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Originating from the early Nineties Rave scene, and known for his pioneering sound encapsulating a broad range of musical influences, Al Storm (amongst his many aliases), has amassed an extensive and highly eclectic production and remix biography over the last 25 years, covering almost every shade of the dance music spectrum. The list of artists he’s collaborated with, engineered for, or who have employed him to officially remix their work, is as varied as his discography. The likes of The Prodigy, Xilent, Cascada, Liquid, Kutski & Dizzee Rascal, through to Rave Originators, Ellis Dee, DJ Rap, Ratpack, Slipmatt & DJ Seduction are just a few of the headline acts with whom he has worked. In 2009 he signed to the iconic ‘Raver Baby’ label, cementing his status in Hardcore history, and shortly after he won a much coveted ‘Hardcore Heaven Award’ at Westfest in recognition of his work.


  • Loopmasters have smashed this one! Neuro funk hero Maztek drops one of my favorite packs for a while, the production on the bass lines and drum loops is immaculate, the blend of technological craft & dance floor energy is superb and the Live drum loops were a slightly unexpected bonus, but are one of stand outs for me. Presented with all manor of drum fills, beats, breaks,FX and all the usual formats, REX, sampler patches, basically the pack is sick, and an absolute bargain! buy on sight


    Rating: 8/10

    Ghost Syndicate with another Beasty Drum & Bass pack. Enzyme continues in the Ghost Syndicate tradition with another intelligently produced package. The Bass loops are my favorite, tremendous subs and tear out basslines that just fill those gaps that would take hours and hours to make individual sounds for and give you a great starting point for your tracks, even if its just for ideas. 50+ synth loops and over 100 expertly crafted drum loops supply the rest of the pack along with hundreds of Bass & Drum hits that hit in all the right places, topped off with a cheeky and very useable Ableton drum rack!

    sound system slapped slab of heavyweight fresh dub and dancehall vibes that literally tears the house down!. Vibronics have stacked this sample pack side to side with over a gig of supreme quality content, really high quality Horns, Bass & Guitar loops (as you would expect!), really feeling the music loops, guitars and brass, bass etc.. All spread across a variety of tempo's from 90 to the 150 mark. All the loops sound immaculate and are expertly recorded and sequenced. Basically everything you need and more so smash out the Dancehall Vibes!

    Black Noise Warehouse

    Rating: 8/10

    Bit of an older one but still stands out in the crowd as exceptional, even with the current high standards Monster Sounds have set! I picked this up because I was after some of that classic warehouse vibe, and I have probably used something from this pack in every session since, great tight loops, sinister chords and vibes from every era and style of rave can be found, I've drifted more to the music and percussive loops but the whole pack is absolute gold!

    Salaryman has unleashed another great installment of the DNB Propulsion series, nearly 3 gig of superbly crafted loops and samples fit for any productions from beginner to seasoned pro. Salaryman has clearly put a lot of attention to detail into this one, the drum loops and top loops are great, slipping into a backing beat with ease to add that little extra something. basically another massive value for money pack from LM with everything you'll need to fill out your DNB productions.

    Reso absolutely bringing the Drum & Bass fire for this one, really impressed with the drums in this one, all super tight and hit in all the right places, add a few carefully selected loops from the percussion folder and you've got instant vibes!. The bass sounds and loops for me edge a bit closer to the neuro side of things but with a bit less on the distortion side so perfect to fit into most productions, just add your own to taste! Again though hugely impressed with the Atmospheric loops, really smooth and perfect background vibes for productions across the board, massive pack!

    Fantastic collection of melodic and chilled vocals from the very uniquely voiced Avenax, some really very well written acapellas and full songs with a nice fresh flava to them. Dabro is fast becoming a go-to label in my Loopcloud browser, and this one sits amongst the other greats nicely! there really. is everything you need in here whether its backing beds or ad libs for padding out tracks or just smashing the whole acapellas with song sheets, midi files, stems the lot.. well worth the funds!

    Dark Bass Vol.3

    Rating: 9/10

    Blam! Dark Bass 3 continues the Ghost Syndicate line with another monster bass driven immaculately produced package with around 40 Fresh Bass loops, 50+ synth loops over 100 drum loops and separate stems sitting around the dubby 130bpm mark. Particularly impressed with the one shots in this package, hundreds of Bass & Drum hits that have slipped seamlessly into some of my recent tracks and just add that nice something to fill the gaps, awesome pack!

    Another monster pack of epic soundscapes and ethereal vocal beds that sit smoothly in the mix with little or no extra processing, the Inspiration kits are ready made anthem material, but the real fun is in the loops and one shots, helping you create your own perfect backing bedding. An epic array of abstract beds, trailer style melodies and pads all key labelled, even. war chants, vocal phrases and eerie piano parts, along with some Ableton Live project files make this an absolute beast of a pack!

    Loopmasters have unleashed another filth driven drum and bass serum pack. The heavy and very fresh sounding Neurofunk patches are superb, and a great basis for for your own sounds or even straight out the box, piercing synths and speaker pounding bass patches are the order of the day, instantly usable and with serums immaculate engine, completely twist-able to your own taste, and once again you get some great examples as WAV & MIDI loops as standard!

    Enormous slab of fresh dub and dancehall riddims, literally stacked side to side with over 3 gig of content, really high quality Vocals and acapellas, really feeling the music loops, guitars and brass, bass etc.. All spread across a variety of tempo's right up to Drum & Bass speed helping this whole pack shift seamlessly into Jungle territory as well as anything in between.

    Junglist Workout

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters have enticed 2 of Jungle's Biggest, Baddest Heavyweight to team up and drop the ultimate Jungle / Drum & bass sample pack that fits comfortably with just about every rave genre from jungle/dnb to breaks, old School rave and beyond! The beats are produced to high modern standards and have been organized into individual hits, and even half tempo for those pushing the downtempo vibes! Tonnes of music loops, skanks, sax and the usual reggae vibes, huge array or instantly usable or twist-able bass samples, dub vocals and those stand out jungle SFX! will be absolutely rinsing this pack!

    Tech heroes Fourward have unleashed an amazing speaker spanking drum and bass serum pack, for such an incredible synth most of the packs ive seen lately have been dubstep, house/ electro based which all work for DNB but its good to see Loopmasters have brought out a whole series recently, all of equal high quality. The dirty bass sounds, searing synths and pads are exactly as you would expect, instantly usable and with serums engine, completely twist-able to your own taste, cant fault it.. I would expect anyone who saw a Fourward bank to buy on sight anyway!

    Absolutely essential pack of Fresh & Funky Brazilian D & B samples! The quality of the beats and all of the loops in the pack are incredible and instantly useable. The Music Loops section is insane, absolutely loaded with samba driven Guitars, Pianos, Organs, Pads & Cavaquinhos that could easily be utilized in any dance genre, not just Drum & Bass.

    Heavy Dubstep Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Another very well constructed pack for the heavier, snarling side of dubstep production, the Inspiration kits alone had me getting off the Xbox and out into the studio to drop some ideas in!. The Drums are all highly useable, tight and punch yas you would expect, and the Bass patches stand out, well programmed, filthy and deep with the added bonus that nearly everything in this pack lends itself across genres seamlessly particularly with Drum & Bass. Seriously heavy and one of the best dubstep packs ive heard for some time, will be absolutely abusing this one sideways!

    Raw Kick

    Rating: 10/10

    A high quality, ear shredding Monster of an Expansion pack for Rob Papen's latest Hardcore focused Kick drum synthesizer. 'RAW'', the presets expand the already solid library with another 84 fresh speaker spanking kick drums and percussion noises with some Impacts and Guitars thrown in for good measure!

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