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Al Storm

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Originating from the early Nineties Rave scene, and known for his pioneering sound encapsulating a broad range of musical influences, Al Storm (amongst his many aliases), has amassed an extensive and highly eclectic production and remix biography over the last 25 years, covering almost every shade of the dance music spectrum. The list of artists he’s collaborated with, engineered for, or who have employed him to officially remix their work, is as varied as his discography. The likes of The Prodigy, Xilent, Cascada, Liquid, Kutski & Dizzee Rascal, through to Rave Originators, Ellis Dee, DJ Rap, Ratpack, Slipmatt & DJ Seduction are just a few of the headline acts with whom he has worked. In 2009 he signed to the iconic ‘Raver Baby’ label, cementing his status in Hardcore history, and shortly after he won a much coveted ‘Hardcore Heaven Award’ at Westfest in recognition of his work.


  • Absolutely essential pack of Fresh & Funky Brazilian D & B samples! The quality of the beats and all of the loops in the pack are incredible and instantly useable. The Music Loops section is insane, absolutely loaded with samba driven Guitars, Pianos, Organs, Pads & Cavaquinhos that could easily be utilized in any dance genre, not just Drum & Bass.

    Heavy Dubstep Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Another very well constructed pack for the heavier, snarling side of dubstep production, the Inspiration kits alone had me getting off the Xbox and out into the studio to drop some ideas in!. The Drums are all highly useable, tight and punch yas you would expect, and the Bass patches stand out, well programmed, filthy and deep with the added bonus that nearly everything in this pack lends itself across genres seamlessly particularly with Drum & Bass. Seriously heavy and one of the best dubstep packs ive heard for some time, will be absolutely abusing this one sideways!

    Raw Kick

    Rating: 10/10

    A high quality, ear shredding Monster of an Expansion pack for Rob Papen's latest Hardcore focused Kick drum synthesizer. 'RAW'', the presets expand the already solid library with another 84 fresh speaker spanking kick drums and percussion noises with some Impacts and Guitars thrown in for good measure!

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