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Genre: Jazz

Additional Styles: Jazz, Origin Series, World, and Sound Archives


Sampler Patches

BPM: 65 - 140

It is packs like these that make my job as a day in day out producer so much easier. A fantastic range of sounds, samples, styles, tempos, keys and just about everything else you could mention means that you will find not just the part you're looking for, but often four or five parts that will slot into your track and give your music that extra bit of soul. The recording quality is impeccable as always with Loopmasters.

Good array of drums and instruments here with the drums and double bass being of particular interest. An advantage is that a lot isn't strictly 'jazzy' so should work in a few styles of track.
Well recorded, although some of the midi for stylus remix is off kilter and needed moving to half time.

An extremely useful well organised pack of Jazz & African sounds. Big fan of the melodic content (Flutes & Sax), ready to give immediate implementation of the Jazz sound. While the percussion and drum loops give strong hints of the African continent rhythmically while staying within the Jazz style.


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