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Dave Winnel is signed to Armada Music but his diverse music style has seen him release on internationally acclaimed record labels, AXTONE, Def Jam, Size, Ministry Of Sound & Big Beat. In 2016 Dave collaborated with Armin Van Buuren & released the summer festival hit ‘The Race’ which climbed the beatport charts. His single ‘Don’t Stop’ clocked up 2 million plays on Spotify, which inturn made, Winnel one of the most sought-after remixers, with official mixes for Twenty One Pilots, Clean Bandit, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Anne Marie, Bastille, Hardwell & Adam Lambert. His residency list is impressive with locking in residencies at both MARQUEE & PACHA (Syd).


  • Tech House Fuerza

    Rating: 10/10

    Latin house is taking over and this massive pack delivers with the goods. The Combi loops are a great place to instantly throw some paint on the canvas. I think I'll be using the top loops most from this pack. Super high quality and I like how each loop is broken down into it's parts also. The kicks are super tight too, great low end and nice distortion. Give me a margarita and lets get this party started!

    If you're after some current Tech House Drop sounds then this pack is for you. Just love Incognet's sample packs, they're such high quality. The top loops are nice and thick and processed well, meaning they're great to start working a track around to quickly get a groove going. There is 27 construction kits. Like woah, sooo many samples and ideas to get you going.

    The percussion elements in this sample pack are nothing short of spectacular, featuring an array of authentic African drum sounds that transport listeners to the heart of tribal celebrations. From the intricate djembe patterns to the thunderous conga rhythms, every beat is meticulously crafted, providing an unparalleled foundation for my productions. I love how everything is catagorized in their respected BPMs.

    As always liking this pack From HY2ROGEN. Very high-quality sounds here. The Construction kits are a great place to start when inspiration is lacking. The top loops are super full and great to flesh out a track fast in the writing stage. I would have liked the one-shots in their own one-shot folders, as it's hard to find them all at once. Thankyou HYL2ROGEN.

    Ok, hold up!! how does HY2ROGEN keep putting out such dope sample packs. Tech House Vocal Anthems is another example of top-quality sounds. This pack is more about the construction kits and will be a great way to kick off some songs when inspiration is lagging. Love how everything is key and bpm labelled, it makes things really easy. Great work Hy2rogen.

    Super super nice sample pack from 'Keep It Sample'. Really vibing the melody loops. These will come in handy when inspiration is low. I've actually been using these sounds to add some melodic texture to tracks when i feel some element is missing. Drums are tight and high quality, and like that, they have the one-shot elements also as some packs these days forget that. Great MIDI inclusion too, I've actually used one of these already and called the 'Track' Rush from the sample pack now. LOL.

    Unity Samples are by far the best techno sample packs going round. Vol. 20 is insane as always. The kicks are massive and work as a great foundation to build the song around. The FX too are great and can be used as background texture sounds. All the 909 percussion like the hats are recorded and processed great, no need for extra processing here just drop and go.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again Unity Samples put out the BEST techno sample packs by far. This is large and you can pretty much make a song using just these sounds. The kicks and rumbles feel current and will work with mainroom techno and deeper more underground tunes. Loving the lead stab sounds in here too, some great character to them. Loving this pack. Great stuff Unity Samples!

    Tech Groove & Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... man I'm a fan of !Q samples. Love Love Love this pack. Tech Grooves are taking over the dance floors and this pack is hot on the money with it's top and percussion loops. Also loving the basslines included too. Def a great way to start a song when no inspiration strikes.

    Latam Tech House

    Rating: 9/10

    Singomakers have done it again with their latest pack Latam Tech House. Straight fire top and percussion loops which will add loads to my tunes when I need to add some extra energy. Vibing some of these vocal loops too, definitely some unique bits in here. Big ups Singomakers, lovely work.

    Man I´ve been a fan of Max Chapman for a while so I was so excited to see he had a sample pack. I was not disappointed by this one. Def a 10/10 for me. Love all the little intricate tech top loops. Very usable one shots too which is hard to came across in sample packs these days.

    Tech House Plague

    Rating: 9/10

    HY2ROGEN are known for the high quality loops and this pack is no exception. The drum loops are especially handy and add an exciting layer to my new productions. I love the live recorded elements include in this sample pack like the guitars and horns. Great Great Pack. Well done!

    Piano House Anthems

    Rating: 9/10

    I for one am not the greatest on the old keys so this pack is a massive help to me to kick start a project if I'm after some old school sounding House Keys. Love that there is midi for every loop too so I can easily swap out the instruments and add my own sounds. Loads of great Defected sounding House pianos too which I'm sure everyone's going to be loving too.

    House Piano Lovers

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is great to spark some inspiration straight off the bat. i love how the loops aren't too stabby and take up the whole space. These loops leave lots of room to add in counter melodies and save room for vital things like bass & drums. The Sounds are process sick too so they sound solid straight away without adding much to the sound. Love that they include midi also. Such a vibe this pack. Great for me who doesn't know music theory that much. Love it.

    Oh my lord my energy levels are through the roof right now. Feels like I've dumped 2 litres of caffeine into my system! This High Octane Tech House Pack takes the energy levels up to 11 and doesn't stop. Full of 100% usable samples and loops that are already release quality, some might not like the fact that the sounds are processed so well, but I enjoy it and means I can load in a loop quickly and get busy creating. Def looking forward to their upcoming releases.

    Lillie McCloud's tone is off the charts. She has that HUGE diva sound and more. Definitely no Auto tune here. I can't wait to chop and arrange these vocals into something sick!!! Lots of song ideas here, but I think I like the Loops and Hook Ad-libs best. Definitely going to get a run!

    Rude-by name Rude By nature. I love this pack. I´m going to chop the crap out of it! I love finding unique packs like this from other genre´s then using it in my own style. Brings an added flare to set me above the rest. Looking forward to Rudbeboy´s next release! Lets GOooo!

    Wh0's House

    Rating: 8/10

    Wh0 are one of my favourite producers. I´m always referencing their tunes so when i saw they had a sample pack available I jumped at the chance to grab it so I could dissect their sounds and get a glimpse at their production.. but the lingering question still remains.. who is WH0? will we ever find out? Does it actually matter when their sounds are this sick?

    Bassified Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is mad. It kinda sits on the edge of Tech House, Electro House, & Bass House. Let´s just call it.. Mainroom House? Yes that´s it. It´s the kinda sounds that would rock it on the huge festival stages but then also the small intermit club rooms. This bad boy is going to get a rinsiing in my projects for sure. Big Big vibes.

    Bass Decent

    Rating: 8/10

    Uffftt!!! Man this pack is DECENT!! pun intended!. Very very usable pack. Definitely going to be using this bad boy in some future tracks. Got that nice EDM vibe but not too Mainstream so will work well on some of the more underground productions.

  • Bass House Therapy

    Rating: 9/10

    Sometimes i Download sample packs from other genre´s i´m not producing to get some outsider flair into my own genres. This was a good choice with Bass House Therapy. Super usable samples. Definitely going to be getting a mad workout in my future productions. Look out Beatport, #1 here I come!

    oh boy this pack is sooo chunky. Damn those drops hit are in the preview! INSTANT DOWNLOAD!! As the name suggests this pack has everything you need to build up a solid Tech House Groove. Big Ups Sharp Samples you have made my life slightly easier building up my beats!!

    Tech House Bangers

    Rating: 8/10

    BanGer Alert!!! It's love at first listen! So many dope ready to blow the speaker samples in here. Going to drop these straight into this session I'm working because damn this is some hot sample action!. Loving all the dope key labeled bass loops. And the percussion top loops are FIRE!!

    Definitive Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    This is hot like Wasabi!! Like when I browse through the samples I can actually feel my mouth starting to heat up because they are so fire! like literally. But we have to talk about the sheer size of this pack. There are sooo many Loops that just ooze creativity. Perfect for when I'm lacking that little spark inside me to come up with my own baseline. I can just drag in one of these little bad boys and then I'm good to go.


    Rating: 9/10

    This is such a sickkkk Sample Pack. I love find gems that I wouldn't normally download. This pack is designed for Cinema and trailer Production which makes it perfect for big epic techno cinematic breakdowns. The string risers are what sold it for me. And the Percussion elements can fill in a build up nicely, creating a a vibe instantly. So grab your popcorn and strap in for this epic pack!

    Love this dudes Music!! So I had to download his pack to rip his music off.. aha no but seriously instant vibes here jumping straight in. I normally start off a track with a solid drum loop. Easiest way to do that is use a solid sample loop from a pack like this.. then as the track is evolving some what I can start diggin in and replacing the drum loop. Vibing his bass loops too. instant creativity boosters there for those times of crisis in the studio when the ideas just aren't flowing. All in all good pack! keep pumping out the solid tunes Piero Pirupa!

    This pack is HUGE!! Huge in quality and huge in quantity. All the Song breakdown included are absolute stompers!! I don't make 'techno' but i like reaching out and downloading packs of different genre's to have different elements in my tracks and this techno pack is going to bring a punch to my housey influenced tracks. Also vibing jamming with the loops and mixing and matching the construction kits. Loving the analog sounds with this one. Did I mention it's HUGE? Keep it up!

    Neo Soul & RnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Was Neo from he matrix the prophecy everyone hoped he would be? I think so... Is this pack everything we hoped it would be? YES it definitely is. Wow what a splendidly crafted pack. Big Ups to Deeperfect on always delivering High quality samples. Definitely using this one in my upcoming jams!

    Afro House Generation

    Rating: 8/10

    The preview for this sample pack blew me away... I was like surely this pack can't be full of all these beautifully crafted loops and tings for such a low price. But by god it was. I was blown away. And not blow away like if you were in a war scenario.. but more blown away if you were in year 12 attending your first high school party with Alcohlol. Anyway. Great pack would recommend.

    My eyes lit up like 4th of July when I saw Rene Amesz had a sample pack out. I hurried to my trusty laptop and downloaded his samples as soon as I could.. and I wasn't disappointed. I find myself going straight to his pack to grab loops to start working a new track from. I have to steer my way away from this collection so the track doesn't come out sounding too ´Rene Amesz´. But then again the world can never have enough Rene.. and I think we can all agree on that.

    Cool pack Mahias D... I´m going to use these bad boys a lot. Not the most extensive sample collection but the song kits totally make up for the loss in those. The kits ooze out inspiration which will surely kick off some new ideas or will easily add some elements to some almost finished products!!!

    Tech House Relief

    Rating: 8/10

    I was very relieved to go thru this pack once downloaded to find very inspiring sounds which are ready to go and drop in over your track to take it to the next level. Or better yet some sounds spark inspiration where a new track can be spawned. How´s the cover art too. very cool, but not as cool as the uber cool baselines included in the back. if they had an uber rating, they´d definitely be a 5. Hats off guys you´ve done it again.

    Stripped Future Pop

    Rating: 9/10

    Ohh la la. super lush sounds in here. Really great for that 2019 pop music, not that mumble rap stuff tho, I´m not really into that stuff... but that´s cool, each to their own. Think more fluffy stuff... you know, nice chords, nice plucks. The kind of sounds you like to hear while sipping on a nice pina colada. I don´t really like pina colada´s tho. I´m more a margarita kinda guy. Anyway... great pack. loads of inspiration comes from this.

    Taki Trap & Reggaeton

    Rating: 9/10

    Keep it simple by name but such a complex pack full of all the tools need to make a pop banger in 2019 style. Loads of fully sick drums included in range from 90bpm up to 140bpm, so all genre´s are covered here. Me likey very much. some nice synth loops too which can be chopped up and used at your disposal. Overall very good pack with high quality samples.

    Tekno House Nights

    Rating: 9/10

    I get so excited when i see new HY2ROGEN packs come thru my email. I simply have to download them straight away!! Was not disappointed from this sample pack. Instant creativity was sparked kinda like that time I visit Ibiza for the first time and was front from for the whole of ERIC PRDYZ set or was it a CIREZ D set? or was it a PRYDA set? I can't remember... but what I do remember is this pack is super sick and I can't wait to make a track out of the sounds. I love the little percussive hit loops. they really seem to fill out a track nicely when dropped on top. If they key is right, they work but sometimes when the key doesn't work that's when the true magic happens. Overall great pack!

    Baile Pump!

    Rating: 9/10

    Taking me straight to Brazil and back again with Baile Pump!. Sooooo many fresh as hell drums samples. Not just for popy kind of music tho. I'm already using these in house tracks. Love the texture samples too they've added, will be super sick to add in the background of breaks ect. Vocal samples may come in use too. PUMPING IT UP WITH BAILE PUMP!

    MDE Presents another FIRE pack for all us budding producers!!! Twisted TECH FUNK get's the thumbs up for me that's for sure! PURE FIRE. I just noticed I've already said FIRE 2 times.. better make it 3 times. Love this pack for the grittiness of the loops. They have that super lekker crispness distortion that we sooo much desire in the house realm of music making creating super laps. The Vocal loops are super cool too, throw them on like us Aussies throw another shrimp on the barbie mateeeee!!.

    Hot Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    Loopmasters always have the highest quality loops and samples. 8/10 for this perfectly crafted pack. Dive straight into the pre made loops for instant inspiration and get creative cutting and rearranging each hit. All Drum loops are split into Kick, clap, hats, tops, and percusion so you can easy strip apart and rebuild all the grooves. Very useful especially if you only want on sound from each loop. Also nice assortment of EFX sounds in here. Hot like wasabi and who doesn't like wasabi?

    I like to explore the dark depths of the web and here I found the beautiful 'Melodic Techno Explorations'. Not really, but I did find it on Loopmasters.com & I wasn't disappointed. Beautiful sample pack with loads of useful sounds and inspiration triggering loops. And who doesn't like getting triggered? I mean it is 2019 already. Let's hope people don't get so triggered anymore... anyway I'm getting away from the review. Dope pack. Lots of quality loops that sound like a song already that you can cut up as desired.

    Core Series Vol.2

    Rating: 10/10

    HY2ROGEN has done it again! They've always got the most professional sounding samples and loops.. which aren't too heavily processed. Samples which are heavily processed are hard to fit in most mixes... so this is very welcome. Super dope top loops which are a nice addition to throw in the mix to add some more groove. Keen for your next release HY2ROGEN!!!!

  • Moombah Warehouse

    Rating: 8/10

    Wow love this. Really creative drum loops. All drum loops are 110bpm but don't let that scare you for house BPMs as they work perfect when sped up. Especially if you chop, splice and rearrange etc. I've used a couple of these loops already and always going thru this pack for inspiration. FX sounds are dope too, really unique. But it's all about the drums I think for this pack!! Singomakers have done it again! Yew Yew Yew Pew Pew Pew

    Super Super Cool Tech House pack from F9. All their packs are of the highest quality and this is no exception. What I love about this pack is all the perfect drum sounds already loaded into the drummachines so you can load them straight into a project so your not wasting time choosing samples when creativity strikes. There's a really cool bass synth too that i've already used a couple times in tracks. All the Sounds are also keyed so makes it so easy to pitch everthing correct to the song i'm working on. Loving the old school raw house vibes on this one.

    Angelic, Smooth, Beautiful VOCALS here. Likeing this pack alot. Lots of cool textures and vocal effects that you can use for the background of track.. but in saying that also some strongs samples that can be used as a hook. A couple nice inspiration kits which I hope don't get used too much by producers as I want to use them eventually. All in all good quality as expected from Freaky Loops.

    Astral Psytrance

    Rating: 7/10

    Psy trance is all the rage right now so I like being on top of my samples for ghost productions purposes. Lots of Gated Vocals which are a signature of psy trance. Cool fills and build ups ready to use. Ethnic type looks are dope and can be used in other genre's. The bass loops are all very generic and I'm not sure why the Midi files are included as they are so simple and all the same pretty much haha. But I guess Psytrance is like that anyway. All in all a nice pack, will get used from time to time.

    Cool Oldschool vibing techno pack which takes inspiration from early Acid House. Very Very useful for what i'm making right now. I love the Drum fills and the top loops. I'll be using the hell out of these. The vocal lips are abit crappy, but the vocal loops are cool and will add some nice airy type effects in the background of the track. The FX are dope can be used in many different genre's. Great stuff Resonance Sound Thumbs up homies!

    Whaoooo. Really really dope pack. The hardest techno samples I've heard. The kicks are so hard they punch you right in the gut, the face and the balls right at the same time. Love the cool unique techno-ish fills and hits. Will be useful for lots of genres. Not too many effects, I would have liked to have seen more, coz what is included is sick. Great pack all round.

    What's better than Christmas? spending Christmas with new Serum Sounds. I needed some fresh sounds to get some inspiration to make a track and this pack surely did that. Aswell as lots of unique patches they've also included the classic sounds you'd need to make prog/trance type record. Love the big saws and the plucks are so lush you can hear the waves breaking from the studio. Will use lots and lots over the next few months.

    I haven't used Spire much lately so I needed some inspiration. Downloaded this pack and I was not disappointed. Some basic sounds in here also but that's cool coz you need those in there to fill out tracks. Love the plucks, they are super! Love the basses too but the best part of this soundset are the chords (which spire is always great at delivering). Professional sound design by Hy2drogen as always. Great pack should get some cool use.

    POP Nu Disco

    Rating: 7/10

    Wow.. big big extensive sample library!! Some great great vibes here. 'Pop Nu Disco' will be very useful especially when it comes to guitar licks & guitar chords. I'll be also using the drums to chop up and use as my own. Also very creative vocal chops included here. All samples & loops are key labeled with will be very useful. Great work Singomakers.

    Such a big fan of Robbie Rivera's tech tribal sound. I can't believe I actually downloaded his sample pack! Quality stuff in here. I especially like the typical tribal tom grooved drums. Will add some quick flare to my tracks when needed. Tribal baby! all about the House music! I had the chance of remixing Rivera a back in 2015, such an honour, now I'm stealing his samples ;)

    Nice selection of vocal cuts! Pretty useful for most genres which is what I like! Good sound quality and recordings!! I haven't actually used any of the loops yet but meaning to. If you're after chops and looped type vocals than this is it. If you're after vocal hooks maybe not so much.

    Future Bass

    Rating: 7/10

    I'm not a future bass artist but I got this pack because I like have diverse sounds at my fingertips. There are some cool 'inspiration' kits of full songs that you can disect and use they way you'd like, and use in any genre. The Sound quality and production level is very HIGH. Big ups Freaky Loops.

    Nu Wave & Disco

    Rating: 7/10

    I got this pack for some disco type vibes. Digging the electric basses: very well recorded. The music loops are cool too, they will definitely add as some background elements to my songs.

    Pure Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Pure Techno? more like Pure Filth!! (In the best way possible). These drums are so crunchy! Totally going to load up these kicks and hats as a starting point for my next tracks.

    Simply love this pack. I heard the preview and instantly had to download the full thing to use in one of my productions. It's so sick when one sound from a pack can inspire a whole whole song and this one has many of those.


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