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Future Dub Orchestra is the flowering of musical talent that is the brainchild of songwriter, producer and Musician J.T. Clarke. Committed to pushing the musical boundaries to take music in new directions and cites influences as diverse as Dub, Electronica, Reggae, Cinematic Ambient Soundscapes, and Film Music. From the outset the ethos has been that the music should form the centre around which a creative collective can grow... Future Dub Orchestra’s unique sound is the result of an evolutionary, but truly shared, process that continues through all the stages of composition – lyrics, instrumentation, backing vocals, right up to and including live performance.


  • Vintage Electric Piano

    Rating: 10/10

    Exquiset pack really like this. Pure class and so well put together for that vintage sound of the electric piano. You get 6 main wav folders of various tempos full to the brim with chords & riffs giving you authentic sounds and really useable, also a folder in rex formatt for even more flexibility. What I also love is you get a separate folder of the midi files which gives you the ability to do what ever you want with total control, which is so great for maximum creativity & crafting your sound design which is always a bonus. Really well recorded and a perfect addition to your sound library.

    Stunning pack, was really excited to get this. Meticulous attention to detail really well recorded. These guys have done their research and homework at every level of bridging the gap between old skool retro 70's funk & soul and everything in between and firmly in the future and beyond. From the bass sounds including the mini moog and many more well know synth bass generators, funky as you like with a great selection. Drum loops are excellent really have that vintage feel, just like sampling of a record when your deep beat digging, it's all right here for you. Great selection to choose from and the hard work has been done for, in your pursuit of the perfect beat. Keys although not many which is a shame.. would have liked to have seen more, but it truly leaves you wanting more which is a good thing, really nice none the less. You get a great selection of synths and again great detail and care has been crafted to get these sounds to give you authenticity really great. Some nice FX and you get a great inclusion of the rex files which is always good for audio flexibility. Finally you get the sampler instruments which is so good, and this is were you can get creative and sculpt your own sound designs, but still maintaining the heart of this sound library. Would have loved to have a midi option but this is me being picky. Truly great pack, you can use time and time again.

    Really wanted a follow up to this sound pack and was really pleased to see Vol 2. When you get the producer of this calibre on the production you know your going to get quality throughout. Always look forward to his sounds, and was not disappointed. A generous amount to choose from which is excellent. From instrument and drum hits for starting your ideas in this genre which you can experiment with the one shots. Moving through this pack you realise how extensive it is first folder is loaded with bass loops which are really well put together, instantly getting your creative juices flowing, sounds are so good and already setting the scene for your next composition. From Muted bass licks some giving you 2 choices of the same loop but with added scratch textures. You get synth bass choices some pulsating, some dark and evocative of the genre, perfectly captured. Drums loops are excellent, really great good to have the kicks and snares tracked out giving you real flexibility with the separate parts, also those parts broken down even further to give you individual one shots. Heavy vibes here.... crusty as you like and lots of choice. You get fx loops which is so useful setting the over all tone and atmospherics. The music loops are packed full of unique and stunning pallets of sounds that give you you instant building blocks for your arrangements. Really great attention to detail, ranging from synths stabs,, melodic guitars, tripped out arps, keys with dissonant overtones, and haunting vocal loops. Sampler files and Rex Files included breaking down sounds even further giving you the ability to hone your own sound and design giving your tracks true originality.

    Hip Hop Lo-Fi Lab

    Rating: 8/10

    Dusty Melodics filled with static vibes, giving you that true golden age of hip hop sound and a great choice of instruments to make your next classic. Really tasty pack with gritty beats with the boom bap swing, really nice as you get all the building blocks for making your own break beats with loops or separate kicks, snares, hi-hats. Lots of bass to choose from to give you weight, also giving you the added presets to give you total control and inspiration. You get a good selection of instrument loops from guitar, horns, keys, and added samples to give you that authentic touch. Synths are also included to give another layer of texture.

    Dimensions Sounds

    Rating: 10/10

    Ive been working with this pack for a while now and absolutely love it, so inspirational and pure class. This is a treasure trove of sounds, beautifully recorded at the very highest level. You get only audio files, there is no multi-format but don't let that put you off. You get 3 folders with pianos, percussion, and synths, which are so good and you will be using these for a very long time, and timeless is not an understatement. These sounds could be integrated into any arrangement and style of music.

    Quantum Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Big things can come in small packages, first time I heard this pack I knew I had to have it in my sound library. A classic and a must have if you're serious about your Drum & Bass. This pack is minimal in its size but the sounds are great. Really well produced and you can use in any D&B production as it's got all the benchmark qualities to keep your inspiration. From melodic one shots to the full melodic loops, you have a good choice to get your creative juices flowing from very dynamic and heavy to atmospheric. You get FX & loops to add texture to your classic production arrangements. Also included drum one shots which is great so you can get programming your own patterns and beats, from kicks, snares, hi-hats including percussion. Last but not least you get bass one shots, and loops and very nice indeed, to give you that top level bass quake on the sound system heavy vibes to get you up and running quickly to get you inspired.

    I Think this pack has potential, but feels a little lightweight on the whole. It would have been nice to have had more melodic passing notes that pull at your heart strings, with more moving parts with a lush cinematic feel and a dramatic resolve to work with. It does have a emotional elements, but not a variety of useable content to get you fully immersed into writing fully fledged tracks time after time to build long lasting composition. The strongest part of this packs comes into its own when you utilise the sampler Instruments were you can deconstruct & build a composition with the intent of an emotional piece of music.

    This pack instantly takes you back to the funk driven days of the late 70s 80s, but has all the sounds that could work in any of your contempoary composition. A wide variety of sounds, that gives you the ability to instantly start writing and arranging. A great selection of Bass sounds with great grooves from synths sounds to acoustic pallets. Funky Clavinet's with a authentic vibe, you get Keys, Pianos, Rhodes which are really well recorded & very usable with a great variation to set the tone for you tracks. The Strings are nice and have the right mood for this genre, also you get some cool Synths and Pads to throw into your mix adding the right feel to add another layer and texture. This has everything you need to construct your own cool throwback tracks. Very usable, and you will keep finding intresting sounds and instruments for a long time to come.

    Smokers Blend 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Super dope pack, really well put together and classy, a real understanding of jazz vibes, soulful ambience, and knowledge of the boom bap golden era, but funky as you like. Crisp snares, booming kicks, with every sound element clearly defined, really well programmed beats excellently put together. Really great electric pianos, strings, bass, percussion... I could go on about this pack, it is bursting with goodness. A real treasure and if you're into this genre it will have you coming back for more. What you can do with all the sounds is truly limitless, so many options available and can work in most genres of music.

    Live Downtempo

    Rating: 9/10

    Really love this pack, has some great sounds that are so infectious. Beautifully put together and instantly usable, the detail put into these sounds is outstanding a real understanding of melody and soundscapes. You get a large number of Pianos and Rhodes that are full of drama, soulful, and very moving for any genre. The Drum sounds are really well produced with a great sound & a clear distinction of every hit from Kick Drums, Snares and Hi Hats. You also get Midi Drum files which I love and don't get very often which is a real bonus and a excellent addition, this is were you can really craft your own drum patches really satisfying. As you go through this pack there are Synths and Textures which are full of emotive and moving drama giving your tracks a backdrop full of emotion, very usable. This pack is brimming with choice with Hits, Sampler Patches, Rex Files and so much more. A real treasure trove to delve into and a go to pack time after time.

    Momentum, Movement, Atmos, setting you up for a heavyweight delight, love this pack, really great and conceived vision of excellence. Detail is immense, rolling baselines, lush pads, fx synths. Really inspiring without shouting from the rooftops. Very addictive and full of emotion but at the same time heavy and brooding. Lots of choice and having the sampler patches is great so you can delve into all the sounds straight away and immerse yourself even deeper.


    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is so on point, excellent attention to detail in every area. A instant classic & perfection within its genre. You know you're always going to get high quality. The construction in this pack of every sound is top draw. Having the project elements gives you the creative spark instantly, and giving you endless options to create your own heavyweight vibes. Having two masters working on this pack you can't fail to get a true & authentic sound palette. From instruments sets for you to break down & mix & match endlessly, & separate kicks, snares, claps, what's not to love. Great bass lines, FX, and this is just for starters. If you're into sound system culture, dub, and electronica, then you're in for a treat. I hope there is a part 2.

    As soon as you delve deep into this pack you are straight away given a multitude of sounds in very organised folders. The choice of sound are very good. The drums in particular are really nice, very well presented and mixed with swing & sway and really usable a lot of time and effort has gone into the programming. There are lush pads that evolve beautifully, you have a melody section which is great as you're able to start your ideas really quickly and then mix & match sounds effortlessly. You have a varied choice of saxophone and vocals to add even more melodics and FX to tie everything together adding atmos to your overall productions. Having the midi files is always a bonus giving you the ability to craft, design and sculpt your own sounds, which means you're not tempo restricted. If you like your drum & bass downtempo & chilled, you will really like this. Full of emotion you may well be pleasantly surprised.

    Drum & Bass Propulsion

    Rating: 9/10

    Great pack from Salaryman, as you would expect the detail is excellent and his understanding of the true art of Drum & Bass is all here to see. He never fails to give you so many options, but has the ability to make everything work really well, and is excellently put together. As you would expect the drums are tight and heavy, mixed expertly so hardly any effort on your part to get you up and rolling and sounding great instantly. Loving the synths sounds here, they are clear & emotive yet dark and with purpose, giving you all the tools to make some serious block rocking crowd pleasers. The bass sounds are really great and nasty in such a good way, I like the fact you can open the sampler patches and explore the bass sounds even further and at a higher level and get deeper so you can compose your own arrangements with excellence. Midi files are included which I always think is a must nowadays, extending your possibilities even further, you also get a sound folder and fx which are top notch. If you're serious about your craft the possibilities are endless in this pack as you can use these sounds in so many ways, with the knowledge you're given a high level of choice for your next track. You're not done there, you're given percussion files which is a nice touch as i feel that this is an important element to any pack in this genre as this will cement your tracks together nicely, giving you that extra detail you need to tie everything together. I always look forward to Salaryman packs, as you know the quality is always of the highest order.

    Drum & Bass Apocalypse

    Rating: 7/10

    As soon as I heard the demo for this pack I really liked it, instanly draws you in and immediate inspiration is guaranteed. Dark Rolling Break Beats, detailed patterns with really nice rhythms that evolve & grow which gives you the tools to be creative really quickly. The Bass sounds are really infectious, really well put together for any track you decide to build & there is plenty of choice. Synths sounds spiral with lots of atmosphere, also very menacing which gives you a great backdrop to build your next Drum & Bass production. FX and Sounds, Hits and patches are really versatile, which blend really well with all the sounds provided.

    Great pack, really well put together and the detail is well thought out and every sound is truly excellent. A lot of time and effort has been spent on this and really well put together. You instantly get immersed into the world of Synkro weaving so much atmosphere and style which makes this a stand out and unique approach to Drum & Bass. From the bass sounds giving you a dark and brooding starting point, the journey truly begins with pads, pianos, synths, arps, with a small taste of fx which are very useable for so many things, just leaving your imagination the freedom to integrate into your next track. Then you have drum loops and drum parts with that classic half time feel, which sets the scene to go wherever you want to. You can use these sounds in so many ways and always finding elements of this pack very usable, and you can keep delving in at any time, allowing for creativity and inspiration for a long time.

    Really like the feel of this pack as you can construct a beautiful backdrop for your next production and get great results straight away. Extremely diverse sounds, that can't be pigeon-holed or put into a certain genre, as you have the ability to pick and choose what you like to take your next step into creating something special. You can create any style of music with these sounds and instruments that are provided, which won't limit you and your ideas. The Piano sounds add drama instantly and sound great really nice, pads and chords have a great cinematic quality and you're instantly immersed into a musical soundtrack. You have atmos loops that spiral and have a haunting feel but very useful to blend with other instruments included, like the top loops that have a wide range of sounds to draw you in. Very deep, thoughtful and inspiring and certainly not your average set of loops here, really well put together and no doubt you will be going back to it time after time.

    Really nice pack, with a beautiful selection of loops, a hidden gem for a chilled and cinematic vibe a must for your libiary. Can be used in so many ways, very evocative and pure. Instantly can set the tone of your latest music productions. The pack has a minimal feel but can translate to so many genres of music, from haunting pianos to dubbed out drum loops to one shots, analogue synths that vary from being soft to gritty with a nod to the 80s.

    Really like this pack, it has the sound of the golden age of hip hop, with a great classic jazz vibe. From lush rhodes piano to crunchy clavenet, nice beats, drums have that authentic sound and the one shots give you the flexibility to programme your own patterns, which allows you to be really creative allowing you to come up with so many variations and incorporate into your own sounds. Very useable as you can take something from this pack and apply it to your own arrangements and flip it in your next track. Very nice having the sampler instruments, this is were you can explore and delve in deeper and truly make the sounds provided your own. Great for anyone who wants that Boom Bap vibe but add a touch of class.

    Delve into the dark side of moving shadows and atmospheric soundscapes. Nice pack which makes you want to create something different with a really wide selection of downtempo drum breaks, superb scratching which is really cleverly weeved into the sounds, with heavy synths that then evolve into lush and melcholic sound pallets. From pads, guitar loops, percussion, and drum fx, your are able to tell a story instantly which evokes the early 90 perfectly, but has the future very clearly covered. Sampler patches are provided which gives you even more choice of sounds to utilise giving you endless possibilities for your next masterpiece. I aways look forward to any pack from Dubmatix every sound he produces is on point and his productions are of the highest level and quality. The sounds are great for that soundtrack vibe and love the raw and grittiness but touched with moments of beauty.. This has a timeless feel and you can always hear something different every time you come back to the sounds. The creativity in this pack is superb, very wide ranging and gives you limetless options.

  • Jungle DNB

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is full of authentic sounds, taking you back to the times of early warehouse parties and raves, which gives you a fantastic musical ride and retrospective of those days, yet maintaining a current and up to date feel. At your finger tips you have the Blue Print and DNA of Drum & Bass and Sound System Culture with a legedary sound-clash, giving you the tools to create your very own heavyweight Jungle Killa. Really well constructed kits and sounds you can dive into straight away, making it easy to construct your own arrangements really quickly and you will be up and running in know time. The Bass presets and Individual Kicks, Snares, and Hi Hats are excellent for that instant & timeless Jungle sound with great quality Subs and Reece leads to give you that grit to add to your latest production.

    Jazz Notes

    Rating: 10/10

    When I heard this pack I loved it straight away and had to add it to my collection, if you have ever tried to get that original jazz sound from a record or hearing it on the radio and never had the opportunity to hire the great musicians of this golden era and timeless genre to provide the instrumentation or you would try to find the perfect sample, search know more this is perfect for capturing the this great art form. You get that pure sound like it was on vinyl saving you from digging into the creates and using it to craft something new in so many ways. It's like stepping back in time & being in Bird land & the original Blue Note Recordings, really well crafted and you will keep coming back for more, a real gem. Beautifully put together and thought out, and all the sounds are really well recorded from Pianos, Double Bass, and Live Drums. What is also great is you get the song kits which you can dive in and deconstuct and rebuild in anyway for your own productions.

    This is a great pack, I have been enjoying working with all the sounds and especially the sampler patches as this is were the sounds come alive and you can dig deep into being truly creative. Having these signiture sounds at your disposal you have the perfect sound source to make your own productions in which ever genre you produce. Classy as you would expect love the Rhodes sounds, and the Strings are beautiful, the pack also offers individual hits which is great to start developing the foundations of your own arrangements. I suspect you will keep coming back and discovering more great sounds and the many possibilties you can create. Extremely flexible as you would expect from a pioneer in this genre and highly recommended.

    Soulful House Revival

    Rating: 9/10

    If you are looking for high quality sounds from the past present and future, this collection is just what you need. You will want to revisit this pack for inspiration for a long time. Brilliant for so many genres & very inspirational, the bass sounds are top draw & very versatile. From Rhodes Piano, to Lush Pads and Strings, a very authentic sound palette to kick off you next production.

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