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Keith Shocklee

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As an original member of the Public Enemy music production team and word-famous Bomb Squad (along with rap star Chuck D), and now as a celebrated DJ, "Wizard K-Jee" KeithShocklee has been a groundbreaking influence within the music industry through out the past 30 years. Rolling Stone named Shocklee "one of the greatest producers in hip-hop" for such innovative albums as "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back" and "Fear Of A Black Planet." Shocklee also co-produced the singles "Bring The Noize" and "Fight The Power", which were included on Rolling Stone’s list of the "500 Greatest Songs Of All Time."


  • Trap Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Trap Ultra Pack by Singomakers brings you the best stems in the turn up world of trap genre. You'll find 3.19GB of wav 24 bit samples at 140 BPM, 470 One Shots, 300 Trap Drum Loops, 100 Bass Loops, 100 Synth Loops, 180 VST Synth Patches, 30 Vocal Shouts, 200 Midi Files, 400 REX2 Files, 160 SFX, 18 DAW Templates. This pack is all you need to get started on your trap production career. The power is in your hands... Now downloaded into you sound banks.

    Zuess FX Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    Zuess FX Vol 1 by F9 Audio is a powerful sound pack. Used to create that extra something in your track productions. The file comes with loads of drops, rises, Blips, Blurps , Zaps etc. If you want to stand out from other producers at this to your bank of tricks. Enjoy, KS

    Submotion Orchestra Electronic Soul by Loopmasters is Carnegie Hall in a box. this sound pack comes equipped with 2.43Gb of 24Bit 44.1kHz Loops and Sounds including 40 Bass Loops, 47 Piano Loops, 26 Prophet Loops, 50 Rhodes Loops, 53 Percussion Loops, 43 Trumpet Loops, 205 Drum Loops, 18 Synth Loops, 4 Full Vocal Acapellas, 43 Bass Stabs, 3 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments, 191 Drum Shots, 28 Moog Sounds, 29 Piano Hits, 30 Rhodes Stabs, 5 Synth Sounds, 8 Trumpet Hits, 5 Multi Sampled Trumpet Instruments, 524 Rex2 Files and 169 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz formats. Download this pack now! Enjoy! KS

    Classic 90s House Vol2

    Rating: 10/10

    Classic 90s House Vol2 by Loopmasters takes you back to the good old days. Where the dance floors were packed and the house music was groovy. You will find 1.63Gb 44.1KHz of Loops and Sounds including 31 Bass Loops, 30 Full Drum Loops, 22 Clap Loops, 21 Kick Loops, 20 Hat Loops, 39 Snare Loops, 7 Crash Loops, 25 Guitar Loops, 18 Organ Loops, 36 Piano Loops, 25 Rhodes Loops, 11 String Loops, 3 Clav Loops, 5 Pad Loops, 1 Bell Loop, 3 Brass Loops, 1 Perc Loop, 20 Bass Stabs, 52 Drum Hits, 20 Impact Sounds, 20 Sweep Sounds, 6 Multi Sampled Instruments, 119 MIDI Files, 334 Rex2 Files, 33 Soft Sampler Patches for Halion, Exs24, Kontakt, Nnxt and Sfz formats. This sound pack includes all the sounds you need to make the perfect 90's house track. Enjoy! KS

    Future Deep House & Electronica by Artisan Audio takes you away from the mainstream and into an experimental groove flow of electronic sounds. This catalog gives you all master Wav File that will take your production to the future next level. This is one sound pack you don't want to pass up. Enjoy! KS

    Ultimate Deep House

    Rating: 10/10

    Ultimate Deep House by Loopmasters is the next level in sound design. Deep House genre is BACK! Examine, 2.43GB of 24Bit 44.1Khz Loops and Sounds including 190 Bass Loops, 167 Full Drum Loops, 96 Top Loops, 42 Percussion Loops, 256 Music Loops, 71 Vocal Loops, 30 SFX Loops, 5 Full Construction Kits with 97 Loops, 6 Drum Construction Kits with 51 Loops, 120 Bass Shots, 165 Music Stabs, 50 Vocal Hits, 159 SFX Hits and 159 SFX Shots. It's time to take your production game on a journey.. Enjoy! KS

    Balearic Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    Balearic Disco by Loopmasters gives you the producer a classic sound. The type of sound that a person will walk away saying, DAMN that rhythm is stuck in my head. This pack comes equipped with Vintage Acoustic Drums, 80s Synths and cool guitar list that includes Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez Artcore archtop, Yamaha Bass, Martin dreadnought and a Yamaha classical powered up through both Vox AC15 and a Fender Superchamp amps and a massive collection of Vintage pedals for added Wah, Fuzz and general audio naughtiness.

    Do you score films? Or Sync sound to video? If you do, Odyssey FX: Ambient Stems & Soundscapes are the perfect pack for you. This sound pack is a composers dream. Enough said.... Download it now and experience the musical journey! Enjoy! KS

    Eraser - Beat Textures

    Rating: 10/10

    Eraser - Beat Textures by Loopmasters sets your drums programs apart from the average producers. Cool textures that will make your composition have that special something that people can't actually explain but could definitely feel. This sound pack comes equipped with 207 loops at 125, 127, 140 and 173BPM.

    True Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    True Disco by Loopmasters takes you back to 1977. When it was all about moving and grooving on the dancefloor. Gutiars, horns, drums and bass was all it took to make a snazzy tune and this sound pack comes complete with all those tools. 2.89Gb of 24Bit 44.1KHz loops including 40 Bass Loops, 79 Drum Loops, 11 SFX Loops, 54 Guitar Loops, 26 Horn Loops, 70 Keys Loops, 78 Mixed Groove Loops, 14 Pad Loops, 24 Percussion Loops, 16 String Loops, 43 Synth Loops, 465 Rex 2 Files. The collection is available in Acid Wav + Rex2 (zip Main) or in Apple Loop + Rex2 versions. So clear some hard drive space, download and get to work! Enjoy! KS

    Freemasons House Keys And Stems V1 by F9 Audio blew me away with their instrument choices! This sound pack is made for the hit maker, like myself. You'll find : 3.1 gig of 24bit Wav loops and tagged Apple loops between tempos of 120 - 124BPM These include 248 Synth and Arp loops ( many are extended to include alternate and evolving versions ) . 70 Full bass parts (again many with evolving filter/ processed sections ) 49 Killer piano parts from emotional Minor key sequences to Club-ready Classic house and Nu disco. don't procrastinate and download it while it's hot. Enjoy! KS

    Basement Ensemble

    Rating: 8/10

    Basement Ensemble by Earth Moments gives you the percussion sounds of the future. Complete with high quality samples, recorded at 96kHz using Class A preamps and Tube microphones at the EarthMoments studios, while others have been recorded in vast open spaces and concert halls around the world to capture the resonance and unique timbre of each individual instrument. Are you ready to take your creativity to the next level? If so, Earth Moments will help you! Get on it! Enjoy! KS

    Cinematic Indie Rock

    Rating: 7/10

    Cinematic Indie Rock by Loopmasters gives you the control of a real indy band to create your own experience. This sound pack comes equipped with live Instrumental loops from Basses, Guitars to Strings, Pianos and Drums alongside classic synths such as the Moog Voyager, Korg MS20 and Virus TI. The collection is divided up into 10 separate construction kit folders with loops chopped into Intro, Verse, Chorus and Leads sections for each individual instrument, all clearly labeled with key and tempo allowing for easy drag and drop arranging in your chosen software. Also included are 20 bonus drum loops, 22 drum fills and 47 guitar FX that can be used alongside the kit content. Download it now!!!! Enjoy! KS

    EDM Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    EDM Ultra Pack by Singomakers gives you the power to create the EDM joints that rocks the festivals. This sound pack gives you a crazy bundle of Drop Loops, Bass Loops, Melodies, One Shots, MIDI, Track Templates, Mastering Templates for all DAW’s such as Logic Pro, Ableton and Cubase. Trust me, you need these sounds in your collection. Enjoy! KS

    Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits by Rankin Audio supplies you with sounds for the BIG SCREEN! Do you score films like me? Do you product experimental tracks like me? If you've answered yes to these questions, then you need not wait/ Download Rankin Audio sound pack NOW. You'll be blown away. Enjoy! KS


    Rating: 10/10

    Abstractions by Loopmasters goes deep with this bundle. Mystical, dark, experimental, abstract sound art is the only way to describe this sound pack. It comes equipped with 1.47 GB of 142 audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1 KHz at tempos of between 80 and 180BPM. The Collection includes 142 soft sampler patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz format.

    Francesco Farias Presents House to Spacefunk by Loopmasters. Which takes you on a journey through space to drop you off on planet House. In Detail expect to find 761Mb of 24Bit 44.1KHz loops and one shot sounds including 46 Bass Loops, 32 Mixed Groove Loops, 44 Drum Loops, 35 Percussion Loops, 91 Music Loops, 10 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments, 46 SFX Shots, 23 Music Stabs, 13 Orchestral Stabs, 38 Vocal Hits, 18 Lead Multi Sampled Instruments, 1 Rock Guitar Multi Instrument, 165 Drum Shots, 226 Percussion Hits, 248 Rex2 Files and 88 Soft Sampler Patches for Konta, Halion Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz formats. This is a must have sound pack!

    Future House Tools

    Rating: 10/10

    Future House Tools by Freaky Loops give you the sonics sounds of tomorrow, today. This one includes 259 Loops locked at 124/125 BPM, 97 mind-blowing Oneshots. In detail the loop folders contain, 65 Bass Loops, 25 Combi Loops, 20 Drum Fills, 60 Drum Loops, 10 Fx Loops, 65 Synth Loops and 14 Vox Loops. Oneshot folders consist of 16 Fx Hits and 06 Vox Hits PLUS 75 Drum Hits containing 10 Claps, 10 Cymbals, 15 Hi-hats, 15 Kicks, 15 Percussions and 10 Snares as a BONUS. Power packed! So get it now. Enjoy!

    Dark Twisted Drum & Bass Ft. Histibe by 5Pin Media is what it says it is. Dark and Twisted. Take you on a journey through the sound bed mystic. This on includes 361 WAV/Apple loops at 172bpm, 156 MIDI files, 107 One-Shots and 6 Multi-Sample Drum Kit Patches. Formats include NNXT, Kontakt 3, Live 9 Sampler, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ formats. This sound pack is all you bass heads need to make noise.

    Proghouse SFX & Tools

    Rating: 9/10

    Proghouse SFX & Tools by Delectable Records is the power pack for the new sound. You'll find 771 Mb of 24Bit quality Loops and sounds including 30 Atmosphere One Shots, 20 Classic and 10 Noise Downfiller One Shots, 114 SFX Hits (Crash, Hit, Impact and Processed Kick), 20 Melodies, 11 Tonal One Shots,50 Uplifter One Shots,72 Atmosphere Loops and Sampler patches for EXS24. Have fun with this on!

  • Mike Vale Tech House Edgeby by Loopmasters gives you the tools to remix and produce like the masters. In this sound pack you will find 2GB of 24bit 44.1Khz loops and sounds including 73 Bass Loops, 36 Clap and Snare Loops, 54 Drum Loops, 34 Hat Loops, 3 Ride Loops, 128 Music Loops, 72 Percussion Loops, 106 Top Loops, 44 Bass Shots, 59 Synth Sounds, 74 SFX hits, 14 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments, 228 Drum Shots, 506 Rex2 Files and 134 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxtand Sfz formats. The collection is also available in Apple Loops, Ableton Live Pack and Reason Refill to purchase separately. In the words of Kanye West.... "No One Man Should Have All This Power". Enjoy!

    Full Intention, House Republic by Loopmasters is a house producers goldmine. Scratch that.. It's any producers gold mine. You'll find 671Mb 24Bit 44.1KHz loops and sounds including 49 Bass Loops, 27 Full Drum Loops, 25 Top Loops, 20 Percussion Loops, 11 Hat Loops, 8 Horn Loops, 36 String Loops, 20 Synth Loops, 9 Vocal Loops, 18 Bass Stabs, 28 SFX, 182 Drum Shots, 23 Horn Hits, 15 Keys Sounds, 20 String Stabs, 10 MIDI files, 24 Native Instruments Massive Presets, 205 Rex2 Files and 125 Soft ampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz formats. I would tread this sound pack in all genres of music. Create with edge, enjoy!

    Crate Digger

    Rating: 10/10

    Crate Digger by Rawcutz come complete with a grimy collection of hits, stabs, chords and tones sampled straight from vinyl. Stabs, deep chords, shimmering pads, guitars, jazz notes, soft organs, crackling beats and crazy kicks. Rest in peace to my dude Dilla. He would have been all over this sound pack.

    Synth Explorer - TR505 by Loopmasters translates yesterday synth sounds into today world beat. The TR505 was released in 1986 and was intended as a budget portable drum machine featuring 16 crunchy 12Bit samples including Kick, Snare, Toms, Rim Shot, Hi Hats, Crash and Ride Cymbals and some basic percussion sounds. Do your homework kids! This is classic engineering, so take full advantage of this sound pack.

    SOR Minimal Techno Revolution Vol. 4 by Resonance Sound is the material dance floor hits are made of. Every kick, snare, hi hat, synth chord and bass riff is packed with a promise to thread your production with bombastic thump. Music producers... YOU NEED THIS SOUND PACK IN YOUR WEAPONS BOX! This will make you legend, like me. Enjoy!

    UK House, Garage And Bass by Samplestate put you tracks on the the dance floor. There is nothing in this sound pack that can't be used. Includes 283 high-quality banging drum beats and 58 chord loops and groovy sampled stab riffs. Real beat maker know exactly what to do with this much sound power! Enjoy!

    Analogue House: Keys, Chords And Beyond by Soul Rush Records puts you deep into the groove. For the real Soulful producers, ONLY. This sound bundle is packed with Keys and chords you can use for House, R&B, D&B or whatever cool out track you are crafting up. Enjoy!

    Liquid Trap

    Rating: 11/10

    Liquid Trap by Loopmasters is whats happening now! Are you looking for the cutting edge sounds to add to your library? Liquid Trap gives you that and more. 865Mb 24Bit 44.1KHz loops and sounds with 5 Construction kits and 122 separate Wav Stems, 70 One Shot Sounds, 10 Soft Sampler Patches and Sfz formats plus a Bonus 14 MIDI Files. This is the Milti-Vitamin pack your production have been waiting for. Enjoy!

    Afro Cuban Percussion

    Rating: 10/10

    Afro Cuban Percussion by Organic Loops adds shake to your beat breaks. All 24bit wav sound quality. Bell Loops, 3 Bongo Loops, Clave Loops, Drum Loops, Maracas Loops, and 37 One Shot Percussion Hits. The will help you shape and form your own style. If your percussion library is lacking, Organic Loops will put you in the game. Enjoy!

    Enigmatic Space Electronica Vol. 2 by Singomakers put you in the experimental zone. If you're like me "Weird". You'll love what's in the sound library. It includes 24 bit wav samples. 10 Construction Kits Bass, Drums, Fx, Leads, Pianos, Guitars, Synths, Pads, 10 Full mixes, 86 MIDI Files for Bass, Synths, Leads, Pads, Pianos, Guitars, 40 Astronaut Voices and 30 Atmo FX! POWER PACKED! Get yours NOW! Enjoy!

    Synth Explorer - SH101 by Loopmasters gives you the collection of the classic Roland SH101. Brings you back to 1983. 104 Loops, 344 One Shot Samples including 24 Arp Loops, 80 Sequencer Loops, 71 Drum & Percussion Hits, 45 Bass Shots, 57 SFX, 46 Lead Sounds and 16 Synth. That a loop of sound for you dollar. Producers... Real producers, will see the value in this sound pack. Enjoy!

    Total Electro Swing

    Rating: 10/10

    Total Electro Swing by Push Button Bang takes you back to the pure dance days. Where everyone was dapper and dress to the 9's. Well here's that sound to compliment the moment in time. Every producer should experiment with this sound pack. You want guitar groove, swing horns and drums? Electro Swing is where it's at. Enjoy!

    Chill Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    Chill Hop by Delectable Records introduces the soft side of hip hop. But don’t mistake the kind grooves for a weakness. There is some hard hitting beat loops in this sound pack. And I can’t for get about the chords and synths. If you are looking for a chill sounding twist to your music production, you’ve founded it. Enjoy!

    Classic 90s House

    Rating: 10/10

    Classic 90’s House by Loopmasters give you the keys to where it all started in electronic music. This epic sound pack is filled with jewels and gems. Bass synths, Chord progressions, and drum loops that will take you back to the golden era. Producers, This is a must have! Enjoy the work!

    Ultimate Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    Ultimate Disco by Famous Audio represents Studio 54 today. Pure groove. Can you dig it? This is no jive turkey sound pack. Drum loops, Synths, Drops and keys for every note played. If the groove is in your heart. You need to play around with the sounds in this bundle. Enjoy! And create responsibly.

    Found Sound Percussion Hits by Soul Rush Records is the key signature every great producer needs. This is that bag of tricks you hear on every hit song. The percussion you'll hear in this sound pack is from the creative environments of our mother earth. So you have my her permission to go H.A.M.! Enjoy!

    "Melbourne Energy Bounce" by Singomakers is a high-energy EDM mix sure to make a perfect party. With intense, saw synths and over-the-top builds, this pack is not for the meek. Electronic art at its finest, the sound design and melodies are equally impressive.

    Vintage Movie Vocals 3

    Rating: 8/10

    What a splendid idea! Juxtaposing movie quotes to EDM beats to add intrigue. This is great mix for those with a more film or literary bent, and film vocals are perfect for introductions or interludes to songs. The quotes are delivered expressively and are mixed well to have that vintage feel. The only catch is that the subject matter could be a little more varied; many of the quotes reference music in some way.

    "Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol3" is a collection of unique electronic sounds and beats. With eclectic synth patches, the mix lends itself a little more to experimental electronic, trip-hop or downtempo than standard hip-hop. Then again, hip-hop is by its very nature experimental electronic music. The beats could have a bit more drive to them.

    "DJ Mixtools 36 - Tech House Vol4" is a kit for electronic music producers that offers a subtle, lounge/deep house feel as opposed to some of the over-the-top EDM sounds on the market now. There are well-crafted filter changes as well as unobtrusive bass sounds that blend with the rest of the mix. A repeating pulse ties all of it together.

  • "Soulful Glitch Hop Vol. 3" by Singomakers is character by the use of the glitch -- that buzzing electronic sound. That sound is complemented by its opposite: deep epic synth sounds. This kit is an exciting collection of sounds, however it is more cinematic and reminiscent of soundscapes than groove-driven music. It does have a fair share of melodic phrases that add a nice element.

    "Deep to House Mega Pack" by Delectable Records is a chill and smooth collection of sounds for house and lounge music. Its best features are a rubbery bass, metallic-sounding percussion and stabby synths with delays. This kit is definitely on the subtle end of the sound spectrum compared to its raving EDM cousins.

    SOR Transformation

    Rating: 10/10

    SOR Transformation is the ultimate sound pack for the super future producer. Mainstream guys, this is not for you. Robot sounds, computer squeaks and grinding metals. Not your average sound choice in todays music. But as they say.. It's not what you use, it's how you use it. Composers will love the frequencies in this bundle.

    Atmosfear takes you on a journey through sound space. Impulse Factory digs deep into the vault. Designing some of the creepiest synth sequences you've ever heard. If you're working on a sci-fi film score, this will be the perfect sound pack for you. Enjoy the listening experience! KS

    Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3 is frequency warfair at it's best. This sound pack works for all genres. Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, EDM etc. Find your sound path. Create outside of the box, I dear you. Circuit gives you the tools to operate. Good hard or don't go at all. Create the new sound future! KS

    Dubstep Apocalypse

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Apocalypse is a gut rattling sound pack for the seriously gnarly producers. Wobble bass in your face. Synth loops to make your eardrums hum and drum hits that will make a girl shack her ____. You feel in the blank. Explore it for yourself. You won't be sorry. Enjoy! KS

    "Top 100 DJs Signature Sounds Massive Presets Vol. 3" by Loopmasters has everything the dance music producer needs to make music. The sound, emulating the top 100 DJ's, is as modern and powerful as those it draws inspiration from. With lush synths, throbbing pads, thick basses and epic rises and drops, this varied sound pack is sure to have something for everyone.

    EDM MIDI Weapons 3.0

    Rating: 8/10

    "EDM MIDI Weapons 3.0" by Resonance Sound offers MIDI melodies (without the synth patches). The melodies are very fitting for EDM music and provide ample room for experimentation within different software and hardware synths. Additionally, this collection offers room to vary some of the notes within your compositions to suit the exact sound you are seeking.

    Ultimate Complextro

    Rating: 8/10

    Somewhere between EDM, dubstep and classical music lies a new genre called "Complextro" and Noisefactory captures it. With more elaborate melodies and intricate textures than standard EDM, this soundpack offers a one-of-kind kit for producers looking to appeal to the more discerning listener that hungers for new sounds and stimulation. The sounds and tempo definitely can raise the heartrate and energize.

    EDM Power Pack Vol. 3

    Rating: 9/10

    "EDM Power Pack Vol. 3" by Singomakers is a staple EDM collection for the large club mainstream sound. It is imbued with a raw groove in both the synths and drums that naturally moves the body. The synth progressions are also interesting as much as they are short and sweet.

    Melbourne Bounce

    Rating: 10/10

    "Melbourne Bounce" by Loopmasters is certainly one of the more unique collections out there. The epic, exotic EDM sound is a new treat in the genre. Included are call and response melodies and dynamic builds. Additionally, the pack includes a large variety of synth sounds.

    Big Room House & EDM

    Rating: 7/10

    "Big Room House & EDM" by Loopmasters presents a mix that is a little more chill and minimal than the standard EDM sound. These sounds are perfect for a lounge or smaller club in contrast to the intense, anthemic sound of larger raves. This is a great collection to have, although it can be a little mechanical-sounding at times.

    "Massive Presets -- The Complete Collection" by Rankin Audio crafts sounds from NI's premier synth for a variety of genres from house to dubstep. The soundpack makes good use of this synth but perhaps sounds a bit thin and virtual. The timing of the patches is great and the sounds make sense for these genres, but they could use a bit more life and groove.

    "Nu Disco and Indie Dance Vol. 2" is an eclectic mix of leads and never-heard-before synth timbres that create personality and an imaginary world. This eccentric mix is on the cutting edge of dance and electronic music's future. With hints of bands like Daft Punk and rock and roll, this is a party that definitely has a human and organic touch.

    "Secret Ingredients Vol. 1" by Inspire Audio is a little different than the standard electronic music sound packs. Its sound collection is more laid back and subtle than the bulk of what is out there. There is an experimental and futuristic edge that is perfect for techno but also for house, lounge and some forms of 'art' music.

    "Rock Hip Hop Guitars and Bass" by Organic Loops is a collection of guitar and bass loops for various genres of music. The riffs are recorded in such a way that looping is natural and they have a cool, gritty, grunge feel to them. However, there is nothing about the mix that screams hip-hop and the sounds could benefit from a bit more vibrancy and grooviness.

    Classic Guitar Licks

    Rating: 8/10

    "Classic Guitar Licks" by Sonic Mechanics is a collection of various guitar riffs and playing styles that can be used for music production. The sounds are standard and don't get too experimental or heavy, however this is a good pack if you're looking to add basic guitar. The challenge with guitar-based soundpacks is that rock music usually sounds better with a live band. However, this pack is great for mapping out rock songs that then get re-recording in the studio or for music in other genres.

    EDM Floor Killers

    Rating: 8/10

    "EDM Floor Killers" by Monster Sounds offers a varied selection of sounds for EDM. It includes fat synth lines, anthemic leads and elements of trance. The kit has character and offers a new mixture of sounds in what seems like an oversaturated genre.

    "Live Deep Jazz House Vol2" by Loopmasters presents a unique blend of genres: deep house and old school jazz. This pack comes with an array of piano, organ and brass riffs typical of jazz but specifically crafted for house. This pack is perfect for producers who want to create music that provides atmosphere for restaurants, bars and lounges.

    "My Digital Enemy Presents Back to The Old School" by Loopmasters offers an alternative to the EDM sound that is dominating the dance scene right now. This collection of synths and sounds typical of 90's house and club music can find modern use, unlike some other vintage soundpacks that simply sound outdated. These sounds have an analog quality that give them character.

  • Trap & Twerk

    Rating: 8/10

    "Trap & Twerk" by Singomakers is a wide variety of electronic and groovy sounds for the dance floor. The screaming woops and wops are exactly what one would hear at a large club today. A few of the sounds may be a little too screeching and high-frequency but overall this is a palatable collection for producers.

    "Leon Switch - Deep Dark Dubstep" by Loopmasters is an unconventional spin on the genre. Synths and pianos sweep across drum beats to create a distinctive sound. The sound pack is suspenseful and definitely deep and dark but it sounds more like a film score than dubstep.


    Rating: 7/10

    "Robotica" by Loopmasters is as described in its title: robotic sounds, and is a definitely a unique departure from the standard EDM soundpacks. The pack is full of blips, bleeps and heavily distorted vocals that take the listener far into the future. The sounds, due to their distinctive character, are perfect for video games, experimental films, techno and some forms of house music.

    "Synth Explorer - Jupiter 6" by Loopmasters is a great trip into the history of electronic music. Well-programmed and mixed, and fully utilizing the capacity of the Jupiter 6, this sample pack is a solid idea. The only catch is that sound design has advanced so much in the past couple of decades that it is unclear what the use of a vintage sound pack is other than to explore history or create a vintage-sounding song.

    "Lack of Afro Presents Soulful Breaks" by Loopmasters is a collection of groovy live drum sound loops. The parts are swinging, bodily, punchy and perhaps even tribal. They are be perfect for a dance track or as inspiration for a funk or R+B song. There is definitely room for some heavy slap bass or clavinet.

    EDM Chords

    Rating: 8/10

    "Loopmasters Presents EDM Chords" by Loopmasters offers a soundpack that represents what modern EDM is. The pack contains full, lush sequences that make harmonic sense but are still simple. Perhaps the sound is a little too generic, but it serves the purpose of being a staple resource for the EDM producer.

    "Audio Devices - Lenny Dee" by Industrial Strength Records offers hums, bleeps, buzzes and tings as percussive instruments. This outside-of-the-box kit is great to use in music at warehouse parties and other events you would find in Brooklyn, Silverlake or San Francisco. Well-mixed, punchy and groovy, it is a great addition to any hipster's toolbox.

    Space FX

    Rating: 7/10

    "Space FX" by Industrial Strength Records is a sound pack full of echoing, reverberating FX perfect for cinematic productions. Walk into the cave of suspense and be surrounded left and right, top and down, with this ambient soundscape. The sounds are a cross in feel between psychadelic and eerie.

    "June Miller Presents Dark Complex Drum & Bass Vol2" by Loopmasters is a kit full of Drum & Bass sounds inspired by classical music. Cinematic and intellectually stimulating but lacking groove, the pack airs too much on the side of 'dark' and not enough on the side of 'Drum & Bass.' The melodic progressions of piano and string are perfect for quiet listening or Carnegie Hall.

    "Thomas Penton Main Room Arps & Sequences" by RV_samplepacks is a powerful collections of arpeggiated sequences for house, trance or industrial/futurepop. The music is coherent and well-structured harmonically and rhythmically and will add a lot of impact to a producer's mix. These sounds are the perfect mind-altering experience for the club or festival.

    Weird Little One Shots

    Rating: 7/10

    "Weird Little One Shots" by Industrial Strength records is a collection of eclectic hits, glitches, snaps, claps and raindrops that can be used in electronic music production. Sounding as if they were recorded in a tunnel, these sounds feel distant and echoing. However, the sound selection is too varied to get a grasp on its best uses.

    Total EDM Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    "Total EDM Drops" by Noisefactory offers an EDM sound with full, expansive synths and grinding bass lines. It sounds polished and slick, albeit slightly too mechanical. True to its title, it features many frequency shifts down that will help the clubgoer get down.

    "Tribal Percussion Loops" by Singomakers is where 21st century EDM meets ancient tradition. These classic tribal rhythms are mixed with electronic drums, synths and fills. Even the standard house chords are tossed into the dish, but it all comes together for a sonic experience that has never been heard before.

    "CAPSUN - Chill Trap and Future RnB" by Loopmasters is a new, electronic interpretation of the popular R+B genre that has existed for decades. In this pack, the swinging rhythms of R+B are mixed with thick synths and effects. Tribal rhythms, dramatic builds and arpeggiatting synths add more flavor.

    "Double Tiger - Horns of Dub" by Loopmasters is a recording of a mixture of horn instruments designed for various genres of music, but most suited for reggae or ska. The parts are bold, vibrant, rhythmic and cleanly recorded. However, stylistically they fit in more with acoustic songs than electronic ones.

    "Trapstep Massive Presets" by Loopmasters is an impressive use of Native Instrument's 'Massive'. The futuristic synth loops echo the sounds of European pop and industrial music. The collection has character and an exotic feel, which is difficult to achieve with a purely electronic music pack.

    "Hamsa Arabic Percussion" by Earth Moments is an organic-sounding collection of beats that capture this regional style of music. The pack has a live, approachable feel with subtle dynamic inflections. The loops were recorded well and can be used to enhance any track.

    "Break - Symmetry Drum & Bass" by Loopmasters is a sound collection that spans the entire frequency spectrum with synths, drum fills and bass lines. Its long, evolving synths evoke the desire to sway back and forth in a state of daydreaming. Although the synths are quite original-sounding and there are a few oddball kicks and snares, some of the drum and bass parts are fairly standard for this genre.

    "Mad Professor - Reel to Reel Reggae Vol 2" by Loopmasters is a funky collection of sounds with personality and good vibes. It features syncopated piano typical of the genre, a clean bass that cuts neatly through the mix and a variety of percussive and drum sounds. The sounds are also frosted with encapsulating delays, echoes and reverbs that further enhance the reggae feel.

    Sliced EDM Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    "Sliced EDM Vocals" by Freaky Loops is a collection of processed, altered and mutated vocals for dance music production. Resembling a sonic quality similar to the robotic sound of Daft Punk in "Harder Better Faster Stronger", these vocals add a cool, electronic feel. Especially prominent are the pitched up vocals that squeak like a mouse.

  • "Loopmasters Presents DNA Synths - Korg MonoPoly" is a digital download of samples of this classic Korg synth from the early 80's. It is perfect for producers who would like to save money and space but stay true to this vintage sound. The synths in this pack may have originally been found in Atari games but now would sound just as natural in funky house and EDM music.

    Big Bad EDM 2

    Rating: 7/10

    "Big Bad EDM 2" by Famous Audio is a an aggressive, over-the-top collection of sounds for the dance floor. Its combination of saw synths, sweeps and claps is designed for the hardcore partier, not the occasional rave-goer. The sounds, in spite of the intensity of this genre, have a slight goofy, cartoonish quality to them but still take the listener on a deep midnight experience.

    Prygressive House

    Rating: 9/10

    "Prygressive House" by Singomakers is full of ethereal synth sounds. True to the genre's theme of artistic depth, the sounds have a sense of melodic and harmonic progression. In some ways, the music echoes 90's trance. Intriguing and unusual, this is a spiritually uplifting mix of audio treats.

    "Luke Solomon - Freaky House" by Loopmasters is a futuristic, polished, slick mix of synths, bass timbres and drums. The eclectic, electric synthesizer sounds are a modern spin on the New Wave sound, and definitely pleasing to the ear. However, this mix of sounds could get a lot freakier than its current state of affairs!

    "Dread Recordings Vol2 - Mr Explicit" is an interesting mix between a horror film score and a club hit. The pack's most prominent sound is a haunting, creepy synth pad whose exhilarating sense of anxiety reverberates over other sounds. Although creating a sound pack like this is an unique idea, at the end of the day it lends itself more to a film score than a dance hall track.

    "Enigmatic Space Electronica" by Singomakers is a psychedelic electric sound explosion that sends chills down listeners' spines. Coherent melodies dance over lush synth pads. These sounds can be used for any epic synth-pop, trance, futurepop or even to invent a genre that doesn't yet exist.

    "Da Sunlounge Presents Deep House Fusion Vol2" by Loopmasters is packed with an array of peppy, snappy drum hits and slick bass timbres. The detuned synths are eccentric and seem to have a mind of their own. This pack is a fusion mix, a fusion between deep house and Kraftwerk!

    "Sarah deCourcy Presents House Piano" by Loopmasters offers an array of snappy piano parts that are well-suited to the rhythms and feel of house music. Although these parts are palatable to the ear, the piano is such a diverse instrument that this pack could go beyond standard chord progressions and alternations between notes. The pack could also offer more variety in piano timbres.

    "World Percussion Carnival" by Organic Loops is an exciting alternative to the EDM soundscape dominating the airwaves and internet. These congas and Latin brass parts can be sprinkled over productions in many genres to add an exotic flavor. Syncopated and funky, these rhythms capture the vibrance of global festivals and events.

    House & EDM Drum Fills

    Rating: 7/10

    "House & EDM Drum Fills" by RV_samplepacks culls together a peppy, energized, in-your-face mix of club sounds. This pack is for the hardcore EDM enthusiast rather than the meek hobbyist who is in and out of the scene. The drum fills and sound FX offer some color and life but sound a bit too machine-made.

    Ultimate House

    Rating: 7/10

    "Ultimate House" by Loopmasters is a deep house sound pack with a quirky twist. In addition to the standard drum hits and chords found in house, one can hear crystallized synths and sweeping, atmospheric sonic backdrops. The synths call to mind 80's new wave sound, but perhaps the most interesting part of the mix is the chill vocal narrative that weaves throughout the sound.

    Underground City FX

    Rating: 7/10

    Underground City FX by Loopmasters provides an industrial and dub step-influenced soundscape for producers. Exoerience the dark side of electronic dance music through this pack's swooping, cryptic sounds and aggressive percussive sections. This pack is as equally likely to be heard in an action-adventure video game as it is in an underground nightclub.

    Evan Panzer Brooklyn Breaks by Industrial Strength Records is a pack of drum loops recorded live. This pack, though recorded with excellent timing and mixed professionally, provides a somewhat generic sound and collection of loops. The collection, recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, can form the basis of hip-hop or rock tracks.

    Fat EDM Synths & Bass One Shots by Singomakers provides a pallet of colorful, ebullient synths for club music. Drawing from elements of trance and house music, the pack already has groove and energetic vibes written into it. It is a perfect ingredient to add to a dance music producer's kitchen.

    Drum & Bass Vocal Hooks

    Rating: 10/10

    Drum & Bass Vocal Hooks by Soul Rush Records gives you the chance to take your D&B sound to the next level. Bahar Dopran, Chantelle Rowe, James Berkeley and Kim Kirby puts it down! Their vocal soul puts the power in your beat. Don't miss out! Enjoy! KS

    Festival Drops & EDM Anthems by Freaky Loops was built for the real masters of fist pump music! The drops, raises and synth loops makes you the producer sound like a pro-scouts. Coachella dj's would go nuts over this EPIC EDM sound pack guinness! Enjoy the madness! KS

    Don Goliath Reggae & Dub Acapellas Vol. 6 by Loopmasters is brilliantly crafted for todays dub producers. Don gives you a catalog of hot lines from the culture and roots of Jamaica. As they say BIG UP to the rasta-man! This vocal sound pack is IREE.. Aka ALRIGHT! Enjoy! KS

    Killer Acapellas 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Killer Acapellas 3 by Monster Sounds is what it says it is. If you're looking for vocal samples that are prodigious, then you've hit the jackpot. As we all know, lyrics manufactures the beat. Which entails completes the track. Producers are going to worship Killer Acapellas. Enjoy! Keith Shocklee

    Hardstyle EDM: Production Toolkits by Industrial Strength Records is today cutting edge sound. The big room tracks are assembled with the DNA in this sound pack. Waves, Native Instrument and Midi formatted to fit the DAW of your choice.

    Electro and Dubstep is taking over the planet. You can hear remnants of the genres in all of todays popular music. Famous audio supplies our youth producers with the sound tools to bang out. This sound pack includes, drums, Synths and Drops. Enjoy! Keith Shocklee

  • Killer FX Drops

    Rating: 10/10

    Killer FX Drops by Soundbox rules! Todays music bleeds FX's and drops. You got to have them. It makes the soundtrack better. Bombs, slides, drops and builds. The power is yours. Download this pack now! Keith Shocklee

    Deep Down And Certain, Slide & Swell Subbass by Particular gives you the power! Transitions are important to music creation today. You got to have them! Theirs no creating epic without slides and swells. Enjoy, Keith Shocklee

    The almighty clap & snare by Thomas Penton. Every producer needs this pack. The snare creates the moment in music. Boom, SNAP, Boom, CLAP! You get the picture. All mastered and ready to make beats. Go in my friend. The World is yours! Enjoyed! Keith Shocklee

    Terry Grant Voices From The Edge by Loopmasters gives you soulful grace. House, Garage, Drum & Bass, whatever you produce, takes your work to a level of completion. The accapellas and phrases from this sound pack adds color to your sound designs. Enjoy! Keith Shocklee

    Ultimate Loopmasters 2013 by Loopmasters is a collection of the greatest and brightest sounds of last years. Producers from across the globe came together to create magic. Loops, Drums Kits and Synth Stems. The complete package of sound craft. Every producer/beat maker needs this pack. Enjoy! Keith Shocklee

    Nu Disco And Indie Dance

    Rating: 10/10

    Nu Disco and Indie Dance by Singomakers brings you soulful groovy sound ideas. Nu Disco and Inie Dance is the new escape from the "POP" World we live in. A musical dance vacation. Respect to all the produces that are fearlessly build tracks for this rare genre. This sound pack compliments your style. Enjoy! Keith Shocklee

    Soulful Glitch Hop Vol. 2 by Singomakers blesses you with the tools you need to be that best glitch hop producer on the planet. This sound pack delivers soulful static loops, drum kits, glitchy synth pattern and pops/clicks to make your beats stand out. "A successful producer always have cutting edge sounds and Soulful Glitch Hop get you started". Enjoy! Keith Shocklee

    Selected: Up And Down FX

    Rating: 10/10

    Up And Down FX by Freaky Loops supplies you with drops and builds for todays sound in production. EDM, Hip Hop, Glitch, Moonbahton, Deep House etc. Trust me, you need this sound pack. Download it now! Cheers, Keith Shocklee

    Classic Synthology

    Rating: 10/10

    Classic Synthology by Loopmasters puts you in the mind center of Bob Moog. In case you don't know Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog, founder of Moog Music, was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. The pioneers of the sound industry paved the way for producers to create. So, I encourage you to use the tools and create your legacy. Classic Synthology, download it now. Enjoy! Keith Shocklee

    Afro Tech Vocals 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Afro Tech Vocals 3 by Soundbox set you apart from the normal. Add Afro Vocals to your beat and your audience will get a brand new feel. This sound pack speaks to the creative producer. Take risks, and see what you come up with. KS Enjoy!

    Extreme Glitch Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    Where the HELL didi you get those sounds??? Extreme Glitch Hop by Delectable Records provided them. Warning! This sound pack was constructed for the serious producers. Delectable gives you cutting edge loops, beats and builds to take you production game to the next level. So stop BS'n, get off your ass and Download Extreme Glitch Hop now and experience it for yourself. Enjoy! KS

    Big Bad Melodies

    Rating: 10/10

    Big Bad Melodies by Famous Audio is just what it reads. Do you fumble around on your midi keyboard trying to find melodies? Well, YOUR WORRIES ARE OVER! This sound pack will give you the melodies you need for those EPIC lyrics in your head. Leads, Synths etc. Trust me… DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Enjoy! KS

    6Blocc - Robotic Vocoder

    Rating: 10/10

    6Blocc - Robotic Vocoder by Industrial Strength Records gives you the sounds of the future. Techno logic robotic greatness. This sound pack is full of beats, phases with pure vocoder attitude to make all your tracks sound futuristic. Producers and dj will have fun with this pack.

    Darkstep Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Darkstep Vol. 2 by Delectable Records takes you through a walk on the dark side of dub step. Very bass heavy kicks, snares, hats and loops to get you on your way to creating that pro sound you've been wanting. This sound pack is a must have for all producers. Enjoy! KS

    Quote: Reload your DnB arsenal with this thundering Industrial Strength set boldly produced by Dread. Clean, agile, and upfront, DREAD Drum -n- Bass Vol.2 delivers a tight round of deep samples to propel your productions into the night. Basically… Drum & Bass producers will die for this sound pack. GET ON IT NOW! And be the best to create D&B magic!

    SP12Hundred Floppy Beats and Phat Samples by Rawcutz is the premier sound pack when it comes to the hip hop nation. 90's music structures was made off these sounds. You need this one! #truth Enjoy! KS

    Vintage Movie Vocals 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Vintage Movie Vocals 2 by Resonance Sound brings you the madness to your method. Dj's and producers will know exactly what to do with this pack. So have fun and create great skits! KS

    House Bass Session

    Rating: 10/10

    House Bass Session by Delectable Records brings you the low end of dance music. Free your mind and get creative with loops, one shots and groove bass sounds to build your house soundtracks. As Chuck would say… Bring the BASS! Enjoy! KS

    New School Electro 2

    Rating: 10/10

    New School Electro 2 by Famous Audio brings you the cutting edge of electro sounds. Synths, Drums, Drops and Builds. Everything you need to bring the best EDM tracks to the market. Search no more, the ultimate sounds are at your fingertips. Choose your DAW and go to work!

    Emotional Piano Themes Vol. 2 by Singomakers is the most beautiful piano sound pack Loopmasters have to offer. Need I say more?!! Buy it, download and create beautiful music. Enjoy! KS

  • Chiptune Massive

    Rating: 9/10

    Chiptune Massive by Industrial Strength Records gives producers tracks that video game edge. I'm a big gamer so this sound pack rocks for me. Dare to be different.. Download it now and see what could happen to your beats. Enjoy! KS

    Eat Static Presents Static Sounds Vol1: Broken Electronica Loops and Pads by Loopmasters gives you that cutting edge sound from the underground. This sound pack can be used universal. Hip Hop, Drum & Bass or EDM. So Enjoy the STATIC! KS

    Junkyard Percussion Vol. 2 by Loopmasters gives you the clicks, pops, crackles, rattles and jingles the producer needs to stand out. I personally love this sound pack because sounds like these made my crew Public Enemy iconic. Enjoy! KS


    Rating: 10/10

    Bomb by Industrial Strength Records is all the explosion sound effects you need to blow up stuff on your tracks.. BOOM! This sound pack is the bomb! Really.. It is.. Enjoy! KS

    You wanna fight?? You wanna fight me??? I'll teach you!!! WAAAHHH, Wop PAAP, HIYAAA! lol. Fight Sounds, Hand Combat SFX by Push Button Bang is all that and some. If you're looking to add some battle sound to your production this is the sound pack for you! Enjoy! KS

    Dubstep Therapy

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Therapy by Loopmasters is the premier sound pack for all my dub-heads. STUDY THE THERAPY then produce the theory. Bass, synths, kicks and one shots. You name it, D.T. by Loopmasters has got it! Enjoy! KS

    EDM Chart Smashers

    Rating: 10/10

    EDM Chart Smashers by Singomakers is the leaders when It comes to Electronic music sound design. Bass, Synth, Drums Drops and Builds. This sound pack gives you everything you need to sound like an industry pro. Go hard or go home! Enjoy! KS

    Live Dubstep Strings

    Rating: 10/10

    Live Dubstep Strings by Organic Loops comes power packed with strings that will make a man cry. This sound pack is made for the serious dubstep and electronic producers. So if this fits your description, get with the program.. Download it, produce a beat and play that beat! Enjoy! KS

    Ultimate FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Ultimate FX by Rankin Audio gives you the best of the best drops, builds, expositions. As any producer/dj knows, effects make the beat complete. So don't wait... Download Ultimate FX now!

    The Squatters Present Main Room Electro House by Loopmasters is today's cutting edge sounds with an edge. EDM is a powerful industry. So with this being said… The power is in the sounds that the producer chooses. And this pack gives you the power! Cheers, KS

    Atmospheric Vinyl Breaks

    Rating: 10/10

    Atmospheric Vinyl Breaks by Loopmasters gives you vintage break beats with a serious spaced out feel. The 90's are back in a new way.. So man up and buy this sound pack! Trust me, you won't regret it! Enjoy! KS

    Fungus And Weed - Smokin Delights & Turf Breaks by Rawcutz… One word. WOW! Every hip hop producer on the planet needs this sound pack! Beat loops, samples, horns, stabs… You name it, this pack has got it! It's by far one of my favorite sound packs when it comes to producing hip hop. GET ON IT! Cheers, KS

    Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2 bring you the vintage synth sounds you can't get from any old DAW. This sound pack will keep your production RAW! Download it now, I'll definitely be worth your hard earn money..

    Oriental Orchestra

    Rating: 10/10

    If strings are what you need.. You gotta have Oriental Orchestra by Earth Moments in your sound bank. Symphony style strings on any beat makes the producer sound genius. Are you a GENIUS? If yes.. Step into the AM and come play with the big boys. Enjoy! KS

    SOR Abstract & Weird Vol 1 by Resonance Sound gives you that other world sound. Most us a producer take our time to search the land for the different sounds. Well search no more! This is the sound pack you need to be weird. Enough said… Enjoy! KS

    Essential House Bass by Soundbox gives you the premier sound pack in this package. Everything you need to make an industry standard production piece. Bass, Synths and effects for every DAW on the market. Enjoy! KS

    Halloween Themes

    Rating: 10/10

    Attention all real Dj's and producers. Halloween Themes are a must have. Melodies, effects, textures and vocals. A all in one sound package for you to rip Halloween 2013 to blood shreds. Download it now, no thinking and no waiting! Enjoy, KS

    Bashiri Johnson Bitz & Piecez by Industrial Strength Records gives you the power of real live percussions. If you're looking to take your electronic drum game to the next level, this is the sound pack for you! I smell GRAMMYS with this one… LET'S GO PEOPLE!!!! KS

    Glitch Hop & Moombahcore

    Rating: 10/10

    Glitch Hop Moombahcore gives you the tools to move the dance floor the way the pros do. Synths, drops, drums and builds. Mastered and ready to be sliced and dice to your liking. Freaky loops, great job!

    Deep Groove House Vol2

    Rating: 10/10

    Loop masters gives you Deep Groove House Volume 2. Chicago House producers will love this sound pack. Well actually, the world producer would love this pack. It comes complete with Drums, Synths, Basslines, One shot and grooves to get your dance floor in a trance. Enjoy, KS

  • Rudeboy DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Industrial Strength Records brings you Rudeboy DnB. DnB is Drum and Bass by the way. This sound pack is all the tools you need to bang out pro-style as a professional DnB producer. Keep there heads ringing RUDEBOY! Enjoy! KS

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    If you want to get creative with your dj mixes and production, you need Movie Dialogue Volume 2. This pack is full of skits and phrase thats ear catching and witty. Free your mind and get open! Loopmasters created this one for the masters of the mix! Enjoy! KS

    The Raw Cutz Super Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Every Hip Hop head should own this sound pack! 5000 Breaks, CUTS AND SAMPLES??? WOW! One word.. BANANAS! By far, RawCutz Super Pack is the best of the best! Free 2 gigs of hard drive space because 149.00 is well worth your troubles. Enjoy RawCutz! KS

    Nu Skool Afro Tech 4

    Rating: 10/10

    NU Skool Afro Tech 4 gives you the tools to make house music next level. Bass, Beats & SYNTH loops in key and ready to insert into any DAW. SoundBox designed this pack with groove!

    Indian Vocal Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    Attention all DJ's and producers... If you wanna stand out and make different music. You have to examine Loopmasters Indian Vocal Session sound pack. I'm in to all types of music. And you should be too. Add a little Indian Vocal to your creativity and see what you get. Trust me, you won't be sorry!

    Swedish House music has taken over the planet, AND I LET THAT! I also produced that genre. Sigomakers was very generous to provide us with a sound package that will make a closet producer sound like a House Mafia pro. Thumbs up.. Now go make music!

    Midi Focus brings you Trap Beats. This sound pack gives you the power to make any producer sound like a trap pro! The kicks, hats and snares are massive, next level and already equalized. This pack will be a true bang for you buck! Enjoy! KS

    Percussion Factory

    Rating: 8/10

    The life of music lives within the structure of percussions. Welcome to the complete Percussion Factory. Industrial Instruments to make a drum machine sound like a 8 piece madiachi collective. Channel Robot killed it with this sound pack. Enjoy! KS

    Electronic music strive off fills and drops. This pack completes your catalog with effects, melodies and killer fixes to make good songs into epic songs. This pack is a must have for all dj/producers. Get your game up and download Freaky Loops Ultimate Fills & Drop 3. You won't be sorry... Enjoy! KS

    Scratch Loops 1

    Rating: 9/10

    Loop masters gives you the best Scratch loops and samples on the planet. These cuts will make the average dj look sound like @djourney or those really cool dj's from @bsideradioshow... I highly recommend this scratch sound pack to every dj and producer.

    Indian Drum Guru

    Rating: 10/10

    One of my favorite hip hop producers uses indian drum samples (Timbaland). Loopmasters gives you the tools to be different. Tradition and innovation all in one pack. Enjoy! KS

    Growl & Evil Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Mean! Growl & Evil Bass brings you the best in monster, animal, zombie, robots, mutants and screams. Who does that? Famous Audio does! Everyone loves bass.. OK! But this is next level. Definitely a must have for todays innovative producer. Enjoy! KS

    Atmospheric Pianos

    Rating: 8/10

    Atmospheric Pianos by Loopmasters brings you the soul melodic force. If you're producing house music anthems, this sound pack was built for you. It has chords and keys to bring the club to the center of the dance floor. Enjoy! KS

    Kasra Critical Drum & Bass Vol. 2 gives producers the complex drum structures and sounds from the industry standards perspective. D&B still lives around the world and this sound pack continues the life of the genre. So don't miss out.. Download it, use it and hear the magic for yourself. Enjoy! KS

    House Acapellas Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Remixers and producers always ask... WHERE'S THE ACAPELLAS???!!! Well, Loopmasters just solved your problem. Meet House Acapellas Vol. 2. Vocals for days and ideas for weeks! The BPM's are already locked. Now it's all up to you to find the beat. Have fun! Cheers! KS

    Deep House, Garage and Nu Disco is the new groove. The dance floors of the world function heavily off these 3 genres. With that being said, this sound pack is very important to the groove producers and dj's of the dance world. Salute to Love Not Money! Enjoy! KS

    House Acoustic Guitar

    Rating: 8/10

    Guitars and House music... 2 words "New Age". Understanding the dynamics of what the acoustic guitar brings to House Music is next level music production. Push Button Bang gives you the power to step up your game. So, dig in, turn up and go in. Cheers! KS

    Entrament by Loopmaster gives you the power to bang! Bass, Beats and Synths is all you need to whip up a fierce twerk session on your dance floor. Grade A sound pack! Keep up the good "twerk" Loopmasters. Cheers! KS

    OMG! One word.. "POWERFUL". Trap Vs Juke by 6Blocc represents the supreme industry sounds in todays trap music. Don't get it twisted.. 6Blocc is one of the originators of the London Dub step movement. But the hip hop term "TURN UP" was invented because of sound packs like this. Definitely a producers trap/juke treat! Cheers! KS

    Big Bad EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    BiG BAD EDM.. The name says it all! The drums, the synths, the builds and the drops. WOW! Epic sounds to make any producer sound like a professional EDM. Download it now and hear for yourself. TURN UP! KS

  • Analogue Soul is funky! Just what todays music is missing. This sound pack is motivational for you in the box producers... ATTENTION! You most be seasoned to understand.. No disrespect to our new school producers. But, if you want funk and groove this pack was made for you! Enjoy! KS

    Essential EDM

    Rating: 7/10

    Essenstal EDM is a treat for all house and dance producers. This sound pack gives you the up to date bleeps and blunders you need to rip the dancefloors to pieces. Download it now!!!! Enjoy! KS

    Explosive Glitch Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    Explosive Glich Hop is that little something every producer needs to be current in todays electronic music world. "Glitch'n is the shiz-nit". From the Snyth's to the bass loop to the FX.. This sound pack will leave you Electric fans wanting more.

    Are you weird? In a good way...? Ok I am too! FX Volume 1 is the weirdness that brings your production to a space age level. Sonic drops, pops and crackles for the seriously detailed producer/ composer.

    Real Strings Vol. 5 is just what you need for an epic composition. Rather Hip-Hop, Drum 'N' Bass or EDM. A great string arrangement will get the emotions going on the dance floor. KS

    Dubstep Beats Looped

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep drums are some of the hardest beat structures in music production. The tempos are doubled, high hats are rippling and the basslines are wobbling. Dubstep beat loops are the solution to your production tasks. KS

    Dj Mixtool simplifies the beat building process. The homework is done DJ'S! Dubstep Vol.1 blessed you with the compositions that completes your Dubstep production mission. So enjoy yourself and remember to Dj responsibly. :) KS

    Mission Deep House is the after hours groove for the soul catalog. From the drums to the synths, any producer/dj will have fun constructing and deconstructing the sounds, loops and hits. If you take house music serious, you'd love what you hear in the sound pack. Enjoy! KS

    EDM Drum Loops

    Rating: 8/10

    EDM aka Electronic Dance Dance has taken over the planet and EDM Loops is what you need to get the dance floors packed. The spirit of evolutionary music lives inside of the sound pack. Download it now and hear for yourself. KS

    Dread - Drum 'n' Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Drum 'n' Bass is and will forever be a rear culture of music. You'll hear influences from ever genre in D'n'B. Laugh now and node later! Everyone needs a little underground in their lives. Well Dread Drum 'n' Bass single handedly gives you that in this sound pack. Enjoy! KS

    The Chord Collection free's the producer of root combinations starter concepts. This sound pack is full of grand ideas to keep the creativity flowing. Chord Collection brings the groove back to my production. KS

    Cinematic Fx Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Cinematic Fx Vol.2.... One word... EPICNESS! This sound pack puts the average producer on a composer level. If you're not serious about MASSIVE sound.. Do not download this pack. Thanks Loopmasters! KS

    Daft Funk

    Rating: 7/10

    Let's get one thing straight.. DAFT PUNK are robots man! And robots are perfect! Aka this sound pack is perfecto! Every DJ/Producer/Wtf needs this collection in their library. PERIOD! KS PS We need at lease 10 more volumes of these sound pack. Thanks Loopmasters!!!

    French House Songstarters 4 gives your tracks that EPICNESS it needs to get the dancefloor going. The drops and builds are essential to todays dance music. Definitely a must have for you EDM heads out there. Have fun! KS

    One shots that rock, anthemic themes to keep the crowd in a dream, Drum Loops to make you dance out of your boots, FX's that makes the chicks wet. lol! You need EDM Main Room House Vol. 2 in your production life. Need I say more! Rock rock ON! KS

    House & Garage Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Going out to the hardcore House heads in Brooklyn/Worldwide. Vocals are the keys to the heart of true house music. A dj's dream come true. A producers Heaven. Salute to loopmasters Epicness on this vocal sound pack. Cheers! KS

    Complextro Fragments 02 are the glitches, bleeps and blunder you can ever ask for. The best part about this sound pack is the Filthy Bass Fragments. OMG! Sheeh... One word. DOPE! Keep up the good work Delectable Records. KS

    We can't live without bass.. Bass is the quintessential part of making beats. Bass Lab Vol. 2 gives you exactly what you need to put the BOOM in your track's bottom. Thumbs up Bass Boutique! KS

    Reggae & Dub Acapellas Vol. 4 by Loopmasters are the truth. My New York roots reside in Reggae and Dub, so you'll find a lot of the acapella tools in this pack in my production. Rather it's Hip-Hop, Dub-Step or Electro this sound pack is my go to for vocal stabs. Keep'em coming Loop Masters, great job!

    EDM Power Pack

    Rating: 8/10

    EDM Power Pack gave me to the tools I needed to quickly assemble an electro track on my MPC Studio. Thick syths, great drum loops and killer drops! Epic! Keep up the good work guys. KS

  • Trap Massive

    Rating: 9/10

    TRap Massive is just what it reads. Basslines and Hi-Hats no question are industry standards. The perfect kit for the on the fly mobile remixer like myself. Cheers to you! KS

    Trap Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    A Trap producers dream. The drum loops are so on point and hard hitting. Makes and new remixer sound seasoned. You need nothing more in this sound pack. Trap Drums by Freaky Loops gives you the power to go pro over night. Respect! KS

    Serious Electro 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Serious Electro 2 provides me with the tools I need to construct a house track in minutes. Synth Loops, One shots, Inspiration Kits and the amazing Bonus files. Grade A industry wavs to make a new producer sound like a seasoned vet. Famous Audio really out did themselves on this sound pack. I'm a total fan. P.S ONLY FOR THE REAL ELECTRO HEADS! KS

    Glitch Vocals 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Theirs no going wrong with Glitch Vocals 2 Sound Pack. This pack supplies the cutting edge vocal fills producers need, to make BIG tracks. Rather you're producing Trap, Hip-Hop, House or Electro, Soundbox Glitch Vocals 2 gives you that futurist dynamic todays Electronic heads are looking for. Salute, KS

    Heavyweight Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    has a nice grime and hard punchy drum sounds very gritty with the synth sounds

    Laidback House

    Rating: 6/10

    The percussion samples very smooth and ambient like the use of the effects on synths


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