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With a career spanning 16 years and a backlog of releases, Leon has been busy to say the least. Stemming from a musical background, Leon specialised in lead guitar as his first instrument and spent most of his teenage years in various bands performing anything from Heavy metal to 60's-70's Rock'n'Roll. He first started programming music in 1992 and then bought his first studio setup in 1998, soon to follow was his debut release in 2001 on Unkut Recordings. 2002 saw the birth of Defcom Records along with the partnership of Kryptic Minds, and a massive passion for deep dark Drum and Bass. With releases on imprints such as MetalHeadz, Frequency, Freak, Monitor and Penetration to name just a few, he had recorded and remixed for some of the scenes true pioneers and then 2007 was to see his debut Album 'Lost all Faith'. 2008/9 and a change of tempo and name, pushed him into the limelight. Now writing under the Kryptic Minds moniker, the 'One of us' album was released on Swamp81 and the international touring started. Reaching places as far as New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong and then out to places such as Moscow, Siberia, Ukraine, but not forgetting nearly all of Europe in his home times... The releases continued on imprints such as Tectonic and Osiris Music UK and then Black Box released the 'Cant Sleep' Album in 2011. 2013 and Hollywoods motion picture 'Elysium' features his track 'Six Degrees' at a pinacle moment in the film and then The 'Namaste EP' got released and saw the long awaited 'Badman VIP' hit the shelves. 2014 saw Leon branch out on his own again and imediately sign to the legendary Distance's imprint Chestplate, with his debut tracks Deadlock and Persepolisia, alongside his long awaited 'Leon Switch Presents Deep, Dark Dubstep' sample pack for Loopmasters.

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  • I grabbed this pack as I was looking for ideas and inspiration for my audio for use in a game. Its 100% atmospheric, but found everything to be a little to preset for me to use without editing. Once edited and processed though these samples come alive and I have used a few sounds in my work. i also found inspiration for recreating some of the sounds to make them more my own.

    SFX Collection 02

    Rating: 10/10

    Found this pack to be really helpful whilst creating sound effects for games. there is quite a variety of sounds in different categories which makes it easy to zone in and find what you are looking for with relative ease. The impacts and risers are where I was heading but found some interesting and useful sounds along the way. Would defo recommend.

    These presets bring instant inspiration! I feel raving in Berlin! Awesome presets not only for techno but for any style of electronic music that requires very sharp and deep bass. I definitely recommend it!!!

    Emotive Trap

    Rating: 10/10

    An awesome pack, full of all the elements you need to create a cool trap beat! Very deep 808 bass, drum loops with a lot of groove, everything is clear and balanced. I definitely recommend this pack not only to make something chill, but if you are interested in creating any kind of trap or rap beat!

    These are very original sounds! I was surprised at the quality and the originality on this pack. Unfortunately, there are not too many sounds on this pack, but sometimes quality is better than quantity! The only reason why I don't give a 10 is because I was a little disappointed about the amount of sounds, but other than that, this is definitely an awesome pack! I recommend it!

    Nice Pack and delivers everything you expect from a hard neurofunk pack. I thought some of the basses were a bit over the top with processing but in general there were a few really usable sounds that fitted perfectly. I also found these to be good starting points if you want to change the sounds and create your own without starting from scratch. Overall some good usable presets.

    A really good sample pack from the one-and-only Break! I found the pack to be very useful for proving fundamental and core sounds to expand on. The drums were wholesome and mainly usable, I liked some of the basses as well. In all a worthy sample pack for anyone looking to make DnB.

    Hachion Sound - Shamisen

    Rating: 10/10

    I really liked this pack. I was after some ethnic textures for a project and thought this would be perfect. I got a few really usable sounds from it although I would like to have seen some multisampled instruments so I could use it more like an instrument rather than loops. Still loved the recordings and thought it was well worth a look at.

    As you would expect from the man like Icicle... Raw and Mainly usable, Defo worth a look at, I downloaded as I wanted to check out the drums in the pack, but actually found I liked the basses as well.

    I am really impressed with this sample pack. The atmospheres are soo wide, and there is a whole heap of usable ones, which is a little unusual for a sample pack. I loved the pads section as well, and there is soo many fx and hits to choose from! I HIGHLY recommend this pack! I feel that it is pretty much any style including Film scoring. This is a BIG pack and a its nice to have a sample pack that you feel has had some time spent on it. Much Love and big up to Trancient Dreams!

    Dramatic Cinema

    Rating: 10/10

    loved this pack, exactly as you'd expect from a cinematic sample pack. The production on the sounds straight out of the pack are wide and ready for use in your tracks! There is a really good selection of sounds in the pack as well! Loved the atmospheres! Definitely worth a look!

    Exactly as you would expect from a legendary drum and bass label, fire from the word go. Loved the drumloops and basses. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for inspiration or just looking to expand your sample library.

    I grabbed this to use as bass textures to build upon and edit into my own sounds. Loved it! some of the presets didnt even need adjusting! I'm usually really funny about using 'presets' straight out of the box but these (as old as they are) didnt disapoint!


    Rating: 8/10

    The only reason it didn't get a 10 out of 10 was because of the sheer size of this pack!!! It's almost too much to handle in one hit! The few sounds I've managed to go through and preview have been exactly what it says on the tin! Pure Vintage!! Would defo recommend!!!

    Mainroom DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Downloaded for the Percussion part of this pack and was not dissapointed! really good hits as well as loops. very punchy drums, most of which were useable without any processing. Would definately recommend...

    Exactly what you'd expect from 2 drum and bass dons!! lovley drums and basses, all the kit you need to write DnB.

    Trap Takedown

    Rating: 8/10

    I downloaded Trap Takedown to take a general look at the genre, and that is exactly what this pack does... It has Uber upfront basslines (maybe a little too upfront for me) but the drums and some or the risers are brilliant. I really like the fast hats across alot of the loops...


    Rating: 8/10

    Exactly as it states on the tin! I got this pack for the drums and was definitely not disappointed! The bass section was worth a look at too!

    I got asked to produce some hiphop and needed some catchy simple trumpet loops.. this pack has helped me out no end! well recorded and straight to the point - just what the doctor ordered.....

    I purchased this pack with the intention of using them as guide vocals.. I found them to be recorded really well and will continue to use them in the future :) there is a good variety of usable vocals in this pack... would recommend this pack to anyone wanting studio quality vocals

  • Ultimate Garage Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    Exactly as it says on the tin :) well recorded and versatile! having the key and tempo info on the files is essential!

    Hollywood Soundtrack

    Rating: 10/10

    wow!! What a superb sample pack! if your after cinematic styled sounds then this is for you... the 'Euphoria' part of this pack actually nearly made me cry! soo good!

    was looking to create an old school breakdown as part of a track I was working on and needed some quick textures, I searched and found this little Gem! Exactly as it says on the tin, If your looking for old school textures and vibes, this pack is for you!

    2 Step Garage

    Rating: 10/10

    If your after 2 step breaks or garage style hits and basses then I would highly recommend this. I love the integration with ableton and the way this makes life soo much easier and quicker. After instal the pack is available in your lbrary so you can quickly and easily get to the quality sounds. I particularly liked the bass and hits section of this pack.

    Oriental Orchestra

    Rating: 7/10

    The library is recorded really well, its lovely sounding. the only problem is that the lines are obviously preset, and would be concerned about everyone sounding the same. I cant say a bad word about the quality or quantity of the library, its perfect, just was hoping for more single notes and multisamples.....

    Dub & Reggae XL

    Rating: 8/10

    the pack as a whole was really well put together, I really liked the basslines and sounds, I was hoping for a few more hits which is why I gave it 8/10 rather than the full 10... Would definately still recomend to anyone seeking dubby style samples...

    I downloaded because I wanted to check out some new grooves and kicks... I definately wasn't dissapointed. House isnt a style I play with or write n so I figured that the drums are always pretty impactful. this was as it says on the tin... 'Groove House Weapons'!!!

    Ultimate Ableton Racks Vol1 is exactly as it says in the title. Whether your into Dubstep, DnB or pretty much any style you'll be more than happy with this pack. The drums are clean, punchy and to the point, which is invaluable to anyone who has a quick workflow and likes to get ideas out without having to search for 'that' kit or sample. The rest of the pack follows suit with its rich bass stabs and lush pads. This is a must-have for anyone taking computer music seriously. All f the sounds work straight 'out of the box' without the need for serious processing, although I did process a few of the drums and was more than happy with the results.


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