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LP24 - Organic Percussion
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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Percussion

LP24 is extremely proud to present the absolutely striking collection of percussive hits for musicians, producers, and composers alike. Introducing - Organic Percussion

The reason why Organic Percussion is so special:

We’ve spent years capturing sonically compelling moments from around the globe. Some were found in optimal recording rooms, some on street corners or mountain tops. Others right in our home or in an underground parking lot. This collection encompasses those sonic explorations. And now you can create your groove using a vast collection of hits, swings, clanks, smashes, taps, slams, rattles, strikes, scrapes, bangs, and prime staccato moments.

It’s clear that Organic Percussion has been directly inspired by some of our favorite ‘groove focused’ musicians. Artists such as Bonobo, Caribou, Schlomo, FourTet, Boards of Canada, Kiasmos, Lapalux, Jon Hopkins, Maribou State first ‘ring a bell’. We’re in a time where percussion is a key element found in styles like hip hop, lofi, trap, pop, future bass, IDM, etc— So we know that all will benefit from having this first-class collection, which is why we made it!

What sorts of sounds are included?

Inside you’ll find 554 lovingly created drum and percussion samples, along with 3 long experimental percussion compositions (which are fun to slice or put in your favorite sampler). Between the compositions (literally 1000s of moments to sample) and the oneshot samples, we guarantee a great deal of sonic opportunity for ultimate creative expression in your music.

All files are extremely detailed and clean. Each sound was recorded, edited and processed at 96k32b. Additionally all sounds have been resampled to 44k24b in another folder.

At a glance:

  • 322 percussions (more detail below)
  • 53 multi-layered percussions (more detail below)
  • 52 highhats
  • 47 snares
  • 37 kicks
  • 18 claps
  • 14 snaps
  • 10 toms
  • BONUS: 3 Percussion Mashup Compositions (:43, 1:15, 1:40 lengths)

In further detail, here is a list of the various sound sources captured:

kalimba, icicles, bell tree, car slams, chimes, glasses, bells, bongos, sticks, stones, water, shakers, ratchets, wood blocks, scraped surfaces, paper, snow, hands, cymbals, cups, lights, clocks, poles, keys, bowls, pans, bathtubs, microwaves, trees, stoves, streams, tubes, castanets, congas, hammers, clave, mouth, triangle, buckets, tambourines, books, zippers, faucets, leaves, knives, food, toms, timers and switches. Additionally, many of these sounds have been layered and processed together to create expressive combinations (as found in “Layered” folder).

All drums and percussion sounds from the demo are included in this product. Other synth sounds are not included.

Don’t miss out on this ultimate percussion collection! Download Organic Percussion today.

"All drums and percussion sounds from the demo are included in this product. Other synth sound are not included."

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  • 554 oneshots
  • 3 experimental percussion compositions
  • 96K32b and 44k24b WAV formats both included.

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    • 554 oneshots
    • 322 percussions
    • 53 multi-layered percussions
    • 52 highhats
    • 47 snares
    • 37 kicks
    • 18 claps
    • 14 snaps
    • 10 toms
    • BONUS: 3 Percussion Mashup Compositions (:43, 1:15, 1:40 lengths)
    • 96K32b and 44k24b WAV formats both included.
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Document One
Some great hits and sounds in this pack, and a brilliant addition to the sample library. The sounds and textures are well thought out.

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