London Elektricity

London Elektricity

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For those that know him and those that don’t, Tony Colman (no 'e'!) cuts a formidable figure. Having been involved in the D+B scene since the mid-90s, the co-founder of Hospital Records has been instrumental in the development of the genre as we know it today. Responsible for some of Hospital’s biggest anthems (Round The Corner, Different Drum, Just One Second), Tony has cultivated a first class reputation as both a producer and DJ. With an impressive back catalogue of singles, EPs, remixes and no less than five artist albums under his belt, London Elektricity is set to make a big impression on 2011 with his fifth studio album ‘Yikes!’


  • Future House Vocals 4

    Rating: 7/10

    better than many vocal packs, there are useful phrases here and crucially the vocals are not over processed which leaves you the producer a lot of room for adding your own effects. i found the female vocals best in this pack.

    Live Dub Horns

    Rating: 9/10

    love this pack, i usually hate live horn sample packs but this is not generic. Real creativity in here and it's inspiring too. time to get my spring reverb out…..

    i'm glad i waited this long to find this - otherwise i would have used it too much in the past! it's great. if you want to make proper jungle this is a great starting point.

    really can't fault dubmatix. each loop is filled with love - and produced to perfection. essential!

    Indian Vocal Sessions

    Rating: 7/10

    some great voices on here, but i did find the melodic content a bit tame. useful for creating very dreamy textures but not for topline use.

    Uk Garage Vocals Vol1

    Rating: 8/10

    this pack is strong. a generous amount of variety well performed. as with almost all vocal packs the lyrics are fairly standard, but the best thing here is the different voices, types of singing and delivery. a good all round garage vocal pack.

    Dub & Reggae XL

    Rating: 9/10

    wow this is brilliant. every folder brings a smile and gets my head nodding! congrats - a great sample pack. love the drums, the guitars, the horns. worth the price for the horns alone.

    Latin Horns

    Rating: 8/10

    this is a great pack. It says Latin horns but many of these riffs are equally at home on a reggae production. I'm working on a dub flavoured remix of a Danny Byrd tune right now and these fit the bill perfectly. I will definitely be coming back to the Latin Horns pack :)

    This is more like it. very useful strings - in fact these are great for d&b as well as hip hop. good work!

    fantastic samplepack from one of my all time favourite d&b producers. you can't beat Enei's drums. you always know an Enei production will work on the dance floor and there is never a hint of cheese. get this!

    Beautifully laid out, clear samplepack with amazing loops. TBH I wanted to churn out 5 Fracture tunes there and then but that would not be fair - he's a mate! Wicked work.

    Jungle is a unique drummer and has made a huge contribution to he jungle and d&b scene. No one has a sound like him - raw, aggressive and unpredictable. he is the arch enemy of order. Chaos prevails and that's why i love him. In terms of pure energy this samplepack has it all. you won't get super hi fi crushed brick wall snares that automatically make a tune, but you will get inspiration by the bucketload. if you don't buy this you are a coward.

    lovely sounds from the Taurus, this is just what i hoped for, it's what it says on the tin. I had a Taurus for a few months in the early 80's and it's great to have it back again - sort of! good effort and well priced product.


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