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Document One

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Producers Matt King and Joe Froud, best known as Document One, have risen to become a serious force within the bass music scene. Their background as songwriters has resulted in an ultra harmonic and melodic take on DnB and other bass music genres. Document One's extensive remix catalogue includes artists such as Skepta, Moby, Professor Green, Tantrum Desire, Rob Zombie and Asking Alexandra. The duo have received recognition and DJ support from such heavy weights as Knife Party, Friction, Calxy & Teebee, and Drumsound & Bassline Smith as well as radio plays from Mistajam, Friction, Crissy Criss, DJ Target and DJ Hype to name a few. 


  • INSTINCT: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing pack with so many great sounds. This is a must if you are looking for a high-end authentic dnb sound! there is tons to choose from and a lot of variation covering most sub genres within the dnb world.

    Wicked sounding pack with a load of crazy sounds that will keep you coming back for more jazz every time. the playing and level of sample is fantastic and is so easy to bounce ideas around and help with your productions. A big yes for any jazz fan or someone wanting to further there bass sound.

    Brilliantly put together and lovely selection of sounds and samples! this pack is pure gold and very well executed. It has a wonderful selection of bass sounds and is hugely inspiring so worth the purchase and will get your music to a great place quickly.

    Amazing pack with loads of top sounds. The drums are ridiculously heavy and sound ultra crisp while the music side of things is really inspiring and easy to get ideas rolling. The main attraction though is the bass and the loops which can be used in a variety of ways to create great tracks!

    Riddim Upheaval

    Rating: 9/10

    Sweet pack with loads and loads of top sounds to get your teeth stuck into. The drums are fantastic and the bass is larger than life. Dabro always comes with the goods and offers a high level of production to take your tunes to another level!

    A great pack and massive asset to anyones arsenal of music production! A big sell is the bass and just how many amazing ideas there, whilst the selection is wild which will keep you going for months and months!

    OVERLOAD: Serum Presets

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing pack as per usual from the Ghost Syndicate gang! loads of sub styles in the pack to choose from and a heap of textured varieties without each sound. The basses are fantastic and usable straight off the bat while the other sounds are great to help get the ideas down quick and create a vibe.

    Vocal Africa

    Rating: 9/10

    A great pack with loads to choose from. A brilliant source of inspiration and a lot of fun to play around with while getting ideas down quickly. We love the style and just how different this pack is whilst maintaining a full professional sound which slots into any production you're working on as well as giving it some well needed spice.

    A brilliant selection of sounds and a great way to sink your teeth into banging dnb. The presets are high end and offer everything you need to get going quickly. We love how thick the sounds are which is brilliant for inspiration when writing. all round worth every penny and another great set of patches from Dabro.

    Chords & Stabs

    Rating: 9/10

    A great pack with loads a different vibes to choose from. This collection of hits and stabs is immense! its seriously strong when it comes to the combinations you can pick that slot in with nearly any style of production your going for. A big thumbs up from us and a great fit into the sample library.

    Another brilliant collection of patches from Hy2rogen! this is perfect for helping your dnb productions along and get in the ball park quick of some of your favourite producers. The collection is brilliant and has multiple sub style and vibes for you to get going quickly.

    A fantastic choice to bring out a revamp of some classic feeling beats. This a massive hit not only in our productions but we can totally see people rediscovering their love for jungle beats. The pack offers loads of variations and a tone a fierce modern sounding grooves....a big fat must from us!

    CESTRA: Serum Presets

    Rating: 10/10

    A masterpiece and a selection of patches that keep giving for whatever style of dnb your working on. This is again a brilliant selection of sounds well thought out by ghost syndicate, and with deep control from serum itself its great fun for any producer to try and twist up these complex sounds or even still reverse engineer the patch to try your own twist on future productions.

    Atmospheric DnB Serum

    Rating: 9/10

    A fantastic collection of atmos sounds for all your dnb needs. If its intros, drops or breakdowns this pack has you covered and throws tones of texture as well as brilliant in depth control from the synth patch direct. This is a must for building great sonic textures.

    Fantastic selection of preset and great sounding for not just dnb heads. There's loads of variety and just like it says on the tin, the sounds are extremely subatomic is great for throwing down big vibes instantly. Massive thumbs up from us!!

    Full steam ahead with this pack! great patches and amazing effort on the sound design. This is a brilliant pack for the deeper dnb head which is looking to bring new life to there production. A defo must to the patches arsenal and will certainly up your sound game by throwing a few of these into future tunes.

    Drum And Bass Vol.6

    Rating: 9/10

    Big Sounds and heavy bass! love this pack for just its up front personality. It brings great sounding individual hits and super punchy drums you just have to throw them into anything you are working on. The bass and musical elements are fantastic and offer loads to get the creative vibes going.

    A great pack with loads of sonic gold to lace your productions with. This pack has great sounding hits and drum loops that are easy to slide into anything your working on. The basslines are super fun to play around with and will guarantee you come with the missing link you've been looking for!

    Gold as always from ghost syndicate. This pack is serious and offers some amazing sounds for you to play around with. The bass is phat and the beats are lively. Opening this pack and just throwing loops together has never been so much fun and a must for any producer looking to add credible weight to there tunes.

    Big and tough with some serious tasteful music elements. We love where these Dabro guys are coming from and they continue to provide Loopmasters with a super high level of production tools to throw on your beats. The musical side of this pack is fantastic and helps put missing shapes into any sonic puzzle you may be stuck on. A big thumbs up and love it!

  • Scorn

    Rating: 9/10

    A crazy bunch of badboy sounds mixed in with multiple tempos and great selections of sounds for any level of producer. This is brilliant straight off the bat and offers huge sounds. It can be a great source of inspiration and fun place to start. We love the individual hits and synth elements, it feels like without trying you can create great grooves.

    An amazing selection of sounds put together with excellence. This pack is full of big heavyweight sounds starting with its brilliant bass sounds. Each sound has been well thought out and moulded to perfection for ease of use in your productions. The drums are also a fantastic addition and add weight instantly. If your looking for a quick vibe and want that swag that a lot of top end producers have this is a great place to start!


    Rating: 8/10

    A great selection of jump up style sounds with a serious dose of aggression. The drums are loud, clean and full of punch. Whilst the bass and synth loops are a great way to get ideas down quick. Whether its jump up style you're into or if you just fancy making something with a bit of a swing this is a brilliant pack to explore with.


    Rating: 10/10

    Incredible! simply a piece of amazingness bottled up in a fantastic drum n bass disguise. The bass is fantastic and nothing short of monstrous, while the beats are tight well thought out and groovy like you wouldn't know what to do with it. Put in basic format.....if you don't buy this your missing out big time!

    A brilliant pack put together by the patchworx guys! The bassline patches do exactly what they say on the tin and some. Whilst the fx and synth sounds are equally as exciting and offer a great pallet of sound to add to your productions when needed. all in all a big sounding pack for any type of budding dnb producer.


    Rating: 10/10

    Another stunner wrapped up in gold! this is a brilliant sounding pack with tones and tones of goodness which can be applied to most styles of dnb with ease. The beats are hard and great fun to splice up and play round with, whilst the musical elements and bass parts sound epic and add a heap of weight to anything your working on.

    Jump Up Rollers

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great sounding pack from the Singomakers gang. This is a great shout and brilliant addition to any dnb producers collection. The beats are fantastic and the bass is hard as you like, its also a great way to fire up with songs if your lacking in inspiration. A big thumbs up and massive yes from us!!

    A seriously sick pack full of amazing presets. This pack has depth and well thought out sounds which add some big bass and heavy weight to your productions. A big must for any dnb head that's looking for a quick fix and a jump in inspiration.

    Leo is such a great singer and this pack reflects it. Here you are getting your hands on samples from a pro vocalist who has featured on some amazing DnB tracks by serious producers in the DnB game. The samples are amazing quality and you get the awesome delivery you'd expect from a pro like Leo Wood so all in all these vocal samples are very usable strait out of the pack. Love the way the samples are split into songs and then divided in to separate pieces within each folder, it means you can put a whole verse together or just use a short piece like you would a standard sample pack. Great Job!!


    Rating: 10/10

    One of the best packs we've seen in ages! This thing is a beast and offers such a high level of production. Just throwing anything together can sound amazing, so if you dig deep enough you can create something truly special with this pack. A massive big up to Ghost Syndicate for this one!!

    Some brilliant sounds in here and a lot of fun to play with. The scale and thought behind this is immense and well worth every penny. We generally love everything Singomakers puts out but this was right up our street and will slot into our productions nicely.

    Rolling Techstep

    Rating: 8/10

    Some serious weight to this pack! big sounds and bigger bass. The content is superb, with a great selection and enough to choose from for any level of producer. Our fav's are the basslines as they can be great fun the mangle and mess around with.

    A superb sounding sample pack with tons of great ideas and sounds to morph into any sub genre of dnb you require. The clarity and sound of the pack is immense, whilst the bass loop are pure gold and a lot of fun to chop and create sounds and palates of a very high level. A big must from us and trust when we say this will not disappoint

    Nami Artist Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    A great sounding pack with loads of top sounding bass licks! This pack is full to the brim of great and high quality sounding sample loops and one shots. the drums are particularly fantastic, whilst the tones the can be found in the musical elements are a breath of fresh air to anyone's production.

    Groove Metal

    Rating: 8/10

    Great sounding pack with loads of variations. The pack is well crafted and does exactly what you want it to do. The sonic weight is a breath of fresh air and can give so much to a production. Whether its a large part or some small electronic rock fx you're looking for this is perfect and gives you just what you're looking for in the world of heavy guitar based music.

    Neo Soul Guitars

    Rating: 9/10

    Perfectly splendid in every aspect. This pack is big and knows how to deliver! The guitars are well recorded and with so much variation its easy to get lost in the vibe and want to throw everything in all the time. If you're looking for a quick fix or want to base an entire song around some of the grooves this is the pack for you! Does exactly what it says on the tin and sounds amazing!

    Amazing pack with gold sprinkled on it from start to the very end! The extent of the pack is massive and offers loads of variation and sounds for any type of genre. Whilst being tailored to dnb the beats, bass and melodic areas are fantastic and bring a massive sonic cloud of joy to whatever your working on.

    Deep Dark Rollers

    Rating: 9/10

    A big big pack with tones of heavy duty sounds to keep you coming back for more. This sample pack gives and gives, the musical element are fantastic with extreme bass sounds to nicely compliment it. The best part is the individual hits and drums grooves, these are a great take on modern sounds and will defo keep you entertained for hours.

    Serious beef with this pack and gold sprinkled on top for all your dnb needs! The presets are fantastic and offer a wide selection of depth and heaviness. This is well worth it and will slot into your productions nicely, just scrolling through is enough to get you excited.

    A great collection of sounds and basslines! this pack is full of serious weight and needs no hype, just listen to the demo and your instantly be sold on it. The pack and sounds are full to the brim of juicy basslines to slot into any production you might be working on. A big thumbs up and a must to add to your collection.

  • Massive X: Reese

    Rating: 9/10

    Awesome set of Reese presets! This is what it says it is, a collection of Reese presets for Massive X! Lots to choose from and all very usable, if you make DnB, Dubstep or any other bass music these will probably be useful for you!

    Rawcutz never let you down! This pack is MASSIVE! And the content is such good quality! All the chops and chord samples you can shake a stick at! The beats are organic and dusty, and the drum hits are great too. We use the melodic samples a lot in DnB, perfect for some atmosphere in intro's etc. Obviously this pack would be awesome for Hip Hop!

    Rolling DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    A monster of a pack with loads of great sounding material. These Singomakers packs are literally some of the best in the game, offering heaps of bass and amazing sounding musical textures. Well worth the money and will defo increase your tunes' value. Big big big ups to these guys.

    A great collection of hits, breaks and bass! this pack offers a lot of raw sounding and authentic hits and loops. The textures and precision are fantastic and well worth the investments. Our favourite parts are the bass and fx loops, they really bang!!

    Future Rollers

    Rating: 9/10

    Hit the nail on the head with this pack. It gives as good as it says on the tin, whilst offering a breath of fresh air to the sound of dnb that you're maybe looking for. The grooves are great and the beats sound polished and professional. whilst the fx, and additional parts offer a nice clarity to your track wherever you place them.

    Drum & Bass Oblivion

    Rating: 9/10

    Another fantastic pack from Singomakers, just showing us how beefy their kits are! The beats are amazing as is the bass but in our opinion its the goodies that surround it which is the best part. The Fx's, melodic instruments and drum fill are masterfully put together are fit effortlessly into any track.

    A great pack with loads of amazing sounds. The arps and musical elements are fun and packed with depth to create perfect soundscapes and intros. Whilst the basses are the main attraction and offer a super high level of tight modern sounding bass. There is loads of room to manoeuvre around, sculpting the bass is an easy process to tailor exactly to your own track.


    Rating: 9/10

    Powerful sounding as always! These guys always hit hard and this pack fits in just nicely with the other high end products they've put out. The synth section is tight and sounds great, whilst the bass is high end and heavy sounding. Id say a big thumbs up from us and definitely worth not only getting involved with this pack but keeping an eye out on everything they do in the future.

    Large sounds and larger content! This pack is amazing and has a huge variety of sounds and loops for you to pick from. Its well worth getting this purely for the content and size of it, this thing is a beast and really dives in deep to the dnb sound. The drums are fantastic and other elements that shine through are the basses and synth section. The melodies and loops are great fun to play around with and can offer a high level of texture to your track. Big ups and defo worth checking out.

    Very deep and rolling indeed! This is a great and fun pack for budding producers to get their hands on. The beats are amazing and the bass is tight and larger than life. This pack offers a great selection of musical and fx elements so that you may use in tracks quickly to get your ideas down. All in all, a very well thought out pack with loads of great sounds.

    Dark Neuro Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    Dark heavy and everything else in between. This is a great pack that gives a lot to any level of producer. The bass is amazing and sounds are well thought out whilst easy to manipulate. The drums and fx are immaculate as to be expected, whilst the synth and musical side is totally vibed out and offers a real tone that some packs cannot get to grips with. A big thumbs up from us!

    Jazz Hop Art

    Rating: 8/10

    Incredible selection of jazz and groove based hooked. really inspiring and fun to play around with and defo worth the investment to your sample library. The pack is full of crazy parts and so much goodness to get your hands on, if its vibes you're looking for then look no further!

    A great pack of patches and sounds! A big big must have if you're into the technical sound of dnb and keen to dive into the engineering side of things. Overall a well rounded pack with loads of variety and high sounding textures.


    Rating: 9/10

    Another great piece of work from Ghost syndicate. This is a fairly small pack in its content but do not let that fool you as it just keeps on giving. The melodic elements are fun and sound amazing, whilst the beats and basses are nothing short of perfection as per usual. A big yes from us and a must if your'e new to Ghost Syndicate.

    A brilliant selection of sounds that are well thought out and give a larger than life feel to any of your tracks. The pack is full of gems and offers a big selection of variety so that whilst being a dirty neurofunk context; it gives you plenty of options to add to many sub genres to mix things up.


    Rating: 9/10

    A brilliant pack with loads to choose from. The sound selection is amazing and well thought out, whilst giving you a huge amount to throw into any tune you're making. A big thumbs up from us and well worth getting!

    A great selection of presets with a super high quality. The pack is full of goodness to help transport your tunes to the next level, whilst giving a wide variety of sounds to throw into any style you're working on. A big yes and a definite buy in our opinion.

    Massive X: Neurofunk

    Rating: 9/10

    A great selection of sounds with a really modern twist! The patches are fantastic and easy to use, plus they slot into productions super quick so that you can keep your vibe going! A defo in our opinion to add to the collection.

    Sacred Indian Chants 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Brilliant pack with loads to offer. Loopmasters have seriously smashed this and done themselves proud. The pure depth of this pack is worth its weight in gold alone. There is a massive selection of choice to delve into and with the level of quality involved in this you will not be disappointed.

    A brilliant selection of vocals and ideas to spruce up a dull sounding track. The vibe of this pack is immense and brings you right into the feel of a tribal sounding vocal, with total flexibility to make interesting and creative choices in whatever genre you are making.

  • NAIS Neurofunk Serum

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing pack with tons of fantastic sounding presets. The depth and thought of these sounds is incredible, they really do what it says on the tin but with a level high end sounds that other preset packs don't give you. The bass selection is particularly great and defo worth a look in our opinions.

    Nu Jazz & Neo Soul

    Rating: 8/10

    A sweet pack with a super sweet sound! This is amazing on multiple levels and offers a great sonic quality to your productions. The loops are pure gold and sold well recorded, as well as bringing new melodies to the front of your tunes. A big thumbs up from us!


    Rating: 8/10

    Great as always from the ghost syndicate crew! this pack offers so much depth and interesting textures your just keep coming back for more. The hits sounds amazing and the melodic loops are fantastic, If i was a budding young producer id get involved with these guys asap!

    Some great hits and sounds in this pack, and a brilliant addition to the sample library. The sounds and textures are well thought out, and can breathe new life to a dull sounding groove. A big plus when looking for something a little different in the mix!

    Hip Hop Soul

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing, just simply amazing! the sounds off the bat are brilliant, whilst the beats are hard hitting with a level of class some hip hop packs completely miss. The bass are tight and funky, and at the same time complimented by beautiful musical elements which sound again perfect to slot into any style with ease.

    Hip Hop Elements

    Rating: 7/10

    A brilliant selection of hip hop grooves and musical elements. This is brilliant not only for the hip hop heads but other producers looking to put something a bit different into the mix. The vocals are fantastic whilst the musical elements and fx's bring a wide variety to your composition to help with the over all flow that can sometimes be there pieces you are lacking.

    Enzyme II

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing pack and part 2 from ghost syndicate! The pack has everything from fantastic beats to deep dirty basslines, whilst giving you the authenticity of a dnb tune. The fx's and musical elements are very interesting and offer great melody and space to your mix. A big thumbs up and well worth the investment.

    Drum And Bass 5

    Rating: 7/10

    Tough and aggressive just like we've come to know and expect from DABRO music. The beats are crazy and offer a modern feel to dnb, whilst giving you the punch you want for your track. The bass elements are fantastic and give a wide selection of feel within the various sub genres of dnb. Our favorite parts are without a doubt the musical bits, the vocals are great fun and the fx's are also great to spark inspiration.

    Atmo Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    A really fresh take on dnb packs. This is a brilliant selection of drums, bass and of course atmos fx's. We found this really fun to select through and find interesting parts and pads to manipulate and create something you may not have thought of straight away. The pack is a beast and comes with loads of goodness from beats to musical parts....its just fantastic!

    Some serious sounds in this pack! totally worth it if your feeling the darker side to dnb. Great drums and powerful bass whilst the pack offers an immense selection of fx and musical parts. Really chunky sounds so great to slot into your production without much processing needed.

    A great pack with loads of well thought out sounding and grooves. The pack is a monster and has a lot of variety, which is perfect for multiple sub genres of dnb. The bass is tough and sounds ace, while the musical parts are really where this sample pack shines through. A big thumbs up to Whiney and salute on this one!

    A fantastic sounding pack with loads of great content! This does exactly what it says on the tin, but offers a great selection and variety that some other minimal pack don't give. The drums alone are worth the money, whilst the sub and mid bass sounds are brilliant for manipulating and making your own. Defo worth the choice if your on a deeper flex.

    Water Flow

    Rating: 7/10

    A great pack if your looking for something a little different. Another ace choice from cinetools and perfect sounding foley with a whole lot of textures. The pack itself is huge and gives you a lot to choose from, this is great for layers and ideas you may not normally gravitate towards. certainly one to add to the arsenal and great for spicing things up.

    Excellent as expected from these 4 top producers. The pack is a serious beast with loads of variation and groove. the bass is tough and large, whilst all the one shots are mixed and created perfectly. This will undoubtably help any budding dnb producer and give you the inspiration you just might need.

    A simply brilliant collection of authentic sounds and grooves! We love the feel to this pack and the musical side is not only well thought out and melodically pleasing, but very true to the nature of this pack. From the drums to the fx, one shots and more....its all brilliant and well with every penny!

    Complex DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Fantastic drums and tight sounding bass! This is huge pack with tones of great sounding hits, loops and musical elements to get your creative juices flowing. The bass as mentioned is tight and larger than life, the loops are particularly great sounding so defo worth a look. Overall another stellar pack from freaky loops and massive big up to those guys!

    Fantastic pack with loads of great parts. The tones and pads are exceptional and sound great. The bass lines and additional musical elements are also a brilliant source of inspiration, offering a wide selection of sounds to help with your production. A big thumbs up from us and well worth the money!

    A pleasure to open and enjoy this pack! This group of sounds is not only cleverly thought out but very tempting to just keep throwing stuff into a project cause it sounds that good. With tons of choices and loads of high-quality goodness, this is one of those interesting yet fun packs which will keep giving for months and months.


    Rating: 9/10

    Seriously great sounding pack! love the over all vibe as you don't get to see many liquid packs with this aggression and high level of production put in behind the scenes. The basslines are phat and sound amazing, whilst the drums are where its really at for us, there is a lot to choose and each sounding impeccable! a well worth it pack if you fancy going on a slightly deeper flex.

    Original Jungle Breaks

    Rating: 8/10

    Well thought out and tight sounding drums, perfect for anyone trying to do something a little old school or different. The kits are well recorded and sound the real deal. The best thing about the pack is it large choose of options and versatility. A defo for any head and old school player!

  • Guilty Bass

    Rating: 7/10

    Well this does exactly what it says on the tin! The bass is phat and heavy sounding with a lot of choices for your disposal. Whilst they have kindly thrown in some very handy additions and helpfuil drums, musical elements and fx. The overall theme and sound to the pack is very professional and well worth the money, so its a must any anyones arsenal.

    Large, larger and massive!!! this pack is brilliant and brings huge offerings of tight snares, big basslines and amazing sound fx. This is well worth it, for the bass alone as its clear, phat and everything you just would want from a sample pack. this is a very high level of production, and gives you total confidence to spruce up your work with the vibe of this sample pack alone. a very big thumbs up from us!

    Amazing sounds and textures! the pack is full of gold and high level stuff. The basslines are tight and larger than life, this can give anyone a boost when struggling for inspiration. The drums and musical elements are nothing short of amazing as well, as they are totally thinking out of the box and help with the little touches to bring your production to life. The overall sound is what we've come to expect from ghost syndicate, a massive pack again and well worth it!

    Liquid Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    Really impressive sounding pack. Lots to choose from and so many great sounds straight out of the box. We particularly love the bass and beats, the drums are broken down to handy bite size individual part so you can throw anything straight into the mix. The musical and fx side of things are great to, all sounding professional and clean which is ideal for making dnb!


    Rating: 9/10

    Tidy sounding stuff from ghost syndicate again! these guys never disappoint and once more show producers not only how to access amazing sounds and loops straight off the bat but just how far you can really go with drums, bass, fxs and synths. This is a heavy pack with sounds and sounds off goodness that will keep you making the bangers all year round!

    What an awesome sample pack! Maztek has done a fantastic job here! Just the snares folder alone is worth buying this pack. From the top loops to the kick and snare one shots the drums are snappy, clean and ready to go! The bass one shots are fat yet clean. If you want to make any nuero music this pack is a must!

    Amazing stuff! Love the vibe of this sample pack and the way its put together. The loops are fantastic and the beats/bass are hard. the musical and fx elements are tidy sounding as well, they really have shown a great variety of sounds which are brilliant for throwing at tunes for inspiration. over all, just a another great sounding dnb pack with loads to give any producer at any stage.

    This pack is what it says on the tin! An awesome array of vintage movie vocals. It's really extensive and especially good when you put a few samples together to create an orginal phrase or scene. These samples sound really authentic and they're perfect for placing ahead of a drop! Love it! Expect to use these a lot in future tunes!

    EDM Drop Vocals 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Great selection of hits and phases. This is the perfect kit for dropping in ideas quick and getting something that not only sounds authentic but can bring new to your tracks. the pack is well organised and there is more than enough to keep you going for some time. All round goodness and defo worth the money.

    Junglist Rave Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    The collection and sounds in this pack is worth its weight in gold and more. The grooves are perfectly reminiscent of its 90s throw back, and the sure heaviness of the basslines is amazing! The stabs, pads and other musical elements bring extra goodness to seal the deal. This is a defo in our opinion and a must for any rave solider.

    Neurotoxin Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    An amazing collection of sounds and beats! the drum selections are brilliant and offer a wide variety of grooves and hits. the basslines are tight and phat sounding, whilst the musical elements are crystal clear and help bring the polish to any of your tracks.

    Speed Garage Toolkit

    Rating: 8/10

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Really lush sounds with a big selection for you to really get your hands on. The musical elements are brilliant and offer a wide variety, whilst the basses and drum grooves are fantastically punchy. A big salute from us and worth it for the mix up in style to get the creative juices flowing.

    Amazing sounds straight out of the box. The basses are in full force with this pack and offers a great selection to any dnb head. A must in any dnb producers arsenal and with crystal clear sounds like these you will be making banging tunes for a long time to come. A defo for us and big thumbs up to the creators.

    Great selection of well thought out vocals. Brilliantly recorded and the sound are truly authentic they fit straight into any track. This really is a step above compared to most vocal packs, and proves this with its detailed descriptions to helpfully guide you through the pack.

    A mega pack with sounds that just wanna make you cry. This is a very well thought out pack and selection is totally on point. We love the grooves/breaks, they are authentic and have a great sound. The basslines and musical element are 2nd to none with a truly highest of standard of sound. This is amazing for inspiration and simply throwing ideas to see what sticks. We would defo recommend to all levels of producers and would keep an eye on these guys for future packs!

    Liquid DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Great pack with loads of killer sounds! This is great for laying grooves that sound authentic really quickly and they also contain some ace gems which give extra flavours to existing ideas. The bassline are heavy and sound brilliant, whilst the musical and fx side is totally on point as we've come to expect from freak loops. A massive thumbs up and well worth it.

    Dj Vadim absolutely smashed it on this pack! If you are looking for Dancehall vocals, look no further! We were almost tempted to keep this pack as a secret it's so good. Truck loads of amazing vocals from short phrases to full accapellas, you are sorted! Awesome sample pack!!

    Vocal Bass Music

    Rating: 9/10

    This sample pack is amazing! The thought and sounds design is brilliant and offers budding producers high level sounds straight out the box. The bass and musical elements are fantastic and give you exactly what weve expect from a DABRO music pack. The vocal side of this is also very high end with super sick sounding phrases and loops. Defo enough to keep you going for a while so deserves a big thumbs up from us!

    Drum And Bass 4

    Rating: 8/10

    Some mega sounds in this pack! The bass is tough, phat and everything in between....exactly what we've come know from DABRO Music! What also gives this pack the edge is the drums are extremely tight and have a large display of style within its own area of dnb. The musical elements and fx's are on point which overall gives this a big thumbs up.

    A genius and great sounding pack. This is a well thought out sample selection and comes with loads to offer. The basslines are great, not only phat but tough sounding whilst giving you the modern sound that is smashing it atm. Musical elements and fx's are ace and help give the edge to your track when missing a certain something. Finally the drums are amazing and slip into helpful groups for total control and freedom. Well worth it and a big thumbs up from us!

  • Great selection of well thought out and crafted presets. The boys are heavy hitters in the dnb scene so this comes as no surprise to us. The bass sounds alone are worth the money and offer great content to any dnb producer and a helping hand for anyone at any stage in there career. The extras within the pack are gold to, we love everything from the fx's to the sequenced drums to just a stand up all round sick pack and a defo in your arsenal if your basslines require some weight.

    Glitch DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Wicked content in here, some serious badness for any dnb tune. The beats are fantastic and show a great flavour which isn't usually show cased in these sample packs. The futuristic edge is a real fresh take for famous audio. The Basslines are great as usual and the musical elements are great fun to play with whilst slotting into any style you maybe working on at the time. As well worth it from our camp!

    Amazing sounds with so much selection! The thought and prep into the sounds are fantastic, and offer a wide span of detail for you to get your hands on. The pure sound of the bass patches is clean and phat, as well as a large amount of multi textured pads and which give a larger than life sound to any production.

    Ace sounding pack with loads of scope to take your productions from good to amazing! The bass layers and sounds are brilliant with loads of variants to make it easy when struggling with inspiration. The kits and musical elements are great too, they really are sonically brilliant and help with adding the texture you might just be missing in your tunes.

    Brilliant selection of hits and sounds. It really soaks up the sounds and vibe of the Brazilian movement within the d'n'b scene, and what's nice is there's plenty of variety to choose from. With easy to manoeuvre loops and fantastically recorded elements this is one pack that clearly comes with a difference. The stand outs are the drum grooves and musical elements, a definite high roller with a unique twist on the modern sample pack.

    These are simply amazing! The selection is vast and covers all bases with sonics from FX to leads to heavy weight basslines. The sounds are extremely easy to use and have handy macros to ensure you switch things up with your own flavour. The amazing thing about these sounds are that they fit into other bass heavy genres without the slightest glitch. The fidelity and range to these sounds is incredible and we would tuck into these time and time again. Well worth every penny!

    Nerve: Tech DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Some serious bass business with this sample pack! Large sounds and bigger beats, top to bottom the selection is rich and full of weight. Off the bat musically the sounds and sonic are impressive, whilst like mentioned above the bass is superb and offers loads of variety to fit most modern dnb productions. The drums, FX and musical parts are a fantastic addition which offer the gold dust one craves when finishing a top notch dnb track.

    Fantastic pack with loads to give! This pack is full to the brim of what can only be described as top sounding hits and well thought out sound design. The basses are tough and sound good enough to slot into ay tune straight away. Whilst the rest of the sample pack is full of amazing drum loops and hits with sizzle musical elements to spice up your track!

    This is pure gold! Every part is well thought out and contains some great content. We love the bass sounds and just how much of them is given in the sample pack is astonishing. The old school breaks are amazing and provide a real sense of being taken back to the early days of jungle music. Other top parts of the pack are the ever so diverse musical elements which bring amazing sounds and flavours, as well as the brilliant FX. All in all, well worth it and a must for another attempting a slightly old school sound.

    Fantastic presets and great to see FM8 come back with some weight. The packs content maybe a little small but offers extremely high sounds and great well thought out dimensions. The flexibility of the presets is great and just what another with a lightly less knowledgeable background in fm8 needs. The bass is deep and phat sounding and other great parts are the FX sections and plucks. This is well worth the money to fit nicely amongst any producers arsenal.

    Equilibrium State

    Rating: 9/10

    This sample pack is a monster! The pure volume of it is worth more than the price tag alone. So much depth and thought goes into this pack that it really is a hats off moment for the creators. The beats are fantastic and have a groove that some other pack sometimes missed to give your track a real vibe that is found only with dnb. Other favourites are the melody loops and atmos sections, again to much goodness to go into so its just easier to say you must have this in your sample library....a big pack with big sounds.

    Loads of great sounds that are unique and full of great tonal quality. The pack has a wide variety of FX bass lines, leads and many more, so can definitely help when in need to take your production to a higher level. The presets are very intuitive with easy to use macros and shortcuts to fine tuned depths that help speed up the process to making great tunes.


    Rating: 9/10

    A very well thought out pack with so much dimension and great textures. This is a brilliant pack for another looking to expand their foley collection and some, its recorded to a high standard and gives you instant access to amazing sounds which will help give your production the extra layer of depth you're looking for. All in all well worth it and hands down one of the best out there at the moment.

    Some serious weight to this pack. The presets are bursting with goodness that makes you wanna instantly make tunes! The well sculpted sounds are a great selection of heavy bass right through to warped beats and interesting soundscapes and FX. Loads to get the cogs turning and definitely a very high level sound design that will help take you work to the next step.

    Soulful Gospel Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is pure gold! The vibes and sound of the recording is amazing and offers loads of choice for your productions. After minutes of scrolling we were surrounded with enough to get the inspiration kicking and the song ideas flowing. The selection and thought in the pack is of a very high level and will certainly not disappoint, well worth it if you're looking for new vocal ideas.

    Drum & Bass Shadows

    Rating: 8/10

    Really great flavours for that deep sound of dnb! Loads to choose from and super heavy weight basses that will not only make your speakers rattle but add a depth that separates you from the norm. Lots of vibes and great instrumentation for your intros and breakdowns and accompanied by splendid fx and one shots if you're looking for that extra sizzle on your beats. All in all a great pack and well worth the investment.


    Rating: 9/10

    A huge pack with so so much to give. A lot of amazing textures, and all recorded at a high level that its really worth the price alone. The depth and suer amount of this pack is great, they have really broken it into so many areas that are 100% useable for any style of production. Great just for those weird sonic landscapes and odd noises that separate your track. As well as great for layering element if your looking for a deeper sound.

    Omar Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Great sounding vocals with a professional stand out quality. Great for writing songs from scratch and with the amount of sections to switch things up within an arrangement is brilliant. The adlib and chorus hooks are fantastic to throw into existing ideas and help massively when vocal inspiration is needed. A big thumbs up and well worth every penny, certainly one of the better vocal sample packs out there.

    Compact Disco

    Rating: 7/10

    A lot of fantastic musical elements in the pack, along with great vibes of a stylistic soundscapes galore. The variety of sounds is immense and offers a lot at the creative stage of song writing, regardless of it being a disco sample pack. Its a must if your looking for a bit of groove and funk to help tick things over is live music way.

    Great sounds and great vibe! We love the textures provided in this pack, overall it has a depth and level of fidelity to help sculpt and take your productions to the next level. The sample pack has lots and amazing one shots to slot into drum machines or just if you're trying to figure out musical grooves. As well as this it has pulsating musical loops with a character unlike most packs out... as definite in our opinions!

  • Drum & Bass NI Massive

    Rating: 9/10

    The patches are fantastic! A deffo in our opinion. Not only is this a pack of truly great sounding basslines, this also offers many sounds creatively you just wanna get your hands on... and quick we might add. The sounds are high quality and the drones, leads and stabs are exceptional. This is an inspirational pack if we've ever heard one, so do yourself a favour and buy this now as theres just so much you can do with it.

    A great pack full to the brim with sounds, textures and grooves which are different to most dnb packs out there. The overall sounds are great and the one shots are particularly inspiring, so we would definitely recommend driving straight in. The basslines are deep and phat, whilst the musical elements are well thought out and truly get the cogs going.

    Quantum Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Some really great sounding kits and samples up for grabs on this one. The drums sound great, and basslines really stand up. The pack consists of phat, large and all round bad ass groves and hits. They really went to town on this and we would highly recommend if in need for a little extra sizzle on our tracks!

    Drum & Bass Fx 2

    Rating: 8/10

    A great selection of varied FX's to sprinkle over any style of track! This pack is not only well put together but sounds great. We love the tonal quality of the samples and how many great inspiring hits there are. Every style of fx needed in a dnb tune is covered well in this pack and defo for any producer in need of a gentle push to mix things up, or any new comer producer looking for straight out the box amazing sounds.

    Amazing pack with tones of inspiring kits and hits. The Drums alone are worth every penny, and show a wide array of texture and grooves. They are well produced and excellently put together, the single hits give you great freedom to develop and merge your kits with our elements. The musical content is particularly great, giving plenty to work with and loads soundscape. A burst of inspiration for anyone lacking in that department, and a must for anyone dnb or halftime influenced.

    Stunning again from Bashiri Johnson. The pack is a monster of depth, feel and groove to give any producer the edge on percussion and beats within there track. The selection is large and well thought out, a big yes from us as before on the previous pack. Industrial strength are on to a winner with these! We will most defiantly be keeping a close eye on more from this camp in the future.

    Great textures and great sounding samples. Loads to go through so that you will never get bored of sprucing up the percussion in your tracks. The kits and hits sound brilliant and it's clear a lot of time has gone into these. The performance side is impeccable as well, the live groove side really will add a flavour or 2 in any track. These will most difficulty be making an appearance through our production and will continue to do so for a long time.

    Crucial Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Some serious bass in here! Love the pack and how well it's thought out, top kits, synths, hits and bass sounds. The drums are heavy sounding and with a wide variety of styles and loops to try with different grooves. This is something not many sample packs do, so we talk very highly of any sample pack which does so. We also love the bassline and single hits, they sound technical and phat just as you want them. Overall serious goodness in the pack, and well worth a look.

    For us its probably one of the best packs singomakers have ever done. This pack Is a beast and we love 99% of it. The beats to start are fantastic and really get the creative juices going, on top of that the pure volume and depth of these is astonishing. The musical elements are our favourites and really help with developing harmonic ideas. Over all a special pack and big big thumbs up from us, fair play and let the roller begin!

    Drum & Bass Apocalypse

    Rating: 8/10

    Really inspiring kit and great sounds to back it all the way! We love the single hits and drum loops, loads to choose with a wide sonic selection so your never get bored. the bass lines and musical/atmospheric parts are really special too. We'd happily give this a big thumbs up and recommend as theres lots to get ya hands on to start making them filthy beats.


    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is simply amazing, loads to choose from and loads to give you the inspiration and take you maybe down a road you didn't think you'd go on. We love the combination of stick several different types of atoms together and creating amazing textures, whilst you can clearly hear the high level of recording thats gone into each individual piece. Over all a hands down top pack with a lot of great sounding samples. big game changer in the arsenal for anyones library.

    Dark Atmospheric DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Some eriously amazing sounds in here. Loads to choose from and a very high level of sound design going on behind the scenes.the bass sounds and beats are great, as well as percussion and musical element to spice up any mix. We love the grooves and bass sounds, but its the atmospheres that really spark the imagination.....does what it says on the tin, fair play!

    Melodic Drum And Bass

    Rating: 7/10

    nice vibes and great textures! Love the bass loops and musical elements, they really sound like the engineers went in on this pack. Great drums and percussion to get you going, but over all high levels of production and your tunes will def shine with this pack.

    Nice sounding pack with plenty of big vibes! love the horns and musical elements as theres plenty to play with and work with whatever your groove is. The drums and dub fx are fantastic, they really sound authentic and crisp in a track. A defo must for anyone on a vibey tip.

    Bass Circus: DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Very cool sounding pack! love the vibes freaky loops always comes with. Big sounding bass and bigger drums. The pack this time offers a great sounding selection of grooves, each is not what you may expect from general dnb packs, this one focuses on the slightly obscure side of dnb. To compliment that they've thrown a great selection of bass hits and general one shots to the highest quality. big up guys!

    Drum And Bass 3

    Rating: 7/10

    Big sounding d'n'b at its most aggressive. We love the vibe of the pack and have followed the labels sounds for some time now. They always deliver on great sounding synths and bass sounds, but whats really impressive is the time put into the feel of the grooves and the bonus feature of FX and vocal surprises. Really great for all styles of d'n'b despite having a slightly heavier edge.

    Shinobi Beats

    Rating: 8/10

    Great sounding hits and plenty to choose from! Love the vibe of the pack, it's full of not only amazing sounds to fit into your pallet, but a wide variety of synths, one shots and sick sounding bass Iines. The drums alone are really inspiring and enough to help with the creative process. But what really great is the fx and musical elements... nothing spared in this one!

    Sick pack with loads heavy sounds! The bass samples are phat and larger than life. The drums are amazing and fit into any production you're working on. I really love the variations and loops the pack gives you, perfect to play around with to create interesting loops and FX.

    Xenous DnB

    Rating: 7/10

    Really cool pack with loads of interesting textures. Love the bass samples and drum hits, they instantly take your production to larger than life sound. Wicked musical elements as well as FX, this is a truly inspiring selection of hits which could definitely contribute to any heavy hitting banger!


    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute banger! The samples in this pack are top quality straight out the box! If you are making dark DnB or anything similar this pack is fantastic! This pack is more about quality than quantity as what is there is great, particularly the drum samples, you can drop these straight into a sampler and lay them down, even with no processing they sound clean and really cut through a mix!

  • Urbandawn has smashed this pack! Amazing quality, beautifully crafted samples, and plenty of variation. Suitable for a wide variety of different Drum and Bass production. This is another pack where the drum samples have particularly impressed us. Whether you're looking for full drum loops or individual drum hits the quality is super high! Right out the box these samples are of the highest quality we've found!

    This pack has some good content. Nice loops and decent one shots. The drum loops, particularly the "top loops" are really handy for getting a vibe together quick without having to dive strait into programming percussive loops. The FX folder also contains a lot of useful bits to fill out a track. This is a nice pack to get yourself out of a hole and help deal with writers block!

    A great follow up to Vol. 1, lots of goodness to get you creating quickly in the studio. We like all parts of this package, but the basses definitely take the leading role for us. There's well thought out textures and brilliantly engineered synth patches which are arguably some of the best on the website. The leads, pads and fx are again top notch and help with giving any track the given polish you need. A big thumbs up, and we will be keeping an eye on future releases!

    Future House Vocals 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice pack of vocals here. There's is a good selection of male and female performers and good varation of timbre and style. These samples are not only good for house but fit well into different tempos with a bit of trickery. We recently used one in a DnB tune. If you're looking for well recorded solid performances from EDM/ pop influenced vocalists this is a good pack!


    Rating: 9/10

    If you're looking for push effects or impacts for syncing with film or producing pretty much any genre of electronic music, look no further! This pack is packed to the brim with these effects. From Jet take offs and passing cars to otherworldly sound designs this pack caters for any style of production. As always with Cinetools the quality is super high and the all of the content sounds amazing. The samples are sorted in to folders of film genre so it's easy to find what you're looking for, and the raw samples are also included which are also really usable and useful! Another amazing pack from cinetools!


    Rating: 10/10

    Another huge pack from Cinetools! Huge in content and huge in quality! I love this pack, it is another aladins cave of audio samples to trawl through, discovering gem after gem. From field recordings to cinematic sound effects to ambience and drones this pack delivers so much amazing content! I'm using it within Drum and Bass but it is usable for almost any electronic genre. And of corse amazing for sound design and music for films!

    Some great sounds combined with epic textures of sound design. We love the pads and musical elements, the sound full and larger than life. The bass is deep and heavy as expected, whilst giving you instant weight and clout that you would want in any bass music tune. Our favourite part is the clean hits and well thought out drum kits. They are inspiring and sit perfectly in a mix whilst sparking multiple ideas to take your percussion in new exciting directions.

    A great pack for any dnb producer. This is a deep library and has amazing content to spice up any groove or to slot in for fills and turn arounds. The tempos are well marked out and offer many variations which is brilliant when struck for inspiration. Our favorite part has to be the hits though. There are so many great hits from percussion elements to snares, toms and larger than life kicks! big thumbs up from us

    Ultimate Vocals 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing selection of vocals and categories. There is enough gold is this pack to feed your creativity for a long long time. I love the Hip hop and vocal fx folders, there is a lot of well thought out and brilliantly recorded content. The keys and selection can be very handy when writing, this really is a high end pack with a lot to offer!


    Rating: 10/10

    This thing is an Aladins cave of samples. It goes on and on. Over 20 gig of samples from foley to sound effects and soundscapes. Litterally everything is high quality and usable. I love the ambient Drone and tonal layers. It's going to take me a while to hear everything in this pack because of the sheer quantity. If you do music for film this is a must have, if you do anything experimental or ambient this pack is fantastic!

    A great selection of new and old school sounds. The core of this pack is brilliant and instantly fires inspiration to get you straight to work. The bass lines are heavy and of a wide variety, while the drums are tight and well put together. My favorite part is the musical and FX elements, they give massive enhancements to any track and again are well thought out and sound fantastic. All round great pack with a fresh spin on loads of classic sounds.

    Hip Hop Lunar Cycles

    Rating: 8/10

    Decent pack, some nice wonky drum loops, and excellent music loops. Particularly the guitar loops. Great pack for fast inspiration and nice quality all round. Nice pack to navigate through quickly with all folders organised well. This pack is not your average hip hop pack, it's a little more left field and interesting. If you are into Flying Lotus and J Dilla this is a good pack for you.

    Probably the best sample pack within drum & bass loopmasters has ever put up for release. There's so much diversity and high end stuff rolled into the pack. The bass is heavy hitting as expected, along with tight hard drums which are near on unbeatable. The musical and cinematic elements are brilliant and help any intro/breakdown sound epic! It's honestly quite hard to find any fault in the sample pack... great work and thumbs up to June Miller!

    Drum And Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    A great selection of drums & bass samples and plus everything in between. WE love the drum hits and grooves, the loops are fantastic and ready to use out the box. Its rare that you find a sample pack with both heavy bass lines and inspiring musical elements. This is a truly gut busting combination of hits along with many a exciting sounds to get you creating straight away.

    Some great patches in here! Lots of texture and variety, along with tons of sounds to get you going straight away. The leads are a breath of fresh air, while the basses hold a weight you'd expect to hear in any major dnb tune. An ace pack all round from us.

    Drum And Bass 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Possibly one of the best packs i've heard all year! this sample is heavy to the point that you must start making music straight away. The beats a pro sounding and very inspiring, whilst the basslines are well textured phat monsters in there own right!!! I love music elements and pads, the pack is one of which that keeps giving.

    Great inspiration when in the studio. All the sounds are recorded well and have high quality which makes it a breeze to fit into tunes. Love the keys, the bass, the guitar.....its all so good!! This is what sample packs should be made of, just pure gold.

    An amazing collection of vibes and all instruments included. this pack is so good the music just falls out of you without even trying. I love the strings, live drums and keys. they all bring a huge quality to your productions, so will be a must for anyone trying to vibe up there music.

    Tribal Vocals FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Awesome sample pack! Lots of variety, including loads of different vocalistsl, and a nice wide selection of processed samples as well as clean recordings. Great rythmic loops as well as vocal FX. The amazing authentic sound I've come to expect from EarthMomects is very much apparent in this pack. So much amazing content to dig through and get inspired!

    EarthMoments are one of my favourite sample library labels, because of packs like this. When digging through the folders of Bass, guitar or percussion you are transported away from your studio around the globe. It's always so exciting and inspiring to listen through the samples in a pack like this. An awesome project with awaesom results. I especially like the Cambriblues folder of guitar riffs. I would love to travel the world recording interseting samples to use in my music but the Earthmoments packs are the next best thing!

  • EDM Boss: Round One

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice sample pack.I think the title is misleading somewhat. Good twisted bass sounds and nice hard hitting drum hits. Particularly good for anyone producing Glitch hop, Dubstep or Neuro. Overall some really good content here!

    Maximal Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Some amazing sounds packed into this! Lots of really inspiring kits and hits, they just get you making tunes straight away. The basslines and individual synth parts are full of texture which put this pack is the higher class for sure

    Future Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Great collection! Love the beat and how it seems to fit seamlessly with anything you're working on. The bass lines and musical side is fantastic too, a real burst of inspiration for when needed. A truly amazing pack for any DnB head.

    Organic Future Hip Hop 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Awesome pack. Really original and interesting hip hop oriented samples. Nice wonky drums and forward thinking synth loops. Really usable and very high quality. The pack is organised into folders for each composition and contains all parts from each tune which is not the most strait forward way to navigate round a sample pack but in this case creates a super hip hop "loop digger" vibe when experimenting with samples. Very inspiring!!

    Bass Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice sample pack. The high quality you expect from Ghost syndicate products. Lots of variation, really interesting and experimental drum loops. One of the best packs out there if you're doing half time DnB or heavy hip hop beats.

    This is a sick sample pack! If you are looking to add some really authentic dub vocals to your music look no further. Double tiger's vocals are great and the added flexibility of having clean and effected vocals as well as harmonie, verse and chorus options makes it a fantastic pack. Easy to navigate through the pack with tempo and key information along with each song title for each folder. Love it!

    Zen Ambient

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is great, nice wide selection of samples. From field recordings to tank drum loops and gongs there's a lot to get inspired by within this pack. Great for anyone doing ambient or world inspired music. Fantastic!

    As you'd expect from a producer like Breakage these samples are super clean and well crafted. The drum loops have a classic vibe to them whilst having a modern tight edge. Loads of samples to play with in this pack, the drum hits for me are the most useful aspect of this pack, but there's a lot on the melodic side to. Can't go wrong with this pack if you want to make rolling drum and bass!

    A masterful selection of vocals. This is just what any producer needs, high end vocals with lots of energy. The fact most of these work at DNB tempo is bonus for any true head out there. Whilst the variety of the sample pack gives you more than enough choice when making tunes.


    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing! This pack is huge, over 4 GB of content. Tones of awesome sound effects, foley, ambience and sound scares. Everything you need to fill the gaps in your productions. Whilst it's geared towards cinematic projects this is an awesome tool for things like Neuro DnB and other Dark genres of electronic music. Great pack!

    Sick set of presets. Great for Bassline house and garage. Loads of underground bass sounds to choose from and the leads and pads are cool too. Can't go wrong with this pack if you're looking to make grime or bassline funnily enough.

    Great selection of beats and basslines. Love the overall vibe of the pack, so much choice with carefully selected hits. The musical elements are fantastic and will definitely keep your tunes ticking over for quite some time.

    This is a really authentic Grime pack. Because it's made by actual Grime MC's. Really impressive, really usable. I love this pack. Great variety of vocal samples. Big!

    Filthy to the core! Great drums and bass lines that can make your stomach turn. Synth, fx and one shot's are all high quality and can easily find themselves into most of your dnb grooves. A stand out pack for us!!

    Amazing selection of beats and melodic elements. The drums are tight, punchy and have an instant classic feel. Whilst the melodic vibes are just brilliant, showing a large display which spans across the full spectrum of D&B...a definite in our opinion.

    Minimal DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    The beats are just something else! A brilliant collection of tight percussion, deep bass, epic atmos and well thought out synth lines. A must for any dnb producer on a deeper tip.

    Wonky Beats

    Rating: 8/10

    A brilliant selection of beats, bass and more! The pack has some great hits and sounds within the drum section alone. We love the melodic parts as well, they will defiantly enhance your tunes.


    Rating: 9/10

    A beast of a pack! There's so many amazing textures from fx's through to atmos sounds, this is truly one of the most powerful packs available to buy. We would defiantly say you will not be disappointed with the content, it's extremely well produced.

    Some really great patches in the pack, especially the pads and soundscapes. A lot of deep and dirty sounds along with easy to use controls so you can tweak till your hearts content.

    Ultimate Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    A massive pack, with vocals that sounds great. A big selection of wicked vocals and loads of varied styles to keep it fresh and interesting when producing.

  • Assault DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing drums and fantastic basses....the perfect pack to get the creative juices going. The amount of effort in this pack is a hats off to ghost syndicate in itself. But along side that the depth and sound of the bass and all musical elements is top notch. Fair play!

    Dark Bass Vol.2

    Rating: 8/10

    Heavy duty bass! A lot of high end dirty basslines with varied texture and style. enough to easily slip into any tune and great for inspiration. The musical elements are great as well, handy for intros and breakdowns.

    Brilliant drums and tight basslines! The textures and layered elements of the pack are top notch. Whilst the amount of goodness you get in the drums and basses is never ending. A must get in our opinion.

    Some great sounds packed in here. The initial production is fantastic, the sounds are great straight out of the box. Whether it be the bass lines,drums or even musical elements, this is definitely more than enough to sink your teeth into.


    Rating: 7/10

    This pack contains a good mix of content. Including loops, one shots and presets for lots of different VST's. If you're looking for foley and glitch sounds then this pack is good. Slightly neuro/ glitch hop orientated but useful for different styles too. The drum hits are awesome and the "Inspiration kits" are a nice touch. This pack is something different, lots of out of the ordinary sounds and effects, lots of nice detailed, intelligent sound design.

    Another inspiring pack from EarthMoments. This pack does exactly what it says on the tin, it's full to the brim with awesome tribal vocals. The pack is split into descriptive subfolders of"female vocals" "spiritual choir" etc making it fun and easy to navigate through. The performances are authentic and the recordings are detailed. Great pack!

    Experimental DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice pack from Famous Audio. The one shot drum samples are my favourite part of this pack. Nice punchy samples and very usable. Lots of interesting loops too, there's something usable across so many genres of DnB here. Something a bit different to your usual drum and bass pack!

    Amazing neuro vibes from start to finish! The bass selection is great and the drums are even better when your looking for instant punch. We love the synth lines and atmos, extremely useful the for any intro/breakdown.

    Way to much goodness its hard to know where to begin. The musical side to this pack is amazing!from the horns to key to guitars it all sounds high end and just works. The vocals are particularly great, brilliant for sliding into any track.

    Epic pack with loads of high end sounds. The bass loops are full and have a lot of texture, whilst the drums and musical elements are more than enough to get your tracks sounding larger than life. We love the deeper side to the pack as well, lots of atmos and usable sounds to fit any build.

    Drum & Bass Liquidism

    Rating: 8/10

    A high end musical pack full of goodness! the drums are tight, punchy and full of variety. The basses and musical elements are fantastic for inspiration and also offer a lot of flexibility. There's so much you can bite into this is a pack that keeps giving and giving!

    An all round amazing pack! The drums are awesome, with a lot of varied grooves within dnb. The bass samples are even better with more than enough choice to fit your neuro needs, the sounds are complex, phat and very easy to use. This pack is a combination of tight drums, big bass and everything else in of the best out there!

    A great selection of inspiring vocals. Very varied and creatively put together, especially for instant vibes to any tune you're working on. The key listing is handy, plus if you're feeling extra creative lots of the samples work really well together.

    Great pack, the drum loops are awesome and usable straight from the pack. I've been playing with some of the massive patches in DnB so this pack is cool for faster tempos too. That said the most usable aspect of this pack is the presets but this is mainly due to the style we make. The samples are well produced and sound great!

    Oriental Orchestra

    Rating: 10/10

    Another fantastic pack from EarthMoments. Beautifully performed and recorded, these samples slot into your project with very little processing. Lots of different tempos to fit all different styles and lots of different keys too. I've really enjoyed layering up different samples from this pack to create the feeling of a larger string section. Navigating through the samples is easy with folders labelled by tempo and keys of each sample cleary stated in the file names. Great pack!

    A really nice compliment to the main Laya project sample pack. Ambient recordings in so many cool and exotic settings. Creates a great picture in your mind and they are useful for ambient tracks and intros! Something very different!

    Rare Tones

    Rating: 8/10

    Another great pack from push button bang! The usual high quality I've come to expect from this company, Lots of variation within, and loads of exotic instruments to chose from. Flicking through this pack is really inspiring, you find yourself abandoning the idea you had started and go down a totally different musical tangent. Fantastically inspiring pack of samples from round the world!

    Laya Project

    Rating: 10/10

    This sample pack is totally immersive. A really wide range of instrumentation from 6 different cultures, as well as vocals and percussion, you find yourself getting lost in this pack. Navigating through is easy with samples organised into folders by country then divided into subcategories of instruments within each. The recordings are authentic and beautiful. Everything sounds crystal clear and the videos which accompany the samples give a nice insight and add to what is a magical set of samples to get stuck into.

    Vocals with an instant quality! The recording and actual performance of this pack is unreal. They are extremely easy to throw into a tune or even re harmonize to fit with preexisting projects. The one shots again add further enhancement by giving you separate flavors to play with. An all round great pack!

    Some really cool and original ideas in this pack. Love the textures in the pads and uniqueness of the stabs. The stand out feature has to be the basslines and drum hits. It really rare to see usable and fun a marcos in a presets pack, so is definitely one of our favorites of recent months.

  • Great pack! Awesome bass shots, and the multis are great to throw into a sampler for experimenting with. The drum hits are awesome too, really clean and authentic sounding. The sampler presets are a nice touch too!

    Some great vocal performances as well as a wide array of flow and tempos to get the creative vibes going. I love the use of vocal fx's and scratching, this gives you maximum flexibility for all types of vocal use. There's certainly more than enough to fit all your rap needs and most defiantly falls into the higher end of vocal sample packs!

    This pack is monstrous! slammed with so much goodness its hard to know where to begin. There is multiple vibes which makes it more than easy to drop samples into any tune. Whatever style your going for this is guaranteed enhance the vibe, and more importantly will make the struggle of crate digging instantly a thing of the past.


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