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Touring Europe, Latin America and Asia, playing alongside the biggest names in electronic dance music, releasing singles, remixes & compilations for legendary labels as well as being voted Denmark's highest ranked DJ for 2 years in a row, you might think that Kris' thirst would be distinguished – but think again! With a sound that is somewhat progressive, somewhat housy, somewhat techno and somewhat trance, or as Kris likes to describe it "Somewhat Classy, Somewhat Trashy!" as well as a flawless mixing technique and an euphoric & energetic presence in the booth, this young dane is often "that guy" that gets the dancefloor cooking.


  • Grassroots House

    Rating: 8/10

    "Grassroots House" contains some incredibly lush and "organic" samples, to bring some extra life to your project! Conveniently organized and labeled, these samples and one-shots are extremely easy to fit into your project files!

    With Cristoph being the man of the moment within the progressive scene, I was extremely curious about these samples. I was pleasantly surprised though - extremely useful and well-sounding samples, super easy to customize for your project - already used a few of the drum sounds in my recent releases!

    With Cristoph being one of my favorite producers of recent years, I had quite high expectations about this pack. It definitely did live up to my expectations though! Great sounding one shots and loops, neatly organized and ready to be imported to your projects - already got a few of these samples in upcoming productions!

    For my eighties-inspired progressive tracks, a bit of disco always gives it a nice extra touch. Bonar Bradberry's disco house pack is extremely well produced, and does a great job whether you want full loops to drag in to your project (or for inspiration), or just the sweet sounding one shots. Great collection of drums, synths, bass & fx!

    The Deepmind was already one of my favorite synths, and this pack just made it even better! Nice variety of different styles, such as DnB, House and Techno, all neatly named and categorized. Extremely well programmed, and highly useful for my upcoming projects! If you're a Deepmind owner, this one is essential!

    I've been a huge fan of Dom Kane's stuff for a long time, and got super excited when I saw that he'd done a new pack. Sounds and everything is great as I'd expect - awesome sounding loops and one shots, all neatly labeled by BPM and key. Great for inspiration!

    Mainroom Bliss

    Rating: 8/10

    Incredibly strong sounds in this one! I'm mainly after one shot samples, but the loops in this one are fantastic starting points to get the creativity flowing! Neatly organized and perfectly mixed, these are definitely ready to be dragged right into your current project!

    Designer Linn Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    I'm a big fan of the RV team, and was super excited to see them provide a nice pack of those awesome eighties drum sounds! Sounding great, and conveniently labeled to easily fit your current project! Essential for those Linn-vibe!

    Synth Wave

    Rating: 7/10

    I'm incredibly excited about the synth wave scene that has emerged in the last couple of years (thank you Stranger Things?), which also works wonders in melodic progressive! The Synth Wave pack from Industrial Strength sounds great, and the included Massive patches makes it incredibly easy to customize the sounds to your needs! If you want a bit of awesome eighties in your productions, look no further!

    I've been using elements of Jody's first sample-pack for nearly 10 years now, so was excited to try out his Sylenth presets. For melodic and progressive house music, these patches are great starting points! The cool synths and analogue-styled drum sounds have a guarantee for instant inspiration!

    I'm extremely excited about the whole synthwave trend, whether it's full on eighties, or implemented in progressive house. Synthewave 1980 Retro-logue is filled with all the "awesome eighties" sounds you could imagine, be it analogue brass sounds, apreggios or old-school drum-machine samples. If the "Stranger Things" soundtrack got you excited, this is for you ;)

    EPYC Sounds

    Rating: 8/10

    EPYC Sounds is filled with progressive sounds, whether you're searching for bass, leads, drums or effects. Great sounding and neatly organized, making it extremely easy to fit in to your current project - I'll definitely be using a few of these in mine! Another winner from Re-Zone!

    RetroSynth has become one of my favorite synths of late, so I was pleased to see a new preset package. Good sounding basses, leads and keys, well organized, making them super intuitive to include in your production - got a couple of these in my current project!

    Stranger Synths

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a super exciting package of fat and atmospheric analogue sounding synths! I've been using a couple of these sounds in a new production as mine, as well as in some sound-design for an animation. Whether you're doing progressive, melodic techno, chill-out, film-music or anywhere else where "atmosphere" is the key-word, this one is essential!

    Absolutely loving the soulful voice of Leanne Brown, and can definitely see myself use phrases from this pack in my productions. The package is neatly structured with BPM and key-information, and is super quick to get right into your project!

    I've been looking for a pack with natural/ambient sounds for a while, so was excited when I found this. A great collection of "real life" sounds, excotic instruments and effects. Some of these sounds are already featured on my next release!

    A great sounding preset package, highly useful for a great variety of dance music. The presets are conveniently labeled, making them super easy to browse through, and are easily tweaked to make them suit your project. Definitely see myself use some of these presets in upcoming tracks!

    Cool sounding presets for Massive, highly useful for both deep, progressive and future house. The macros are well thought of, making the presets really easy to customize to your needs. Easy and quick to browse through!

    Dream Vocals Vol2

    Rating: 7/10

    A really cool package containing 31 vocal kits, which comes handy whether you want a nice topline for your track, or to manipulate the voice for crazy effects. All the kits are marked with BPM and key for your convenience. Definitely some usable stuff in this bad boy!

    If you want to get a bit of that underground tech to your project, this one is for you! Great sounding drums, bass, synths and fx, in both oneshot and loop format! Conveniently labeled with BPM and Key, making it easy as ever to implement to your track!

  • This collection of patches really justifies why Massive is still one of the most popular sounds around! If you're into the oldschool, analogue sounding house sounds, this one is for you! The sounds are great, and the macros are cleverly programmed for your convenience!

    A great collection of loops and one shots, perfectly suited for that underground progressive house sound. Well categorized and great sounding! For smooth and groovy dance music, this pack is essential!

    A really cool pack including loops, one shots and entire construction kits. Well organized, and not least - great sounding! A no-brainer for tech-, deep- and future house producers, but highly effecient for overall dance music!

    I was a big fan of the first edition of "Impacts, Risers & Drops", so was really excited to get cracking with the follow up! I browsed through the samples, and instantly found something for the project I was working on. As all the FX are in fixed BPM's, getting them to match the tempo of your song couldn't be easier.

    Being a sucker for tribal elements, I was quite excited to browse through this pack. It contains some greatly produced bass, drum, perc and musical loops, as well as some highly effective one shot sounds! I can definitely see myself using the percussion loops and one shot fx in my upcoming projects!

    A greatly programmed pack of Massive presets, suitable for a wide rage of dance music genres! Basses, effects, leads, plugs and synths - you're all covered! I instantly found a preset to include in my next project!

    I was a big fan of the first two packs of the series, and Adam White have done it again! 100 relevant massive patches in different styles, as well as a wave loop for each sound. Great sounding, and easy to tweak!

    If you want to pimp up your production with some underground house grooves, this one is for you! Probably one of the best tech-house packs around, including some wellproduced/mixed loops and oneshots - whether you're looking for synths, drums or fx, you'll definitely find something for your project in this badboy!

    I love to spice my progressive tracks up with a few techno elements, and this package will keep me busy for days! Whether you're after some full on drum or synth loops, some fx or a one shot kickdrum, this package got you covered! It also contains some tasty 303 loops and perfectly processed vocal FX - an essential pack, if you want to bring your project a bit closer to the dark side!

    Extreme EDM One Shots

    Rating: 8/10

    Singomakers are back with a new pack, and it's as awesome as you'd expect from these guys! Filled with tasty one shots in the categories of kick, bass, percussion, synths etc. + a few sexy loops! Perfectly suitable for modern "EDM" tracks, but just as good for the progressive, techy sounds!

    I'm always excited to try out new presets by AZS, and this one didn't let me down either! A great collection of well sounding basses, leads, effects, plugs and pads, which should work out just great for the crossover and slightly more underground tunes alike! A great starting point for inspiration.

    Euphoric EDM Presets

    Rating: 7/10

    As the title suggest, a pack of "EDM" sounds, which is highly handy for other genres such as trance as well. Great sounding, and with a clever choice of Macro-controls this package is easy as ever to implement to your projects. Might not be the re-invention of the wheel, but it works!

    Impacts Risers & Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    An almost overwhelming pack of effects! A 100 drops, a 100 impacts and a 100 risers x3 different BPM's! Will cover all your FX needs, easy as ever to drag into your projects, and damn well sounding! I can definitely see this pack be among my weapon of choice!

    A very handy, well sounding pack of fills! Whether you need to build some attention right before the drop, or just need a little extra groove to your drums, this pack will do! Well mixed and easy to integrate straight into your projects!

    I was blown away by the "Ultimate House" collection, so was rather excited to see a this package - and it was definitely a huge surprise! Almost 3GB of high quality samples, be it loops or one shots - drums, synths, bass', fx, and vocals! If you're into the darker side of electronic music, there's definitely something for you in this one!

    You can always count on Singomakers for quality samples and presets - and this is no exception! A fine collection of bass and chord patches for Massive, to please all of your "New school UK Deep House" needs, or electronic music in general. Great sounding, and well programmed with the consumer in mind, making it easy as ever to do your desired tweaks.

    Dark chord stabs has been one of my main focuspoints for several years, but has always been a struggle to find the right sounds. RV, who's slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite sample makers, nailed this! Well produced and easily categorized by key - I already found quite a few sounds for my next projects!

    Deep & Raw Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    I'm always on the look for some nice techno sounds for my darker productions - especially stabs - this package was a pleasant surprise! Containing both loops and one shots, this is a lovely package of basses, stabs, drums, effects and synths. Great sounding and well processed, as well as well categorized by type and BPM for your convenience. If you like dark sounds, this one is for you.

    Ultimate House

    Rating: 9/10

    The title says it all - this is definitely ultimate! A huge collection of loops and one shots from some of the best Loopmasters packs around, covering various subgenres within house music. Well selected, and greatly categorized, making it easy as ever to implement to your projects. Definitely an essential pack for your sample-arsenal!

    Prygressive House

    Rating: 10/10

    By far one of the most original sample packs I've come across lately! If you're into melodic, atmospheric progressive stuff, this is definitely for you! Easily categorized, and damn well sounding - an essential!

  • Big Bad EDM 2

    Rating: 9/10

    An incredibly wellproduced sample pack, including relevant sounds for todays EDM trends. Split into different kits, it's easier than ever to take the elements you want from each, be it a kick, riser or bassline - definitely one of the best sounding EDM packs around!

    EDM Noise FX

    Rating: 9/10

    If you like a few noise sounds to your productions (don't we all?), this is definitely a pack to get! Whether you like it simple or complex, there's a noise for you in this one. Fat sounding and well processed, this will definitely be my new go-to library!

    As Spire is slowly but surely conquering its fair share of the market, the demand for great patches is rising - and this is one of the best sounding packs I've heard yet! Whether you're making electro, melbourne bounce, complextro or progressive, there's something for you in here. Practically listed by type of sound, it's easy to find the right bass, lead etc. - definitely your money worth!

    I'm always looking for a few techno elements for my progressive grooves, and even though this package isn't exactly new, it still sounds fresh as ever. Great one shot samples to pimp up your grooves, as well as well processed loops to drag straight into your arrangements.

    Being a progressive junkie, browsing around in this collection feels like walking in to a candy shop! Three packages in one collection by the one and only Thomas Penton, including drum loops & one shots, synths and chord stabs as well as first class FX sounds! A must have for your sample collection!

    FX Elements

    Rating: 7/10

    Finding well sounding FX can often be a struggle, but this pack definitely makes it easier. Well categorized by BPM and bar-length, "FX Elements" makes it as easy as it can possibly be - and it sounds great too!

    Really great package! As soon as I got this, I instantly found some sounds to throw in to the remix I was working on. The loops are nice and groovy, and the one shot synths are mean as hell! Works well both for the crossover styles, as well as slightly more underground sounds!

    Can you marry a sample-pack? In that case, I'll take this one for my wife! This pack is absolutely essential, if you're looking to put in some groove to your tracks! Easily categorized and labeled with BPM, ready to drag right into your DAW. I had high expectations for this pack - my appreciation after trying it out is even higher!

    Singomakers are back with a new great patch-bank for Massive - probably their best yet! Imitating some of the hottest names on the scene, this pack is essential for your new productions. Well sounding, and easy to tweak + really cool use of macros!

    A great pack of sounds for one of the most talked about synths at the moment. Well programmed, great sounding, and suitable for loads of different styles. A great collection of Basses, FX, Leads, Plugs and more - definitely worth the money!

    AZS Altitude - Spire

    Rating: 9/10

    Spire is slowly becoming my "go-to-synth", and some good presets as a starting point is always appreciated. The AZS Altitude pack is full of well designed, easy tweakable sounds. Good for a lot of different styles, and especially the tranceheads should give this one a go!

    Bounce House

    Rating: 8/10

    A great pack with some well produced loops, one-shots and FX, wellsuited for several electronic genres. Obviously a lot of bouncy basslines, great for giving your grooves a playful feel! Well organized, and easy to implement to your projects!

    I'm always on the look out for new FX packs for my productions, but it can often be a struggle to get proper ones. This one definitely covers my needs! Various kind of noises, risers, sweeps, swirls and beyond - great sounding, and highly usable! My Freaky Loops folder has definitely increased recently - when going through this pack, I see why.

    I was a huge fan of the Matteo DiMarr "Signature House Sounds", so was very excited to check out this package. To my surprise, this isn't only drums, but also bass, synth, FX and even vocal samples. Easily organized, and darn good sounding! An essential pack if you're making slightly more underground house music!

    Be A Pro: EDM Producer

    Rating: 8/10

    I've been looking for some "up-to-date EDM Sounds" for some of my ghost projects, and a lot of my needs definitely got covered by this one. High quality loops and one shots, easy to implement to your projects!

    Some high quality loops and one in this package, well suited for the "mature" house sound. Well categorized, making it easy to implement to your projects. Whether you want to drag in finished loops, cut out parts or simply seek inspiration, this pack is a nice starting point.

    Some really great sounding kick drums for a wide range of dance music! Proper processed, and easily categorized. Whether you're looking for snappy, pounding kicks or longer, sustained, tuned, subby ones, it's all there. Will definitely be my "go-to" pack for my next projects!

    EDM Snares & Claps

    Rating: 8/10

    Not only full of claps and snares for your grooves, but also effects for great impact and anticipation. After listening to the example, I knew straight away that I needed this one for my sample collection - my next remix contains sounds from this bad boy!

    A really powerful Massive pack! Great for a wide range of electronic music, but especially the trance-guys are gonna want this one! Great bass, plugs, leads and even some really cool fx sounds - very well programmed, and highly usable!

    As you would expect from Singomakers, this is a great new pack of presets. Highly inspirational, and easy to tweak. Relevant for a great variety of electronic music!

  • EDM Tuned Kicks

    Rating: 8/10

    Some great, punchy kicks, suitable for most subgenres within the dance music spectrum. Easily categorized by key, making it easier than ever to interact with your bass sounds. Another great package by Singomakers!

    A great "one stop package" if you're into the bigroom house sound. Drums, basses, synths and effects as loops and one shots, as well as additional presets for Massive and Sylenth1. Easily categorized by key and tempo. A no brainer if you're going for the "modern EDM sound"!

    When I was in need of some vocals to chop op and re-arrange, this package was a life-saver. Different female voices in the key of F and A, ready to use straight out of the package, or to be manipulated like crazy.

    Some really cool Massive presets, which will fit in to a lot of different styles. Well organized, and clever macro's. Lots of potential inspiration coming out of browsing through the sounds!

    Some really high quality loops in this bad boy, easy indexed by tempo (128 & 130 BPM). Some coole effects, as well as awesome drum loops. Whether you are making big-room electro or groovy progressive, there's something for you in this one - I can definitely see myself using some of these samples in my upcoming productions!

    A nice supplement to your WAV effects, dead easy to tweak, and with maximum control to suit your arrangement and mix.

    Some really, really useful sounds in this one! Found a few sounds for me to use for a new remix right away! Great loops and one shots, for the groovy side of progressive house!

    If you want to inject a bit of bad ass grooves & synths to get that rough flavor, Techno Tools is definitely worth checking out! Some high quality loops & one shots, properly organized.

    A really cool pack of dubstep presets. I've been using some of the sounds for some background-madness, and it definitely gets the job done! Tweaking these sounds in massive is a piece of cake!

    Wow, probably the most usable sample pack I've got yet! It might say "tech to house", but you will be able to make killer progressive tracks out of this one as well. Lots of high quality loops ready to put directly in your productions, or to slice up for some tasty one shots! A must have!

    Afro Tech Vocals 2

    Rating: 7/10

    I've been spending a lot of time, searching for tribal-like vocals on the internet, when I stumbled upon this one, and even though it's far from all of the samples that will fit my productions, it's definitely possible to find a few pieces of gold - be it a full loop, or a short snippet to put in a nice, techy groove!

    Previously I've had to go loads of clap-packs, digging through a lot of dirt to find some gold. In this package, pretty much every sample is usable! Great processed clap/snare/snap samples, ready to put in a groove - and the reverb-clap come in handy as effects in your arrangement! Probably my future go-to clap-pack!

    An impressive pack of Massive sounds. Especially the leads and plugs are supreme, but I'll definitely find a use for the bass and pad sounds in my upcoming productions as well. Kudos to Adam White for this one!


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