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Bassbin Twins, aka Pete Houser, has been releasing records since the first wave of Breaks music in the 1990's. Early white label output includes the initial Bassbin Twins EP series, the Bassbin Loops records, 'A 1 Love', and so on which lead to releases and remixes on labels like Skint, Southern Fried, Concrete, Harthouse, Bassex, SSR, D*Fusion, Mute, etc. The 2000's have included official remixes for DJ Punk-Roc, Evil Nine, Koma & Bones, Meat Katie & D. Ramirez, Stanton Warriors, etc, and a label back-catalog remix collection for Marine Parade. Notable output also includes the tracks 'Woppa', 'Ruffest' and the Bassbin Twins remix of 'Stop The Revolution' on the Lot49 label. Fueled by a love of sampling and programming the Bassbin Twins project continues pushing beats forward.


  • Uncanny

    Rating: 10/10

    Another incredible Cinetools collection with emphasis on all things dramatic. Pensive, tense and suspenseful audio cues and layers abound. This is world-class sound design covering everything from Sci-Fi to Horror to Thriller in addition to being secret weapons when used outside of these genres. In both concept and execution the quality is off the charts.


    Rating: 10/10

    Nobody does cinematic packs like Cinetools. This is another best in class wild ride to the dark side with a copious amount of categorized tension. The name of the game is high fidelity and the expert sound design at play is empowering for all manner of scoring / composing. Violent, subtle, disturbing, disorienting.. it's all here in fully evocative form.

    Vocode Galactica

    Rating: 9/10

    Rock solid collection of vocoder goodness including vocals, drums and synths with smart variation. The aesthetic is distinctly "oldschool" (most of all with the vocal sentiments) and the non-vocal content comes as a wonderfully fresh surprise.


    Rating: 10/10

    Another stellar Cinetools collection. The balance of uplifting and uneasy is expertly on offer here and painting complex emotional soundscapes becomes instantly possible with this pack. Audio fidelity is genuinely impressive throughout.

    Refreshingly unique pack crammed with inspiring bite-sized gems. Broken up into separate 'Scratch Tools' folders each of which are loaded with expertly scratched phrases: beats, vocals, top layers and more. Heavily original and incredibly funky.

    These vocal chops are somewhere between main hooks and melodic rhythm depending on how they're used. Things get really interesting when cutting these up into even smaller bits and piecing them together. Key labels would be useful but the lack thereof forces sampling creativity. If you're looking for these kind of elements this is a fantastic source.

    Crunchy breaks and crusted bass with an unapologetically old school flavor. The Synth and FX folders contain the goods but it's the breaks that really shine for me and they come in three versions each which is super handy when laying things out / chopping 'em up. The bass samples are simple but deadly and largely noisy goodness. A great theme and a great pack.

    E1 Electro: 606 Beats

    Rating: 10/10

    A big YES to this ultra-focused collection: the distinctly electronic 606 programmed in a decidedly old school electro way.. I can't get enough of this sound and the pack executes it wonderfully. The loops format is simple: two bars of beats with different sonic variations presented with and without kicks making for a highly inspiring set of electro building blocks. For lovers of the genre it's an absolute killer.

    Analog Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    One of the freshest collections of sounds I've heard in a good while: so much detail and character in each file. The level of sound design here is something to marvel at. Many packs claim to embody "analog" but to my ears this pack is The genuine article: all the natural hiss, bite and presence of warm circuitry presented in the most useful of ways. Great variety and world-class fidelity making for a stellar pack.

    Ultimate Drum Collection

    Rating: 10/10

    Drums drums and more drums all with the special touch of Renegade Audio's trademark character. These sounds are dialed in with grit and crunch making them perfect for their intended genres and fascinating to use in almost any other as well. Dust, crackle and spring reverbs abound making for a bounty of warm loops and shots. My favourite is sampling from the Loops for cut and paste constructions. Original and copious collection.

    What a mighty collection of FX and such a useful spread of versions: the 'Dub' folders serve as reminders of how alive these (often simple sounding) bits can be when treated with effects. Plenty of classic staple sounds here and tons of atonal maneuvers ripe for including in any track.

    Vocals that drip with character and charisma including both dry and just the right amount of wet to fit like a glove in productions. Everything from single vocal stabs to actual hooks and melodic scatting. If you're on the hunt for these types of vocals this pack is a must-have.

    Hip Hop Don’t Stop

    Rating: 9/10

    This one has Fun built in: true to the spirit of the targeted era while being both compact and complete. The drum loops find original ways to showcase grit and a sense of the past with enough variation / separation to be extensively useful. There's a concise amount of bass and music loops with a general "no filler" feel and enough one shots to formulate full ideas with. Great vibe and great pack.

    Retro Funk

    Rating: 10/10

    Loose, alive and funky as heck there's enough material here to fuel any project requiring true vintage essence. The Renegade label is consistently excellent and this pack rises to the themed occasion and then some with slapping drum variations and choice instrumentation. A particular favorite aspect of this pack are the one-shot drums offered in both kit and synthetic categories making for a killer addition to any drum library.

    Dark Grime

    Rating: 9/10

    Lovely assortment of moody hits and loops for Grime and beyond this is the kind of pack that's applicable to any project. Sound design is on-point throughout with lots of vibe baked in. The drums are standouts to me as true to genre and between the loops and one-shots cover so much ground. Add weighty bass and tons of hook / stab / fx material and you've got a killer collection.

    Acoustic Drum Workshop

    Rating: 9/10

    I've been on an acoustic drums quest lately and finding top quality samples isn't as easy as one might assume. This pack fully delivers in both quality and variety. The captures are ultra-clean while also not being over-produced allowing for lots of application width: these hits can lay back in a mix or if pushed hit hard and sound as authentic as one programs them to be. Another plus for this collection is the focus on only one-shots: loops are great but for true roll-your-own acoustic drums this one is a true banger.

    Shimmering aquatic goodness! I'm loving the air and movement in this pack: the pads and synths work wonders by themselves or in conjunction with each other to help create vibe very quickly. Expert sound design renders many of these files as miniature sound sculptures with all kinds of filter movements and creative processing which can really open up a project and inject some depth within.

    There's so much unique character within this pack: airy, crunchy and smooth-filtered (often all at once). Pristine captures show off the true nuance at play here in both instrument and processing. Even using these samples minimally as spice can do absolute wonders in a production but there's also full expert phrasing that really exploits many of the instrument's best qualities as is usual from Konturi.

    London Modular Alliance

    Rating: 10/10

    Killer modular sourced material here: excellent one shots and electro-tinged magic in the loops. Percussive melody abounds as does deeply tripped out stabs, pads and fx. The looped material here is generally a cut above via expert programming which makes so many of these files inspirational. The pack covers a ton of ground too rendering an infinitely usable library and a 10/10.

    Modular Percussions

    Rating: 10/10

    Konturi knocks it out of the park again with a collection of loops that are sometimes driving, sometimes sparse, sometimes quirky and always compelling. Intriguing both sonically and compositionally and somehow merging the natural world with an electronic one. You'll get miles of use from these as there's not a bad loop in the bunch which scores this pack 10 out of 10.

  • Analog Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    Another killer pack from Konturi of beautifully nuanced electronic percussion. The curation here separates this pack from the genre's herd: one-shots that ooze character and loops given various treatments to excellent effect and brimming with energy. Mechanical and trippy with subtle psychedelic artifacts in the loops. Love this one.

    Modular Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    If you're looking for a pack of electronic percussion that gets dirty this is the one: sizzling circuits that are alive with pulse and grit. I'm always wanting machine drums to retain artifacts of inherent imperfection which this collection exploits wonderfully. The loops pull off the trick of being both mechanical and organic in the best possible way. Between the tightly curated one-shots and loops that bristle with movement you've got a best in class pack.

    Copious untamed melodics by way of stabs and pads which are the stand-outs for me here. Reminiscent of early Jungle sample CDs in spirit but bringing higher fidelity along with a variety of tempos. The bass hits range from widely-employable subs to midrange grinds all true to the pack's title / theme.

    Strictly Lo-Fi

    Rating: 10/10

    Expertly crafted material with a big dose of first-wave Breaks spirit: rough-cut beats, druggy bass and lush synths. There's enough here to make complete tracks with and the 'Music Loops' folder is a mini-stems jackpot with beats, melodics and vocal hooks making for a mix-and-match playground. As "lo-fi" as the title suggests there's an impressively genuine design at play here: this collection sounds as much like the real thing (nostalgic vinyl samples era) as it does a modern-made construction. Exceptional stuff.

    Great selection of dub sounds offered as loops and one-shots with every folder receiving five different treatments (my favorites are the spring reverb'd files). Plenty of great skanking loops, deep bass and neck-snapping drums as well as a truly versatile 'Synths' folder that could keep one busy for a good while. Another hit for Renegade and here's hoping for a Vol. 2 from Krak.

    Jungle Attack

    Rating: 10/10

    The 'Combo' folder offers an interesting and immensely useful concept of small audio phrase chunks that can be dropped in as is or chopped old school sampling style as a means to inject doses of genuine flavor into productions. The 'Misc' folder is similar but with smaller sample bits and the key here is how good these bits are. The drum loops are some of my favorite in the 160bpm + arena and are both wonderfully vintage and absolutely body-moving. Overall this pack is worth is for the drums alone and essential for the musical elements as well.

    Dub To Jungle

    Rating: 9/10

    Essentially a full blown band by way of copious one-shots with all instruments represented and plenty of variation within each category. Everything from digital dancehall to lovers dub to jungle can be sourced here and as usual with Renegade the sound design is top tier. With the genre(s) in mind the loops especially have just the right amount of grit and nuance to really insert vibe into productions. Great pack.


    Rating: 10/10

    Phenomenal assortment of themed sound effect one-shots with incredibly useful variations and organization. As is typical of Cinetools the fidelity throughout is maximal and the sound design is world class. In essence an obscene amount of material and several of these folders would qualify as complete sample packs alone. There's "classic" cartoon / animation territory fully covered but that's the tip of the iceberg. If ever there was one pack to rule them all within a genre this is it.

    Attention to detail and a largely gritty vibe keep this collection inspiring. Refreshingly non-EDM and instead infinitely applicable across all genres. With a fantastic spread of instruments (horns, keys, synths etc) and perfectly minimal touches of processing and ambience this tight assortment offers far more dimension than the humble pack size might suggest.

    Handwriting & Drawing

    Rating: 10/10

    Another niche pack from SFXtools this time focused on the sound of pen / marker / crayon which is useful both as foley and thinking outside the box music production. These are top quality recordings at ideal lengths and cover everything from smooth pencil on paper to squeaking dry erase markers. I got this pack for foley duties but will also use it as rhythmic secret sauce.

    Horns In Motion

    Rating: 10/10

    Stellar horns collection which covers a Lot of ground with so many usefully played notes and phrases plus just the right amount of human inflection keeping things alive throughout. The whole set is top-notch source material and the standout for me is the 'Flugel Bed Loops' folder which is otherworldly and gorgeous. Perfectly organized and ready for action this is a creme de la creme horns pack.

    Sci Fi Cinematic

    Rating: 10/10

    THE pot of gold for sci fi foley goodness: a massive playground of musically mechanical audio including drones, textures, FX and incidentally melodic events. I appreciate that the collection is huge but not bloated in that the files themselves are of ideal length and won't overtake a project's timeline. So much loop-able material here and the categorization keeps the vastness in order / easy to maneuver. It's difficult to grasp just how massive this pack is and because of it's size + quality it's one to return to again and again and keep finding new gems.

    Casual Game Menu & UI

    Rating: 8/10

    Highly specialized yet universally applicable audio samples here. The collection is intensely focused (i.e. small sized) and fulfills a niche of evocative quick one-shots akin to tiny robotic stings that are both mechanical and emotional. The brightness and warmth of these sounds feels designed to stand out to direct one's attention and there's a through-line in the nature of these sounds that makes them cohesive as a whole.

    Basement Ensemble

    Rating: 10/10

    Pristine recordings of genuinely beautiful melodic percussive tones. There's an extremely useful range from soft and soothing to bright and spirited in both character and phrasing. These are excellent sounds for layering which can transform any type of percussion into an expanded melodic affair either hinted or at the forefront. Organic, alive and wonderfully put together.

    Pop Arcade

    Rating: 10/10

    Unapologetically bright-eyed and glossy but not without a human touch. There's plenty of unexpected delights within: the 'Psybass' folder is home to wonderfully rubbery bass shots. The drums overall have an innocence favoring warmth over force and in addition to their stand-alone ability are layering secret weapons. Somehow both cheeky in nature and also sonically beautiful resulting in a very satisfying pack.

    I love everything about this pack: the whole palette is psychedelic and sexy rather than ever feeling forced yet still packs a punch throughout. The programming of the loops is expert as is the sound design of everything here making this a source to lean into regularly. It's impossible to cite favorites within this collection as each subfolder shines and in fact it's been a long while since I've heard a sample pack as cohesive and well curated as this one. In a word: Killer.

    Back To The 80s

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent retro-themed pack of choice sounds and expert use of reverbs to encapsulate an era.  The drum loops are top notch vintage as are the FX and music loops which are also truly convincing of yesteryear.  This is a very well rounded collection with everything one might need to lean full retro or borrow bits from then head elsewhere into the unknown future-past.  

    1000 EDM Synth Shots

    Rating: 10/10

    Sometimes you need a new stash of one-shots to construct with and in this case there's 1000 great ones.  For roll-your-own music making this is an ideal grab-bag of audio: quality shots key-labeled and varied in nature and texture.  A quick comb-through and inspiration abounds - you'll be flexing ideas immediately.  This pack is as refreshing as it is enduringly useful.  

    Detroit Electro

    Rating: 10/10

    An authentic electro pack is hard to find and this is one of the best: true to theme and the perfect balance of brutalism and planetariumesque synthesis.  If you have an interest in old school electro or want to crossbreed elements from that palette this pack is an essential. As with all UNDRGRND releases there's a care and authenticity throughout.  The synth loops in particular are a favourite with the entire rest of the collection following and providing abundant electro fuel.

    Essentials 42 - Horns

    Rating: 9/10

    I've been sampling horns forever and love this collection as it's the sum of several pack's parts resulting in an inherently wide spectrum of character and vibe.   There's everything from relaxing lounge entries to sparkling blasts of serious pep with a solid variety of instrument sources.  My favorites so far are the Horns Of Dub and funk samples yet I'll be dipping into the entire collection.  Not only are these well recorded but they're appropriately recorded for their respective genres: the dub horns are warm and gritty, the disco horns sound like they were lifted from some choice vintage master tapes, the jazz horns sound up close and personal and so on.  If you need some horns and want a spread genre-wise this is your pack.

  • Ambient Analogue Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    Spectacular array of sonics with a very special thumbprint.  As an already-fan of the UNDRGRND label this pack stands out to me.  Reverb-heavy acid squiggles, floating pads, synthesizer bass, low tech drum machines, glitched breaks and trippy atmospheres all of which sound like they were captured on a porta studio cassette yet still not sacrificing punch and finesse.  There's a real spirit in this collection and the glowing haze of which this pack seems aimed at is a direct hit.

    Another killer pack of small but powerful treats.  Blurring the lines between rhythm, melody and fx this petite collection covers so much building block ground.  If you're willing to do some chopping these loops can be mined for golden one shots too.  In terms of rhythmic enhancement it doesn't get better than this and several of these files can be mixed front and center as features. 

    Timeless sound design in the form of umpteen bite-sized loops.  This is the secret weapon stuff that could rightly be called 'never make a generic beat again' formula.  This pack covers so much rhythmic ground and every subfolder nails its intended category from clicky tech to loose to rough to tribal etc it seems to never end.  The inclusion of Apple and REX Loops takes easy care of extending genre use beyond the base BPM and into the unknown.  If you're building rhythms and need the mojo that instantly embeds extra levels of character you have fully arrived with this collection. 


    Rating: 10/10

    An absurd degree of syrupy bumping source here which speaks to many a genre beyond its namesake.   All the melodic content oozes with authenticity and hookiness while the drums are played and processed hitting a ton of sweet spots. I love the organic nature of this entire collection and there's enough grit and dust to blur the lines between sample pack and direct vinyl captures.  Outstanding folders for me are the Keys, Drums and Bass which make the pack worth it alone but everything else just pushes this one to a full 10.  

    Total Percussion

    Rating: 9/10

    What's refreshing about this pack is how untypical the sound sources are: there are traditional instruments and some familiar terrain but largely this collection is bringing in really unique percussion objects which feel especially innovative and fresh. There's also a healthy dose of "wtf is That?" content within that can be used to amazing effect if you're on the hunt for those kind of gems.  Styles range from cinematic hugeness to intimate unidentifiable-yet-groovy and generally speaking this is the type of pack that can turn good beats into great ones by entering the secret-sauce x-factor which this library has in spades.

    Mellow Chillhop Beats

    Rating: 9/10

    Plenty of sun-soaked audio here fitting the intended purpose of laid back and wavy head-nod source.  The drum loops and optional stems have a fantastic spectrum of subtlety and I appreciate the inclusion of both clean and 'LoFi' versions in the Music Loops.  The atmospheric textures are a great addition and no matter how many of these type files I have I'm always looking for more.  There's also a whole folder of 'Song Starters' full of jazzy smoky compositions deconstructed and for me the real fun is using this entire pack like vinyl crate sampling sessions. 

    Junglist D&B

    Rating: 9/10

    Great blend of modern crispness and timeless grit.  Tempos range from 160 to 175bpm and the former lends wonderfully to footwork hybrid potential which is a real edge this collection offers in addition to its more traditional D&B excellence. The deconstructed drum loops are a big part of why this pack is so useful.  Ultimately there are just so many quality components here that evoke genuine Jungle vibration.  If you're into this sound this is a pack not to be missed. 

    Afro Funk

    Rating: 10/10

    An already stellar collection of sounds with an additional trick up its sleeve: variations of parts which are unspeakably useful when in the midst of production.  The variation feature instantly expands dimension and sparks inspiration in use on a par-part basis.  Typically there's the "straight" version of a file then Echo and LoFi renders as well which are distinctly alternate colors.  As with all Dubmatix packs the dub force is strong here but what's refreshing is how it's framed outside of the purely Dub environment via the included BPMs and the Funk-focused nature of the pack.  The Renegade label is just on fire and this title is pure evidence.  

    Well organized and well balanced body of skanking audio tools.  The samples are straightforward captures rather than being overproduced which means they're absolutely perfect for further production and arrangement.  The loops are nicely sized: not too long but long enough to get some genuine ska feel captured and the single hits are especially useful for crossing genres and tempos.  A unique and solid sample pack.

    Bass Culture

    Rating: 9/10

    It's impossible to overstate just how much flavor is oozing from this pack: richness abounds and the sound design is expert.  As with the other Renegade releases this collection seems to keep outdoing itself as you listen through.  The broad spectrum of tempo combined with the decidedly dub theme makes this pack extra special and the range of clean sounds vs effected ones rides an ideal balance.

    Dub Hip Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    Another smoking Renegade release of expertly curated colors, layers and textures.   Traditional instrumentation often tips into psychedelic territory in some very inventive ways.  The one shots are killer whether subtle or heavy and for me the Loops are especially unique with all sorts of nuanced grit and wear baked in for that super authentic feel.  Excellent pack full of inspiration and quality. 

    Reggae Rockers

    Rating: 10/10

    There are other dub / reggae packs but this one Really dials in the authentic vibe and shines on every level.  These particular one shots are tools for saying a lot with very little and the loops are All cause for instant skanking.  The processing which makes this pack so special is executed in unusually confident strides: filtering, delays, and various low fidelity treatments render these sounds a joy to compose with: there's an innate "place" for these parts to sit within a mix.  This one's a 'best in genre' for me.  

    Giancarlo Lanza

    Rating: 10/10

    Brimming with personality part nostalgic and part sounding beamed from the future where hiss, truncated clicks and other imperfections are all embraced to artisan effect.  It's also one of the most consistently excellent collections I've heard: the kind from which an album length of materiel could be constructed.  The 'Texture Loops' are less ambience than they are timed one-shots and are a real highlight though everything throughout is creative, playful and incredibly well done.  

    A theme of this pack is micro elements which I'm a huge fan of and not a lot of collections zero in on this aesthetic the way that Resonance Sound does.  All the looped files have funk and movement without a trace of aggression.  The one shots folder is like an extended drum kit strictly of the synthetic minimal variety and is in short Golden.  The atmospherics might be my favorite of the bunch and though there's not a ton of them they're perfectly curated.  Fantastic stuff.

    A meld of foley, texture and rhythm blended into 200 concise loops which inspire endlessly and often pull in a bouncy hypnotic direction.  Pure quality and inventiveness throughout.  As someone obsessed with the mechanics of beats and always seeking new ways of building non-melodic rhythm this pack is pure joy.  

    SOR FX Revolution Vol1

    Rating: 10/10

    Tremendous amount of FX organized by quickly accessible sub-categories to keep workflow fast.  This is a pack that goes the extra mile in so many ways and the inclusion of Apple Loops makes an already useful pack rhythmically employable in any project instantly.  Audio fidelity is expert level and these sounds feel prepped for user productions as opposed to being over-hyped in their naked state.  The FX Loops are gold and the 'LFO Madness' is exactly that (and the list goes on).  A strong candidate for One FX Pack To Rule Them All.

    Tribal Vocals FX

    Rating: 10/10

    The best of two worlds: authentic well-recorded vocals which couldn't be more human and for each an FX version counterpart.  The FX files vary from subtle to completely psychedelic and it's a winning combination as if a Dry vocal catches you there's at least one fx-treated take as well which can either expand use of the former or be a starting point for even further abstraction.  This pack would be worth owning for either just the dry vocals or the FX versions so both in one go is an easy must-have.  

    Nu Lo-Fi

    Rating: 8/10

    It's the melodics here that I find so vital and approach like a crate digger cutting and chopping layers of dust, ambiance and just enough melody to serve as track elixir.  There's so much texture on offer and what's in the cracks is as important as the full phrases.  The 'Radio FX' files are also pure secret sauce and while being subtle are so powerful in use much like this pack as a whole.  

    So much fx heat here!  Folder after folder of details destined to kick start hooks / loops / tracks in a big way and a lot of it feels sampled from somewhere (and that's a Great thing).  There's some gritty pirate attitude throughout and really a true abundance of winning sounds.  The Loops in particular are mini-bombs of inspiration in simple but effective compact form.  The drums are on point too and despite the "trap" theme the bulk of this pack is more timeless than any single genre. 

    Booyaka Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Crisp and heavy: super-focused production on this pack and enough DnB ammo to get tracks up and running quickly.  As a track-builder it's a can't go wrong kit and same for adding to existing productions.  The bass loops are a favorite and the drums taught and funky. Perfect balance of grit + energy and just a ridiculously on point pack throughout.  

  • Techno Maschinen

    Rating: 9/10

    Decidedly electronic and often artificial in the best possible way.  If you're like me and love your non-organic drum hits this pack is a true indulgence: multi-treated samples of both familiar and rare drum boxes (the 'D1k' files are a special thing for those who know).  Much of the additional processing maximizes the unique character of each voice and in the more extreme cases introduces artifacts that reveal a whole new musicality which really starts to shine once these files are in play. 

    Weird Little One Shots

    Rating: 8/10

    I'm a huge fan of keeping the audio toolbox loaded up with fresh non-tonal fx and for that this pack is a winning collection.  The samples within are decidedly unmusical blips (and I mean that in a good way) compared to traditional "one shots" collections yet become musical (or textural or percussive etc) once in your sampler / DAW and so on.  Tons of intriguing sounds here and a decent percent of them are instantly inspiring. 

    Outstanding quality and innovation here: a pack that takes aim at a genre and hits bullseye after bullseye with skilled sharp-focus sound design.  These samples have so much original personality and I'm extra impressed with the timelessness due to the absence of genre tropes.  The bass files are amazing but in truth so is every single part of the package.  The 'Cymbal' (loops) and FX folders are secret weapon track glue.  The drums are a perfect balance of restraint and banging.  Safe to say I love this one.  

    Dub Noire

    Rating: 10/10

    Small-sized pack that reveals mammoth impact and is squarely focused on the dark side in a genuinely impressive way.  There's simply no fat in this toolbox with each folder holding the sharpest knives, the hardest hammers and sonic ninja throwing stars.  For me the bass is the feature though everything else is of equal quality - yet the bass is so frighteningly on point it's really worth a sonic study in addition to employing in tracks.  The FX follow suit as subtle yet deadly details that are Perfect secret sauce gems.  Serious pack with rib-rumbling power. 

    Another beast of a pack from DJ Vadim and to me a companion release to his 'Dubcatcher Loops' in similar theme yet different enough so that both are essential.  So much dub and dancehall flavor which can be used in small doses or constructed into entire tracks.  Worth it for the drum samples alone ranging from knocking to reserved in a very special way.  In addition to the genre basics being expertly covered there's a wealth of really original odd sounds and processing here which I find incredibly inspiring.  In short a must-have pack and I'm praying that DJ Vadim has more collections on the way. 

    Explosive in every way with enough content for multiple packs and quality abounding throughout.  Detectable passion and genuine vibes in every aspect and evidence of a working artist putting together tools that we're lucky to have access to.  Currently my favorite folders are the vocals and FX but this is the kind of vast resource that will continue to reveal endless usefulness in the studio.  If you're seeking dub-related material it's hard to imagine a better collection than this one.  


    Rating: 10/10

    I love the layout of this pack as much as the quality of the sounds themselves: deeply user-friendly in ways unique to Ghost Syndicate.  The separated bass layers are a revelation in use and the 'chop' parts strike a perfect pliable balance.  This pack goes extra steps for flexibility and creativity so if the nature of the demos is in your wheelhouse know that they're the tip of the iceberg.  There's a dub flavor in place here that I can't get enough of and both for the intended genre and beyond this is another absolute win of a collection.  

    Polyester Loops

    Rating: 10/10

    Inspiration overflow!  Hardly anything is key-labeled and everything is 16bit but none of that matters as the quality of vibe is sky high and this is one of the best digital "sample crates" when it comes to glitchy twitchy granular goodness.  Almost everything has a special "x factor" certain quality that I find hard not to fall in love with.  Pretty much a series of happy surprises from top to bottom and nothing is predictable: you've got drum loops, music loops, basslines and drones but often the lines blur (in a great way) as it all feels alive and almost always rhythmic.  Officially a hidden gem pack. 


    Rating: 10/10

    Something of a departure from this label's hard hitting beats and bass catalog: ambience and miles of it with a ridiculous amount of excellent pads, drones and atmospherics.  When it comes to tactical pad use this pack is exactly the kind of ammo one needs to insert mood and vibe into tracks.  The rhythmic materiel is a dub-foley playground served in bitesized chunks: fantastic for weaving some springy psychedelic details into the mix.  These files sound great on their own but can be downright magic within a larger arrangement.  A toolbox for those who know.  


    Rating: 10/10

    Bass science!  Mind-blowingly great sound design and bass loops separated into frequency parts(!) make this pack an instant must-have for me yet every single folder here is so top-notch that this collection transcends any specific genre and is deep, edgy and sexual throughout.  The Bonus folder has some real gems including the short bass parts: somewhere between a one-shot and a couplet with just enough character built in for these to be prime construction material and speaking of there's 10 construction kits which are plain fun to explore the exploded full tracks of.  Killer on every level.  

    SFX Collection 03

    Rating: 10/10

    The third installment in this series is just as essential as the first two.  This pack is folder after folder of production pixie dust and center-stage events and everything in-between relating to track-glue + x-factor audio. All of it is inspiring: even the simply titled 'noise..' files are brimming with flavor somehow and I love the 'percussive fx' collection.  Thinking of these as purely effects is slightly misleading: there's so much character within that I'd consider it as much a track-starter collection of stellar one-shots rather than typical pre-fabricated stems resulting in far more outside the box results. The mileage I'll (and you'll) get from this pack is off the charts. 

    SFX Collection Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    Proof that this series started as stellar as ever Collection 1 delivers in a guns-out way with quality top to bottom.   There's a slightly nostalgic feeling to the aesthetic here which makes partial sense given its date of release but said nostalgia along with the timeless fidelity makes this an all-purpose powder keg for producers.  There's just so much here and the 'Stabs & Acid Hits' folder is a one-stop inspiration shop.  If you're on the hunt for top SFX there's no way to go wrong with this series. 

    SFX Collection 02

    Rating: 10/10

    When it comes to FX for productions across the entire genre board you'd have a truly hard time finding a better collection than this.  Excellent FX packs are hard to come by and this is one where several single folders amount to complete feeling packs in their own right. The 'Extra Analogue Synth FX' folder is a goldmine within a goldmine.  Everywhere you turn with this one there's just inspiring and usable sound blooming.  These sounds feel like they were made with great care, attention to detail and eyes on the prize of effectiveness.  

    Rave Renaissance

    Rating: 9/10

    Another wonderful throwback pack from UNDRGRND and as with all their releases you know both themed aesthetic and file layout will be top tier.  The drum loops are offered in full and individual elements which is particularly rewarding here as there are many skillful chops of some classic foundation breakbeats.  Great stabs too!  There's a pirate-looseness too in the timing and the roughness of many of the sounds which is true to form for the genre. 

    This is an absurd amount of prime sample fodder to have in one pack.  While listening through the files I keep thinking "it can't get better than This" and it does again and again.  I really can't think of another collection like this in terms of what it is and how it can be used: it's like finding an amazing unknown electronic/ambient/experimental album except that these files are Key-labeled and made to be sampled.  I love how many moods are covered here too: from quirky sci-fi to deep-space transmissions and at times borderline hooks if you're ready to get creative.  

    Lofi Hip Hop Drums 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Gloriously great drums that nail the low fidelity target without sounding like a facsimile effort (rare and no small feat).  Three versions of the one-shots are on offer and the 'clean' and 'tape' are wonderful but the lofi ones are the killers here for me.  The loops are also inspiringly sequenced.  Sculpted, genre-correct and a Fun pack to use.

    Don't be fooled by the relatively small file size of this pack because the potential within is huge: a can't-go-wrong collection of sounds on the clicky / smacking synthetic side which are just stupidly useful in several different ways.  The bass shots are the right blend of subs and texture, the drums thwack wonderfully and the synths and FX work together like a tuned engine.  Sniper-sharp and a new favourite here.  

    A curated collection of breakdance / electro / vintage-related loops and hits to satiate your inner b-boy / b-girl production needs.  A favorite here are the drum loops which make for a mighty mix and match set of mini stems.  Nice tight selection of one shots all true to the genre round out a killer pack with a target sound.

    Such a wonderful pack of playful sounds and lots of ground covered from instruments to foley as both one shots and loops for track construction / sound scoring needs.  There's an overall kid-friendly feel to this pack which is a tremendous strength and done really well: the nature here is upbeat and warm as is the phrasing of the loops making for a great balance of raw materials and pre-made components.  

    Classic Electro

    Rating: 10/10

    Powder keg of genuine electro tools: another high fidelity lo-fi hat-trick from UNDRGRND with grit and vibe from an era gone by yet with all the ability to embed into future-proof productions.  Plenty of source to build nuff electro and I love that these sounds aren't trying too hard or feeling forced but rather sit right in the pocket of their intended genre and shine. 

  • Overtonics

    Rating: 10/10

    Thrilling fidelity and enough content to fortify Any project. Deeply cinematic and mostly atonal yet key-labeled where applicable which is always a huge plus. The folder and file titles tell you what terrain is being covered here but these samples must be heard to appreciate the level of quality that runs throughout the pack. Excellent.

    Vintage Vinyl Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Lottery-load of breaks which expertly balances grit and clarity. There are plenty of distinct kit / processing sound profiles within and most breaks have multiple variations providing users with a genuinely impressive amount of mileage. Something of a live drums / breaks hybrid in overall feel and many of the beats either echo or simulate classic breaks along with refreshingly timeless new entries. Folders of vinyl texture and dry / wet handclaps round out a damn fine pack.

    Lo-Fi House Chords

    Rating: 10/10

    Don't sleep on this collection of rich and dusty pads / chords which crackle with character and range in flavor from deep and submerged to open and bright with lots of motion and sonic narrative built in. The loops are evocative mini-phrases perfect for instant vibe in a leading or supportive role and the stab-shots are ripe for building your own melodics from the starting point of chords soaked with personality. For me one of those "exactly what i was looking for" packs which fully delivers.

    Fantastic mixture of verbal and atmospheric audio with enough organization to properly navigate while still being sprawling in size. Categories make sounds easy to find and there's endless hidden gem fragments which also make this pack feel like a treasure hunt. Many of the vocal-feature clips contain ambiance, artifact and sound effects resulting in rich sampling fodder. This is the kind of secret sauce that can take a track from cool to compelling when properly employed.

    28000 One Shots

    Rating: 10/10

    There's an absurd amount of material in this pack suitable for literally any genre and especially useful for those who love to build from scratch. Having this many one shots in a single collection is incredible and given the fidelity throughout this is just an obscenely useful library. The concept is simple enough but there are some nice surprises too like key-labeled kicks, kick construction elements (tops and bottoms) and it can't be said enough: a TON of source material on hand and ready to work with. If ever there was a one-stop collection this is it.

    They Call It Acid

    Rating: 10/10

    This is one of those packs that gives the warm feeling of vinyl-hunting and sampling as there's plenty of character baked in to every sound + loop within. Bountiful contents are true to the era which is useful both in recreating the vibes of yesteryear as well as repurposing these classic sounds into new forms and formats. There isn't a weak link in the chain here as every single folder contains quality while expert sound design and smart loop programing across the board make this a best-in-class collection.

    Future Acid

    Rating: 9/10

    A collection that oozes as much charm as it does nostalgia with a warm lo-fi vibe that suggests an authenticity beyond fashion. There's also a refreshing two-folder simplicity to the format: drums and synths all at 128bpm making for a no-brainer "acid toolkit". Both the drum and acid programming here are playful + inventive and really it's impossible to not have huge fun using this pack.

    I'm always searching for sounds like this to add to my ambience / fx / non-tonal collection and there's a lot of goodness in this pack. Plenty of immediately useful samples and well captured foley to accent / construct etc with. The loops folders demonstrate solid foley sequencing and work really well as top / background loops in addition to inspiring users to make their own patterns from the pack.

    MPS Beatswag

    Rating: 9/10

    What separates this pack from the drum-bunch is Saturation: there's a really warm depth to the collection that feels fat rather than harsh along with a solid degree of variety and cohesiveness throughout. It's a focused pack: instead of trying to cover several bases we get just drums (one-shots and loops / stems) and that's a good thing: when I'm after warm punchy saturated drums this will be one of the first places I go.

    Slatin Modular House

    Rating: 10/10

    So many fantastic textures and vibes within this pack. Bubbly, bouncy, gritty and often unhinged in the best possible way this collection is just pure inspiration and there's a bounty of it on offer here. Both distinctly electronic and organic at the same time with stellar quality and vibe that's impossible not to fall in love with.

    Digital Dub Vol 1

    Rating: 8/10

    Vast collection of quality mini-stems (and one-shots) veering much closer to traditional drum-kit fare than the title might suggest. For me the drum loops are where this pack shines and specifically the 'Mix' loops which are dubbed-out (kit / non-electronic) patterns making for an excellent proverbial crate of dub drums. The separate stems (percussion / dry drums) and individual hits are conservative in comparison yet both very useful inclusions.

    IQ Drum Fills

    Rating: 9/10

    Small in size while huge in function: each fill serves the purpose of building a micro-tension flourish rather than trying to grab too much attention and diminishing the surrounding track. Without being overtly melodic there is a musicality to many of these fills with hints of tonal events allowing them to mesh well in context. Aside from nailing the intended purpose of fills these files are great for mining individual hits out of making for a winning pack.

    Retro Memories

    Rating: 10/10

    Two things stand out right away with this pack: the incredible attention to detail in each sample and how endlessly useable these sounds are: retro in spirit yet universal in application this is a sterling set of sounds awaiting chopping / looping / flipping studio deep-dives. So many textures and vibes in the melodics dept and fantastically fresh drum business here as well. If you know UNDRGRND you know the score: smartly separated / key-labeled / highly inspirational.

    Boom SFX

    Rating: 10/10

    More than just booms! All manner of sweeps, drops, swoops and percussive baps able to serve a multitude of uses ranging from unheard-of bass work to haunting drone layers and percussive signature moves. These samples can be straight up foley or x-factor enhancement across all genres. Fidelity throughout is excellent and the pack is already in constant use here.

    Hypnotic Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    The perfect set of ingredients for sculpting mazes of eyes-closed techno: pounding beats, druggy arps and pulsing basslines. I've been mixing and matching / cutting and pasting these loops until fully lost in the best way possible. Love the quality and love the character: another killer pack from UNDRGRND.

    Wonderfully mechanical and deeply unique: a full spread of unapologetically electronic drum tools with shimmer, grit and inherent vibe. As a drum sample collector there's a good chance packs (and thus your library) starts overlapping which is part of what makes collections like this one such a joy to discover: whole new shades, tones and colors to weave into productions. The loops are great indicators of what's possible with the single shots and across the board I love everything I'm hearing in this pack.

    Real Deep

    Rating: 9/10

    What a stellar collection of deeply trippy audio tools: everything is so pleasingly off-kilter and properly druggy yet also hitting hard where it counts. The drums are on-point punchy and both the Synths and (melodic) Sample Loops are wonderfully psychedelic in nature. FX, Texture and Topper folders round out an immediately useful top quality pack.

    Leftfield House

    Rating: 9/10

    Deliciously crunchy drums / fishtank-swirly pads / moody acidic bass all with plenty of artifact and character capable of bringing Life into a production. There's various degrees of purposeful lo-fi on offer here from crisp and cutting to downright degraded and it's part of what makes this pack special: the wonkiness never feels routine or forced but rather captured and catalogued making for a strong audio menu to delve into.

    2 Step Garage

    Rating: 9/10

    Tidy collection of spot-on samples that are genre correct and fit amazingly well into a mix. Quality drum hits and a smart spread of bass flavors along with the rest of the Kits components equal instantly inspiring source material. I've been mixing and matching the different sets and the FX + Vocal Kits are excellent glue / spice. Another great pack from Niche Audio.

    Late Night Deep Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    Stellar pack with quality oozing from every angle. There's an irresistible understated vibe throughout and under the smokiness is pure body-moving bounce. The drums pulse and shake, the synths glisten and there's bass on offer from spongey to sharp. Both the single hits and loops are fantastic with the latter often being exemplary of what's possible with the former. For samples from the deeper end of the spectrum you simply cannot go wrong with this collection.

  • Atmospheric Hip Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    In an era of "gritty lo-fi" sample material think of Niche Audio as a quality filter and one sharply set to On Point. These files may be vintage in nature but are also expertly dialed-in to sound amazing within a mix. I like the quirk of these: there's a playfulness about them and also enough variety within a relatively tight pack to cover all kinds of ground including the genres we've yet to identify.


    Rating: 10/10

    This is the kind of pack you play back and marvel at the quality and creativity: Deeeeep bass, cracking drums and sparkling synth + FX all with just the right amount of analog artifact. Hitting a sweet-spot between powerful but not overproduced before production begins and named / labeled for maximum efficiency making this pack a pleasure to use on all levels. Concise and deadly!

    Drum & Bass Fx 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Another super tasty assortment of FX one-shots ready to enhance (literally) any genre. The 'DnB' title tag is a nod to the inspiration / vibe of these sounds but they're so much more: the kind of pack one could reach for during Any production and level up the overall project. Key-labeled where appropriate along with non-pitched samples. Absolutely top-notch in both usefulness and fidelity. Total Win.

    Atmospheric Vinyl Breaks

    Rating: 10/10

    These breaks have so much character and mojo within that they just ooze musicality along with swagger, grit and everything else breaks dreams are made of. Separate elements in the Construction folders are super-useful dissections of individual parts as well as revealing some of the magic behind these beats yet every time I hear the composite Full loops it's like a sonic magic trick: that's how damn good these breaks are.

    SYS-100 Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    Weapons-grade awesome for synthetic percussion connoisseurs and an essential for drum sample addicts like myself. In addition to incredible sound design the multi-treatments of these samples elevates the pack to even further levels of must-have: we get the naked sounds then three more folders offering enough variation to really fit into productions or inspire them to begin with (the 'Vinyl' versions are feeling especially valuable here). Can't help but be truly excited about this pack and know that it will be in heavy studio use here.

    LoFi Keys

    Rating: 9/10

    A hard pack to resist if you're into warm fuzzy tones and new textures: Great assortment of multisamples covering roll-your-own nostalgic ground then there are the loops which get far more adventurous and wonderfully strange by way of sequencing and processing which deliver samples that often defy the lovely-but-humble source instruments and soars into inspired territory.

    Junglist Rave Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack nails a very tricky target: making a completely convincing sample library based on a genre from yesteryear that relied on sampling via gear of the day. The pirate feel and character of the era is captured while also being crisp and applicable to modern day production across the board. The aesthetic filter that runs throughout perfectly honors the past and never feels disingenuous: beautifully murky bass, springy drum breaks, crunchy / filtered synths.. it's all here and expertly crafted.

    Lo-Fi Deep House

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a "lo fi" pack that truly goes low fidelity: varying degrees of grain / dirt / resin / dust abound and are pleasingly pushed to extremes at times being downright filthy. Drum loops are separated in the smart separate-elements way familiar to fans of UNDRGRND like myself making mixing and / or mining specifics straightforward. Themed samples that set out on a mission and hit the target.

    Lo-Fi Electronica

    Rating: 10/10

    UNDRGRND comes through again with an expertly curated assortment of samples that are both nostalgic and fresh sounding. Processing is expertly applied so that much of this collection sounds like it's sampled From Somewhere as opposed to overtly clean and cold. Personally I can't get enough of these flavors so this pack shoots to the top of my current heavy rotation library.

    Advanced Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    If you're seeking tightly-wound punchy source material this pack has it dialed in: short sharp hits including drums designed to push through, quirky melodic goodness and cutting edge bass design. The loops are as useful being mini construction set elements as they are food for further cutting and selecting with the bass loops sounding specifically unique mixing percussiveness and tangible moving low end. I love the focus and feel of this pack.

    Outstanding pack of human beatbox stylings with punch, grit and everything one could ask for within this source. Much of this collection doesn't sound "obviously human" but rather just sounds damn good (great really) and perhaps most importantly these sounds feel original (because they are). All elements are represented amazingly well: percussion, bass and mindblowingly fresh vocal harmonies. Essential.

    Ultimate Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    An incredible amount of audio terrain is covered here via multis, one-shots, loops, construction kits.. quality excellent throughout. The beauty of this mighty collection is that we get source material from multiple packs / artists so there's variety built in as well as an overall cohesiveness in the name of Dub. There are some absolutely mint drops in the Drum Loops section and generally sparkling material everywhere to inspire productions with any needed degree of dub injection for a very long time. Blown away by this one.


    Rating: 8/10

    Clocking in at a blistering 210bpm tempo and only the aptly titled 'Screech Loops' key-labeled this collection is a grab-bag powder keg of samples. The kicks are worth the price of admission if your palette calls for the brutality and the 'Effected Bassdrums' are howling / growling elongated bass territory. Each break loop is separated into individual elements as well as the full version. The Drum Shots (single hits) collection is in heavy use here within a pack that rides a tasty line between traditional and unique hard sample flavors.

    Killer Frenchcore

    Rating: 9/10

    Blazing high fidelity collection of ammo that's tightly focused rather than sprawling with a concentrated palette aimed directly at a Hardcore target. There's an excellent collection of kicks ranging from heavy 909 fare to pure filth blown-fuse hits, all key-labeled and prepared to be track bedrocks. Tuned snares, loops and FX round out this pack and while not reinventing any wheels the niche quality is cutting sharply here.

    Every Single One Shot

    Rating: 9/10

    Behold the one-shot wonderland that isn't overproduced and provides endless layer making potential for drums, bass, synths and fx. Whether building a track from scratch or as a resource for icing on the production cake the elements within are incredibly flexible and simply put sound great within the mix. Personal favorites are the Bass folders (Sub and Stabs) and the FX (in 3 subcategories) yet every single file is quality and this is a completely killer pack.

    Cracking and crackling sample feast with smart construction and one of the most genuinely "analog" feeling packs I've heard. Tastefully imperfect bits of noise and hum reside under the surface in a way that is restrained and unobtrusive while also adding a detectable degree of warmth to the whole vibe. Great balance of one-shots and looped material and enough of both for lots and lots of production mileage. Very much a pack that's not trying to hard by being in your face and instead relies on excellent taste and execution.

    Raw Cratez

    Rating: 10/10

    Suitably dusty and pleasingly crusty: every loop and sample is engulfed in splendid artifact and punchy / lo-fi / hi-fi goodness. Navigation is exceptional as contents are offered in both loops (full and loop stems) plus individual hits all retaining kit names. The drums and bass selections are excellent and my favorite of all is the Chords folder which has enough magic instrument hits to fuel miles of production. There's a certain zing to all of these samples which renders the pack more than lo-fi and more than most hip hop themed collections - these sounds are special and a joy to use.


    Rating: 10/10

    WOW: blown away by this collection which is massive both literally and figuratively. The mammoth size is matched by mammoth rewards as Eon is in a class of its own in terms of adding a whopping degree of masterful sound library firepower in one go. Not "just" ambiences but rather fully crafted multi-layered audio constructions categorized by target emotional responses. In addition to the deep cinematic themed files there are spacious vocals, instrument phrases and tools like drones, subs and stingers rich beyond words. This is an incredibly deep and heavyweight feat of a sample collection and in short a true stunner.

    An ambitious collection which succeeds on every level: quality, variety and the ability to enrich every single project regardless of nature / style / genre. A couple highlights among many are the obscuring of detectable language with the human vocal samples and the 'Static Atmos' folders both tonal (key-labeled) and non-tonal. Every subfolder is rewarding and as a whole this is a truly impressive pack.

    Silicon Sounds

    Rating: 8/10

    There's a synthetic softness / non-aggressive nature to this pack that I really like: somewhere between modern sci-fi detail foley and nostalgic arcade there are blips, ticks and swoops ripe for their intended purpose and also the kind of secret ingredients that can lend x-factor to track productions. I'll be using this collection a lot as these are the type of sounds I'm on the hunt for and love finding cohesive collections like this one.

  • Grab-bag boutique of dub embellishments adding spaced-out dimension wherever they be skillfully placed. Between the ambience files and the single shots sound system flavor can be constructed and applied across any and all styles. The Synth Stabs are key-labeled while everything else is pure abstract dubby goodness ranging from longer sweeps and transitions to shorter detail drops.

    Techno Machine

    Rating: 9/10

    Extremely functional for both techno production and (way) beyond: These samples can fortify literally any genre and the pack as a whole achieves the unique feat of being true to its mechanical name yet also feeling warm and funky at the same time. Thick analog texture and plenty of expertly tailored sound design with an overall raw feel makes for a unique and satisfying pack that's got attitude and purpose.

    Jump Up DnB 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Concise pack of sharply focused jump up elements continuing from the solid vol. 1 collection. Favorites here are the one shot bass hits and especially the Short Bass Stabs folder which for me makes the pack: enough choice bits of bass to craft endless rough low end action. The Synth Loop folder has hooks and flavor to chop and roll for days. Great expansion to anyone's library of DnB tools and fire bass samples.

    Analogue Noise

    Rating: 10/10

    Good things come in small packages and this super-specialized noise goldmine delivers hugely when it comes to top tier buzzes, hums, static and other splendid electro-magnetic interference snapshots. With frequency ranges smartly covered (low ground-hums, grainy mids and tissue-like top layers) all with unique color and some having just enough flux to add a bit of movement within the grit. A true gem.


    Rating: 9/10

    Delivering plenty of punch and feel this pack somehow connects dots from neuro-bass twists to skweee-like synths and hugely fun percussion including killer loops with isolated parts and stellar roll-your-own one-shots. With hook-y melodic loop files and 6 actual "inspiration kits" (with stems) this is a choppers paradise in addition to all the fantastic as-is material on offer. Really well done and the kind of pack that can assist breaking new ground.

    Sound FX

    Rating: 10/10

    Super tasty and tasteful assortment of FX delights: genre-less builds and breakdowns, pads ranging from lush and sparkly to dark and ominous as well as an entire trove of inspiring one-shot FX files. Everything is key-labeled which for a dedicated effects pack is a huge plus in addition to top-notch sounds throughout all adds up to a collection I'll be reaching for often. Instant love for this one.

    Awesome collection of organic percussion which is ready to stand alone or be layered with your own drums. Organization is well executed making for fast navigation and the one-shots and loops are provided both dry and with tasteful fx. 'Found Sound Percussion Hits and Loops Volume Two' amounts to an excellent pack of smaller details contributing to a more personal and powerful whole.


    Rating: 10/10

    Incredibly usable assortment of audio slices exceeding expectations in both overall quality and unexpected gems including a foley folder within the drum hits and the selections of ambience / soundscapes as immediate flavor palettes. Further standouts for me include the warm glowing pad beds and inspiring drum loops broken down to individual elements.


    Rating: 10/10

    One of the best multipurpose FX packs I've heard and the kind of collection that stays permanently useful. So much ground is covered and each of the 17 sub-folders are like drawers full of well organized razor-sharp sound design tools. Infinite layering and combination possibilities plus top fidelity throughout make 'Twist' worth getting excited about.

    Bass Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    Dirty, dusty, crusty and crispy: Bass Hop delivers stacks of ammo drenched with attitude and conviction. Worth it for the drum loops / sounds alone and the same could be said for most of the other folders here. A feat Ghost Syndicate pulls off is making packs that feel like sampling records: all the grit and brilliant artifact hits the bullseye for bass music with crunchy punch.

    House Vocal Glitches 4

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a winning recipe: vocal slice abstractions offered as Loops (101 files of instant funk) and single shots (270 pieces of a choice construction set) all Key-labeled and covering a healthy spread of style and tone. If you employ vocal chops / stabs in your production this one is essential. The whole pack really comes alive when one starts slicing and rearranging the bounty of percussive vocal gold here.

    Track-ready vocals ranging from honey-sweet to dancehall-tough while always being soulful. All files are key / tempo labeled and offered both wet and dry. This pack includes a specific kind swirling falsetto style which is a favorite of mine and makes this collection a real find. As useful for taking smaller sections as it is dropping the complete parts 'Dub Vocals' is comprehensively laid out and packed with total quality.

    Hip Hop Ultra Pack 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Amazing hip hop themed pack that doesn't neglect the dust and grit that largely defines the genre to a lot of us. Everything that should be is key-mapped and both the Music Loops and Drumelody Loops serve as sample crates full of pre-sliced / arranged 16-pad inspiration for whatever you're using to produce with. This Ultrapack is complete enough and diverse enough to easily make entire tracks out of: All the basics are covered from solid boom bap to blunted and spaced out with tons of hidden gems throughout. Strong, strong pack.

    Amazing vocal pack evoking both traditional past and the present via the chops, tweaks and gated loop treatments. The 'Glitch Vocals' files take things further out and are exemplary of what can be done with the rest of the pack. Inclusion of FX Only and pre / post gated loops add whole new possibilities for crafting your own perfect cut-ups. So many micro hooks that can be built into bigger ideas or remain in the background as melodic / rhythmic pulse making this a must-have.

    A true megapack of pure 172bpm inspiration: Elastic bass that sticks to the walls and beats that go from solid centered to innovative experimentation. Every folder contains quality and (for example) there's so much that can be done with the Fills folder alone - this is a potent collection. Enough multi-kits and trackstarters to get solid frameworks up and running or if you're like me you'll be combing the whole pack for just the right bits and pieces and there are more than enough here to feed track after track.

    Minimal DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Another Ghost Syndicate killer with all elements sharply on point: dark syrup bass that's just sticky.. percussion loops each with their own science that are as much texture as they are rhythm.. atmospherics that are both rough and smooth: exactly the kind of ambience I'm looking for. The synth loops range from lush to wonderfully whacked out and the drums are - as with all Ghost Syndicate packs I've heard - completely top notch.

    Dungeon Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Once again Ghost Syndicate shines brightly with this pack of roughness and the signature recipe is intact: Fire-hot bass (and plenty of it) representing a full spectrum of subs, stabs and mid/high rubs + sharp as knives drum loops in full then broken-down to individual elements along with expert atmospheres, synths and fx making for a compelling and incredibly effective resource.

    Voice of the Machine

    Rating: 10/10

    Incredibly functional collection of human voice that often transcends recognition yet always retains warmth. Expert manipulation has turned vocal source into gems of melody, percussion and effects. The loops are both musical (Melody Loops) and rhythmical (Glitchy Loops). The FX and One Shots vary from evocative / ambient to abstract. This pack defies predetermined genre and is beautifully original. Excellent.

    Dub & Reggae Sirens

    Rating: 10/10

    A galaxy of dub sirens / FX that'll have you covered several times over: from familiar classics to So much more. Subfolders and file names make it easy to navigate through a library ranging from crystal clear to appropriately lo-fi with variety galore. The whole collection feels lovingly crafted and is one I'll be using a ton. If you have Any interest in this type of FX you have found the best of the best.

    Assault DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Pure DnB excellence from Ghost Syndicate: expert sound design aimed at all things dark / punchy and hitting the bullseye in a big way. Full drum loops broken down into individual elements, plenty of twisting bass action and FX / ambience that's up there with the best I've heard to date. I'll be using this pack a lot and getting more of the Ghost Syndicate stuff without a doubt. Top level material.

  • This is a much-needed / much-appreciated footwork pack in a world of sample collections that rarely dedicate to the genre. There's enough off-center funk here to get fully inspired: loops both as parts or as source for surgery. Plenty of excellent bass work in addition to the drum / percussion content which is both locked in and dizzying. Well thought out and well made: an excellent niche-specific pack.

    Lenny Dee - Kick

    Rating: 9/10

    A true grab-bag of Kicks: subfolders and file names offer a minimal amount of guidance so be ready to dig to find the gold within which there's miles of. No matter what you're starting or returning to there are kicks here to not only suit the task but elevate the track's bedrock on a dailed-in level. In addition to umpteen kicks there are hats, needle-wipes, and various odds and ends all useful for layering and creating highly personalized original drum hits. Saturated in character and covering the spectrum from polite to absurdly rude and everything in-between.

    Drum & Bass Fx

    Rating: 10/10

    Perched somewhere between embellishments and features depending on use while incredible regardless. These files will serve equally well as audio connective tissue, track pixie dust and up-top music elements as everything that can be is key-labeled. There's a shimmer and character here that oozes quality as well as a timelessness: plenty of nods to oldskool jungle while somehow also future-bound and genre-less. One of the only packs I actually thought "I wish I got this one sooner".

    Basement Jams

    Rating: 9/10

    Basement Jams delivers a deeply saturated vibe which is warm and often wonky in all the right ways. The Construction Kits folder is essentially 12 super fresh mini-projects complete with full stems and similarly the Drum Loops include full loops as well as each element loop-isolated. The Bass, Synth, FX and Vox are all total quality and round out a pack that is sonically simmering and delightfully druggy.

    An instant classic and best-in-class pack of just blindingly great material serving all (and I mean All) of your ambient / mood / background / foreground needs. For anyone who's seeking installments of Vibe into their tracks there is no way to not love this collection: all frequency ranges are covered: deep bass, sparkling washes and miles of ambience key-labeled for instant usability. There are tons of FX files and stems folders full of key / tempo compatible parts. Massive both in size and quality (almost 5gigs and stunning, respectively) I can't recommend this one enough.

    Trap & Dub Collection

    Rating: 9/10

    So many stellar samples in one place with tip top quality throughout: the fidelity shines through as soon as you start plugging these sounds into a project. I'm usually more interested in one shots but the loops here blew me away too: so useful and so ripe for cutting up and deploying. Generally on the deeper and less aggressive / flashy end of the spectrum I consider this pack to be a bedrock go-to as everything just works so amazingly well and the collection actively inspires.

    Rawr! is a box of audio toys on the spicy side: sub-folders will narrow your sample searching and I love combing through for the perfect bit. A fine balance of organized yet full of surprises there's enough single shot action to launch umpteen hooks as well as solid drum hits and the loops which despite being 140bpm can be chopped and spliced to great effect. The root keys in file names makes this library all the more useful and it all adds up to a killer pack.

    Raw Skillz

    Rating: 10/10

    A true "fantasy vinyl crate" bevy of outstanding samples from Rawcutz. 'Raw Skills' packs a one-two punch of inspiration: absolutely top-notch quality and the formatting to let any user blast right off into production mode. The loops are incredible out the box but the real fun begins when you start cutting and chopping bits together and despite all the variation everything feels wonderfully compatible here when mixed and matched. The Loops folders corresponding with the One Shots allows for maximum flexibility and is a comprehensive way to zero in on single sounds when navigation through the bounty on offer. I consider this a can't-go-wrong pack and another must-have gem from Rawcutz.

    Three Zero Three

    Rating: 9/10

    A spacious playground of all things Acid in nature: immediately familiar 303 action as well as farther out spacey bubbling brews which come to twitching life when placed against the simplest of rhythms. In addition to the loops are several folders of single shots and slides all of which add up to a fantastic acid construction kit.

    Lo-Fi House

    Rating: 10/10

    All manner of gorgeously smudged and wonderfully squashed audio serving your lo fi needs. The term "lo fi" all too often equates to mere bit-crushing or routine distortion processing but with a pack like this there's a truly wide spectrum of low fidelity flavors suggesting studio wizardry that's worth investing in. All bases are covered here and there's not a weak link in the subfolder chain: everywhere you explore reveals more goodness. If lo fi is on your radar this one's highly recommended no matter what kind of music you're making.

    Super solid grab-bag of single shots which are often rough around the edges and uniquely gritty. Instead of a perfectly-clean batch of hits this is a smorgasbord of "sampled-sounding" audio and what makes this pack especially interesting are the vinylesque artifacts which can become a secret "x factor" within a mix . 937mb of crunchy source material including drums, various stabs, bass, vinyl clicks and fx.

    If these type of sounds are of interest to you look no further: folder upon folder of on-point retro game samples to tickle and delight. Having this many quality files at ones fingertips is lovely: chirps, bloops and all manner of 8-bit-ish source that's as much dub-ready as it is chiptune-y as well as being insertable into both well worn and yet-to-be-named genres. All samples are in both stereo and mono here ready to load up and go to work.

    Designer Linn Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    One of history's strongest sources of drum machine DNA gets a truly dialed-in exploration and the results are golden. Along with the inherent legacy of the Linn sound we are blessed with the kind of custom-tailoring that might normally exist only in a producers secret stash of custom drum weaponry. Tuned kicks with added sub, snapping snares, crisp hats and cymbals etc all captured, combined and processed to expand far beyond the already-fantastic original Linn output.

    LA Beat Scene

    Rating: 9/10

    Great assortment of quirky, thumping and off-kilter sounds. The kicks whomp hard and the snares/claps crack (often with low-fi delight). The drum loops are separated into mini-stems for maximum flexibility and adaptation (and have the necessary funk and lean). These samples often have genuine dirt and imperfection within which I'm a huge fan of given the amount of perfectly clean packs out there: this is a genre that honors artifact. 'LA Beat Scene' is also an ambitiously complete pack: the main zip unfolding at a massive 3.6gigs of rewarding bang for the buck covering drums, bass, synths, music, textures and fx. Greatness.

    Chords & Stabs

    Rating: 8/10

    Lovely collection of chords and stabs all processed in three different ways beyond the original Clean files (I particularly love the 'Resampled' folders). Most of the stabs are tight chords so there's musicality and emotion in these hits compared to single notes while the chord selections ('chord', 'key' and 'piano') are super loopable / choppable bits of goodness. Excellent addition to any library - Chords & Stabs is a fantastic toolkit.

    Quality is intact throughout crisp drums, bright synths and goldmine bass. The drum loops are pitched-up goodness and presented as full beats with their corresponding percussion as well as top layers in subsequent folders making for a creative-sparking mini-stems package. The bass loops and hits are second to none in their genre. If you like the taster samples you'll love this pack.

    All thriller no filler selection of finely crafted D&B tools. Worth is for the breaks selection alone but everything here is weapon material: single shots and loops covering all bases wonderfully. Heavy without being brash and classic in genuine character: these are the Sounds!

    Jump Up DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Smart set of rowdy Drum and Bass tools. The drum loops aren't overproduced which is refreshing and useful. Excellent selections of bass shots + FX and the folder of Top Loops are personal favorites here. Overall a tight assortment of instantly-usable gems.

    Buzzes Ticks Tones and Drones: This is your Portable Planetarium Of Sound. Pixar-like robotics and feature film level sub-shaking purrs and whirs. Both futuristic and retro in that there's doses of stuff touching on oldskool Jungle timestretch flavors ('Stutters', 'Granular FX' etc folders) in addition to hard impacts and delicate organics. The selections aren't sprawling which is a good thing: this feels like a concisely chosen collection of top-tier audio and one I'll be using a lot.

    Another killer package from Particular: insertable moods of an unknown origin that happen to work fantastically when chopped and dropped into a project. Ghostly faux melodies and harmonic poltergeist-ery abounds. When it comes to ambience and vibe 'Imaginary Textures' is pure audio psychedelics and even small doses of these shimmering bits can do absolute wonders within a track.

  • 'Atmospheres & Backgrounds' is a collection of moods ranging from unsettling to euphoric with every shade in between. Quality is fantastic as is the variety: not only a spectrum of emotion but also textures and brightness. The 'Atmospheres' folder has the longer files which evolve just the right degree and the 'Fragments' folder is full of bits perfect for looping / getting creative with. If you're looking for musical (and key-noted) ambience 'Atmospheres & Backgrounds' is one of the best packs I've found yet.

    Vintage Drum Machines

    Rating: 8/10

    A mighty fine collection of vintage drum hits processed in four distinct ways making for a solid menu of percussive goodness. The 'Desk', 'MPC' and 'Tape' folders offer subtle character variation while the 'Lo-Fi' files are aggressively crushed and especially useful with further shaping to fit your tracks grit-spectrum needs.

    Insanely useful collection of audio snapshots. There are some excellent ambience / texture packs to be had but 'Magic Dust' goes the extra mile and Really dials in a supremely produced arsenal of inspiring files. A massive plus is that seemingly everything that can be key-noted is which saves tuning guesswork when employing within an arrangement. Hugely well rounded / endless possibilities.

    The 'Junkyard' series provides sounds galore for when I really want to zoom in and inject some micro rhythms and layering into a mix. No matter how many actual drum sources I have the addition of samples like these can embed another dimension within the beats. Layering potential is endless and using 'Junkyard Percussion' as an audio construction kit is pure percussive pleasure.

    Vintage Beats & Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Crisp quality and miles of variation make Vintage Breaks & Beats a powerhouse package. This title really shines in the Break folders: funky and punchy in all the right ways and truly well captured / processed. From sharp clean hi-def to various degrees of grit and dirt this pack is an excellent dose of raw beats ammo.

    Man vs Machine

    Rating: 9/10

    Man vs Machine is slam-dunk of a themed pack: everything feels genuine and cohesive yet also universally adaptable genre-wise. The subject may be nostalgic but the execution is tasteful enough for this material to simultaneously remain timeless. Instant love for so many of the sounds here. Man vs Machine is a collection done right: a nod to the past made with future-proof quality. This one is special.

    Space Rangers - Phrases

    Rating: 10/10

    Twisting effervescence: from spaced funny-mirror audio to sexy pulsing static this pack is giving me itchy production fingers. This is the third title by Particular I've gotten and truth told I want them all: so much originality, inspiration and the collections are wonderfully themed. These files offer a perfect spectrum of the type of background bits that can transparently elevate feeling in a track all the way to bold psychotropic sound meteors to whizz loud and clear through a mix. Love this one: 10/10.

    A considerably ridiculous amount of excellence which is no way limited to (just) deep house. There's so much more quirk and unexpected flavor within this mega bundle that's applicable to all genres with a little production flexing. 25 main folders of filler-free content (perfectly produced one-shots, freaky experimental loops, swinging full loops / top loops / bass, music and fx loops etc: all here) clearly categorized and labeled (tempos, keys) which is crucial given the magnitude of this pack: 5.7 gigs of downright firepower covering tons of ground with tons of variation. Immense.

    Smokers Unite

    Rating: 10/10

    Another absolutely killer assortment of vibe-encrusted goodness from Rawcutz. These samples are embedded with rustic warmth / history / texture and are the antidote to clinically clean sound packs. The one-shot drum hits are fantastic and many of the gems in the Loops folder are the phrased events which make Smokers Unite and the included Turf Smoke pack feel close to actually sitting down and sampling a stack of incredible vinyl. Aside from the other Rawcutz collections I can't think of any competition as Smokers Unite is as purposefully blunted as it is perfectly executed. 10/10.

    Heaps of organic percussive samples well organized and ready to enrich any production either as pixie dust or featured up front. These files are excellent for injecting a personal new-territory touch or adding various degrees of grit and space to the most dry of drums. Tons of variety / totally worth having and provides endless source for you to start digging and layering.

    12000 One Shots

    Rating: 9/10

    What I love about this mega-pack is how quickly one can whip up kits (be it drums or synths or fx) just by cruising through the 43 (!) main folders (which then include their respective sub-folders adding up to a dizzying amount of files). Another wonderful thing about the collection: because there are no loops more original programming and individuality will come through as users employ the one-shots as they see fit. There are just Tons of excellent samples here. Any producer in any genre could make entire tracks with this pack and I'll be digging into this one heavily.

    Fantastic concept and fantastic set of sounds. The one-shots are themed by general frequency range and file lengths are chronological making for an excellent layering toolkit: you'll know where to start looking within these bountiful folders as you work. The sustained folders are full of textural goodness as well. Downright lovely pack.

    Secret weapon grab bag of gritty textured sound. Three folders of glitched out loops in three subfolders of bpm (120, 124 and 127) which matters less (to me) than the fact that there's So much great material to be mined from within the nooks and crannies of these files: brilliant micro hits and blurping animated mutations all bound by a certain vocal quality that's pleasingly Not the typical vowel-filter stuff. Smaller in size than most packs but also more specialized and employable than many as well.

    Classic Synthology

    Rating: 9/10

    A surprising amount of excellent drum / percussion material here: both hits and loops (and loops that can be mined for hits). Overall quality is generally fantastic and the inventiveness is inspiring. In the best way possible 'Classic Synthology's content is less genre-specific and more timeless than a lot of sample packs. Great Moog stuff, wonderfully bizarre bits and head-turning originality within.

    Think of this collection as a drawer full of one-shot specialty sound tools that range from subtle to bold. Much of this pack is the kind of micro-percussion that plays behind the scenes providing a proverbial x-factor of nuanced character within a track. Sub-folders like 'Other' contain hits of micro ambience and excellent layering elements. I jumped on this pack because if one collects enough drum samples the dreaded overlap in character becomes inevitable and the only cure is seeking (and making) new sounds and spices to keep things fresh.

    Excellent collection of longer synth textures and shorter FX events. There's a lot of warm glow nostalgia here and folders of shorter sounds ('micro' and 'nano') are very useful grab bags of inspiration and flavor in the form of smaller bursts. If you're looking for a fantastic synth-based pack that's got some grit and (thankfully) isn't preoccupied with sounding too trendy and du jour check this one out.

    Surprisingly fresh samples and body-twitching Funk in this pack coupled with absolutely forward-thinking formatting: In addition to the played / phrased / audio content every part of every element is also chopped into individual samples. Further still: within Kontakt 5 (via the RiffMatic instrument files) additional sound control and timestretch are possible adding whole new dimensions of flex potential. Tons of quality elements that can easily be reshuffled into whatever music deck you're dealing and there's a level of authenticity here that absolutely shouldn't be taken for granted earning Minneapolis Funk a solid place in my library.

    SOR Transformation

    Rating: 10/10

    Holy mechanical nuance: from delicate twitching to vault-slam heavy this is thrilling stuff for anyone who's building a sound library that's off the beaten path. The recording quality is supreme and the selection is outstanding. Often surprisingly rhythmical and suggestively melodic - pure inspiration that's strong on every level. For mechanical-based sample collections this is the "desert island one" for me.

    A treasure chest of expert audio minimalism. Clicks, bumps, effects and loops all incredibly versatile and useful. Amazing collection from beginning to end of non-agressive elements that feel alive with the warmth and punch dialed in just right. 'Minimal Techno Revolution 4' is so good that if you're like me you'll feel lucky that you found it and wish that more sample collections were on this level of quality.

    Subliminal Fx

    Rating: 9/10

    Aptly titled and the perfect antidote to overt FX sample libraries: nimble sounds that serve transitions, builds, hits, etc that meld into a track instead of taking center stage. Expertly produced movements in perfect 2, 4 and 8 bar lengths - these are the kind of support effects I'll come back to and use again and again. What this pack lacks in instant-gratification boisterousness it makes up for in being a set of tools free of trend that brilliantly live up to the packs name and have an unlimited shelf life. Truly excellent.

  • Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Killer pack with a wide range of ultra useful tools. 'Dark Dub 2' is an audio playground of total quality and diversity. It's rare that I hear a sample pack that single-handedly contains enough fire to make entire tracks with and this is one of those packs: stellar hits, inspired loops, and microcosms of tops, phrases, builds etc. Get out your chopping tools and sculpt these into whatever genre you're pushing forward on .. Top notch.

    3.1gigs of BIG ambience and textures. Part of why this pack is so large is that the samples are (far) longer than your typical SFX files -- which is good to know if you're a producer looking to lay in some extended evolving feeling into your works. There's an overall 'Dark Science Fiction' feel to this library: it's big sweeping brushstrokes and splatters. Much of this can exist as background elements but compared to other FX-themed collections these sounds feel more like put-em-out-front features and in that sense feel closer to Stems than "one shots". This one's heavy, deep and widescreen.

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    The depth of Complete Drums is dizzying. For those of us who fetishize Drums there can never be too many samples on hand and for individual anlog-based hits this is the holy grail. Consider the number of possible combinations and layering one could do with these.... (head explodes). The 'classic' kits are the extreme minority here and there is So much rare / new terrain to explore. A word on the 'Paperskins Snare Toolkit': I've got plenty of similar concept layer kits for kick drums but this focus on snares is awesome. Drum Tools, Synth Drums, Drum Machines .. I'll be using Complete Drums a Lot: 10/10.

    There is a Hell of a lot of vibe in this one: serious and driving .. playful and bouncy .. it's majestic. While not quite circuit bent several of the loops have one foot in that domain via a processed bonky / quirky nature (which is Really good) and there's something of a signature EQ / filter / warmth to these sounds that further separates it from other collections. Everything about this is substantial: it's larger than your typical pack and you get things like a Break Loops folder with 89 wildly varied breaks. There are more sub-folders (full of greatness and surprises) than is usual or expected. Great balance between straightforward and reaching out beyond the norm into borderline experimental colors but always tasteful and retaining the funk. As far as tools go this collection is an epic set.

    The beauty of a well made sample pack like this is that it can transcend genre. As House-oriented as this kit is it's also surprisingly versatile with a great range of thumping / grooving / up front / laid back material not trying too hard yet landing right in the proverbial pocket. Cohesive and despite being warm and friendly also packs a wallop. These sounds may be here because of Copyrite's love of House but check this pack out regardless of what you're cooking and get crafty with it. Solid!

    Loop Tools & Grooves

    Rating: 10/10

    So many great things to say about this one: there's a sort of eye-popping zest and zing to the fidelity and the other major ace in the deck of Loop Tools and Grooves is that it brilliantly strikes the balance between inspired bits of rhythm that individually don't go overboard and do too much. Truly a construction set that knows when to be minimal and feels targeted at the kind of producer who's going to build tracks out of near scratch into a greater whole as opposed to the borderline-Lego-block-remixing of many modern day sample packs. Incredible in both concept and quality -- a slam dunk on every level.


    Rating: 8/10

    Warbly Gritty Goodness: bonky crushed drums, bass hits that sound like they were left in a furnace, circuit whacked synths, Lots of speech-related vocoded / vintage synthesized / words, numbers and noises. Each of the 'Glitch Loops' and 'Synth Loops' files are like mini menus to pull little hits of character from if not use as full or partial loops. Not a definitive Circuit Bent library but one of the more unique and off-the-beaten-path sample banks. There are endless ways to employ these noisy nostalgia-encrusted sounds.

    Robostep V2

    Rating: 9/10

    Every bit as essential as Robostep V1: Amazing selection of Mechanical twitchery and cinematic gorgeousness. As with volume one root notes are listed in the file names making this collection all the more ready to embellish works in progress or be at the core of tracks from the ground up. 13 subfolders of hydraulic / pneumatic top quality SFX: quick hits, transformations, emotive combos etc. I can't get enough of this robo-tech science. So universally applicable and rewarding to use that I can only hope a third volume is in the works.


    Rating: 9/10

    I've always been a fan of mechanical / foley sound effects and this pack is truly impressive. One thing that sets this apart as an FX library are the root notes listed in every file name: obscenely helpful. The 'Bass Cannons' folder is the only subcategory that's remotely genre-specific (the harsher side of noisy bass wobbles) while everything else is beautifully abstract shimmering sci-fi categorized into descriptive folders. Great mixture of short percussive bits and longer transformations / wipes / events. All the fat has been cut and what's left is a prime collection of audio ninja throwing stars. Excellent.

    The Raw Cutz Super Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Warm and cracking high fidelity vintage essence: YES. The collection here is as vast as it is universally applicable. Consistent quality throughout is all the more refreshing given the sheer amount of samples included: Out of 778 kicks, 468 snares etc I'm hearing excellence no matter where I dip in. The breaks are incredibly user friendly with lots of separated elements (no kick, no hat..) as well as full loops making for a beat-chopping playground. Lastly the immense instruments samples folders: endless bits of audio which weave between bright / dusty / clean / scratchy / glowing .. this is an absolute candidate for the elusive "if I only had One" sample collection.

    Sappo has put together one of the warmest, smartest, least contrived sample collections I've heard: It's not flashy, it's not forced - just drenched in specific knowledge resulting in a truly gourmet audio toolset. The loops and hits are stellar both in variety of flavor and consistency of quality: punchy, always warm and never harsh. The Tape Sheens & Shuffles are a highlight and like the whole package incorporate amazingly well into productions. If you're looking for a dialed in palette which is cohesive, deeply funky, and immediately useful this one's definitive.


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