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Future Dub Orchestra

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Future Dub Orchestra is the flowering of musical talent that is the brainchild of songwriter, producer and Musician J.T. Clarke. Committed to pushing the musical boundaries to take music in new directions and cites influences as diverse as Dub, Electronica, Reggae, Cinematic Ambient Soundscapes, and Film Music. From the outset the ethos has been that the music should form the centre around which a creative collective can grow... Future Dub Orchestra’s unique sound is the result of an evolutionary, but truly shared, process that continues through all the stages of composition – lyrics, instrumentation, backing vocals, right up to and including live performance.


  • Atmo Drum & Bass 2024

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice discovery with this one, nice surprises as you delve deeper into this pack. Wide sound source to really pick apart and start crafting your sound to then sculpt. I like the more organic side of this pack very useable especially with the live sounding instruments. What I also like this is very genre non specific, remove the drum elements and you can sound design for Film an TV and other soundtrack projects really handy to have at any time. Really good resource to pull from at anytime with all the included elements.

    Philly Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    Struck Gold with this one, so so nice. Really has that authentic Disco touch really well put together. Love it. Going through all sounds, you get a real surprise at every time you start digging, we have come a long way from digging the crates, with the tools at our disposal and compositions you can find those golden nuggets. Massive bonus in my book getting midi is the icing on the cake as true flexibility is at your creative fingertips. What an excellent pack really inspiring for anyone who loves the authentic sound of the very best of Disco. So well put together, part 2 would be nice.

    Indica Lounge

    Rating: 10/10

    So Raw Cuts keep coming back with so much great sounds, they have their hands on the pulse for this type of vibe. They are able to have that golden age Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Soul, from a bygone era . With a twist with a touch of the modern and timeless sounds of yesteryear. This is so smooth and addictive so much groove, but its got you so laid back, very inspiring and a great chest of sounds to truly make your own. Would love a construction kit element to this and I would also like to see midi included as this will help to broaden the sound palette. But so lush and a real nice pack to have in your collection. I suspect there will be more.

    Electric Jazz Soul

    Rating: 10/10

    Really nice pack with Jazz Soul being the genre, it has been put together really well, with touches of Electric instruments. I love the sounds with a really delicate touch and detail. I have to say it and have wanted to see from loopmasters a nod to the vibe of Roy Ayes. Assenting melodies and nice drum parts, with hits and some really great sounding Rhodes, the baselines are solid. You get Vibraphones which is so good to see in a pack like this. I hope there is another pack. Hopefully this part 1 of many.

    Midnight Moods

    Rating: 10/10

    I almost over looked this pack and so glad I came back to it. Very grown up and giving me that lush 70s Jazz that was so pure and superbley produced with real instrumentation. Very lush and widescreen sounding, I absolutely love the sounds you get and instrument choice. Really useful and so much choice and very left field with a cinematic feel to it. Well constructed and thought out. Maybe a Midnight Moods Series. That would be nice.

    Jazzy Live Hip Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    Sample Diggers always come with really great sound packs and this is no exception. Really well conceived, dripping with honey dripped Jazz , has a retro feel which is nice but has still a contemporary touch. This has a very nice timeless feel with the instrumentation being pivotal to giving it authenticity. Their is a hint of lo-fi which is fine, bur really love the fact their is the real sound of Jazz as its origin and steeped in the roots and foundation. More of the same would be extremely welcome.

    Rare Jungle Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Really love these sound packs. We travel to the past and to the future with this one. Really nice selection on this one and a must for any producer etc who want this style and genre. I like the fact they added some pads and bass loops and some fx. Ideally it would have been nice to have a construction kit and drum stems. But a good pack for inspiration.

    Vey nice release from the very excellent and consistent Raw Cuts. Always coming with such lush sounds and so useable now they have included loops as well as the Melodic Kits. You can now really get up and running with ideas very quickly which is so good. I wish they would have included construction kits with parts broken down into single elements, but that said so useable. Look forward to much more in the future.

    This was such a surprise when I first saw this being released, as this is a real collectors item for so many reasons. The fact you get Roni Size sounds in your personal collection is amazing as it gives you a real insight into the production and sound source of Drum and Bass leading ambasadores and true innovators. I have personally had the pleasure of supporting him live with my band at the fantastic Koko in London so getting the opportunity to see and hear the sound live and then have a sound pack to check out is phenomenal. This pack is so generous and really well curated and so usable. Love the Bass sounds and also the Drums and even the separate elements which is so great, which is sometimes neglected in other packs. This is top level. Make sure you treasure this one.

    Always in the highest levels of production values, again Renegade Audio excels. So good and the detail is unrivalled. You get a supreme sound palette with a pack so rich and full of so much choice. Just the fact you get stemmed out loops with the individual parts is worth its weight in gold. I cannot comment more highly enough on these packs, they just get better and better. For me they are timeless as I used to sneak into blues clubs when I was younger in St Pauls in Bristol and the vibe on these sounds are so authentic. The True Sound Of The Sound System.

    Dread Hornz Vol 5

    Rating: 10/10

    What you have here is your ready made Brass band with the very best rendition of what you would require to make true Dub, Reggae. Again stepping up to high levels, truly magical. The sound is so lush. Everything in this pack is so good, I love the fact you get a slighty different mix of the Horns also giving you the option to put your own Wet Or Dry Signal on them Again so generous on what you get. Simply Outstanding.

    Oh yes bass coming through my selector, Heavyweight by name and by nature. Love this pack when a description says its a Roller it truly is, B2B vibes every time on this. Really beautifully constructed so forward thinking, beats are so tight also. The sound production is so on point. I can't say say nothing but good thing on this. Oh yeah So So Good.

    Soul Shake House

    Rating: 10/10

    So this pack has it all if you want that soulful house vibe. Production on this is top level no doubt. You are greeted with such a blisful sound. Jazzy Keys, Funky Bass, Synths, the Drums are really tight and crisp. Such a nostalgic palette to use and a joyful uplifting pack. You can deep dive into a funky arrangement in moments. Some of the motifs I hear in this has a late 70s 80s backdrop but wonderfully done. So much choice a classic don't sleep on this one. Love It.

    Indie Soundtrack

    Rating: 9/10

    I was really impressed with this, I nearly passed this by. But revisited this pack and so glad I did. So inspiring with a really widescreen approach to the production. Very Leftfield and in its own space which I really like. Not a normal sound pack I would normally dive into but the power of music can take you on a journey of discovery this is truly a case in point. Really like it and such a surprise to be taken down a different path. You will be able to explore this for quite a while.

    Nice sound pack for you dub heavy, jungle, dub, and anything in between for the dancehall. A really useful tool if you don't own a hardware dub siren. Very useable and a really good choice of sounds on this one. Very detailed and some interesting and new sound pallets as well as classics Take your next sound clash to the next level with this sound source.

    Really nice set of sounds that are very useable giving you that Jungle style from the past but giving you an up-to-date vibe. A lot of choices and even dubbed-out versions to really give it that cross-genre from the early days of Jungle. I wish this had midi elements and certainly Sampler Instruments so you can make these loops truly your own with some work on processing loops afterward.

    The standard keeps rolling high with Renegade Audio and again comes along a pack you should have in your sound libraries. Really lucky to have these packs as music time capsules. It's like the original dance hall sound system live in your studio. Authentic and true and always high production levels. Really impressed with the drum stems here, as such a great amount of options to have to rearrange, program, and be creative within your own productions.

    So I wasn't sleeping on this sound pack, but waiting for the right time to check this out properly and go through in detail on the sounds. The fact there are stems in the Drum folder really made me happy as too often packs provide you just with loops, and not easy to break away from loop monotony. Spending time now I see the value with this and at core the nod to the early foundations to dub. Very well put together and I would say the time and effort and attention to detail on this pack shows in the production level and being a student in knowledge of the culture. Simply where is the follow-up..........

    Reggae Meets Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    I really like when you get the unexpected, certainly true in this case. The pack is a very clever cross genre, and pleased to say works on so many levels. I am pleased to say the trap element is tasteful subtle, and lets the reggae elements shines through. Very well put together lots of elements to build a great foundation for your productions. Very generous sound selection. It would have been nice to have sampler instruments and really essential a midi option.

    Laid-Back Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    So this pack ticks so many boxes for me, really well put together and like the a more laid back approach giving you lots of options of a direction you could go in terms of your production ideas. But for me most of all is the the 2 biggest benefits you have the ability for a longer shelf life. As included is midi which is so important and sampler instruments giving you so many options to be really creative. Very impressed and I like the sonics and the dub detail on reverbs. I hope there is a follow-up addition.

  • Soul Funk Deep House

    Rating: 10/10

    Simply sublime I really like this pack it has a very vintage feel with really tight production and such a great nostalgia feel. Very lush sounding pack and yes funky in a soulful way. I had to give this a maximum review. Even though this didn't have Midi or Sampler Instrument option which I really hope they do this on their next additions as this would set the bar high and give this another level of creativity and a longer shelf life. Another follow up of this would be great.

    Strictly Dub Volume Two

    Rating: 10/10

    Always 1st Class, and know exception here. Dub vibes with amazing sonics, but know surprise there for me as production values are so high. 100% authentic from Dubmatix. Having worked on a Album together I am duty bound to say these packs are on a different level. This packs pulls you in to the origins of Dub, but always future proof..... From heavy pulsating B-lines, to Skanks, Drums are so good. The instrumentation is excellent, with serious percussion elements. High Tower selection all over this. This is the perfect solution to your Dub Productions. Number One Killer......

    90’s Jungle

    Rating: 9/10

    Really love the Element One packs always top draw. This example of 90s Jungle is so good and takes you back to the dark warehouse / raves. Really good to be able to capture the true essence for your self and your production for me Jungle never went away, we are seeing a big resurgence right now. With this pack you are able to create your own vibe with the sounds included. The pads are so Lush with an element of deep dark passages. Loving the Sub Bass, and the Jungle Breaks are very good. Would really like to see in future Construction Kits, Midi is a must to give these packs longevity and sampler instruments.

    Nice pack easy to get creative with this one. Really nice elements to work with. Lush chords / Pads, would love to see more included. Nice synth sounds, and rumbling Bass. Drums are nice and heavy. Really enjoyed exploring this pack. I really hope Midi and Construction Kits are included next time as these offer lots of flexibility and a longer shelf life to work with moving forward.

    Dusty Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Really loving this pack lots of variety. Lots of atmospheric dub vibes. Always quality from Element One. The ability to be up and running with the sounds included is instant with great building blocks to start creating. Downtempo soundscapes on these dubs which is so good very moody and brooding. The drum elements are very nice along side the percussion. I also like the chord elements very useful for instant impact. Would really like to see construction kit elements and midi. or even a bonus folder of stems. But on the whole a nice sound source.

    Dread Hornz Vol 4

    Rating: 10/10

    The quality of this series never fails so good and having your own ready main brass ensemble at your fingertips is so good. With a wide variety of motifs to utilise is great to add beautiful colours to your arrangements. Stunning musicianship providing you with everything you want for horns. This is priceless and a must to add to your library. I look forward to more.

    Natty D: DnB Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    So good to get some tight DNB Vocals, this pack is very good and such a great resource. A nice amount of vocal variations & really good lyrical flow. Would have liked a Wet version of these vocals or a instrument preset option. Hopefully if there is another version pack they come with this option. Very useful and good addition to have in your sound library.

    Disco Madness

    Rating: 9/10

    So some packs you listen to a bunch of times and maybe pass them by, but then come back to on hearing something you like. Disco Madness is a case in point, I love this pack so good and a very honest feel of this important era in music which sowed the seeds for electronic dance music as we know it today Really impressed with the sounds and music files. Bass lines are very warm, the synths have a really lovely vintage vibe giving you that instant 70s vibe along with the guitars and horns are so smooth. Also the Drums are really well constructed. I am now going to check out the follow up edition of this pack very nice indeed.

    Very nice indeed, full of retro sounding vibes but also very up to the minute that has a timeless quality. Really rich sounding pack. The synths sounds & melodies are very inspiring for anyone wanting some melodic movement within their arrangements. I also like the bass synths very deep and hard hitting to give you the weight. I like the fact you get constructions kits included which is always great to build from the ground up if needed. I know I always point this out, but would have been good to see midi included.

    Ambient Jungle

    Rating: 10/10

    Always on point with the sounds of the Element One. Another sound pack I look out for. Moving frontiers with excellence, really beautifully constructed with so much thought. Musically moving with soul. Timeless quality that will bring you back more and more. A wealth of resource in here. From subtonic bass subs, ethereal synths to keys. Brings back to the very easy days of jungle with that Atari St type of programming. Love this pack so much really deep and takes you on a journey of creativity. Lets hope there is a follow up please......

    Boom Bap Soul

    Rating: 9/10

    Very nice pack, really great sounds and has a lovely vintage feel, with a modern approach to give you comprehensive building blocks to instantly give you inspiration. The loops from Bass, Drums / Beats Synths Keys are really good they have that that authentic Boom Bap vibe. Midi is included witch is so important and sampler instruments. This is perfect for so many genres and your creativity.

    Funky, Funky, Pack from Singomakers. The element of surprise with this company always surprises me. None more with these sounds really nice with a live feel and very useable. You get Construction kits which are useful as a starting point for extending your ideas. Included is Brass, Horns, Drums and Percussion with Keys and Piano. No midi which is a shame as this would give this pack more of a shelf life but still useable.

    Really good vibe on this one nicely put together and good production with a wide variety to work with. The selection of sounds and instruments give you a good starting point to get creative. I wish they would have implemented stems and tracked out drums / beats elements so you had separate kicks, snares etc. Also no midi would really give this a longer lasting pack to use over again. Would of been nice to see possibly construction kits this give you the opportunity mix and match or use as a template in this specific genre. But very useable nonetheless.

    Atmospheric DnB Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice pack full of choice and variations to work with. Broken down into folders as part of the loop sets. You get Synths, Percussion and Break Loops, Keys and Bass. Also included are one shots. You can choose the loops in so many ways to construct your own sound palettes. A real shame there is no Sampler Instruments or Included Midi as this would enhance the life span so you could drill down and arrange your own unique arrangements.

    Was really keen to check this pack out and so pleased to say it has really good sounds to work with. Very generous and can be used for a variety of genres. I was happy to see Sampler Instruments included so you can go deeper in making your own sound and come up with different ideas in so many ways. It would have been nice to see Midi files included as an option so you could make your own unique arrangements giving a longer shelf life.

    Inhale Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    Really nice pack and know surprise with production values remaining high. You get a variation of Vocals with the choice of Dry Vocals, and vocals with effect options. Great to have a scratch parts to give you the option for a great way to add textures to the main vocals. Very useable and so good you can construct in such a way you then have the ability to make a song arrangement in a very useful way with the corresponding sounds.

    Inhale Trip Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    Really love the Aim Trip Hop Packs & again is very impressive. A great selection of sounds that immerse you to the great days of breaks & vintage instruments to set a moody soundscape. You have so many elements to delve into to & structure an arrangement. The sounds are so inspiring that you can quickly build ideas or a full track. Can't wait to use & see what awaits me with this beautiful collection. I really hope that Midi & Sampler Instruments will be introduced as this will then give this a long shelf life.

    Dread Hornz Vol 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yes, the elements of Brass in your Dub can't be underestimated from Reggae & Sound system Culture is so important underpinning the foundation. To have this Hornz series is so important & again the quality is of the highest order, but again it does not surprise me. Working with Dubmatix I know is always 100% & maximum quality. You have such a range of great elements, that you are so spoilt for choice, which is so exciting to work with which have you coming back to time after time. Looking forward to more........

    Dub Clash

    Rating: 10/10

    Always quality from Niche Audio especially when it comes to left field sound packs. This is heavy, love it, as its quality all the way through. The fact you get Sampler Instruments gets top marks from me full stop. You have everything you need to create your own sound system sound...... Hopefully there will be more weighty sounds to come.

    Trip Hop Moods

    Rating: 10/10

    Always on point with their recreation of this iconic music genre. Really well constructed full of drama, with no flaws. Inspiration in abundance. You have everything you need to construct Trip Hop at its very best, but with the added benefit these sound can be used for any genre. I hope there is even more of these packs in future, simply timeless.

  • Really great series of sample packs, I have had the chance to delve deep into these packs thus far and the quality is top level. Another classic, that is so inspiring and gives you instant creativity, from the past, present, & future, you have all the ingredients to have your own D&B soundtrack, cinematic. & everything which is genre defying adding a beautiful backdrop to your next composition which is so good. I really would have loved to see an added midi option this then extents the life span & a timeless pack to keep you coming back too. But nonetheless this is so, so good.

    When these packs are released, it's full of great expectation and so far never fails to disappoint. Always high level, with production values being 1st class. These sounds are flawless & so true to the genre, but always making sure they are moving forward with an eye on the past. Supreme instrumentation, Instruments, sounds, from Drums, to Bass, Percussion, too Keys are so on point. Pure class every time.

    Dread Hornz Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yes, your very own personal brass section. This is a class edition to the Dread Hornz collection and again a must have. Full with amazing Horn Lines, melodic elements, to really foot print your own sound time after time, a perfect foundation for your next track, this pack is so versatile that it can work in so many musical genre so your sound won't be defined or limited. Let your inspiration flow.

    So much class, on this one, I was aware of this pack for a while now, and just couldn't resist to this check out. This is so full of inspiration, so beautiful & drifting into lush Jazzy elements which I love, brilliantly put together and so much choice. I like the fact you can build straight out the box with these sounds and instruments offering a generous amount of options. A small request, please include Midi... Then you have a timeless time capsule.

    So again had to to review this 1st installment of the The North Quarter Sound. Just so good, jazz elegance meets D&B and so, so, much more in a top level sound pack. Love it, really opening up visions of such inspiration, I can't fail to be impressed by the production levels, detail par none. Moving sounds that just inspire time after time. Please include Midi, this again opens the possibilities of timelessness..... so you can involve sounds & really have unlimited flexibility.

    Havana Meets Kingston

    Rating: 10/10

    Pure Class, What a combination really well conceived, & a great concept of two amazing music cultures. Love Love. So many musical elements two choose from, the instrumentation is so spot on, if you like your Reggae/Dub, with a Latin Vibe its all here with so much great choice. Elements of heavy the Bass Lines for that deep sound system culture to the ultra slick Brass and so much more. You have everything here to build your own versions to mix & match. I can't speak highly enough about this pack. Truly Inspirational..........

    OBJECT: 140 Jungle

    Rating: 10/10

    This is Rough & Tough & so good & authentic sounding. Really great pack that has every element to mashup the dance floor, so heavy & is broken down with lots of great sounds. You have a Jungle treasure trove, to kill any sound, and truly make your own mark. Very deep & so impressed with the Ghost Syndicate sounds over their multiple genres they release & generally they get it so spot on this is again a great addition to their growing catalogue.

    Lo-Fi Lounge

    Rating: 10/10

    Everything that comes out from Aim Audio is so on point. This is so funky with wonderful instrumentation & a great understanding of musical arrangement & placement of each sound element that works perfectly with each other in perfect concert. You also have lots of choice to work with & in so many directions. Really impressive sound palettes giving you everything you need to build your own timeless grooves that you can go back to time after time. Soulful, Elegant, & will have your head nodding with a wonderful vibe.

    Jungle Attack

    Rating: 10/10

    So for me Jungle, has always been a relevant music genre, & always a recurring art form, it's back again bigger than ever, I suspect with an eye on nostalgia. This is what the pack gives you a ref point to the past, which is no surprise, but with a forward thinking approach of pushing this music even further. Excellent choice of sounds, fx, bass, drums, musical elements, hits. I could go on. There is so much good content here, true & authentic. Excellent & Outstanding

    ’96 Jungle - Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    So I given this the top a mark for a review, as this pack totally embodies this era so truthfully, so good & top draw. I love the melodics, it takes you back to warehouses, & clubs that defined this groundbreaking genre. The standard of Element One production is always on top level, & have a firm understanding of bass culture, but so aware of melodics which are so sweet with the balance of heavy. You have all the sounds & building blocks to forge forward with your own jungle creations. From a personal point I wish they would include Midi & Stems or Composition. I feel the only lacking part is reconstruction a Jungle Break, as this is rarely done if at all in individual elements. But this does not distract as the quality is outstanding.

    I had to give this pack a top mark, as when checking it out it had Midi included, & when that is the case it shows a level of detail they want the end user to have & giving true flexibility. The boldness & upfront sounds are really great as it giving you that instant punch of old school, which I really like. taking a deep dive, you have every sound palette to construct & ensemble your own sound with so much choice. The synths sounds are nice, Kicks come true & tuff, bass sounds are gnarly in such a good way. Nice pack.

    Reggae Rockers Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    No surprise I'm loving this Vol 2 Version. Always quality time after time. Production levels at their very best, with meticulous attention to detail with such a great choice of sounds and instruments. It's like having your own record box with all your favourite reggae tracks, but the ability to make and build your own, giving you the ability to build your own sounds in this legendary genre, which has influenced so many musical styles and artist alike. I look forward to more works!!!!

    I checked Hugh's demo, and was hooked straight away, really classy and a Liquid Soul D&B killer, really lush chords & melodics. I like the fact it's immersed in that soulful vibe, loving the piano tones, with jazz element really nice, soporific, thought provoking and deep moving melodies. Top marks for the inclusion of midi files, always a great touch. I really hope their is a follow up to this pack with a more Jazzy vibe, It has touches of a 4Hero vibe which would be great if this could be expanded on in the next pack, and love the nods and ref to Robert Glasper and Erykah Badu. Such a lush colour pallet of sounds.

    Trip Hop Attack

    Rating: 10/10

    Aim Audio on fire yet again, with this genre, as there are many packs in the same vain that don't have that genuine feel, but all these productions are so on point. So evocative and moving with so many layers, again attention to detail is immense, from Breaks, to cut ups & scratch elements soaked in reverb. From the cinematic, atmospheric to the sublime, so good and has that truly timeless quality to build your very own Trip Hop soundscapes. More please.

    Dub & Ting

    Rating: 9/10

    A really well put together pack with lots of choice & great sounds to build the foundations for your next dub track. You get folders with a selection of Bass, Brass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, Organ & Percussion Loops all extremely useable, I love the fact you get the choice of Live Bass, & Sub Bass, a shame about the Brass as only 1 Trombone, but a decent amount of instruments to get your ideas down. Nice to see a Patches Folder giving you a extended library to work from & a variety of ways to mix & match sounds & instruments. Single sounds are also included & an option, so you can put them into your sampler & keep creating patterns, arrangements, & one shots maintaining a long shelf life to keep creating. You also get Instrument Phrases if you need that spark of inspiration.

    You know when Dubmatix is at the controls its Quality & Class every time and always eagerly anticipated. Nothing changes here with this pack, very high production values & standards at the very centre of dub production. Dubmatix is always leading the way & at the very top of his game. So pleased to see Midi included in this pack, as this is a powerful tool for your music productions, extremely well put together as you would expect, but giving you the ultimate flexibility. Also a massive bonus is you get the choice of a Machine Kit, & Ableton included which is so good. A great pack for anyone who wants to get into dub with a great foundation to start, or for a seasoned pro building on the art & craft of dub culture.

    Horns In Motion

    Rating: 10/10

    Love this pack, and so pleased. I have been waiting for a sound palette of Horns of this quality for a long time, this does not disappoint or surprise me, with Simon Beddoe of Submotion Orchestra at the helm, you know it is going to be pure class. A superb musician, and I have personally had the opportunity to support Submotion Orchestra on various occasions, and so great to get this sound in a Library. Very generous folders, filled to the brim with Trombone, Flugel, Trumpet, you even get ensemble parts & variations. The best part is in the style these instruments have been performed & recorded from sweet Jazz overtones & undertones, to Cinematic movements. This pack shows so much depth & detail, with the added Sampler Patches. You truly have something special & exciting to explore.

    Jazzy LoFi Beats

    Rating: 10/10

    Really interesting pack and a real gold mine to dig through, also a very generous amount of sounds on offer. From Bass Loops which are really useable, Drum Hits & Drum Loops and I like the fact you get organic sounding beats in this very saturated genre of Lo - Fi. Effects are good, giving you an extra layer of sonics, then comes a folder of Keys which are a lush blend of Jazzy tones to Melancholy, very nice. Leads are also included which is great to add & set up a mood for your next track or composition. Finally you get Construction Kits which is a really nice touch, as you can craft a whole song if you wish or take different elements & mix & blend.

    Rockers Dub

    Rating: 8/10

    Dub has always been this ground breaking music and art form of organic and analogue to the very state of art sound design that influence every type of music as dub music really has know bounds. To explore this pack Rockers Dub is to get a taste of the above. I like the fact as soon as you open up the included folders you get Sampler Patches giving you all you need to start sound designing in your DAW & Sampler. You also get the single sounds to start creating your own dub sound system and crafting your sonics from Bass Hits to FX & of course instruments alongside Percussion. Finally you get the Wav Loops to really explore the sound of Dub & really start building your Bass heavy sound with so many elements you need for this genre.

    Well the great man Renegade Audio (AKA Dubmatix) is back on it again at the very highest of high levels on this one. This is the true definition of Dub, always look forward to these packs, you really have everything you need to sculpt and create your own Dub Versions. Really well recorded, programmed & performed, but that is not a surprise. Excellent amount of content from Bass Loops, Drums, FX, Guitars, Horns, Keys, Vocals & Percussion, really giving you that authentic sound, so inspirational. Finally you get a folder of One Shots, which is good so you can truly build from the ground up with your own interpretation of this influential genre. Look forward to more of these sound packs . Keeps going from strength to strength.

  • Roots Dub

    Rating: 8/10

    Element One are starting out to be packs I look out for, interesting sounds, especially in this 2nd addition towards the genre of Dub. Nice sounds very well put together, shame their is not a more full and extensive amount of sounds within the various individual folders. Also missing Sampler Patches or even Midi. But the choice is very useable nonetheless, from Individual kicks, Rims, Shakers Snares, Hats & percussion, giving you all the sounds to start building Dub Beats / Drums for your own arrangements. You also get some Drum Loops to quickly get your ideas flowing. Then FX to add textures. You get Keys & Synths which sound good & a unique approach to this genre. Bass is next, which is the fundamentals to Dub Music again useable, would of liked a more varied & heavy vibe pithing the bass folder, but good to get you going & a starting block to keep building your Dub track. Finally percussion to add even more rhythm and add interesting movement within your next track.

    Neo Soul Essentials

    Rating: 10/10

    Really like the sounds coming out of Alliant Audio, very classy dusty, sounds from yesterday year dusty just how I like it from a golden age, but also a sense of an eye on the modern & future, but I do like the nod to the classic sounds in this genre. But this is so useful for so many genre & the title does not give its true potential as can be used in so many styles, from Chill, Downtempo. Beautifully put together and very interested in what else is to come. very nice indeed.

    Nu Jazz

    Rating: 10/10

    I like getting surprises and none better than Industrial Strength, on this occasion and what you get with this pack. And this is know exception, listened to the demo and loved it, musically really nice, and has a rich quality and really useful, for Jazz, but for downtempo vibes chill-out & dusty elements. I hope there is a follow up as really like the nod to the retro vibe, very emotive of a bygone era but can sit well in the modern landscape also.

    '94 Jungle

    Rating: 9/10

    Nostalgia is very much in evidence here, so good & a really true representation of the time and era, very well put together. A great resource for authentic Jungle sounds, with loops & chopped elements. For anyone wanting to recreate this genre you have all the building bricks to create your own arrangements in anyway you want. Truly excellent and hope there will be more packs like this soon.

    Slo Funk & Soul

    Rating: 10/10

    As soon as I heard the demo, I was hooked so classy and so well constructed, no need for beat digging or searching in the crates, this is so good. The pack will be a great resource for a very long time, with the ability to mix and match sounds. This is so soulful, jazzy, and has that great touch of funk done in such a great way, the instrumentation has been produced to a very high level. If there is a follow up, I will be first in line. Great job.

    Deep Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    I have been checking out Element One sounds for a while now, and always intrigued what they come up with, and again not disappointed, Really love this new Dub addition, heavy vibes, but a really nice nod to the origins of the original genre, with an eye on the future elements, also keeping it current. All sounds are very well constructed, and giving you the ability to create your own sonic pallets. Be great to see more packs like this, hopefully a follow will arrive soon!

    Nice pack, and really like the concept of Cinematic Funk. A really good size and selection of samples. You get folders of different song compositions, which I like with key and tempo. Lots of live instrumentation which is excellent from Drums, Bass, Horns, Synths, Percussion. The very best quality in this pack are the beautiful strings, very nice indeed. I would loved to have seen Sampler Instruments and Midi would be a nice addition to really push the envelope, giving even more options. I hope their maybe a follow up, as this could be an interesting concept moving forward as this cinematic genre is very wide pallet in which to be explored.

    Diggers Vol1 - Keys

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yes, this pack is a real delight and so well put together and as the name suggest you feel like you have entered a record store, found a vintage record store and able to find the sort of soulful, jazz and funk and everything in between to start sampling to your hearts content very nice indeed. Full to the brim with keys, but also some added Bass loops, licks. Really like the fact you get a version of the same melody or lick not by any means un usual, but really helps to expand your ability to craft a tune a perfect composition that you can expand on. The sounds are lush and so good great vibe and energy, cant say how highly I rate this, ok so no sampler instruments or midi which I can forgive as its so good, looking forward to Vol 2 as if this is the first offering in this style and vibe then cant wait.

    Good to see another pack from Vibronics, nice sounding pack and to see Sampler Patches included. Not a huge pack to choose from, but the elements you get crucially the Drums are nice, and great to see a full version with separate tops, would have been nice to have drums tracked out, also would have been nice to have a bit more instrumentation to utilise, as yes primarily a drum pack with added musical elements. But you do get single shot options, which can inspire creativity.

    Again another great pack from the Renegade Label, truly leading the way in anything Reggae. You get everything you need, from Bass, Keys, FX, Guitars, Horns, Percussion, Vox. Also included One Shots. This pack is so good and you can easily start arranging and come up with track ides in seconds, that sound great straight away. Really inspirational with lots of variety and the ability to mix and match sounds included, always giving you a fresh approach with the highest quality.

    Soul Squeeze Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    Very classy pack, and excellently put together and the instrumentation and sounds are so on point. Really impressed as a lot of thought has been put into this, with a clear musical direction with project files ready to work with. You get track stems included and song starters. So good to see Midi included alongside Sampler Patches which really gives this pack a long shelf life. Soulful but also can be used in so many genres which gives you so much scope for your creativity.

    Hip Hop Lofi & Scratch

    Rating: 10/10

    Love this pack, and really full of detail which is know surprise from Aim Audio. Real quality here with so many options with Lo-Fi & Scratch being front and centre, but you get so much more which is so good. If you write & make downtempo, chill, or any other genre you will find something here for you with pure inspiration. A goldmine of great sounds & instruments which includes, Bass, Drum Loops, FX Loops, Keys Music Loops & Percussion Loops with Single Sounds included. So classy and a lot of choice with so much atmosphere and drama, but also with bite & grit with beautiful soundscapes to create something special. I don't think you will be disappointed, as there are so many directions you can go, letting your imagination come up with something truly special.

    Really classy pack, and always pleasantly surprised by some of the Sample Diggers sound libraries and look forward to their more jazzy, Downtempo additions. In this case full to the brim with great sounds, starting with the Instrument Patches, very useful for building and constructing your own sound pallet & sketching your ideas to fully fleshed out arrangements. Next is the Single Sounds, which are great for expanding your hardware samplers or soft sampler, to have the building blocks to create your own unique patterns & song starters. Finally you the get the Music Loops, a nice selection of sounds with a dusty feel & contemporary. Would liked to have of seen a possible inclusion of Midi or even composition stem options to take this pack to another level & giving you much more flexibility & a longer shelf life. But all in all, a nice pack to work with.

    Anticipation is always a good thing with the Renegade Audio sound packs, and they never disappoint, as this is the true essence of reggae & dub giving a true interpretation of the musical genre & art form. Starting with Bass not a lot in this sound folder, but quality over quantity in this case, with nice filter fx being used nicely & you get the dry versions also, giving it that soundsytem frequency. Drums follow with a variety of drum loops with dry versions & effected parts, Hi Hat patterns, and rolls are included and a selection of percussion. FX are small but can be useful. A tiny selection of Guitars which will fit in a combination of ways also a tiny section of Horns. Keys are next with a selection of wet version and dry which is nice, & mix of old style organ riffs & pianos etc. A range of percussion instrument sounds are also included & a tiny selection of Vox. Finally you get One Shots sounds. A nice pack, but really hope we get Sampler Instrument versions & the option of Midi, so there is greater flexibility to dig deeper into the world of Dub from Renegade Audio and extend the possibilities, even a composition folder with tracked out stems would be extremely useful.

    Trip Hop & Scratch

    Rating: 10/10

    When I saw this pack, I really loved the concept of a Trip Hop & Scratch sound pack and after checking out is so on point. As the mechanics have to be so right in this genre & this is spot on with the way it has been conceived and put together. Lots of detail & really well put together love it. I really like the fact you get the loops & the separate parts which you can reconstruct or deconstruct in anyway you like, which I always go on about, which is having flexibility which is so important. As I always say Midi would have been a nice inclusion then the Sky's the limit with this packs, but its start in the right direction.............. You're presented with a plethora of Bass sounds from 808 style to brooding synth bas lines even scratched loops which as you can imagine, is across most of all the instrumentation & sounds in this pack, which is great. Love the Drum loops really well processed for that dusty & dirty laid back swung vibe in those low tempos, raging from 65 - 80 very nice indeed. This is the best part you get the Drum Loop Parts which is the icing on the cake, as you can work in a variety of ways which is excellent. FX are good to put another layer for complexity & feel to your tracks, extremely useable. Music loops are up next with a dark & moody vibe which is great & in the minor key, giving tension drama and intensity, great for building your track with an edgy feel. In this genre the Percussion is an important element as this adds a again, a level of complexity and layers adding that gritty feel with movement. Lastly you get Single Sounds, which is great, particularly in this instants, as you can totally build your own beats with every element included from the drums supplied, and with the instrument sound options which is a good addition also. Look forward to more packs like this.

    Following on from Liquid Drum & Bass Horizons, here is another instalment. Always really impressed with 5pin Media especially with the inclusion of Midi, & Sampler Instruments, this shows me from the outset their attention to detail. Straight away you get a bonus folder, with Electric Pianos with individual notes, which is great to put into your Sampler of choice. Included also is Live 10 Templates, which again is excellent, would be great to see other templates for other Daw's, but it's a nice touch. Then you get the Loops themselves, and you won't be disappointed a very generous pack for everything you will need to make classy Liquid D&B.

    Champion Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    Aim Audio on fire again, from the amazing Dubmatix & Phil "Illorn" Horne. Really great combination of Dub, & Breakbeat Culture with Scratch Samples on Vocals, & Dub Horns & all various instruments giving a great texture & feel to this pack. Again know surprise production values are high & the level of detail is so good. You have all you need to really come up with something very unique. You have a good size folder of Bass, next is Drum Loos, & what I like is you get the tracked out elements from separate Hi Hats, Kicks, but also various Grooves, which is great, plenty of scope to sound design your beats. FX are always good to check out as this can set the mood & texture of your tracks also little nuggets of inspiration. Then incoming is the instruments from Horn Stabs, Keys Organs. Percussion is next to really fill out the groove elements giving you a tasty rhythm section. Synths loops are very nice, still having a vintage feel, but also a modern sounding feel to future proof yourself in this style & genre. Lastly small selection of vocals, to add atoms & interest to you arrangements. Look forward to more of the same in the future.

    I always look out for Sample Diggers, especially in their Downtempo Chilled & Classic Boom Bap, & Jazzy Hip Hop Packs, always do very lush sounding packs & very well put together this is know exception, after listening to demo. I wanted to check out what was in side, and again was not disappointed, extremely generous with the amount of sounds you get in each folder, from Bass, Drum Loops, Guitar, Horns, Keys, even Music loops to get you started, Percussion, and Scratch & Vocals. Really classy pack & very well put together with a good attention to detail. Oh and also mention they have included Sampler Instruments which is always good to see. Hopefully we may see a Midi inclusion as this would really help the pack to have a long shelf life.

    '96 Jungle

    Rating: 10/10

    Heard the demo and I new I had to check it out, and pleased to say I wasn't disappointed as it was clear this was going to be really useful. Really well put together and love the fact you get that live and organic feel and vibe in this genre. Really nice production and when you start to put the various sounds and musical elements together this packs comes alive. You are greeted first with the Bass Folder, which has such a great variety from Subs, Synth Bass, Upright Bass and Electric. Nice grooves & would fit into lots of others genre giving you lots more options. The Drums are great you get a decent amount to explore, and very well performed with lots of scope to mix and match. FX folder is next which gives you a selection of sounds to add texture and atmos to your productions. A small selection of Hi Hats and Percussion but perfectly useable. Melodic Loops are next to start the foundations of your next production and arrangements. A selection of Synths Pads that work well and evolving to give you that genre defining sound. Also Included One Shots, great for loading into your DAW or Hardware Device. Would have been great if Midi and Sampler Instruments were included, as I feel it would give it more longevity.

    Dread Hornz Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    So the excellence continues with Renegade Audio. Every time I get the chance to do a review I am so eager to check out. From the continued series of sound packs you get the Hornz..... and you get a whole plethora of Brass to choose from. You have everything you need to cover so many genres, but in the realm of Dub, Roots, Reggae and so much more you are truly covered. The folders are brimming with so much content you have such a treasure trove for your own brass section. This is so good and you will not be disappointed. I love the fact you get the dry versions to reverb, filter echo, space echo, multi, lo-fi, fx and so much more. You have a pack with huge shelf life and will keep you busy coming up with so many version excursions..... for your arrangements and productions. The content level is so high and superb musicianship and production. I cant say how highly I rate this pack, but that truly isn't a surprise. Looking forward to what else is in store.

  • Deep & Jazz House 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Pure Class, really authentic & the sounds are superb. As soon as I heard the demo, I was sold a very detailed resource for not only house music but the distinct movements of jazz chords & melodics. A beautiful collection of loops & so impressed the midi is included, so valuable and so impressed that this is part of the collection giving you so much more flexibility to create your own deeper visions. If this pack had sampler instruments it would be a killer, but I can forgive them as this is so good, hopefully they may start including sampler Instruments in the future. So I had a chance to check out deep Jazz House 1 now this second instalment. I really hope they're is a number 3 as this series is a truly brilliant sound pack for any genre.

    Disco In The House

    Rating: 9/10

    I really stumbled over this as I missed the first time it was posted, and loved it, has a nice layer of sounds with a deep old school vibe, with a nice Studio 54 head nod with a genuine sense of not being a Cliché. Really lush sounding & again this pack provides midi which is an excellent inclusion, so hats of for the team at Loopmasters for providing this. I would have given it 10/10 but it would have been a nice touch to provide sampler instruments. But overall a very generous sound pack & really well but together with lots of thought & attention to detail.

    Sacred Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Dubmatix is killing it right now with his sound packs & in conjunction with Phil ‘Illorn’ Horne on this, is again testament to cross culture of Dub, Steppers & Breakbeat & love the atmospheric downtempo scratch elements. As we know dub was one of the true art forms to embrace electronic music but the class of melding analogue gear & instruments. This pack demonstrates the ongoing creativity of this musical art form by growing & involving the musical landscape. Without dub you really wouldn't have all the sub genres in electronic music I could list this, but I wont, for those that know. This pack has such a great array of sounds that cross so many genres. Really great sound pallets I hope midi & sampler instruments are to be included moving forward as this would be a great asset not just relying on a loop or a one shot.

    Really love the work coming out from Smallprint Ingredients, always elegant & classy. Great production & I'm sure their be will more interesting sound pallets to follow. You're always guaranteed a variety of sounds to use, with Drums being that are brilliantly crafted & nice array of syncopated rhythms. Lovely ethereal sounds & pads that are always evolving. This pack has a long life span as can be used for a myriad of styles. This pack needs would really benefit of having a MIDI File Selection / MULTI-SAMPLES & PATCHES Selection so your not just locked into just a loop based pack.


    Rating: 10/10

    Renegade Audio are so on top of the game right now & leading the way while others now have to play catchup. This is pure & genuine Dub, that has heritage. I am always really intrigued to know what is to follow, and have to say never disappointed. Timeless sounds & a treasure chest to dig into, you have a ready made sound selection that deep dives you into the past of sound system culture to the future of dub sound design. I can't speak highly enough of this pack.

    Bass Culture

    Rating: 10/10

    So if you're lucky enough to have these sound packs, your are sitting on a gold mine of detail of how sound design of a culture that is so steeped in history. The detail is stunning & truly outstanding. You are front & centre of the control tower, you have a virtual selector giving you sound after sound & you are the operator able to mix up dub selections with so much detail. Again I don't use this lightly....... Pure Class. I hope in the future Midi & Sampler Instruments are introduced as this would be a game changer as you have a timeless time machine that can take you to the Frontline of the 70s/ 80s were Dub was truly the innovator for all Downtempo, Chill & Dance Music Culture were you hear influence in music now & beyond, and being able to future proof you for all your Dub Creations. Genuinely can't wait to see what's next in the series, on past sound packs this is just scratching the surface. Amazing............

    Reggae Rockers

    Rating: 10/10

    Whenever I see a new pack from Dubmatix, it's always top of my list to check out. Bringing you the sounds of Renegade Audio, if your serious about Dub & Sound system Culture, this is the real deal. Authenticity is a priority in this genre & Dubmatix is one of the true masters in this art form truly inspiring. So when you first explore this pack you get: A Loop Folder, From Bass, Drums, FX, Guitar, Horns, Keys, Percussion, Synths & Vocals. You also get One Shots folder, which gives you the building blocks to put into your favourite samplers & construct your own Dub / Sound system arrangements. I really hope Midi & Sampler Instruments are included in any future packs, as this would be a complete audio tool kit. The quality is outstanding but not surprising, with so much detail & the sounds are truly excellent. What I really like is the timelessness of Dubmatix sounds, but also can be genre defying which gives you the ability to export other possibilities in your musical dub exploration.

    The Master of Dub is back, Dubmatix is again bringing the heavyweight sounds. A really in depth sound & musical architecture is Dub culture. Really pleased to get another sound pack from Renegade Audio & it dosen't disappoint. Loop Folder is loaded with Bass Sounds, really nice, from Squelchy Synths to Subs. The Drums are meticulous & really well put together & can work in so many ways with such a variety. With also Individual hits, which gives more flexibility to program your own Riddim Patterns. FX are nice a small selection & useful. The Music Folder, gives you the foundations to build & start arranging your Dub tracks but also doesn't limit you to explore other genres very versatile giving you lots of options. Their is a Vox Folder, giving you the opportunity to expand your Dub Palette including vocal edits to your tracks. Finally you get One Shots which are so useful to really sculpt your own sound & version....... Again I would love to see a Midi & Sampler Folder in these packs as this would make this the perfect sound pack in this genre as its so true to the Dub Culture that it would be so resourceful.

    Dub Hip Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    I love this pack, as it really shows the craft of Dubmatix / Renegade Audio Stepping in & around Dub Culture, Break Beat, & Downtempo. This really reminds me of growing up in Bristol, taking me back to the heavy days of the Sound system Culture on the Frontline in St Paul's. With the mix of Heavyweight Dub, Soulful & Rare Groove selections as the DJ & Selector mix it up on the High Tower as rewind request are mandatory. You are first greeted with the Bass Folder, 1 x Live Bass & 1 x Synth Bass, really love this as this gives you so much scope with how you want your sound to be sculpted in Dub Culture the Bass, Bass is pararmount as this sets the sonic tone to the vibes, as in Jazz it can be simple or complex & the frequency define the sound. Drums are next & they are great with such a wide range of styles & patterns, so well put together & conceived a nice variety of tempos with nice atmos to give depth & movement, also included are individual Drum Hits. Guitars are in here a small selection but nonetheless really useful, especially if you chop to taste. Horns are nice have a grainy texture & have the old skool dub ensemble sound you would get in the Heady 70s. Really like the Keys, they also have a gritty sound, with really lovely melodics, dubbed out bliss with Echo included to give it character. Love the MISC Folder, as this gives you a nice insight into Dubmatix & the many music styles he explores & not stuck in one genre putting giving us a sneak into his sonic palette. Percussion folder is really interesting as it covers some really nice sound pallets as well as traditional & of course dubbed out. Synths are next with a whole heap of sound textures, which will be very useable time after time, very nice & very individual. Finally you get One Shots, which are again so useful & should not be underestimated. Midi & Sampler Instruments are a must in these packs moving forward.

    Dust Steppers

    Rating: 9/10

    A really gritty, but beautiful pack from Artisan Audio. Very pleasantly surprised by this one. Blurring the lines of Dub, Hip Hop, Dubstep & Electronica very well conceived. You get all the Sampler Patches straight away when you first dig into pack, which has you already thinking of all the possibilities you can create & forming a soundscape. You get all the single shots you need, from Bass Hits, Drum Hits, FX, Melodics Percussion & Vocals, really giving you the chance to expand your ideas. Finally you get the Loops, not many but workable ranging from Synths, keys, & a few Pads. It would have been nice to have seen midi. I think this would be good with a part 2 version as interesting were this could go with a second instalment maybe?

    Ragga Jungle

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers always come with some gems & some nice surprises. Very Infectious, rolling Jungle vibes on this & done really well. From the demo its a heavy hitter with a very authentic feel from yesterday year but a enough flavour for future proofing your productions moving forward. Full to the brim of sounds, starting with Bass Loops really good to get start your ideas & allowing you to sketch out an arrangement in this iconic genre. You the then get full Drum Loops, which I have to say are so good with swing which is not always the case in other packs attempting this genre, really nice details which will make your beats production stand out. Fx come next & yes really nice & useful adding layers of soundscapes to your tracks and giving a dubwise feel & all the Riser you will need to add tension & great for builds & drops. The Melody loop pack is an instant idea pallet for you giving you endless possibilities. One Shots of course give you that added individual stamp were you can mix & match & create & put into your sampler of choice to manipulate & conjure up your next heavyweight jungle riddim. You get rex files fore flexibility across your daw of choice. Sampler Patches are included which is the standard in packs worth their salt! and giving you total control over your production toolkit. Finally vocals, just to add your own personal MC should you need one.

    As soon as I saw Dubmatix on this one, I had to check it, & you know you will get class, also in conjunction with Salaryman it's going to be good. Stepper Dub,Reggae, Jungle Vibes what's not to love...... A very generous pack from Multisampled Bass , Bass Hits, Bass Loops. You even get a Construction Kit to start your journey. Drum Hits included, With the Drum Loops nice tight production. FX are nice and a great addition, followed by Music Hits, Music Loops, Percussion & Vocal Hits & Vocal Loops, & if you work with VST you get the patches. The Future is Bright with this pack, it is Future Proofed for you, that will have you using the included sounds for as long as you need them.

    Really great to see the follow up addition of this excellent pack. These Jazz Drums come packed with everything you need to lay the Foundations for your next production. You can see instantly on opening this pack, you are greeted with a generous array of folders which is so good to have a great choice of sounds. Top Loops are brilliant, giving you instant inspiration which can take you in so many directions, from Fills, Rides and so much more. A whole host of Cymbals with a variety of patterns really useful to create evolving patterns. So many Drum Loops at your disposal, you can use as is, or chop or flip in any way you want. You get various folders of Brushed Loops enabling you to build your rhythm section. You get separate Hits which is so good to design your own Jazz Dum kits which allows your creativity to keep you in the flow. Finally included is the Sampler Patches which will really expand your sound palette.

    Really excited to see part 2 of this great collection. Like the first addition this is full to the brim of great Jazz Drums. If your into Jazz, or any syncopated rhythms this is a perfect introduction, which can inspire your next production. From Drum Loops, Tops, and Hits you have the ability to fully lay out your drum foundations in this genre specific art form, but also allowing you to diversify into downtempo, electronica or hip hop or were your imagination takes you. Brilliantly put together with excellent recordings, every element sounds so good. Excellently played with so much detail you will be so inspired to create amazing drums putting your own personal stamp on your rhythms and having your ready to go drummer on your next track.

    Coffee Breaks Two

    Rating: 9/10

    Like all Rawcutz packs, expect pure class in this dusty beat golden age hip soul, jazz & so much more for your create digging. I love these sounds and always look forward to seeing what they are going to do next, and they always deliver excellent products. You get one folder with a good selection of sounds from Bass, Beats, Chords & various instrument sounds. This pack is key labelled which is great as you can easily mix match chop & flip in so many usable ways. It would be nice to see in future a selection of different formats. Midi would be a great addition also more Sampler Instrument integration in any up coming packs, as this would really give more flexibility and shelf life.

    Sundown Soul

    Rating: 8/10

    Very evocative pack with a glow of sunlight vibe, as dusk draws in. Really beautiful sounds and well put together. I love the cross section of real instrumentation & synth based instruments giving it a nostalgic feel from times gone by with a retro 70s vibe. Even though this pack is a WAV file only, their is enough to get your production ideas flowing. The pack starts with a folder of Bass Loops not many which is a shame which is quite limiting in variation. The Drums make up though with so many different loops & patterns with a great live feel, really nice indeed. Music Loops are very good all sounds are based on a range of composition which is fine, that will fit with all the various instruments within this pack. You have the ability to mix and match sounds included. Finally you get a plethora of Percussion Loops which tie the whole pack together giving it an organic palette with style and class. I would have loved to have seen Sampler Instruments, and of course Midi Files giving more options. Maybe in a followup addition?

    Booyaka Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Good vibes on this one, with all Singonmakers packs you get a generous amount of content and Sampler Instruments whats not to love. Drum & Bass with rude boy attitude, really liked this pack when I heard the demo so wanted to check it out and what it has to offer, and you wont be disappointed instant energy with all sounds very well put together. Bass Loops are very narley giving lots of weight to start getting low end into your tracks but also great mid range. Included are some nice Drum Fills, giving some needed variation for you to build your Drum & Bass killer track. Drums / Breaks are 172 BPM full of punch and variation nice and very usable. t The FX included will help beef up your sound palette from Impacts, Uplifters, & Voice. The Melody Loops are really good you get a taste of that old Skool retro feel, but also future proofed which could fit into most EDM genres. From Synths, Pads, and Piano very nice indeed. One Shots are also included giving you more scope to make your productions individual to you for that unique composition. Sampler Instruments and Rex Files Included are always a bonus as this gives you total flexibility and control over every element of the individual sounds included giving you limitless scope and possibilities. It would have been nice to see Midi Files included, as this gives any pack a longer shelf life.

    Neo Soul & RnB 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Vol 2 of this pack was great to see and I have to say well worth the wait. Pure class and top draw production, like Vol 1 this has been really well put together. The fact you get real instrumentaion is a massive plus as it gives this pack a timeless quality with a retro style and feel but sits very well in any modern genre, with the DNA of classic 70s production values, were you are surrounded by the best session musicians around. In this pack you just get WAV and REX files, but in this case it doesn't matter, in my opinion, yes I would like to of seen Midi & Sampler Instruments, but this is so good I can overlook. With a old skool approach its like digging the crates for that perfect loop or sound and chopping in your favourite sampler of choice. So the digging begins with Bass Loops very nice indeed as these are all part of song parts which you can start putting a composition together really quickly or flip and chop in any way you want. Drum loops are so good, tight and great sounding, you also get them tracked out to Kick and Snare or Rim and High Hat etc, which offers you a opportunity not to just use the loops as is, but dive deeper into your sampling needs. The Music Loops bring it all together, and very tasty and this is were the retro feel comes into play, really nice production on these sounds and instruments, very usable. Finally the percussion loops add that final ingredient to give your productions a solid foundation.

    Jungle Colossus 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice vibes on this genre of Jungle with a more commercial feel & an appeal for those looking for instant catchy melodies. You get a generous assortment of sounds and the highlight of this pack is you get soft sampler patches which will give you more flexibility. Fully formed musical loops are included, to give you a starting point for sketching ideas it would have been nice to have real horns as a little synthetic rather that having a organic feel. A bonus is the provided midi, which as always say is so good as this does not restrict you, making your arrangements more flexible. Percussion is included also individual hits, so you can get your teeth into programming your own patterns. FXs are OK, you get a decent about of drum loops along with various bass loops. Construction kits are included giving you a starting point if you are suffering writers block or need some inspiration.

    Junglist Workout

    Rating: 10/10

    I almost overlooked this pack, and had to check myself, as this is serious.... I like this a lot, authentic vibes on this pack. I really like the nod to the reggae/dub vibes & interaction on this but with its eye on future proofing the sound elements. Heavy jump up vibes, with a great sound, plenty of choice, a real shame there is no midi included in this ,as this would give a more flexible option for reshaping and giving it longevity to mix it up across your production and building arrangements Really nice synth sounds with a Buzz that is infectious and brooding. so good to there is sampler instruments which gives you some flexibility. Lots of good sounds overall and so glad I was able to catch this one. Hope there is a Version........3

  • Atmospheric Drum N Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Exactly what it says on the tin, Atmos in buckets, love it. Rolling D&B Vibes on this one with a heavy but melodic soundscape. This pack has it all in this genre, really well put together and a generous pack, and oh yes it has midi, which as i always keep saying is so important in any sample pack you purchase giving you total flexibility. You get soft sampler patches which is great and becoming the stand hopefully in all these sample packs giving you the ability to really sound design and hone your sound. Bass sounds are gritty and very usable, Drum loops are nice, with the option of one shots & individual hits which is good to get programming in your DAW of choice. Melody Loops are good giving you the starting blocks for your ideas and get your creative juices flowing.


    Rating: 9/10

    Ghost Syndicate are killing it right now with their Dubstep Packs . I like the way they don't go for the easy option of commerciality, with a very unique leftfield approach. I like this pack for its very dub influenced sounds and textures with a melancholic vibe with a very heavy vibes and dark undertones. This pack is chock filled with everything you need to stand out from the crowd. I love the fact you get the full construction kits which in my opinion is a fantastic bonus to recreate imbleshes, and create a different feel to the originals, but more importantly giving any producer in this genre and beyond the building blocks to get creative. Mostly everything you may need in this pack has been covered, from full Drum Loops, to Top loops, Percussion, FX, Music Loops and of course One Shots, Drum Fills and Synth Loops. So much choice and much much more, you even get Ableton Drum Racks which is a must in any pack these days and should really extend to all D.A.W! The only disappointment would have been Midi options and Kontakt Sampler Patches otherwise this would have been a 10/10

    Industrial Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yes heavy vibe ting's...... on this, dark brooding dub pack, what is not to love. Big sounds and very deep and immersive. Not a big pack but good things come in small packages they say! but in this case i feel this is true. A great variety of sounds most notably the Drum Loops which are brash and in your face, a slightly leftfield dub pack, but that's a good thing giving you a real opportunity to stand out from the crowd if you're going to produce tracks for big systems. You get one folder of Music Sounds, sparse but very usable depending how you use them, Atmos Loops have you covered for drama, Bass sounds are narly and have a good feel for a more future approach to this genre of dub, very usable. You get individual Sound FX which illustrates the industrial sounds this pack provides and could be a good back drop for your productions, filling in the space between the heaviness that ensues. Sampler Patches are also included which is always a bonus to further your creativity.

    Dub & Reggae Horns

    Rating: 10/10

    Nice and deadly.... indeed...... Very classy and the perfect dub feel for your next production when you're in need of Horns in this genre and for so many other music styles. Such a great pack with so much variety, beautifully played and performed with a true and classic sound. I really like the fact you get the separate brass instruments, and then you get a version with the full horn section. You get Baritone Sax, Flugel Horns, Tenor Sax and Trumpets, from chops to Loops and even noodles to keep everything interesting. A nice touch you get Multi Samples and Sampler Patches which is always going to be a great touch for a little more control in shaping your own sound if you needed to. I would have loved to have seen some individual Trombones in this pack but that is a minor detail. A great pack and I hope there is a second installment!

    Really like the concept of this pack a very smooth and lush array of sounds, and extremely useful with a laid back vibe which is good resource to dig into. The Electric Pianos / keys are really sweet, and well performed that would fit into most styles of music. Good selection of Drum Loops, with also single Hits, from Kicks, Claps, Brushes and Percussion Elements very nice sounding and a great resource for building your own beats. You also get a Musical Folder which is nice with a few Flute licks, great for chopping. Talking of Chopping you get a folder of chopped versions which is a nice touch to have small edits of musical parts to give it that sampled quality. You get Midi which is so good, all be it for just Keys and bass which is something and hope the increase the musical instruments in this format, then giving you a more flexible option. Scratch loops are included if you need to add some grit and if you have know DJ to supply you with this art form Sampler Patches are also in here which is always a good touch were you can have a more flexible way of working with the sound content.

    Original Jungle Breaks 2

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack takes me back to the original days of Jungle, very authentic which is so good and a great selection, this genre has a timeless quality if you use these Breaks very cleverly. Very generous amount of sounds, you are confronted with a Hits folder with all the elements you really truly will ever need to build your perfect jungle kit, very impressed as back in the day you would have to chop, speed or slow down up to get your own break that sat well with your composition / arrangement, but here you have every thing to start programming your own breaks and so much more. Hi Hats sound nice, and the Cymbals, then you get Kicks which still have the elements from a chopped loop which gives it dust and dirt. I really like that they have added Shuffles which is a great touch, giving your break beat programming so much more of a live sounding kit and adding so much character. Lovely sounding Rim shots and Snares, which again is so vital in this genre which is about giving it that truly authentic sound which still remains so popular today. A very small collection of Percussion elements are included, but that's OK as they are hits which can be programmed in so many ways. Good to see Sampler Patches as always, which opens up so many possibilities along with a Loop Folder, which just gives you so many breaks to work with and mix and match. Bring on Pack 3 if this is the standard.

    Quality guaranteed every time with thes packs and this one doesn't disappoint. So many great sounds to work with. I am so pleased the maschine format is in these packs now and hopefully moving forward. These sounds still have that quality of back in the day with first E-Lab, and Equipped Music, and now carrying on this great tradition of ver classy sounds from Instruments to Hits and Loops, cut up beautifully that still makes sample digging in this format so impressive. As always you get such a generous amount of sounds, and this is no exception with such a variety to choose from and 2 Daw options to get creative. This pack even has Midi, which is so great, the fact they have gone to this trouble speaks volumes. Always looking forward to the next installment to see what's next!

    Jungle Colossus

    Rating: 9/10

    I like the fact you get an original throwback to the early days of Jungle with a modern twist. Very infectious and usable, with hints of Reggae and Dub soundscapes, as you would expect pulsating bass lines with a gnarly synth edge and texture. The beats are solid and give it that authentic feel. Very impressed with the included midi files which are an excellent addition to any sample pack and this one certaintly steps up to that. A really good selection overall.

    Was very keen to do a review on this pack. As i heard the demo and had a classy approach to this genre defining music. When Ska is done right then if you know you know. A wealth of sounds to delve into. I really like the histrionics of these sounds as it has a sound of a bygone era, but very firmly in the future. The Horns are exceptional, so warm and a great addition to any production, Organ and Keys are so good and you can just use them as they are without too much manipulation. The Drums are really well recorded, and very detail for this era which is so important. A wealth of sounds from Hits, Sampler Instruments,this pack has everything you need and more. excellent

    World Fusion Groove

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack really caught me by surprise, so good and so diverse, and the title dosen't give it a full spectrum of what you can do with the sounds included. Really beautifully crafted, so intimate and the word is groove so lush and sounds so windscreen. Every aspect can be transcribed into many styles of music and what I love most of all is its genre defining and know label can describe this. Again a rich assortment of sounds to dig into. For me I will be using this pack for a long time, discovering little nuggets and so easy to flip and make your own.

    Really love this Downtempo, Trip Hop, release. So intricate & beautiful with delicate blissful movement musical passage running all the way through this pack. A generous amount of sounds and instruments to dig through as you explore into a exciting wealth of honey dripped & exquisite ambient soundscapes. You get Percussion, that will fit so neatly into your arrangements, a great selection of Synths loops and hits, that set the scene and give you immediate ideas to sketch with. Textures are so nice, then you get Bass sounds very small folder for these which is a bit of a shame but you do get a good amount of bass hits. Drum loops are very good with great production and patterns, very usable. Haunting Vocals adding to a sonic picture frame for adding lovely melodies. You also get FX and Sampler Instruments. There is everything in this release to inspire your next arrangement.

    Icicle - Deep Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Moody, brooding, oh yeah love it, great vibes on this release. Really well produced. The first think I liked about this was the atmospherics and the delicate yet heavy hitting beats with low end resonance Very generous amount of sounds, with a great range and variety. I don't really want to give this a genre specific title, as this pack can be used in so many ways. Production values are high, but no surprise there. From Full Loops to Synths, to Bass sounds, Pads Drones etc - I could go on. There is everything here to make any moving and evocative music you desire with an underlying soundtrack backdrop, but also cross over to late night dark roomed venues and soak up the atmosphere.

    Pure class on this release, As soon as I heard this pack, I had to check it out. Really top drawer, and I'm hoping there's a follow up - that's how good this is. The production on this pack is so good. I hope they introduce construction kits and elements as this would be a great tool box. Every sound is so usable and I like the unique sound palette to this as it has it own sound, very inspiring, and of course there is a jazz influence, with touches of a nostalgic past, which I love. Very soulful, the drum patters are so infections and so so tight with a real live feel, but really well programmed.

    Hip Hop Lunar Cycles 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Really like this pack, full of great instrument choices for a more left field hip hop backdrop. But offers so much more from the Lofi to the abstract. Firstly one of things I look for in any pack is if it includes Midi, and yes this does which is excellent, this is also great as you are able to shape any sound you want and in any way with a great selection. Bass sounds are really good from the synthetic to an analog feel with a good variety of expressions to fill your speakers. The Drum Loops are so nice, very usable, with know specific genre in mind, giving you so many options to go anywhere with your overall productions .Also very simple patterns but that's really nice giving you tight grooves. Next you get a Music folder with a good range of sounds with lots of usable content, also giving you the ability to really layer the sounds with a choice of Synths to Pianos, Guitars and Music Box and more. Pads are next really nice that can instantly inspire you, also help with a good starting point to build from with fluttering sounds to swirly and shimmering atoms. Finally you get a small selection of Percussion and FX which you can add that final sound design across your tracks.

    Atmo Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Melodic and lush sounding pack with a liquid cinematic feel, but also can fit into any modern music composition with now specific genre label. Captured really nicely here, with a moving and evocative sound palette. Your first offering delving into this pack is, you get a good selection of Atmospheric Loops which are really nice and set a great scene for building your next composition. Bass sounds are nice from the squelching to gnarly and low end subs and a good choice to choose from. Drum loops are next with again a good selection and a good pattern flow to give movement to your beats. FX are great - a really good offering of sounds to add dynamics and punch from Impacts to Sweeps and a variety of miscellaneous choices also. Melody folder is where this pack comes into its own, really well put together, lovely piano and strings with synth and guitars to set your productions apart. Giving you a good starting point to evolve your arrangement into a fully finished track. You get Midi which is great and a real stand out, as you can take all elements from this pack from the Bass to the Melodics and reinvent time after time with total flexibility. More Drums are also included with some half time loops and again a good variety of choice to get the right beats to fit into your final production. One Shots are a nice addition with a plethora of sounds from Chords, Bass, Crashes to Hi Hats and much more. Vocal loops are also included as well as rex files for even more flexibility for your Daw of choice along with Sampler patches which is excellent.

    Nu Jazz & Hip Hop Rhodes

    Rating: 10/10

    RV Sample Packs always come up with some tasty offerings, and this is no exception with the Rhodes piano selection. They are always on point with the funky soulful side of their libaries but also with a great nod to the past with that early and late 70s class and retro feel but future proof. You get Rex Files, very nice giving you a variety of software and Daws choice to chop and flip and shape to your individual sound design. Rhodes Hits are nice as you get Major and Minor giving you the option to put into your sampler. So pleased to see Sampler Patches with a variety of options for you to use giving you even more creativity to explore and get deeper into this pack. Finally you get the Wav loops in two folders from 80bpm to 95bpm with a generous selection nice loops. The licks are really well recorded and performed and are so usable with a broad spectrum giving you so much scope and choice on how you can use these sounds with no genre limitations. A timeless classic - hope there is a follow up with a midi folder included next time offering even more choice that will give it the ultimate flexibility.

    Atmospheric Chill Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Some sample packs may go under the rainbow, but this is truly beautiful. If your into cinematic electronica with a deep chill vibe then this pack delivers on every level. You get all the files to construct your own atmospheric arrangments, very detailed sounds that deliver a haunting backdrop to your next production with the abillity to go in to any style and direction of music. The first time you look through sounds you get an insperation folder breaking down elements of the tracks to give you a great starting point tracked out as stems which is great. Then your given a loop pack which gives you more scope to sound design your own musical pallets. One of my favourite parts of any sample libiary is you get the midi files, which in my view opens up endless possibilities with maximum flexibility. Having a selection of one shots is so good as this helps you to truly have the ability to make the sounds unique, giving you the option to change the whole way you arrange the sounds to suit your own productions. Finally getting the presets is so good as you can experiment in so many ways, giving you the ability of having a pack with a long shelf life, to keep you coming back to.

    Atmospheric Chill

    Rating: 9/10

    The quality of these packs really stand out and have a really timeless quality with a moving and evocative take on electronic music but giving you so much more. Really rich elements of sounds here to start building soundscapes. No construction kits in this version which is a shame, but that aside you get all the elements to write some truly lush and ambient tracks, from moving dark brooding synth Baselines, to really detailed drum loops really nicely contructed with not just a boring looped beat but intricate programming which is great and makes your rhythms more interesting. To add to the mix you get atoms sonds and field recording which have be very tastefully delivered and extremely useful which have been sensitively put together which is know surprise. Synth Loops are really good and very evocative of the over all style for this genre of music, melding so many styles and textures. You get a small selection of vocals that will give you that extra layer and dynamic to add to your mixwhich could come in useful. getting the Midi for me is the icing on the cake as gives you the ability to do what every you want and reshape the selected sounds provided interms of Pads, Keys, Synths. Also included are One Shots providing more scope and options to your over all ideas and arrangements .

    Hybrid Electronica

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is so infections it delivers on so many levels, on hearing it i really loved the production really well constructed and so good. What struck me was the inventive nature of rhythms of the Drums, so much detail even though the may be in 4/4 they are so intrestding with really nice programming with a great selection to work with. Nice Atmos Loops with a wide selection of sounds moving, and evovolving soundscapes from Drones, Ring Mods, to Violin Pizz and so much more. Really musical baselines that are really nice just on their own, but when added as part of an ensemble with the sound provided, are even better also you get brooding and heavy squelching elements to give you even more punch and texture. FX loops are nice and really interesting and very useable giving you a hybrid of sounds when layered, making your track stand out. Music loops are so lush and varied, giving you so many directions on were you may want to go with your writing, from the glitchy to the very beautiful and you will be able to build with endless options. Vocal loops are haunting and really useful to add even more interesting layers. Finally you get One Shots which is good as they are key labelled for putting across you samplers and coming up with your own unique sounds. Would have been a a great bonus if their was midi included, but is not a deal breaker.

    Disko Tekk

    Rating: 10/10

    I always look forward to Niche Audio realeaes their is always a masterful authenticity to everything they do, especially there Dub and D&B packs. Again they have excelled again with their retro / future offering with vibes of the early dance music from the early days of New York & Chicago. Simply blissful with tinches of jazz, with the main template being house in its classy form but also can work in any genre which is so clever. Incredibly detailed which is know surprise to anyone who has discovered & purchased their sounds. I really like that you get Maschine and Ableton templates as you can see the constructions of tracks but also being able to deconstruct and reasemble in any configuration giving you so many possibilities. You have Chord Hits which are so delightful & useable in any production, Drums are excellently programmed, but giving you the option to chop, flip in anyway you like. The Bass sounds are so good, they are warm which just punch through & give your tracks that vital ingredient for a polished production. Plenty of One shots & instrument Hits to add even more depth to your arrangements which again offers a endelles resourse money cant buy. Delicious attention to detail which allows your creativity flow.

  • On hearing Adam at the Royal Alber Hall With Goldie, and then discovering he had a sample pack, I knew I had to get it. If your drummer is unavailable for a session or your drum library just wont cut it. Dont worry this pack has you covered in so many ways, you have stems tracked out from full Drum Loops, individual hits its all here its excellent. A real treat if your looking for syncopated beats in the style of D&B but this is so much more and genre defying, the level of detail is amazing but not a surprise. Such a jewel to have all the folders with tempo and styles and various version of Loops, Breaks, and so much detail in Drum Hits, Drum Roles, the Hi Hats are so detailed with great groove, know drum machine programming here purely live and direct with such a great tone and warmth, the recording of these drums are top draw. So useable and is the perfect addition to your drum sound resourses. The rhythm patterns are absolutely fantastic and the fact you get all the elements broken down to their individual elements is priceless. You will come back to this pack time after time truly inspiring.

    Late Night Grooves 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Really great pack, having the option to hear the demos and then when you get to dig deeper in to all the sounds, you start to hear a sophisticated sample library. As the name suggest you truly get that night time vibe, very atmospheric but above all jazzy which I love and great to have volume 2 in this collection. Full to the brim of everything you need to create authenitc grooves that have that timeless quality. From Bass instruments which automatically gets your creative juices going, warm and deep with true live feel, Full Drum Sets and loops Hits, and Rides, lovley detail and the fact you get the kicks and snare so you can build back from stems. Organs, keys are so good with that warm feeling but also spikey and in your face to lock down the groove within this sample pack. You get Multis which is great and also the fact you get soft sampler instruments is another excellent addition, would be great to get midi files but can let that slide as the pack is so good. Looking forward to more of these samples as its a virtual crate digging delight.

    Future Deep Disco

    Rating: 10/10

    Apollo sounds deliver a really great pack, some how managing to get that old skool disco vibe with a very modern approach without compromising the original music arrt form. This sound pack is choc full of sounds, really impressive with quality from the moment you dig deep inside. I love the fact you get a massive folder of midi files which is a really great addition, this gets overlooked by so many other sound pack designers as this gives producers, sound designers, song writers etc, the oppourtunity to expand the packs shelf life. In this case, this pack will have you coming back for more. The versatilty of this pack is huge & cant be underestimated extremley generous offering as you can expand these sounds to any given genre, their are know limits on your imagination. I like spending time with these packs as it's like going through a needle on a record to get that golden nugget, finding a gem sample. You get sampler instruments, again full of sounds for working in more detail across most DAW'S which is excellent. You even get presets which is a great addition & shows attention to detail, and you know you have been given a quality pack. Very impressive. Sound quality is truly great & hope their is a part 2.

    Smokers Blend 3

    Rating: 10/10

    RV Sample Packs are increasinly becoming my go to sound librarys, in particular the Smokers Blend Series, or should I say Trilogy..... As they are just so good. I love the fact the sounds have that classic sound the 70's vibe with the future styles of today fusing old skool Funk, Jazz, with Golden Era Hip Hop with a firm eye on the future. Always looking out to see what they are going to come up with next. Well I am happy to say this does not disappoint, really love the Boom Bap vibe also with a dusty timeless feel whats not to love. As soon as you open the sound pack, you are given a huge choice which is so good, your very own sound source to great sample material to chop, slice, & re invent your true classic. Beautifully recorded Keyboard sounds, sultry synths with a new age space funk vibe really nice indeed. Beats are knocking & so well programmed & have a nice jazzy swing. Bass sounds are so good just holding their space, but giving that warm fuzzy vibe. You get Brass & Woodwind which is so nice to have a ensanble of sounds at your finger tips, also fusing jazzy Guitar licks. Oh yes it gets better as you are treated to sampler instruments which takes you to anywere you want to go & lets your imagination run riot. All their is left to say is may the trilogy of sounds continue.


    Rating: 10/10

    Ghost Syndicate have got it spot on with this pack. Hauntingly beautiful, but heavy which I love. Really cinematic and dramatic, really well put together. I really love the fact you get the tracked out individual Beats, so you get a full versions & the the seperate hits, which is so good & we are seeing more of this which is good as you get a chance to see how beats wre constructed with being able to utilise every element. A very decent size sound libiary, with plenty of choice, really like the Instrument Loops really well put together and sound really nice, from mellow & beautiful Piano's to agressive Synths. I really like this contriction of sounds as you can build very dramitic & tence arrangements for your latest production. You get a good selction of Bass, Atmos Loops, with percussion & FX. A real shame their is know choice of Sampler Instruments, but its not a deal breaker but it would be a nice addition.

    Really nice pack from looptone they always have very intresting library's and ocassionally you get one that stands out. I really like the production thats gone into this pack, very detailed beats extremley useable loops and you can use them in a variety of ways. Also you get separate drum parts to fully immerse yourself creatively. The Instruments loops are really good with a nice sound palette, some beautiful and lush piano soundscapes, with pads, vocals, and a wide mix of sounds to set you on your musical journey. What I really like about all these sound is they dont restrict your ability to create any genre of music, which is so good allowing you to be free to construt your very own sound which can be truly unique. What would have been nice, is to have a choice of formats and patches, to extend the ability to have more flexibly.

    Timeless classic from Rawcutz, and so pleased to have this part of my sound libiray. Really love all the elements of this pack, full to the brim of excellent content. You will be spoilt for choice with some of the best sounds around in this genre of music, your imagination and ideas are truly endless, it's like walking into a record store and you have the best bits of sounds & music at your disposal. Golden age of hip hop, breakbeat culture, with funk, jazz, and everything in between. So much detail love the DNA of the sounds as every sound compliments one anther. In the true style of chopping up samples and being able to put across your drum machine or your keyboard in true style of triggering samples open up your imagination in so many ways. This will transport you back in time, but will also keep you working way into the future, a tresure trove you will be discovering sounds for a very long time.

    Dub Noire

    Rating: 9/10

    Ghost Syndicate are really coming up with some really great packs, and occasionally some really resinate. I love the authentic sounds that give you that dark atmospheric soundscape you could easily hear in a underground club anywere in the world right now, particulary in the genre of electronica & dub specific genres. Its brooding and thought provoking with heavy bass synth sounds and synth melodics and fx with nice beats. The pack is small but very useful, and hope they grow this style and genre with a follow up, as the sounds are spot on and hopefully look forward to hearing what they may come up with next.

    Future Funk & Soul 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Really look forward to the RV Samplepacks, and the series of Future Funk & Soul. You get exactly what it says on the tin. Beautifully crafted production with crystal clear clarity, so inspiring and top level sounds which will keep your creative juices following for a very long time. You get a folder full of Bass Loops, from squelchy synth lines to really nice electric bass sounds full of that future and past funk vibes. Then you get Drum Loops to kick off your productions with icluded percussion parts, a great wide range of choice, and so easy to mix and match loops. The music loops are really great with so much choice and really well performed and authentic sounding, from Piano's Pads, keys, Brass, you name it, it's in here very classy indeed. You get Midi files which is always excellent, Rex files for even more flexibilty, Sampler Patches which is so good to create your own sound design also you get a folder with Sounds and FX

    Very nice sounds, and imediatley addictive, really great production and you will be going back to this pack time after time, with so much varitety and endless possibilities depending on how you utilise the sounds included. Having these sounds available in Massive format gives you the opportunity to push the envelope with all sounds included and really shaping these sounds included in any way you want. You start by getting a folder full with presets, but this doesn't mean you just settle for the stock sounds provided as this is such a great oppourtunity to flex and bend these sounds in away you desire using your own creativity. Ranging from Stabs,. Bass, FX, Leads, Pads, with excellent sound design. You get Midi Files so your able to stretch time in away you want and change your sounds with any instrument you want and completley change the flow of sounds. Finally you get a folder with bonus audio which is so good giving you the starting blocks to write or produce your next Liquid Drum & Bass track, really nice addition.,

    High standard Liquid Drum & Bass in this sound pack, really well put together with a touch of class. The Bass sounds are really good, gnarly and very useable with a really nice low end tone. A vairety of different loops to choose from, also includes the Midi parts which is excellent to sculpt your own bass parts. Drum and Percussion loops are really useful and well constructed and not just your standard kick snare hi hat patterns for this genre, these loops have detail and movement which are infectious and have a great flow particularly the Break Beats. You get Fills which are very nice a along side Rides and Shakers. You get Keys which are very beautiful and really help to set the story line for your next track and not genre spacific, giving these sounds longjevity with the ability to cut up and resample yourself to come up with something unique. A nice choice of loops here. Synths are next and so good, as soon as you hear them you can already visualise were they may sit in your next production, nice clarity and have a timeless quality. Vox loops can be useful if you need to add vocal edits to your track, again you can cut them up and warp and sound design in anyway you want. You get all Midi Loops included, really pleased to see the Drum Parts included which is quite rare in most packs, so they have gone to the effort to supply you with all the production tools you will ever need. The One Shots in this pack gives you the option to construt all the seperate elements in anyway you want, which gives you the ability to come up with your own bespoke sounds. Finally Sampler Patches, really like having the ability to go deeper into all the sounds, you can take them in so many directions opening up so many possibilities.

    Smokers Blend

    Rating: 10/10

    Always Keen to check out the sound packs from RV, and never disapointed when it comes to their dusty blend of Jazz Breaks, Classic Old Skool Hip Hop, with a classic touch of Jazzy Blue Note instrumentation. From the get go you get 4 folders full to the brim of everything you could want, starting with Rex files which is so good for flexibility into loading into vaviours Daws or Samplers. Then you get Sampler Patches, whats not to love, this is where your creativity can take your production to another level and in any direction you want, and take total control of the instrument patches. Included next is the Sounds and FX, firstly you get all the Drum Hits you would ever need from Cymbals, Hats, Kicks, Percs, Snares, this is so good were you can start proggramming your own beats from Boom Bap, to Jazz, Bass Hits, Piano, Chords, you name it's all in here, not forgetting vocals and synths. Finally if that wasnt enougn you get the last folder of Wav files, over flowing with all the instruments you could wish for, truly superb. If I was being ever so picky, I would love to see midi files in these packs, but this is just a minor obsevation in the grand scheme of things. This is a must for any producer songwriter etc looking for the perfect classick pack of sounds for this genre.

    RV knock it out the park again, with a chilled venture into Chilled Hip Hop, On first hearing this pack, it was a no brainer wanted to have this in my collection. Great vibes from the off, and gives you the ability to utilise this pack in so many ways and direction when incorperating in your productions. 5 folders full with lots of all that good stuff, starting with Drum Hits, which is great as this is great for getting ideas quickly and having corresponding instruments to work in key if you choose. Next folder is midi, oh yes love the premise of midi out skool protocol, but future proof in terms of what you can do, allowing your creativity to take you anywhere with ability to stretch, play with time and tempo with the ultimate flexibility. you get the Bass, Drum files which so good, and finally music parts. Rex files again give you that flexibility to rearrange and flip to your hearts content giving you the ability to come up with something new and unique. Sampler patches, are great as you can get deep into your productions, and giving you the ability to layer, match your aarangement tempo and some, giving you lots of control to minipulate the sounds in anyway you choose. The final folder has all the sounds in Wav, with a all the content to creat in this sub genre with Bass, Drums, and music.

    Hip Hop Soul

    Rating: 10/10

    Really loving the sounds of RV Samples in the genre of classic Soul Hip Hop, with Lovley touches of nostalgia from the classic days of early to mid seventies with the golden era of funk, soul, and jazz to modern day production. Giving you the instant create digging varitey of sounds. Starting with Midi Files, which is already going to give you the ability to be the best beat making architect, laying the foundation of creating your own sound unique to your production style. Digging deep into the Rex Files, you can chop up sounds from Vox, Drum Loops, Instrument Loops, also Synth and Bass. Sampler Patches included for most daw requirements, were you can start perfecting your Drum Production. Final folder of 5 is the individual sounds broken down to Bass, Drum Loops, FX and Vocal Loops, if that wasnt enough you get all the Instrument Loops from Keys, Horns, Strings, Guitars to Harps so much choice, but all really well produced giving a classic sound pallet for your next track.

    On Hearing this pack I knew it was instantly a classic and essential pack I had to have. Really great production the quality of sounds are top draw and has such a true and authentic feel with a timeless quality. The packs comes in 6 kits all meticulous recorded with individual arrangements, small but perfectly formed and in this case less is truly more. You have everything you need to get a classic soulful, funk, downtempo and any groove based sound right away which contains music loops, from Bass, Synths, Guitar, Strings, Keys and so much more. On first opening the pack you may feel your unable to construct your own arrangements but it becomes very clear when you see the Midi Folder, which for me and is always worth it's weight in gold for any pack, giving you so much flexibility forming limitless ideas. This is were you can truly stretch the boundaries of what you want to create & keep creating. Truly excellent.

    Nu Disco & Boogie

    Rating: 10/10

    Quality shines out in this pack, really well constructed it's like digging through dusty creates searching for that elusive sample or break. You will not be disappointed straight up and from the get go you are greeted with individual folders filled to the brim with Bass Loops, Drums, Guitar, Keys, Percussion and synths giving you a firm foundation to start a future classic, but all the tools to have the authentic sound of the past insuring your productions are future proofed. The pack come in Wav, and Rex format, so you still have a great deal of flexibility and having a modern Daw you can chop, flip and stretch the sounds to how you want. The sounds are so good and well recorded, the Bass loops are gritty funky and dripping with sweet funk and soul from acoustic bass to the synth bass they all sound tight. Drum loops are crisp and well put together from the Hi Hat patterns sizzling so clear, and the overall drums loops have such a honest authenticity, if you love your beats, you wont be disappointed. Guitars have a nice feel and extremely usable. Keys are so good and have a lush feeling giving you instant inspiration, a great selection of loops that would fit in any style of music. Percussion sounds are so usable, you can drop them into your production to add that extra layer & detail to your next track. Synth sounds are great as they fit this style perfectly, really nicely recorded to give a authentic yet modern feel.

    A decent array of sounds in the genre of Dub. You get Rex Files, Sampler Patches, Sound FX and a Wav folder. The pack has a more modern feel of dub, with the majority of sounds being synth sounding including the instrumentation from the bass loops which are very usable giving your speakers that low end rumble to your speaker box. Drums have been nicely programmed giving you loops & individual hits with a generous selection. You have 3 guitar loops, which you can chop & flip if you need to give yourself more options. Horns are a small variety of horn lines, with a choice of echo, filter, or phaser fx. You get Keys that give you a good option and choice to start your tracks off setting the sound palette for your next dub-plates. Finishing off with a small collection of synths that could fit in most genre.

    Digital Dub Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is full of quality with the authentic sounds of Dub Drums & Beats for the digitized future but also retains the full weight of this genres heritage. Excellently put together, but this comes as know surprise with the team behind the production. I have been working with the sounds extensively over the last few weeks & so many ideas have materialized, the choice is vast. You are first greeted with Rex Files, which straight away offers you instant flexibility, in opening the files in the program of your choice & also giving you so many options to plan your programming needs. You also get Wav format with a variation of Drums from the full mix down, to Percussion options, which is great as you have so many ways to use these sounds & mix & match in any order that suits your needs which is really great. Finally you get the Kits & Patches this is were the treasure trove of sounds are hidden giving you total separation of every element this is so good. For any producer, songwriter, who loves creating the sound of dub in the modern era you get an education on the building blocks of this style of music. You have been given a small road map & template layout that gives you all the tools to start creating right away. A truly timeless pack you can you use again & again.

    This pack has the elements of times gone by, but the future is clearly in focus. I love the nostalgia aspect of these sounds which will fit so neatly in any of your productions. Really well detailed, & lots of choice. You get Tops & Percussion loops which are great with real clarity & very usable with a wide range of sounds. Moving on to the synth folder you get Riffs, Arps, & Chords this is were you see a meeting of the past & future, which is really highlighted, I really like this as it works really well on making things current but having a authenticity of a 80's feel. You also get synths tops, although a very small amount of files but could come in very useful to shape your main sound ideas. The Bass folder is were I feel this pack excels, I feel a lot of thought has gone into getting the sounds just right with a really great vintage warm feel. I like how the Bass loops flow & this gives you a lot of choice on how you could mix them into your next arrangement. You get a very generous helping of Drum loops, & I have to say they are very nice, I Like some of the drum machine loops that give you a blast from the past, but giving also giving you the opportunity to give them a modern twist, also a good bundle of modern drum loops having a very current & up to date sound palette. Hits Folder you get FX, Synths, Multi's which has a generous choice of sounds which are extremely usable, you also get Sampler Patches which is always a good thing in my mind, as this always opens up deeper possibilities to dig deep into every sound in detail. Finally you get a few Midi options, which I always feel is a positive bonus as this is the only way to get true flexibility & create your own sound & style within this genre.

    Neo Jazz Funk

    Rating: 10/10

    As soon I saw this pack, I new I was going to love it, & was not disappointed. Really well recorded & beautifully executed, with the vibe & authenticity of the golden era of jazz & the class of the 70's funk sounds mixed in great detail, with a modern Neo soul. A winning combination & great live elements through out. I begin with the Bass, oh yes warm vintage vibes really well played & performed & clear, you can hear every note with a great choice of notes especially on the live recorded bass parts. Synth Bass parts are really good, funky as you like.... Really deep. The Drums, all I can say is excellent, truly on their game here with really great playing, the live drum loops have been recorded brilliantly & have a wonderful feel very tight. If you don't have your own drummer in the studio, you do now, in this genre melding funkiness. Every element in the drum recording is present from the high hats, kicks, snares, I also love the detail of the push & pull especially on the off beats & ghost notes with a natural shuffle & feel & you get the variation of same loop to give you movement throughout your next arrangement. The Guitars are so lush & I could be in the heart of downtown New York or Philadelphia in the golden era of the 70's were the recordings & musicians were top notch with shimmer & with class. Keys / Piano's are next & the class keeps flowing with such a great choice of sounds & loops, the thought & quality is truly evident in the process in the making & recording of these sounds. It feels like being in a secession with Roy Ayers & immersing yourself into the world of great sessions players & everyone is on top of their game, a lovely array of Electric Piano, Organs, & Pianos. Simply timeless. The percussion Loops are so sweet & really usable with that old skool vibe, & will fit into your production so nicely only to enhance your production & arrangements. Love the synth loops, only a few, but less is more & really nice feel to give you a starting point to create something really nice. With the added bonus of having rex files. I hope there is a Part 2 of this pack, with some added lush strings of the Philly sound of the 70's now that would be perfection.

  • Soulessence Complete

    Rating: 10/10

    A hidden gem, love this pack, full to the brim of quality sounds very classy. From Ableton ready instruments to session files broken down for you to flip and create your own composition. Attention to detail is clear from this soulful yet jazz library with a modern and future twist. It is excellent as you go through the various folders, you get separate bass notes, so you can program and put into your favorite sampler giving you that authentic bass sound, so if you bass player goes on holiday you can still get creative.. You get a huge pack of loops from Arps, and even more Bass, the Drums are excellent, from old skool 808's, Live Breaks, & Percussion which are great and giving you that extra texture across your beats. You get midi files, which is so useful and always rate a pack with midi included as this gives you the opportunity to truly make the sounds your own ultimate flexibility. Nice folder of One Shots again a multiple choice of instruments to choose from so you can dive right in and create on the spot. You even get a folder of Presets which is a nice touch and finally Textures folder to add even more detail to your arrangements.

    These guys always come up with the goods, quality throughout and always look out for their packs a wealth of talent involved. This pack is curious which I like, it is a pack which contains stems of fully formed tracks. So you don't get individual sounds or instruments, but you can formulate your own compositions and arrangements. The recordings are excellent and beautifully recorded, extensive instruments stems for each song is great and plenty to pick through and giving you inspiration to pick and choose which is nice. You get Rex Files which is good, as this gives you good flexibility regarding the stems and how you choose to manipulate them.

    Quality sounds, heavyweight yet melodic dub vibes. If you love your Dub, then you know from this producer you're going to get the real deal, always looking out for what he will bring next and you won't be disappointed. In a true style and fashion you get a wealth of sounds in this pack with Rex Files which is great addition and always welcome. Really love the fact you get the Sampler Patches, this is were the pack comes into its own, as you get all the chosen sounds mapped for you, and this gives you the ability to get deep and creative. Authentic Dub Bass brooding baselines, earthquake subs to make your sound system shake. You get wicked Drum Kits and Drums, and love the fact you get the separate stem elements all tracked out for you, really great and broken down to its raw elements. Very nice Brass, excellently recorded and really useful to add to your productions. You get a great pallet of music loops giving you a really nice selection to build your own Dubplate's,, Vocal Shots and Phrases and you even get the Acapellas to add to the mix, FX, included, Guitar Loops which are a plenty. Hope they're will be a part 2 excellent.

    Vintage Electric Piano

    Rating: 10/10

    Exquiset pack really like this. Pure class and so well put together for that vintage sound of the electric piano. You get 6 main wav folders of various tempos full to the brim with chords & riffs giving you authentic sounds and really useable, also a folder in rex formatt for even more flexibility. What I also love is you get a separate folder of the midi files which gives you the ability to do what ever you want with total control, which is so great for maximum creativity & crafting your sound design which is always a bonus. Really well recorded and a perfect addition to your sound library.

    Stunning pack, was really excited to get this. Meticulous attention to detail really well recorded. These guys have done their research and homework at every level of bridging the gap between old skool retro 70's funk & soul and everything in between and firmly in the future and beyond. From the bass sounds including the mini moog and many more well know synth bass generators, funky as you like with a great selection. Drum loops are excellent really have that vintage feel, just like sampling of a record when your deep beat digging, it's all right here for you. Great selection to choose from and the hard work has been done for, in your pursuit of the perfect beat. Keys although not many which is a shame.. would have liked to have seen more, but it truly leaves you wanting more which is a good thing, really nice none the less. You get a great selection of synths and again great detail and care has been crafted to get these sounds to give you authenticity really great. Some nice FX and you get a great inclusion of the rex files which is always good for audio flexibility. Finally you get the sampler instruments which is so good, and this is were you can get creative and sculpt your own sound designs, but still maintaining the heart of this sound library. Would have loved to have a midi option but this is me being picky. Truly great pack, you can use time and time again.

    Really wanted a follow up to this sound pack and was really pleased to see Vol 2. When you get the producer of this calibre on the production you know your going to get quality throughout. Always look forward to his sounds, and was not disappointed. A generous amount to choose from which is excellent. From instrument and drum hits for starting your ideas in this genre which you can experiment with the one shots. Moving through this pack you realise how extensive it is first folder is loaded with bass loops which are really well put together, instantly getting your creative juices flowing, sounds are so good and already setting the scene for your next composition. From Muted bass licks some giving you 2 choices of the same loop but with added scratch textures. You get synth bass choices some pulsating, some dark and evocative of the genre, perfectly captured. Drums loops are excellent, really great good to have the kicks and snares tracked out giving you real flexibility with the separate parts, also those parts broken down even further to give you individual one shots. Heavy vibes here.... crusty as you like and lots of choice. You get fx loops which is so useful setting the over all tone and atmospherics. The music loops are packed full of unique and stunning pallets of sounds that give you you instant building blocks for your arrangements. Really great attention to detail, ranging from synths stabs,, melodic guitars, tripped out arps, keys with dissonant overtones, and haunting vocal loops. Sampler files and Rex Files included breaking down sounds even further giving you the ability to hone your own sound and design giving your tracks true originality.

    Hip Hop Lo-Fi Lab

    Rating: 8/10

    Dusty Melodics filled with static vibes, giving you that true golden age of hip hop sound and a great choice of instruments to make your next classic. Really tasty pack with gritty beats with the boom bap swing, really nice as you get all the building blocks for making your own break beats with loops or separate kicks, snares, hi-hats. Lots of bass to choose from to give you weight, also giving you the added presets to give you total control and inspiration. You get a good selection of instrument loops from guitar, horns, keys, and added samples to give you that authentic touch. Synths are also included to give another layer of texture.

    Dimensions Sounds

    Rating: 10/10

    Ive been working with this pack for a while now and absolutely love it, so inspirational and pure class. This is a treasure trove of sounds, beautifully recorded at the very highest level. You get only audio files, there is no multi-format but don't let that put you off. You get 3 folders with pianos, percussion, and synths, which are so good and you will be using these for a very long time, and timeless is not an understatement. These sounds could be integrated into any arrangement and style of music.

    Quantum Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Big things can come in small packages, first time I heard this pack I knew I had to have it in my sound library. A classic and a must have if you're serious about your Drum & Bass. This pack is minimal in its size but the sounds are great. Really well produced and you can use in any D&B production as it's got all the benchmark qualities to keep your inspiration. From melodic one shots to the full melodic loops, you have a good choice to get your creative juices flowing from very dynamic and heavy to atmospheric. You get FX & loops to add texture to your classic production arrangements. Also included drum one shots which is great so you can get programming your own patterns and beats, from kicks, snares, hi-hats including percussion. Last but not least you get bass one shots, and loops and very nice indeed, to give you that top level bass quake on the sound system heavy vibes to get you up and running quickly to get you inspired.

    I Think this pack has potential, but feels a little lightweight on the whole. It would have been nice to have had more melodic passing notes that pull at your heart strings, with more moving parts with a lush cinematic feel and a dramatic resolve to work with. It does have a emotional elements, but not a variety of useable content to get you fully immersed into writing fully fledged tracks time after time to build long lasting composition. The strongest part of this packs comes into its own when you utilise the sampler Instruments were you can deconstruct & build a composition with the intent of an emotional piece of music.

    This pack instantly takes you back to the funk driven days of the late 70s 80s, but has all the sounds that could work in any of your contempoary composition. A wide variety of sounds, that gives you the ability to instantly start writing and arranging. A great selection of Bass sounds with great grooves from synths sounds to acoustic pallets. Funky Clavinet's with a authentic vibe, you get Keys, Pianos, Rhodes which are really well recorded & very usable with a great variation to set the tone for you tracks. The Strings are nice and have the right mood for this genre, also you get some cool Synths and Pads to throw into your mix adding the right feel to add another layer and texture. This has everything you need to construct your own cool throwback tracks. Very usable, and you will keep finding intresting sounds and instruments for a long time to come.

    Smokers Blend 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Super dope pack, really well put together and classy, a real understanding of jazz vibes, soulful ambience, and knowledge of the boom bap golden era, but funky as you like. Crisp snares, booming kicks, with every sound element clearly defined, really well programmed beats excellently put together. Really great electric pianos, strings, bass, percussion... I could go on about this pack, it is bursting with goodness. A real treasure and if you're into this genre it will have you coming back for more. What you can do with all the sounds is truly limitless, so many options available and can work in most genres of music.

    Live Downtempo

    Rating: 9/10

    Really love this pack, has some great sounds that are so infectious. Beautifully put together and instantly usable, the detail put into these sounds is outstanding a real understanding of melody and soundscapes. You get a large number of Pianos and Rhodes that are full of drama, soulful, and very moving for any genre. The Drum sounds are really well produced with a great sound & a clear distinction of every hit from Kick Drums, Snares and Hi Hats. You also get Midi Drum files which I love and don't get very often which is a real bonus and a excellent addition, this is were you can really craft your own drum patches really satisfying. As you go through this pack there are Synths and Textures which are full of emotive and moving drama giving your tracks a backdrop full of emotion, very usable. This pack is brimming with choice with Hits, Sampler Patches, Rex Files and so much more. A real treasure trove to delve into and a go to pack time after time.

    Momentum, Movement, Atmos, setting you up for a heavyweight delight, love this pack, really great and conceived vision of excellence. Detail is immense, rolling baselines, lush pads, fx synths. Really inspiring without shouting from the rooftops. Very addictive and full of emotion but at the same time heavy and brooding. Lots of choice and having the sampler patches is great so you can delve into all the sounds straight away and immerse yourself even deeper.


    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is so on point, excellent attention to detail in every area. A instant classic & perfection within its genre. You know you're always going to get high quality. The construction in this pack of every sound is top draw. Having the project elements gives you the creative spark instantly, and giving you endless options to create your own heavyweight vibes. Having two masters working on this pack you can't fail to get a true & authentic sound palette. From instruments sets for you to break down & mix & match endlessly, & separate kicks, snares, claps, what's not to love. Great bass lines, FX, and this is just for starters. If you're into sound system culture, dub, and electronica, then you're in for a treat. I hope there is a part 2.

    As soon as you delve deep into this pack you are straight away given a multitude of sounds in very organised folders. The choice of sound are very good. The drums in particular are really nice, very well presented and mixed with swing & sway and really usable a lot of time and effort has gone into the programming. There are lush pads that evolve beautifully, you have a melody section which is great as you're able to start your ideas really quickly and then mix & match sounds effortlessly. You have a varied choice of saxophone and vocals to add even more melodics and FX to tie everything together adding atmos to your overall productions. Having the midi files is always a bonus giving you the ability to craft, design and sculpt your own sounds, which means you're not tempo restricted. If you like your drum & bass downtempo & chilled, you will really like this. Full of emotion you may well be pleasantly surprised.

    Drum & Bass Propulsion

    Rating: 9/10

    Great pack from Salaryman, as you would expect the detail is excellent and his understanding of the true art of Drum & Bass is all here to see. He never fails to give you so many options, but has the ability to make everything work really well, and is excellently put together. As you would expect the drums are tight and heavy, mixed expertly so hardly any effort on your part to get you up and rolling and sounding great instantly. Loving the synths sounds here, they are clear & emotive yet dark and with purpose, giving you all the tools to make some serious block rocking crowd pleasers. The bass sounds are really great and nasty in such a good way, I like the fact you can open the sampler patches and explore the bass sounds even further and at a higher level and get deeper so you can compose your own arrangements with excellence. Midi files are included which I always think is a must nowadays, extending your possibilities even further, you also get a sound folder and fx which are top notch. If you're serious about your craft the possibilities are endless in this pack as you can use these sounds in so many ways, with the knowledge you're given a high level of choice for your next track. You're not done there, you're given percussion files which is a nice touch as i feel that this is an important element to any pack in this genre as this will cement your tracks together nicely, giving you that extra detail you need to tie everything together. I always look forward to Salaryman packs, as you know the quality is always of the highest order.

    Drum & Bass Apocalypse

    Rating: 7/10

    As soon as I heard the demo for this pack I really liked it, instanly draws you in and immediate inspiration is guaranteed. Dark Rolling Break Beats, detailed patterns with really nice rhythms that evolve & grow which gives you the tools to be creative really quickly. The Bass sounds are really infectious, really well put together for any track you decide to build & there is plenty of choice. Synths sounds spiral with lots of atmosphere, also very menacing which gives you a great backdrop to build your next Drum & Bass production. FX and Sounds, Hits and patches are really versatile, which blend really well with all the sounds provided.

    Great pack, really well put together and the detail is well thought out and every sound is truly excellent. A lot of time and effort has been spent on this and really well put together. You instantly get immersed into the world of Synkro weaving so much atmosphere and style which makes this a stand out and unique approach to Drum & Bass. From the bass sounds giving you a dark and brooding starting point, the journey truly begins with pads, pianos, synths, arps, with a small taste of fx which are very useable for so many things, just leaving your imagination the freedom to integrate into your next track. Then you have drum loops and drum parts with that classic half time feel, which sets the scene to go wherever you want to. You can use these sounds in so many ways and always finding elements of this pack very usable, and you can keep delving in at any time, allowing for creativity and inspiration for a long time.

    Really like the feel of this pack as you can construct a beautiful backdrop for your next production and get great results straight away. Extremely diverse sounds, that can't be pigeon-holed or put into a certain genre, as you have the ability to pick and choose what you like to take your next step into creating something special. You can create any style of music with these sounds and instruments that are provided, which won't limit you and your ideas. The Piano sounds add drama instantly and sound great really nice, pads and chords have a great cinematic quality and you're instantly immersed into a musical soundtrack. You have atmos loops that spiral and have a haunting feel but very useful to blend with other instruments included, like the top loops that have a wide range of sounds to draw you in. Very deep, thoughtful and inspiring and certainly not your average set of loops here, really well put together and no doubt you will be going back to it time after time.

  • Really nice pack, with a beautiful selection of loops, a hidden gem for a chilled and cinematic vibe a must for your libiary. Can be used in so many ways, very evocative and pure. Instantly can set the tone of your latest music productions. The pack has a minimal feel but can translate to so many genres of music, from haunting pianos to dubbed out drum loops to one shots, analogue synths that vary from being soft to gritty with a nod to the 80s.

    Really like this pack, it has the sound of the golden age of hip hop, with a great classic jazz vibe. From lush rhodes piano to crunchy clavenet, nice beats, drums have that authentic sound and the one shots give you the flexibility to programme your own patterns, which allows you to be really creative allowing you to come up with so many variations and incorporate into your own sounds. Very useable as you can take something from this pack and apply it to your own arrangements and flip it in your next track. Very nice having the sampler instruments, this is were you can explore and delve in deeper and truly make the sounds provided your own. Great for anyone who wants that Boom Bap vibe but add a touch of class.

    Delve into the dark side of moving shadows and atmospheric soundscapes. Nice pack which makes you want to create something different with a really wide selection of downtempo drum breaks, superb scratching which is really cleverly weeved into the sounds, with heavy synths that then evolve into lush and melcholic sound pallets. From pads, guitar loops, percussion, and drum fx, your are able to tell a story instantly which evokes the early 90 perfectly, but has the future very clearly covered. Sampler patches are provided which gives you even more choice of sounds to utilise giving you endless possibilities for your next masterpiece. I aways look forward to any pack from Dubmatix every sound he produces is on point and his productions are of the highest level and quality. The sounds are great for that soundtrack vibe and love the raw and grittiness but touched with moments of beauty.. This has a timeless feel and you can always hear something different every time you come back to the sounds. The creativity in this pack is superb, very wide ranging and gives you limetless options.

    Jungle DNB

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is full of authentic sounds, taking you back to the times of early warehouse parties and raves, which gives you a fantastic musical ride and retrospective of those days, yet maintaining a current and up to date feel. At your finger tips you have the Blue Print and DNA of Drum & Bass and Sound System Culture with a legedary sound-clash, giving you the tools to create your very own heavyweight Jungle Killa. Really well constructed kits and sounds you can dive into straight away, making it easy to construct your own arrangements really quickly and you will be up and running in know time. The Bass presets and Individual Kicks, Snares, and Hi Hats are excellent for that instant & timeless Jungle sound with great quality Subs and Reece leads to give you that grit to add to your latest production.

    Jazz Notes

    Rating: 10/10

    When I heard this pack I loved it straight away and had to add it to my collection, if you have ever tried to get that original jazz sound from a record or hearing it on the radio and never had the opportunity to hire the great musicians of this golden era and timeless genre to provide the instrumentation or you would try to find the perfect sample, search know more this is perfect for capturing the this great art form. You get that pure sound like it was on vinyl saving you from digging into the creates and using it to craft something new in so many ways. It's like stepping back in time & being in Bird land & the original Blue Note Recordings, really well crafted and you will keep coming back for more, a real gem. Beautifully put together and thought out, and all the sounds are really well recorded from Pianos, Double Bass, and Live Drums. What is also great is you get the song kits which you can dive in and deconstuct and rebuild in anyway for your own productions.

    This is a great pack, I have been enjoying working with all the sounds and especially the sampler patches as this is were the sounds come alive and you can dig deep into being truly creative. Having these signiture sounds at your disposal you have the perfect sound source to make your own productions in which ever genre you produce. Classy as you would expect love the Rhodes sounds, and the Strings are beautiful, the pack also offers individual hits which is great to start developing the foundations of your own arrangements. I suspect you will keep coming back and discovering more great sounds and the many possibilties you can create. Extremely flexible as you would expect from a pioneer in this genre and highly recommended.

    Soulful House Revival

    Rating: 9/10

    If you are looking for high quality sounds from the past present and future, this collection is just what you need. You will want to revisit this pack for inspiration for a long time. Brilliant for so many genres & very inspirational, the bass sounds are top draw & very versatile. From Rhodes Piano, to Lush Pads and Strings, a very authentic sound palette to kick off you next production.


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