills, drum loops, fx, music loops, perc loops, top loops and vocal loops. Everything is at 180 bpm. I really like the music loops in particular in this set as its got a good variety of sounds to compliment each other. The sounds in this set can be used for commercial pop tracks as well as harder club style. This is a very current sound so grab it while its hot !

    Great idea and delivery on this set of 26 old school 50's Rockabilly/ Rock'n Roll mini-mixes. Everything is broken down into rough groups (bass, gtr 1, gtr 2 ,sax, drums, etc). I really would have like to have things broken down a bit more, especially the drums. Im always a fan of trying new things when it comes to music and this is no exception. You need to have the right thought process to know what to do with this and its not going to be for everyone. Those looking to do this sound or that understand what they can achieve with this will really like it.

    Essential Fills Vol.6

    Rating: 8/10

    Good quality fill pack from Hy2rogen. This volume has a little less on the "effects", not as much of a combination of sounds and effects. Mostly based on the drum fill itself with a few risers & extra bits added. You get the same loops in 2 tempo folders, 128 bpm and 125 bpm. There is a folder of EDM fills and Tech & Classic Fills but you can use any of them for any style track. Never can go wrong with Hy2rogen- always quality stuff !

  • Sub Loops 7

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool set of sub loops. Excellent quality as always from Hy2rogen. Having the Apple Loops are always great if you use Logic. These sub loops are extremely bassy- sometimes its a bit hard to hear the actual key. These definitely come in handy and give that awesome low end that can sometimes be missing from your track.

    Majorton 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Singomakers brings the heat with Vol 2 of Majorton. Everything is either 100 bpm or 110 bpm and there's lots of good variety. This set is very up to date, so it will work well in almost any format club. The vocal loops are extremely well crafted for today's sound. The melody loops are a perfect blend of sounds to achieve the right vibe as well. The FX are cherry picked so there is no "fluff" in the bunch. Toploops are great as well as the full drum loops. Obviously very percussive and cut through. The drum fills are also excellent- built on a fusion of drums and effects. Sound quality is top notch as always. Another great job from Singomakers.

    Rasta Mc Vocals Vol 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Rasta MC Vocals Vol 3 offers loops, shouts and tons of little toasting bits. You get some Apple Loops but mainly audio. At first listen some of the tracks sound purely for reggae but they can fit with everything. Just this morning I decided to drop a bunch of these into a new track Im working on and it was like "wow" big difference ! I love mixing style of music and using all sorts of different sounds to create something fresh. Try these vocal loops on tracks you may not expect them to work.

    D.O.D Future Jack

    Rating: 9/10

    Im feeling this because its a bit different. It's hyped up and brings a somewhat different kind of fusion sound. You get Massive presets, drum loops, bass loops, music loops, fx, bass, drum & synth hits as well as some vocals. You can get a great result from using just the sounds in this pack or experiment by mixing them with different sounds and beats. Having the midi is great as well so you can use loops but also add your own sound to it. Nice job on this one !

    Drop Kick

    Rating: 7/10

    Gonna be something you use if you want to do Hardstyle or get uber- creative. Seems like a ton of the same thing over and over yet with a twist on the end of each kick. Almost everything is in F#. There is a lot though...about 300+ kick samples and effects for the kicks. Not something youre going to use everyday but something that would come in handy when looking to get that mega hard kick.

    EDM 4

    Rating: 10/10

    Great variety as well as extremely well done as usual for Andrei (Hy2rogen). Everything is very loud and compressed so you won't need any extra help in the mastering department. Everything is big room / festival / mainstage. You should only look at this set if you are looking for ENERGY and power! For any of that boring Tropical House, downtempo, chill, midtempo stuf f- go look somewhere else... this will make the speakers pound! Everything is at 128 bpm so it all fits nicely together. Hy2rogen always brings the goods - and this is no different... always one the best in the sample library biz.

    4 very well put together, progressive funky tracks with stems for each. The style is progressive yet funky/ retro at the same time. I do wish these came with the midi...but unfortunately they do not. The loops are broken down (almost too much)...so you will have every possible variation you need. The drums are really good and can be used in anything you are working on. Everything is at 125 bpm and although they are uptempo- they also have a real laid back groove to them which would allow them to fit with a more downtempo track/ style if you want.

    Stripped Future Pop

    Rating: 8/10

    Super sub basses, shuffle drums, drum one shots, fx, percussive top loops and great melodic loops fill this set from Soundsmiths. You can get a bunch of radio sounding/ pop edm tracks from this set. I do wish they provided the midi- which is always a great thing to have in any set to get more creative. Tempos are mid range, from 90 to 120 bpm - which is the current feel right now. Nice job !

    Mainroom Bliss

    Rating: 10/10

    Great set of mainroom edm from Loopmasters. The basses are deep and you get a great amount and a great mix of 'subby' to 'techy'. Drums are sick !- tight and crisp, nicely broken down into 2 parts- the full version and just the kick and snare. You get nice fx, different style than usual. A small amount of pad loops, a few perc loops, great arp loops- which are more musical and more acoustic sounding than what you would normally hear. Synth loops are on the trancy side and some really nice perc top loops to round it out. This is what I would consider a "classy, quality" pack- not cheesy in any way. Something that would be based on the fine quality and style that these sounds were created.

    Really nice authentic 80's production... from the drums to the synths. You wont find anything modern here- just true retro 80's nostalgia. The basses are tight, using true analog synths to get this kind of sound... as well as the melodic loops. Some time and care went into making these sounds fat - yet clean. Having the drum loops split into full loops, kick & snare and perc / top loops makes it a lot easier to create the breaks you want.

    Future Deep Vibes

    Rating: 9/10

    Singomakers delivers the club friendly set with deep basses, tight drums, great variety of synth and melody loops, cool vocal loops and drum one-shots & fx. As always, the quality from Singomakers is top notch. I particularly like the drum loops in this set as they clock in at 123 bpm and have a funky element to all of them. The FX are somewhat standard but always excellent quality and great variety. The basslines are deep and the melody lines are a great mixed bag on different sounds. You can never really go wrong with a Singomakers purchase.

    SHLT Future Pop

    Rating: 8/10

    Pretty good set of current pop style EDM. I dont use Ableton so I'm going just on the samples/ loops. It's on the smaller size but has quality sounds. This would probably be best for those that use LIVE to get the maximum benefit. Everything has the very current future house/ trap/ mellow vibe to it. The sounds are well produced and will fit in nicely for inspiration.

    Moombah Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent set of Moombah sounds from Singomakers. As usual they come with the goods...You get drum loops, bass loops, fx, hi hat loops, synth loops, vocal loops and drum one shots. The drums are set up really well with space to add extra hi end loops and sounds. Basses are super fat and dirty. Synth loops range from noisy to melodic. Although there arent a lot, the vocal loops are great- chopped, interesting vocals. Another great set from one of the best around.

    Cool set of 7 sets of pop radio trap-style tracks. Everything is broken down in every possible configuration you might want. From stems to each sound. I would rather have had more sets, than so many variations of each kit though. The tempos are all 105 bpm except for one which is 120. The vibe of all 7 sets is very current and should be fairly easy to come up with vocals that would fit in the pocket.

    Some good sounds in this pack for Vengance's Avenger. The plucks and basses are the highlights of these presets. Having the sounds mapped to the macro filters also are a big plus for this synth. The sounds are bigroom but also could sound a bit old school. Not a huge set but good to spice up your arsenal with.

    EDM Ultra Pack Vol 5

    Rating: 9/10

    Very good set from Singomakers. Tons of material...you get 6 multi- kits as well as drum loops, fills, melody loops, vocal shouts, vocal loops, drop synths and bass loops as well as fx. The sounds are hard and all 'festival'/ big room style. Drum loops, as always are tight and punchy. Its great having the midi for all the synths and basses - letting producers create their own sounds.

    Not only is this a great set - it's great to see people pushing the envelope. This set combines different styles yielding a very cool result. I've always been a fan and user of guitars in my productions going back 15+ years. Way before many people jumped on the bandwagon. This set combines various flavors which are aggressive yet laid back. The combo of synths, beats, bass and guitars create a fresher sound to what the masses are doing over and over. I love the direction and applaud Singomakers on this innovative set.

    Bass House 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool set from Dabro. The sounds are tech/ bass and hard as hell. Music loops are a mix of bassy synths and plucky tech sounds. The drums are nice, mix of straight house as well as breaks. You also get bass and synth hits and individual drum sounds. Having the midi is a big bonus as well. i actually like the 'kick x snare' folder of drum loops- really tight and punchy sounds. If youre looking for hard, clubby and bassy- this is a great set to go for.

    F9 has become a staple in my audio arsenal. They create some of the highest quality material. This set is pure drums but what makes it special, is the depth that this set goes into. Everything in music is a learning process. You constantly learn theory or production skills the more you work at your craft. No one knows 'everything' and the F9 series gives you the best quality, hottest sound and the biggest bonus....YOU LEARN. This is a very thorough set as everything from F9 is. You get 8 full sets to use plus lots more to work with. The Logic X sessions are amazing to have because everything is self- contained. Everything used is from Logic making it seamless for anyone having Logic to use. If you are looking for great sounding house drum tracks and looking to learn about what goes into making these great tracks- this set is for you.


    Rating: 10/10

    This seems to be pretty much the sound of now and this set brings it. Its got all the authentic sounds you need to create a great track. Its again the combination of hard and soft sounds that make it what it is. Its also in my opinion the "weird" sounds that give it that true vibe. As in typical fashion, Singomakers nails it and brings great quality to their sets. Tempos range from 95 to 120 and you get folders of bass loops, fills, drum loops, fx, melody loops, vocal loops and one shots. Also having the midi is essential so you can create your own sounds with the melody lines they provide. Another great job !

  • Great set from Loopmasters of funky electro breaks. Its got a nice fusion sound- mixing things up- mixing things up with a nice retro feel.. Everything has a laid back/ funky/ atmospheric vibe to it. Loads of melody loops to pick from. Sounds like 70's/80's patches from classic synths and instruments. Synth bass loops also are classic sounding Juno, Minimoog, Jupiter, etc. Vocal loops are vocoder loops. The live bass loops are funky with loads of swing- these really make things pop. The guitar loops are very vibey and are quite wet, giving you the right effect from the sound. The beat loops are pretty standard sounding and you also get hi-hat, perc and top loops.

    POP Nu Disco

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set from Singomakers of funky electro breaks. Its got a nice fusion sound- mixing things up- mixing things up with a nice retro feel.. Everything is at 110 bpm and has a laid back/ funky/ atmospheric vibe to it. Loads of melody loops to pick from. Sounds like 70's/80's patches from classic synths and instruments. Synth bass loops also are classic sounding Juno, Minimoog, Jupiter, etc. Vocal loops are vocoder loops. The live bass loops are funky with loads of swing- these really make things pop. The guitar loops are very vibey and are quite wet, giving you the right effect from the sound. The beat loops are pretty standard sounding and you also get hi-hat, perc and top loops.

    Great set of Tech House from Looptone & Vangelis Kostoxenakis. It reminds me of early 90s house- got a cool retro sound to it. The sounds are actually a bit deceiving...as many of them dont sound "that great" on their own but once you add the beat- WOW ! It hits you and you feel the groove. There's a lot of "MPC swing" to the sounds in this set- for those that know what that means...lol. Everything is at perfect 123 bpm - a classic house bpm. There are LOADS of drum loops and they are excellent. You also get SUPER fat basslines, music loops, fx and toploops. If you are looking for something with a fresh yet retro twist- you'll like this one.

    Nice set of heavy bass house from Monster Sounds. You get 3 main folders- bass loops, drum loops and music loops. Its all about the bass loops in this set. Drum loops are pretty good- tight and punchy. You also get the midi, fx, vocals, drum hits and music multis to play your own melodies. Basses range from tech house sounding to future house. This is definitely for the harder sounding dance floors !

    WOW- this on some different sounding $h&^. The vibe of this set is a hybrid...breaks, bass, edm...and its all very hard. You get bass loops, drum loops, perc loops, synth loops, fx loops, multis, drum hits and vocal hits. You get sampler patches for whichever sampler you use. The tempos range from 114 bpm to 140 bpm. This set is definitely something for the more creative types looking to build their catalog of sounds....its very cool and something different.

    Future House 3

    Rating: 10/10

    This is huge. Loads to choose from and everything is top notch as always from Hy2rogen. Personally I dont think its necessary to have both wet & dry loops but Hy2rogen gives it to you for more flexibility. The fills are a great combination of sounds- designed perfectly. The bass loops are authentic as they come for Future House, the Additive loops/ music loops compliment perfectly with plucks and synths. You also get fx, lead loops, melody loops, percussion loops, piano loops, top percussion loops and vocal loops. This guy never disappoints !

    Royale Riffs

    Rating: 9/10

    Love the bass loops in this set from Organic Loops. I would have liked to have other guitar loops/ leads included to round out the package but what hey give you is very good quality. The drums are basic and standard styles and sounds. The bpms go from 75 to 100. The vibe of the basses are hard and dirty- lots of 'growl'. Very 70's ! Some loops are pure bass and some are a hybrid of guitars copying the bassline. This set is badass if you want classic hard rock sounds.

    Nice job from Jules. The set has 3 folders- bass loops, drum loops and music loops. BPM's range from 123 to 138. The drum loops are pretty tight- nicely mixed. The synths lean to the trance side IMO but have a bit of everything as well. The basses are really good...musical but cool. Nice thick and deep sounds. Most already have a sidechain compressor on them so you dont have to add one to get that great pumping sound. Add your own effects and you are bound to get some great tracks from this set.

    F9 has become one of my "go to labels" due to the extremely high quality sets they produce. The thought process and organization is always top notch. There are TONS of loops to choose from with a good amount of variety. Whats especially great- is that these are funk guitar loops built on today's dance tempos, rhythms and feels...so everything matches perfectly. There's a good variety of styles from picking to strumming and all with a great swing to them. If you're looking for funky 'disco guitars'- you found the right place.

    Daft Funk 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice follow up from Monster Sounds on this great series. This one follows the style of the previous 2 but didnt make me 'freak out' as much as the other ones. That being said - this is a quality pack of funky riffs... from drums to bass and guitars. There is a ton to choose from and there are variations of everything. You get bass, drum, arp, music and fx loops. If you are looking for a funk/ disco/ punk/ Daft Punk sound - this pack has it. It's a nice mix of old & new to get that authentic sound.

    Essential Fills Vol. 5

    Rating: 10/10

    If you want fills- these are SICK fills. Tons to chose from and quality is always top notch. All the fills are either 125 or 128 bpm. They are 'full' with effects and edited/ chopped to perfection. Ive been doing interesting and "not common" fills for the last 15+ years and now finally within the last 5 years, its becoming popular to do more creative and non-standard fills. Hy2rogen nails it like he always does.

    Summer Anthem House

    Rating: 10/10

    Love this set from Looptone. They did a great job and theres a lot of material to chose from. No filler...all high quality loops. You get 6 kits and a ton of bass loops, drum loops, music loops, piano loops and vocal loops. They also added in fx and one shot drum sounds. Perfect blend of organic sounds mixed with synths. This is the current sound right now and this set should do extremely well.

    Tech Haus!

    Rating: 9/10

    Looptone did an amazing job with this as well. This set reminds me bit of 90's house but the quality is 100 times better. These loops will rock any club. This is not festival music... but dark, sweaty, small room to big room club music...for the house heads. Every mini set has everything broken down so you can rock these beats for a longer mix. You also get a folder of chopped vocal loops as well as one-shot vocals, drums & synths.

    Tropical Pop

    Rating: 9/10

    Once again another great set from Singomakers. This time they go after the sound of now- Tropical House/ Tropical Pop with a nice selection of sounds ranging from 105 to 120 bpm. The basslines are sparse and cut through like a knife. The melody loops are the perfect accompaniment. You get the usual parts- all sounding top notch. You also get sampler patches for playing sounds as well as the midi. If you want to cover the most popular sound- this set is going to give everything you need. Add a great vocal and a great topline and youve got a hit.

    Im starting to think the "F" in F9 stands for "FU%&IN AWESOME". Freemasons are proving they are more than just producers and remixers with these amazing sets. The creativity as well as time spent putting these "kits" together is really amazing. Everything is put together so meticulously. You can never know everything about music- its is always evolving and you always learn. I love getting "inside the studio" and seeing how others make music...Im fascinated by it. The entire F9 series has become one of my all time favorites on Loopmasters, from the sounds, to the arrangements down to the notes they give you on each production. With everyone else simply putting out only music sets- this series stands out from the rest !

    I love mixing vibes and sounds- always experimenting. Sometimes you can achieve musical perfection. Ive always been a fan of reggae & dub sounds. The sounds Loopmasters used are spot on-completely authentic. Im using this at its original tempo as well as different and faster tempos- and the sounds work great at both. Great dub guitar loops as well as great dub bass loops. Those are the 2 elements that really need to be right to give it the true reggae sound. Theres a lot to chose from and everything sounds great in the mix.

    This is a great overall EDM set. There are 6 kits and everything is broken down and split up into well organized folders. In comparison to other sets- this also has a very full, wide and complete sound. Fully produced, yet still room to add your own touch by adding new segments and combining whats given to you with your own material. All the sounds are also effected, saving you time. Nice job by TD on this pack !

    Summer House Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing set fromm Singomakers. This is s 'Summer' set but since Tropical House is now "THE" sound- it always works. Its a very complete and large set and well worth it. You get loads of material plus 10 kits to start with. All sounds are creative and authentic to the vibe. I actually like the loops better than the starter kits in the one. The guitar loops are excellent as well as the vocal loops. Another great job by Singomakers.

    Vintage Guitar

    Rating: 9/10

    Love this set ! Great guitar sounds and perfectly recorded. These sound more like they were sampled from records (even though they were not...) Its a perfect mix of effects to give such authenticity to the sounds. You very original sounding material which is not your everyday stuff... Dont expect any specific or simple funk, disco or blues loops. What you can expect are amazing tones and riffs which you can mix and match to find your own sound. These sounds are either part of the basic foundation of what you are trying to achieve or the "icing on the cake" when you finished something but think it needs a little more.

    Mind Twisting Electro

    Rating: 10/10

    It says 'Mind Twisting Electro' but I'd probably call it 'Complextro' on steroids. Famous Audio did an amazing and very creative job on this. It was instant to get really creative with this set. What I love is taking these sounds and combining it with other ideas and loops to create something a little different. You can start with a 4/4 beat and something in the same key and go into a drop suing these sounds...which sound HUGE !. Awesome job !

  • This is a basic percussive loop set put into 9 folders from 95 bpm to 140 bpm as well as a hi hat folder. The sounds are real / organic. You also get a folder on one-shots. This could come in handy at the right time and with the right sound. This is leaning much more for the latin / tribal / house vibe but could work with more genres. Most of the loops sound the exactly same in each folder - just with slight variations and in different tempos.

    Express Yourself

    Rating: 10/10

    F*#&ing awesome. You've got to get creative with this one. If you like Diplo- you'll love this. This sound is all about chopping, effecting, twisting, mutilating and flipping sounds upside down. This one is not a huge set as big as others that Singomakers produces but it is super creative. Takes a lot of work to get it to sound this good.

    EDM Crowd Shaker

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing set from Singomakers of big room/ mainstage/ festival EDM. This one has everything you need and as usual is top quality. You get sampler ptaches and midi for the leads and basslines. Bassloops, synth loops, buildups, vocals, fx, single drums shots, kick-free loops and much more. The melody loops are top notch- cant go wrong. I always look to Singomakers as one of the companies who always makes consistently great material.

    Another huge set Im reviewing today ! Lots of goodies in this Tech House set from Hy2rogen. He gives you dry and wet for some of the loops, a little unnecessary if you ask me but for some, they may need both. Everything is top notch and great sound quality. This gives the vibe of a old school meets new school sound, which I really like. I feel like many of the loops give you that more Strictly Rhythm, 90's house feel- which is great ! This is definitely geared more for the underground sound- no commercial sounds in this one. Its all about the drums and bass here- the rest is ear candy. Im diggin this !

    House Vocal Glitches 4

    Rating: 10/10

    Once again, Hy2rogen comes through with a killer set of chopped vocal glitches. I really like this set because they are based on more of a G-House / urban sound- rather than the usual female singing chopped vocal that Ive usually seen. Not to say those others arent great, its just this one is different and stands out. You get a good amount of loops as well as tons of singular sounds to create your own loops.

    HUGE set ! Lots to chose from ! Top quality as always from Singomakers. You get everything including the kitchen sink in this set to create anything Tropical house. I feel like this sound is getting beaten to death but if you want to sound like the "real deal"- this set is for you. I especially like this one because its got more 'balls' than many other Tropical House sets. Sometimes other sets are very laid back and a little too light for my taste- this has the punch yet follows the true Tropical House vibe. Great job !

    Dope Dubs

    Rating: 10/10

    Excellent Reggae/ Dub set from Loopmasters. Nice authentic sounds and loads to chose from. Bass loops, drum loops, guitar loops, horn loops, synth loops, key loops, music loops, string loops, perc loops and synth loops. Lots of single hits as well. If you are looking for the reggae/ dub sound- this has what you need. You can keep everything at its original tempo but a lot of these loops also work at faster tempos so you can blend a creative mash of sounds & vibe.

    Styline Power House

    Rating: 10/10

    An amazing, progressive yet somewhat funky set from Styline & Loopmasters. Amazing sounds and loops. I particularly love the drums and percussion in this set. Its got somewhat of a throw-back house vibe yet feels fresh & new. The stabs and chords are mostly percussive with some synth elements- whereas the synth loops combine funky and hard. The top loops are amazing as well. Almost all the drums seem to have a "more than normal" stereo feel to them, which sits very well in the mix spectrum. There arent a ton of vocal loops but whats included is great. Excellent drum hits and fx.

    Future Bounce Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers nails it again - I love the way this set was put together- rather than randomly giving you a completely mixed bag of sounds, everything was put together in a 'kit' format. They give you 6 actual kits but even the melody loops are grouped together. This way - you get full inspiration from the start. The drum fills are amazing - a composite of effects with the fill. Theres so much awesome-ness in this set, too much to list. There is TONS to chose from and everything is top notch, no filler in this set!

    The always creative label - Freaky Loops hit it home with a great set of chill & tropical house. There's nice variety here and a good amount to chose from. The drums loops are great as they come in full and broken down versions. The drums a light yet groovy and have plenty of the tropical/ tribal percussion. The loops usually somewhat correspond with each other making it easy to mix and match sounds. One thing you can always count on is top notch production on the Freaky Loops label.

    11 great sounding and authentic sets of 'heist themes'. You can keep each set together or use some of the stems to start off your own track. All the sounds have a great retro feel and do really sound like they could fit in very well in the "Ocean's" series (wink, wink). Perhaps for V2, they will include midi files and Apple Loops as a bonus. The players are great - awesome chops !

    Utah - Complete House

    Rating: 9/10

    Really cool set of straight up house. Its got a hybrid of future house and classic house. Bass loops, drum loops, vocal lines, fx, perc loops, music loops and single drum hits. Would have liked to see more loops- but this has a great sound ! Quality set from Loopmasters...

    Id give this an 11 if I could. For those that arent Mozart, this can make you sound almost like you are. Just kidding, not Mozart...but more like The Freemasons or even a huge David Morales track. The piano cuts through like a hot knife into butter. The F9 sets are quickly becoming one of my top favorites. The sounds as well as quality are superb. I started messing with the Kontakt patches and came up with some amazing right away. This is no brainer. Hopefully you wont read this and I can keep the secret all for myself...lol.

    Ministry of House

    Rating: 8/10

    Very good general house set from Looptone. The bass and melody loops are quite good and have the most variety. You also get vocal loops, drum loops, build ups, drum one shots, effects and fills. There are 5 construction kits so you get going out of the gate. The sound for this set is simply a 'house' set that crosses different sub genres. There's a bit of everything.

    EDM 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Hy2rogen does it again with another outstanding set. The reason I give his sets such great rating is because they really are one of the best out there. Not only are the sounds top notch - the EQ'ing, compression and effects are spot on. This set goes on the hard side...dont expect any soft or tropical sounds here ! All the sounds are also creatively put together. For example, the fills are not straight drums- they are effected and mix in other sounds and effects. There are also a ton to choose from throughout each category. Great job !

    String Rhapsody

    Rating: 8/10

    Great set of string sections / arrangements that you can add to any song or start any song with as inspiration. There are 10 sets with variations in each set. I would have loved to have more variety than 10 sets. Hopefully V2 will have more "full mixes" and doesnt necessarily need each element broken down. All in all, these strings are the real deal.

    EDM Ultra Pack 4

    Rating: 10/10

    REDONKULOUS ! They give you everything - and I mean everything you want & need for festival/ big room EDM. I dont even need to tell you whats in it- just buy it.

    Future Bass Sessions

    Rating: 10/10

    Very intricate and very well put together set from Freaky Loops. This is really the current sound of now. You get 7 amazing sets as well as loops and one shots. The loops are great as well. A lot of editing and tweaking went into creating these sounds and you can hear it on everything. Its really all about the synths and editing rather than the bass, so the title is a bit deceiving but this is the sh*& !!!!

    A huge set from Freaky Loops of cool builds with fx. You get fills and builds for different BPMs...128, 140, 150 and more. The effects vary and give each build a fuller, more fat sound variation. The combi- builds are the best, full of energy and very creative. Some loops can be used for huge builds and some loops are great just for breaks and changes within your track. They give some interesting stuff most sets do not have within the 'breakdown' folders, as most other sets on get creative wit the build rather than the breakdown. Nice job !

    Future Bass & RNB

    Rating: 8/10

    Interesting and different twist from RV. This gives you a lot to chose from and feels like they give you their twist on a few genres. You get bass loops, drum loops, music loops, noises and vocal loops as well as drum hits and fx. You get a range of bpms from 120 to 160. So you can create stuff from house to future bass, rnb, dnb and trap. All in all a good pack if you are looking for something off the beaten path and feel like be being adventurous.

  • F9 Trax: Electric Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    WOW! This incredible set from my friends at F9 / The Freemasons will blow your mind if you jump right into the DAW sessions. The time spent on this must have taken quite some time as everything is so well laid out and so extensive in its explanation and history behind the thought process. This set is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to incorporate not only the disco/ funk twist that is the sound of The Freemasons- but anyone inspired by the true sounds of the Disco era. Not only is this a bit of a history lesson of the era but a lesson/ tutorial in music production. Ive always known these guys to create incredible productions and remixes but this set shows the fine detail of their knowledge. I use Logic X and all of the detailed notes in the note section will help anyone understand not only what the guys were trying to achieve but also an understanding on the process of each track and the overall sound of the mix. These are true production ‘secrets’ that are learned with many years of fine tuning your craft. I think the guys are crazy for showing the world all of this priceless information! LOL. Im writing this detailed review because I really feel that a set of this caliber deserves it. The WAV part of the set comes as 4 main folders which create 4 tracks.You can use all the sounds in each folder to start a track which was what it was intended to sound like or take parts from each and mix with other sets and original sounds to make your own creation. Sometimes all it takes to create something really different is a few riffs to then build upon that to create a new sound. If you want to learn and be able to work with parts from The Freemasons foundation - just click ‘buy’ right now !

    Something different... These 20 sets/ songs are ready for your retro vocals. They are complete songs in stem format. I like that I can take different stems and use them for other songs outside of what they give you. For example- you can use the 60's/70's drum loops for a different project or mix and match between the sets. All sets are 60's/70's funky/soul pop. Something would hear on AM radio back in the day. I must say the authenticity of the era is really there. There's no over compression or current vibe to this- it sounds authentic to the time, which is great. If you are looking for this vibe- this pack delivers...

    Pre-Drop Synth FX

    Rating: 9/10

    I really like this release of "Pre-Drop Synth FX" from Freaky Loops. You get a folder of reversed synths but with a slight twist. You also get a folder of effected synths in a similar fashion. This gives energy and 'lift' to any track. You can use these sounds under a build up or alone- either way they sound great !

    Trapstep Ultra Pack 2

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a huge pack from Singomakers. You get music, videos, midi, synth patches, templates, beats, music loops, fx and more! This set is bananas ! All sounds are top notch as usual and there is tons to choose from. Subs/ basses, synth loops, drum loops with and without the kick, vocal shouts, individual drums and fx all at 150 bpm. If you want to do Trap - this set is perfect and very comprehensive. Singomakers deliver again...

    Nice pack of hard and deep house synth lead loops. All at 125 bpm, you get both dry & wet. You also get lots of chord 'one-shots'. You get a large variety in this set- though I was finding I had to really go through and experiment with different loops. You can always time stretch these as well as change their pitch. Having them as Apple Loops also helps great while using Logic. These could be good to add a filler instrument or even to start off with- for inspiration.

    Monster Sounds brings it with this one...You get 2 tempos, 120 bpm and 150 bpm. The biggest variety is at 150 bpm. The drums are split between the 2 tempos as well split up between kick/snare and top end percussion, which gives good flexibility. You also get a bunch of multi-sound synths & basses to play your own lines as well as single drum hits and some effect loops. Future House & Tropical House are the sounds of the moment- and this set will keep you busy....

    Future Bass Generation

    Rating: 10/10

    Great Future Bass set from Loopmasters! There's so much material to choose from- you cant go wrong. You get bass loops, drum loops, synth loops, vocal loops and song starters. You also get single drum hits and synth hits. Having the midi files for everything is great as well so you can choose your exact sounds or layer with the audio. All the sounds are musical and very creative mixed with harder bass sounds. Some loop sets go for 'noise' and some a purely 'musical'- whats great about Future Bass is you are using elements from both sides. Another great release from Loopmasters !

    I really like Kate's voice and was completely drawn in once hearing her. You get 6 sets really broken down...so you can change or edit whatever you like. These sets are like little "hook sections"- should work well if you also edit them up for B-section hooks. You also get a folder of additional quick vocal shots / ad libs. With the current trend of future house or tropical house - you can create a whole song from these starter kits. Very nice job from Loopmasters & great vocals from Kate!

    Sergeant Lazer

    Rating: 10/10

    You get 8 kits of the uber-popular sound from Major Laser. Some more than others are spot on and some just have influences. Overall Industrial Strength did a great job creating and organizing this set. Everything is at 105 bpm and each set contains everything you need to drop serious vocals on these. I always find it more creative to take parts from one set and create on top, building, even blending with other sets and sounds to make up your own creation. Have such flexibility with all the elements, including drum loops, sfx loops, music loops, midi one shots and presets makes it even better !

    Very cool deep tropical house set from RA. I call it 'deep' as its feels more club than radio. You get 4 folders- bass loops, drum loops, music loops and vocal loops. You also get a folder of musical noes and one-shots of drum hits. The sounds and vibe are very authentic and work well together. Some things are labeled with the same name as they work together. Those looking for more of a deeper, less commercial vibe of Tropical House will like this one very much.

    Bangin set from Loopmasters ! This is great a deep house/ future house set sure to get any big room & festival DJ playing your tracks. Vocal loops, drum loops, bass loops, bass drops, fx loops, music loops and more complete this set of future house sounds. Lots of percussion sounds and drum loops in this set. Just a tip- you might want to use 'tuned kicks' with he synth drop loops- so make sure you have a good set and if not, Loopmasters has lots of choices in other sets for that as well.

    Enormous Digital House

    Rating: 9/10

    Enormous Digital House has a deep/ tech house feel. You get 5 construction kits all in G and all at 126 bpm. They pretty much are the same song- broken down into different sections. The melody loops are a mix of analog and tech and the basses are a mix of deep and future house sounding. You get a good selection of both. The drum fills are amazing, a really good combo of sounds. The guitar loops are light and plucky, giving an ambient feel and the piano loops are smooth and melodic. Another great job from Singomakers!

    EDM 2017

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of all around EDM from Singomakers. Theres loads to chose from and quality is always the best. You get 5 pre-made kits which are good but all sound very similar to each other. You get a big group of mixed style melody loops. The vocal loops are great- both original and vocoded, which is different. The fx are what you typically would get- downfilters, falling basses, impacts, uplifters and various effects. The fills and drum loops come in both straight and swing. The synth drop loops are really hard- just what you would want in a great set like this! Cant go wrong with Singomakers...

    Essential Fills Vol.4

    Rating: 10/10

    As usual, Hy2rogen delivers an amazing set of drum/ effect fills for any style EDM. His style and quality are top notch and will fit in great with anything. Each fill is a combination of snares, percussion, synth sound as well as more effects. This set makes it really easy to get a great 'fill' sound.

    You get 3 great folders of sounds- bass, drums & melodies. In the drum loops folder its broken down to full loops,top loops and bonus loops. Everything has a bit of a classic house/ 90's house drum sound- which fits great with the bass sounds. There is TONS to choose from. The sounds are great quality. This is a simple sound- meaning you dont need tons of elements. To get the right vibe for this sound, you just need to do some cool edits. The sounds they give fit right in the pocket and sound fat & dirty !

    Pretty cool set from Monster Sounds of rap vocals. Some of the stuff sounds has a Jay-Z impersonator vibe...lol. Cool loops in 122 bpm and 128 bpm with a folder of a ton of "hype shots" as well as a folder of "chopped loops". Not a lot to find out there in quality rap vocals- so if that's what you want- you came to the right place.

    Future House 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Hy2rogen nails another one with this huge set of Future House sounds. Lots of great sounds in the best quality. I dont feel it necessary to do 'wet' & 'dry' loops but it does give the end user more flexibility. You can tell a lot of effort went into producing these sounds and it shows. For example- the percussion loops are combinations of a bunch of different elements. The fills are also a combo made up of different effects. The vocal loops are chops with lots of cool effects and productions as well. Amazing job !

    On Air Music

    Rating: 10/10

    Great job of giving the people what they want ! It is very true what they said in the description- this is the style that everyone is doing and is all over the radio. Singomakers did an excellent job giving you all the elements you need to craft todays sound. Its a hybrid of trap and tropical house- all at 105 bpm. You get the usual bass loops, drum loops, drum fills, fx & noise loops, melody loops, fx and vocal loops. You also get one-shots of the drums. This is an excellent set if you want the sound thats happening right now.

    Hy2rogen nails it this time with this hard-a$$ set of Wobble House. Its all authentic, speaker-shaking sounds. This is pure 'noise' - in a good way...lol. The speakers will scream and your ears will bleed rocking tracks created from this set. The sounds are hard as hell and you can keep coming up with amazing stuff. He really provides everything you'll need, and a lot of this stuff is not easy to make - so if you're looking for this sound, this this is what you want.

    Tropical Island House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set from Loopmasters- of the sound of today, Tropical House. You get all the usual parts but I real like the way they thought about naming everything and having the names match on each part. Makes things easier to put pieces together that fit the best. Having Apple Loops loops makes it even easier but the naming was key here. Everything is at 114 bpm, a nice bpm as it moves but still gives you the mellow feel. Great job !

  • Tropical Bass House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of Tropical House/ Bass House/ Deep House sounds. You get the standard sounds you'd expect and everything is very authentic. The drum fills are great- a combo of a few effects build together. The drum loops are without the kick so you can add your own. Melody loops are a mix of pianos, plucks, bells, strings, synths and more. The vocal loops are effected vocals in a looped pattern, just like you hear in all the tropical house stuff out there. Nice job !

    NextGen EDM Vol 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent set from Freaky Loops. This is some hard $h*&- big room but not mainstream...think harder. You get 3 full sets which are really good as well as lots of bass loops, drum loops, music loops, wobble drops & vocal loops. You also get midis and 1 shots. The main loops come in both dry & wet so you can decide on your own to add effects or use the already processed versions. If you want the harder sound- this is a good choice !

    Bassline House

    Rating: 9/10

    This is the deep, dark & dirty stuff...very nice set with LOTS to choose from. On top of tons of the usual loops, you get 8 great starter sets. Everything you need is here. Each kit and most of the sounds are based around deep, hard basslines- rather than concentrating on the synth sounds. If you want something harder- this is a great set with loads of inspiration.

    Summer House Sessions

    Rating: 10/10

    I really like this set from Singomakers- its got everything you need ! Its got a great mix of sounds- just what you want for each section of your track to feel right. The way the loops are organized also help you construct your track as each are key labeled in groups that make it easy to find what fits together. There are TONS of loops in this set, no filler. Its a great representation of the current big room sound of EDM.

    Tropical House Sessions

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing ! Singomakers nailed this. This set gives you a great place to start and lots of room to build in your own creative parts. Each little grouping of sounds give you lots of inspiration as well as great loops to get moving. You get awesome melody loops, bass loops, drum fills, drum loops, voice loops, single drums hits, fx and more. Theres lots ot chose from- and everything is produced with the best quality sound. Have Apple Loops and midi loops makes the set complete. Great job !

    Groove House

    Rating: 9/10

    What an amazing set from Hy2rogen ! This is chock full of mainroom / festival sounds. You get additive loops, bass loops, chord & melody loops, drum hits, fills, lead loops, percussive loops, swinging snare loops & top loops. Theres tons of variety and everything from Hy2rogen is authentic as it gets. Everything is nice and hard and has a nice grit to the sound- everything cuts through really nicely. This is not a "drop" set- so dont expect tuned kicks...this has grooving basslines. With so many sets being all about the drop- this stands on its own.

    House Vocal Glitches 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Love creative stuff like this- this is the icing on the cake ! Just when you finish your track and think its great....add some of these vocal looops and it will sound even better ! All these awesome chopped vocal loops add the cool factor to any track. Id call these "the secret sauce"...

    This is BIG library ! Once again Singomakers nails a great FUTURE HOUSE set with everything you need and more. The drop loops in this set are particularly cool, great addition. The vocal loops are also pretty cool. You also get Logic sessions and video tutorials which help people if they want to learn how things work. You get the normal single drum hits, drum loops, melody loops, one shots, vocals, fx and midi. I feel like having the midi is so important so you can really customize your sound. It also helps to layer and build track out by using the same riffs but with different synths. Awesome job !

    Indie Rock

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice set of rock/ indie rock elements. You get 5 main folders- bass loops, drum loops, guitar loops, key loops and string loops. Theres a good amount of content in each folder to chose from. Theres a bunch of various styles of guitars to chose from. The basslines as you would expect are all live to fit in with the indie style. Keys are mostly piano and organ with some other influences mixed in. If you are looking for that live band or indie rock sound- this is a great pick.

    Really nice all around current house set from AVA & Loopmasters. Its got a nice combo of old school and new. You get classic 90's elements mixed together with a fresh sound to create a hybrid that will work on any dancefloor. Drums swing really nice and are super punchy. Basslines are thick and funky. Music loops are the essence of the hybrid style. You also get individual drum hits, bass hits and synth hits with the sampler patches of your choice so you can play your own melodies. Nice job !

    EDM Ultra Pack 3

    Rating: 9/10

    As ususal, Singomakers nails a great EDM pack of everything you need to create a bangin track. These are main room/ big room sounds- play these loud ! You get all the usual elements you would expect int his kind of set. Singomakers always gives great quality with quantity. The drum loops lean on the tribal/percussive side. The synth loops lean on the trance/ progressive side, as well with the melody loops. The drop synth loops are a nice fusion - great effects and hard bass sounding. Works perfectly with a hard kick in key with the loop. Great job !

    Future House

    Rating: 10/10

    Top notch Future House from Hy2rogen. Everything sounds so huge & crisp and theres loads to chose from. I really like the way he did the drum loops in this set- its done as a "kit" but each element loop is separated into clap/ snare, hats, kick, perc, etc. The chord/ melody loops are really nice- somewhat eclectic yet fits perfectly in the genre. The bass loops are a perfect combo of future bass, wobbles and tech house basses. The additive loops give the extra 'special sauce' - just he right sounds to layer in to give the tracks more dimension. This is definitely a top pack !!

    Dirty Bassline House

    Rating: 8/10

    Not a big set from Soundbox but quality. You get hard bass loops, which are super dirty. The drum loops are simple. Kick loops are not tuned- as the basslines are what drives the track. Music loops are a complete set- bass, beats & fx... still not sure why they give these...The perc loops and top loops are simple, good higher end sounds. All in all a good set.

    Festival Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    Bangin' festival trap from Singomakers ! Loud & noisy ! Theres loads to chose from int his set- lots of variety. You get audio as well as midi. You also get NI Massive patches for some of the sounds. The main folders are bass loops, droo synth loops, drum loops, orchestral loops, music loops, vox loops & fx. Everything was well thought out and very creative. This stuff will definitely make your speakers pound ! If you are looking for some hot Trap- this is what you want.

    Funk & Disco Guitars

    Rating: 8/10

    You get 7 sets of Funk & discoish guitars - with 2 sections in each folder. The bpms vary from 95 to 140. There are some hidden gems amongst the masses. You might want to run these through your own processing to bring out the best from these loops. Its not mandatory to know how guitars are used properly in a song but it will definitely help to have some basic knowledge. I feel like these parts will work very well for those that might have a track and need additional 'live' elements to round out their sound.

    Great set of house sax loops all at 126 bpm. Perfect for Future and Tropical House. You get 9 sets with about 10-12 loops in each key. Having these in Apple Loops is great because the key and tempo can change on the fly. You also get a folder of bonus loops tp get you going. This series is great to have for the current house sound, to give you that authentic and organic feel to add into your tracks.

    Euphoric EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    Really well produced set from Loopmasters. Great variety and sound quality- loads to chose from. They bring sounds from different areas of EDM to make up this complete set. Its definitely got that big room/ festival feel. There are effected/ chopped vocal loops, bass loops, different kinds of drums loops, lots of music loops, fx, single drum hits, drop loops and more. You will have a hard time NOT coming up with some amazing and very quickly...

    EDM Rave Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    I like the way FL created this set - go right for the drop as well as adding in the buildups before the drop. Instead of giving the entire track - it lets the end user create the basis of the track and this provides the killer boom! Each set contains all the elements you need - broken down into the important sections. There's also a bonus folder of great drum and synth sounds. For speed and ease alone this is a great set. Freaky Loops always delivers!

    Killer Fx Drops 4

    Rating: 8/10

    Good set of 10 EDM "builds". These arent the "drop"- its the build up before the drop. I wish there were more than 10 and wish there was a bit more variety as they all follow the same formula. That being said- they are quite good. Great if you dont feel like creating your own build. You can just layer a synth behind it or a vocals stutter effect going into the drop- and 'presto'.. you've got a great sounding mix.

    EDM 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Huge set of great EDM elements & loops. Everything you need to create a sick club anthem is here! Melody loops, perc loops, top loops, lead riffs, tons of fx, bass loops, single drums and more. The quality is always great from Hy2rogen. Im loving the 'Additive Loops" in this set which isnt the main sound of what you are trying to achieve - its the secondary sound or additional sound that makes everything sound fuller and more complete. The Melody Loops are also excellent as a bridge, break or even part of a lead. Excellent job !

  • Nice "dirty wobble" edition from Famous Audio. You get some nice bass loops, a bonus folder of drums, loops & one shots. The main bass loops are really hard & dirty. Some of the bonus sounds are 'old school 90's' sounding- to give a twist to the set. Bonus drums are good, tight classic sounding. Not a huge set but quality nonetheless.

    Essential Fills Vol.3

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing fill set . I love these fills from Hy2rogen because he created little fill sections rather than simply a snare fill. Each 'fill' its a small compilation of sound effects, chopped vocals, effected drums and snares. Each fill is its own 'little creation'. These will work great with any track- this set is a definite must of you are looking for great EDM fills that have a lot of parts that make up each section.

    Future House Energy

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool set from Soundbox. This sounds like an old school meets new school sound. You get basslines, individual drum sounds, no kick loops, low loops, perc loops, synths, top loops and vocal loops. Everything is at 124 bpm but having the Apple Loops is a bonus. It snot a huge set but good quality.Drums are cool having a 90's house sound but still updated. This set will work nicely if you use elements from other sets mixed in.

    Really nice set of big Melbourne Bounce/ EDM sounds. I got right into a set and found these sounds to be a bit different than the average. I really like the diversity of sounds. The vibe definitely leans to the Melbourne Bounce as the set is titled but the elements can be used in almost any EDM style. Theres a good amount of synth loops, musical loops, drum loops, tuned kicks, perc, vocals, bassloops and more. Great job by Singomakers !

    Funk Rock Guitars

    Rating: 10/10

    Excellent set from Frontline Producer. I already have other sets from them - like 'Picked Bass', 'Studio Acoustics' & 'The Chord Collection' which are all great for combining all the sounds you need. This set really works well for me.Its just what it says- 'Funk Rock'. There are 4 folders- 90 bpm, 100, 110 and 124. I love having Apple Loops as well as you can audtion slower tempo loops at the tempo you are at without having to do extra work. Great job !

    EDM Force Awakens

    Rating: 9/10

    Really nice EDM set- that sounds current yet futuristic. Theres lots to chose from which is always nice. Having the Apple Loops is huge plus as well. As usual Songmakers gives you single drum sounds, vocal shouts, fx, melody loops, drum loops without kicks, fills & drop bass loops. Theres also a bonus folder of some excellent mixed sounds. This is a set for festivals and big rooms- not going to be something for the radio. As always Singomakers delivers the best club sounds in the best quality.

    Excellent Future House set from Loopmasters. Great variety- all top notch sounds. The FX are just as good as the drum hits, bass loops and top loops. Sometimes you have one particular group better than the rest... but in this set- everything is equally great.The bass loops especially are top notch, very thick yet crisp enough on the EQ to cut through. The sounds are very current and will work to create loads of top tracks.

    Old School House

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool hybrid set from Singomakers of Future House/ Old School House. I laugh all the time because Future House is basically a twisted version of the original, old school house sound. The sound that I started out in, has come back but in a twisted variation- which is now "Future House". This set is cool becuase it continues that new vibe yet brings back some of the authentic, old school sounds. The basses are like they were in the past- super deep ! Good crisp drum sounds, the drum loops are super tight as well. I like how the drum loops have a good combo of old and new sounds still done in a classic house drum pattern. Loving the few classic techno sounds thrown on as well.

    Dark Nu Wave Disco

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice but small set from PBB. I like the dark disco vibe for a change of pace. You get bass loops, drum loops, drum fills, funky guitar loops, instrument loops, top loops plus 7 full kits. The kits have a full sound, with everything from beats, bass to horns and old school keys. This set wont be for everyone but if you want something different- this is a cool collection of sounds.

    EDM Remix Tools

    Rating: 10/10

    A very complete set of bangin club sounds. Everything from bass loops, individual drum sounds, fx, drum fills, top loops, hook & drops and melody loops are here. Very high quality sounds with lots to chose from. They even give you dry and wet versions of the loops along with midi. A very important part that many sets forget about. Having both midi as well as audio is huge...that way you can create your own sound.

    Swedish /\ EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    A great all around and comprehensive set. I wouldnt think this is "Swedish" but Im guessing they are pulling it from Axwell /\ Ingrosso, hence the odd middle characters. You get everytihng you can imagine would be in a big set like this. Everything is high quality and these plenty of variety. The meoldy loops are excellent, I would have liked more. The fx are good as well as the individual drum sounds. Everything clocks in at 128 bpm.

    Really cool set from Dub Pistols. This set has a great mix of reggae, dub and electronica to form the Dub Pistols sound. If you want to go more current- this set works great by adding more electronic elements. You can easily add trap, moomhbaton or even tech funk to this to create a more diverse vibe. As always, I love Apple Loops and what makes them so great is that I audition all the sounds at whatever tempo I'm at. Dont feel locking into the tempo the sounds were meant to be- make them into what you want. You get great drum loops as well as single hits. Dub basses, synths, organs, horns and more.

    Party Bangers

    Rating: 8/10

    Its just what the title says- Party bangers...a blend of trap, future house, hip hop, old school and new school mixed into one. You get EDM and Future House baselines, 808 loops, drum loops, single drum hits, musical riffs, fx and some chopped vocal loops. This is really a "mash" of styles and genres to bring to you a cross platform genre. You could play this style with trap or pop. I like when someone comes along with a new style or something that is different from the pack.

    Visions Of House

    Rating: 8/10

    10 nice kits of deep & future house from Loopmasters. Each set comes with every part broken down into main elements- chords, organs, bass, piano, leads and then broken down drums. It gives you many ways to create your own sound. They give you the main sounds as audio as well.The sounds range from older sounding vibes to current future house. You also get a fold of all the drum and fx hits, so you can change things to your liking or use the elements on other tracks. I do like this set as it gives people are starting point as a construction kit.

    Picked Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent funky bass licks for all your funky grooves. If you are looking for a virtual live bass player- than look no further than this set from Frontline Producer. Each bit in the set comes with variations of licks. Tempos range from 110 to 130. These loops will work in a range of material from rock to pop to funky old school. Having the Apple Loops is s huge bonus as you can change the key on the fly. Great job !

    Future House

    Rating: 8/10

    Soundbox comes with a nice Future House set, with drum loops, fx, synth loops, bass loops and top loops. Good set, just not a ton of variety. All the bass and synth loops are a good current future house sound. The sonic quality of all the loops are great- each element cuts through cleaning in the mix. Hopefully FH Vol 2 will have even more.

    Future Wobble House

    Rating: 10/10

    Great set from Singomakers. Its got a mixture of dubstep"ish" basslines with tough 4/4/ drums. Nice hard rise up & down fx- with a different vibe than other sets. Nice melody loops for breakdowns or even adding a bass underneath. Lots of single drums, with all the usual things you would expect. You also get 'different then the ordinary' top-end drum loops. The 'bass drop loops' are great- both wobble & future house sounds. Nice job !!

    Blues Harp

    Rating: 8/10

    If you're looking for that organic sound, these are nice harmonica loops . You get 90 bpm, 110, 120 and 140 bpm. There are a bunch of choices in each bpm with different sections so you can build up your own licks. Everything is a standard blues riff- nothing really deviates from that vibe. If you want some blues harp on your track, you've found the right place.

    Mainstage Trap Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Big set from Singomakers of Mainstage Trap. This is the follow up to V1 and it doesn't disappoint. There's loads of loops and sounds. There's a mixed bag of tap sounds and styles- its not a copycat set where everything sounds like a certain producer. Id even call it EDM Trap, where is a hybrid of styles. You get drop bass loops, drum loops, individual drum hits, snare rolls, fx, horn loops, melody loops, sub bass loops and lead loops. Its great that broke down each of the drum loops to give you variations.

    Future House Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice future house set from Loopmasters. I feel this more of a combo between deep house and future house. The drums swing nicely and basses are on the future house tip but the synths seem more deep. Not too tough, on the lighter side. You get bass loops, chord loops, drum loops,, fx, pads, synth loops, top loops and vocals. As well you get the corresponding midi files to round it out.

  • This is definitely something out of the ordinary. Its not going to be for everyone but those who want it will love it. Everything you would want or need to produce authentic old school 80's sounding funk is here. Whether is the Gap Band, Prince, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Cameo, Kool & The Gang, Dazz Band, etc- its here. From the drum sounds and patterns to the instrumentation, there's so much to chose from and get inspiration from. You can start quickly and effortlessly with the "master sections". These are all the parts broken into sections. You can also get sections broken down into stems, which can be used to further work into whatever you want or just to get deeper into each track. This set is for the adventurous and very cool !


    Rating: 10/10

    Super packed EDM set from Hy2rogen. Everything you need is in here- jam packed with quality sounds. They thought out everything very carefully when putting it all together as they give you all loops broken down into different parts for the most control. Having everything as Apple Loops is also always a big bonus. Also, they were smart enough to give you the midi for all the awesome bass loops, melody loops and hooks & drops. You cant go wrong with this one. Great job !

    Future House Meets EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    Great new set from Connectd Audio. I really like this one- its got bass loops, drum loops, single drum hits, fx, music & synth loops. Theres lots to chose from and everything sonically sounds great. You also get midi files of the synth loops which is a bonus. The drum loops are broken down into sections, so its easy to create the drum pattens how you like. If youre looking to make Future House- this is a great place to start.

    EDM Hooks and Drops Vol2

    Rating: 10/10

    As usual- Loopmasters comes through with another killer sample set. This time its Vol 2 "Hooks & Drops" This is a huge set- with all top notch production. The drum loops are broken down into section which make things easy to work with. The Drop loops are explosive and noisy (in a good way). You also get amazing "Hook" loops which also are broken down into sections. This set literally gives you everything and more to create some hard ass tracks. I especially love they way they gave you multiple keys of the "kick basses". You will find yourself going to back to this set all the time !

    Jackin G-House

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a really cool hybrid set from Singomakers. It blends sounds of a Future House vibe and mixed with a bunch of other styles. Lots of drum loops and lots of live bass loops. You get standard one shot drums sounds as well as a lot of cool drum/ percussive loops. You get vox shouts and loops, bass loops, live bass loops and synth loops. Always great to hear something slightly different and interesting.

    EDM Superstar

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice EDM set from Soundbox- not a large variety but good quality nonetheless. The clap loops are a straight repetitive loop, the full drum loops have a kick tone with fx, the fx sounds are rises & falls, kick loops are great- huge sounding kicks. All kicks are with bass. The snare builds are just snares. The synth loops sound great- really big sounds with sidechain compression.

    If you're looking for a great vocal drop set, look no further than this new set from Push Button Bang. There are so many vocal gems in this set- its amazing. There's male vocals, female vocals, group vocals, group chants, effected vocals, shouts, screams and a bunch more. Great job !!

    Great all around set from Singomakers. As always they deliver high quality sounds and this doesn't disappoint. This set follows the same formula as Vol 1, with tuned kicks, bass drops, drum fills, synth drop loops, huge snare hits, drumloops, vox, melody loops, fx and more. Loads of inspiration comes quickly by having these as Apple Loops, which I always love.

    Future House Festival

    Rating: 9/10

    Its not a big set- but a very cool one from Freaky Loops. Within 10 minutes Ive got a killer chill house/ future house groove. Great effects for this style as well. You'll find the effects that come with it very helfpful as most other fx sets have harder effects and wont match properly with this vibe. You get single drum sounds, drum loops, bass loops, effects and synth loops. The vibe is laid back, with a great groove yet still has energy. Nice one !

    Really cool afro-tech vocal set from Soundbox. These vocals can fit in with any time of EDM but probably work best with something with a tribal feel. You get a lot of variety with bpms ranging from 120-126. There are glitched vox, sidechained vocal loops, processed loops, male and female loops. Its a very cool pack and if youre looking for this type of sound- this set is top notch.

    Nice EDM/ Bounce set from Singomakers. I wouldnt call this authentic Melbourne Bounce but nevertheless its very good. It does have a Bounce feel to some of the kits but it feel more general EDM to me. The 10 kits are split up very well and the sound quality is tight. People also should remember that you can always use the drums or fx from one set with music of the other.

    Future House Drum Fills

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing fills- not only for future house but any style EDM. Its hard to even find a bad one in the bunch- that's how good it is. They all seem to have a "funky" feel to them rather than a 'hard straight' feel and thats what I like about these. They will work great with anything. All the fills are at 125 bpm but can be easily stretched to any tempo. There's loads to chose from- and compared to many other drum fill sets...you'll never runout of a one that's not great.

    5 great Melbourne Bounce sets. The loops and sounds are huge ! They sound amazing with little or no effort in mixing as everything is bright, tight and crisp. Everything is well organized as well- each set is broken down into music loops, drum loops, oneshots, presets and midi folders. I would have liked more sets as well as Apple Loops but this is a really nice set for the sound from "Down Under"

    Freemasons do it again- bringing you an amazing sample set of high quality sounds. There's a great mix of sounds in this set. There's bass, piano & synths- but you can mix and match tons of riffs. The vibe for these sounds leans more towards future house and deep house. This has a 'future organic' feel which works great right now for the sound that's really hot. I really have to hand it to Russell & James for creating these lush and impressive sounds. Even if you arent completely into the deep house or future house sound- you can add some flavor to expand your palate.

    Awesome future house sound set with so much to choose from. Great single drum hits and fx. Excellent drum fills and drum loops in both straight and swing feels. The basslines are spot on for the most current sounds. If youre looking to do nu-house/ future house, this set is well worth it. Loads to chose from and top notch quality sounds.

    Le Freaky Guitars

    Rating: 9/10

    Great quality funky guitar riffs for your disco inspired tracks. The guitars were recorded really well. The vibe is definitely going towards Daft Punk "Get Lucky". I happen to work with some great guitar players but many times that is not an option for most- so something like this is great. They are great song starters as well. Having them in Apple Loops for you Logic users is a great bonus.

    Even though Moombahton has been around for a minute- I really like this set to mix with Trap and other styles. You can get super creative with this style- cut & pasting tons of loops to come up with something different. Theres tons to chose from - lots of cool weird synth loops. The drums are leaning more tribal- which is the vibe you want for Moombahton. You can still use lots of these sounds if you want more of a Moombahcore sound. Be creative and dont use just the sounds in this set- go get more sets and bring it all together.

    This $H%T is cool...I love hearing something different and great at the same time. Dont get me wrong- love the EDM packs but once in a while something comes along that sparks something and I think this is it. Check out the demo and youll see what I mean. I feel like its got a lot of "Chemical Brothers" influence. You can really dig in and get creative with this sound. Theres such a mash up of vibes- from rock to hip hop, trap and funk all wrapped into one. You can put a rock vocal over the top or a rap vocal. Amazing job with this Loopmasters- already looking forward to VOL 2 !

    The Blues Sessions Vol2

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow- another killer set from Loopmasters. This is a BIG set- lots to choose from. Everything is broken down into fine detail. You get bass, drums, guitars, harmonica, mandolin and vocals. There are different variations and sounds within each category. Everything has a nice 'dusty/ record' sound to them. This set is for the person looking to create something different. You can mash this with new elements to create something 'futureretro' as well. Loopmasters obviously put a lot of time and effort into the quality and precise recording process and it really shows. Amazing job !

    Everything you need to make a massive 'hands in the air' festival record. I liked Vol. 1, I think Vol 2 is even better. Great melody lines, big hard kicks, single drum hits, fx, vocal drops, drum loops, fills, synth loops and more. Theres also a good amount of swung & triplet loops if that's what you are after. Another quality set from Singomakers. Its a no-brainer, pick this one up, you wont be disapointed.

  • Dirty Complex Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    Great set of Complextro/ Electro sounds & loops from Freaky Loops. There is lots of material to chose from. Most are 1-2 second audio clips of bass & synth notes which you combine to create your own complextro sounds. They also give you a bunch of great 2 bar and 4 bar full loops with and without sidechain. Its takes some trial & error to get your own loops right but theres so mich to work with that is makes things easier.

    Festival MIDI Melodies

    Rating: 8/10

    Standard sounding set of midi & audio EDM loops. You get 80+ midi loops and 35 audio loops. The sounds range from chords to leads as well as basses. All loops are in either the key of C or G, easy to mix and match what you like. The quality is very good as always from Freaky Loops.

    Ragga Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a bit of an odd one but still comes out pretty cool. Its a mixture of reggae and trap. You have to be careful - they actually aren't so easy to get in the 'pocket' together. Theres a bit of trial and error to make it work. I think its a cool vibe and something a bit different. Theres a good amount to choose from and good variety. Drum loops, horns, live bass loops, guitar loops, single drum hits, live drum loops and melody loops. For those looking to expand their soundbase - this could be a great pick in the world of Trap.

    I actually downloaded Vol 2 first and then went back for Vol 1 because 2 is so good. This set doesnt disappoint either. I found the tempos were a bit slow....but because Im a Logic user, I simply "Flex'ed" the loops and instantly I use them at any tempo. Im sure users of other DAWS can do the same. Vol 1 is a bit more "house" than Vol 2 and has a funkiness to beats. People might like this set even more if they are doing what is now called "Future House" or "Classic House". In this set you get more bongos/ tablas/ classic house percussion. This set feels a bit like classic "David Morales drums mixed with a bit of Todd Terry snares." In case you want to change things up- simply add a different kick or not use some of the loops, which will give you more of your own sound.

    This is an excellent and interesting new twist for a drum set from newcomer F9. They give you everything laid out in a complete Logic session. It also might help some people understand how a song/ drum track should be built up. This might be overkill for some but some will love it. The drum sounds are great- super crisp and tight. The drums are very well rounded and would work in almost any style of Mainroom EDM. I think this is also an excellent set because it shows how certain effects are used- and for those people who may not understand compression/ EQ'ing/ some use of reverb & delay- these kits show you hands on how each is used and you can hear what each effect is doing. Great job!

    Singomakers delivered a huge bundle of sounds for this set. There's tons to chose from. The sounds are top notch and pretty standard big room/ festival sounds. It was great that they added the midi- lets you make it more of your own sound. There are drop/synth loops, drum fills, all the standard single drum sounds, effected loops, melody loops, top end loops and a few vocals phrases.

    This is a great set of breakbeats & horn loops. Also included are some instrument loops to round it out. Not sure why the breakbeats are together with the horn sounds but you can use them together or with other style of music. Having the Apple Loops are a huge plus. The breakbeats are a live drum kit- with a rock feel rather than a hip hop feel. Tempos range from 90-180. The horn loops are bouncy and staccato, you get both alto & tenor.

    EDM Ultra Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    Loopmasters tries something different- this time following the new trend of the 5 construction kit concept. All kits are great- the sounds are what you hear from all the biggest djs. The kits are broken down to give you lots of variety how to put it back together. You get Apple loops, midi and sampler patches as well. Excellent quality stuff from Loopmasters.

    Big Dirty Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Lots of dirty bass- as you would imagine...The bass loops are what you are looking for in this set. The drums are really nice as well and broken down into section which is a big plus. Bonus folder of percussion happen to simple but good. The least part of the "wow" factor for me was the synth loops. Some work well but not the strongest part of the pack. Vox loops are great- just not enough of them this time. All in all a nice pack of dirty house/ dirty bass.