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House Piano Lovers

Genre: House

Additional Styles: Classic House and Keyboards

If you are a fan of house music, you probably know how the melody is important for this particular style.

A good piano riff is often at the basis of a great modern house track, whether it’s a lush grand piano type sound or a moody electric piano melody, anything goes.

This sample pack is an excellent starting point for producers who are looking for fuller, bigger, and more organic piano sounds to include in their productions.

Not only is the quality of the recordings quite stellar, but the versatility is off the charts with tons of features.

The sample pack features a grand total of 151 piano loops at 124 bpm.

The tempo is quite a great “middle of the road” alternative for house music since most tracks are built around this particular bpm.

However, the fact that the tempo is so versatile makes the piano loops easy to stretch without noticeable artifacts to match the tempo of most projects.

You’ll also find dozens of loops to match various keys so that you can find the right pitch fit for your song arrangement without needing to pitch-shift the samples heavily to match the key of your song.

Drum Loops are not included but you can find them at House-Music-Lover

Available at Loopcloud too! 

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  • In Total 151 Piano Loops
  • 24 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  Am Key
  • 20 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  B Key
  • 15 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  C Key
  • 15 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  Cm Key
  • 15 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  Dm Key
  • 24 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  Fm Key
  • 14 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  G Key
  • 24 Piano Loops 124 Bpm  G# Key

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    • In Total 151 Piano Loops
    • 24 Piano Loops 124 Bpm Am Key
    • 20 Piano Loops 124 Bpm B Key
    • 15 Piano Loops 124 Bpm C Key
    • 15 Piano Loops 124 Bpm Cm Key
    • 15 Piano Loops 124 Bpm Dm Key
    • 24 Piano Loops 124 Bpm Fm Key
    • 14 Piano Loops 124 Bpm G Key
    • 24 Piano Loops 124 Bpm G# Key
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Davewinnel big


Dave Winnel
This pack is great to spark some inspiration straight off the bat. i love how the loops aren't too stabby and take up the whole space. Love that they include midi also. Such a vibe this pack. Great for me who doesn't know music theory that much. Love it.


Vip award

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