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Brighton-raised, multi-award winning Friction is a member of a truly exclusive club; he is one of the only artists who has earned his stripes through DJing alone, succeeding to become one of the pinnacle players in the game. Aside from increased studio time and A&R, it is Friction’s skills behind the turntables that first escalated him to star accreditation. Adapting to any crowd, his diverse and thoughtful yet lightning-quick selection brought him worldwide acclaim and one of the busiest gigging schedules drum & bass has ever seen.


  • Some absolutely quality vocals here that can work in so many different tracks. The quality of the samples is such that this is a must have pack. Definitely worth an addition to any producers library! Make sure you get this!

    Some absolutely quality samples here. If you're looking to make techie influenced drum and bass music then this is the pack for you! You can tell how much work has gone into this sample pack. Drums in particular stand out for me!

    Some top vibes and sounds for any budding liquid dnb producer. Whether its drum, bass or extra inspiration for your track, its all here. Great pack from a great producer and a great starting point to get you moving. Definitely a must have recommendation from me!!

    Some excellent tech and neuro style samples here. Loving the drum elements in particular. Perfect for getting started with anyone wanting to make tracks in this sub genre. A must have for budding producers.

    Great sample pack for DNB. The drum breaks in particular are exquisite.

    Berlin Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    Some great sounds for all kinds of producers to use. The quality of the samples so good they can provide inspiration for any genre.

    Some quality bass patches here. Just what you need if you need a bit of inspiration and want to get dark!

    Easily the best sample pack from a dnb producer. Particularly for drums, percussion and bass. A must have purchase.

    Deep House & Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    Some excellent sources of musical inspiration to get you started production wise. Something for everyone in this pack!

    Some great vibes here. Strong Loops and sounds as well as some excellent bass notes. Inspiration galore, definitely recommended!

    An absolutely top notch sample pack. Quality heres is leagues above many of the packs out there. Next level drums!

    Trap Zombies

    Rating: 6/10

    Some nice hits and loops here. Nothing out of the ordinary but worth a purchase.

    A very solid sample pack full of variety. Perfect for producers who are looking to create a hard tech sound.

    The Sound of Trap

    Rating: 6/10

    Some decent synth patches and strong loops to get you started. Def worth buying if you wanna get your crunk on. Rankin Audio products are always worth checking out!

    Fantastic sample pack for peeps that want something a bit grimier. Some great bass sounds and the drum and percussion section is bang on.

    Power House Chords

    Rating: 7/10

    Really enjoyed using this sample pack. It's helped me out a few times If I've ever been in a session needing a bit of inspiration. Def worth a purchase!

    Really glad I got this sick preset pack. The pre sets sound really different and it's actually inspired me when making my own pre sets in Massive and made me experiment a bit more rather than the same old, same old.

    What a great sample CD. Packed full of original and cutting edge breaks and bass. A must have for any budding DNB producer.

    Was a big fan of Real Strings 2 and glad I got this one as its a bit moodier. Its great even if i just wanna use a little part to get some inspiration. Saves a lot of time having the key for the whole score on there also!

    Some great loops here with strong credible pieces of music. All the different formats are great and really helps you to integrate them into your own work. Thumbs up from me!


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