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Magnus Asberg

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After earlier years playing hip hop and rock, Magnus first caught the fever for house music in 1985. Since then he’s honed his craft amongst the best there is, pushing the sound everywhere and anywhere he’s been. Unsurprisingly, a DJ career that has lasted more than 20 years has seen Magnus play at (probably) hundreds of clubs and parties all across Europe. From world renown super-clubs like Fabric through mountain-side bars to hard-to-find warehouses in a city near you, this man has done ‘em all. Having DJed (and, of course, partied) with a who’s who of the Tech House and Deep House over the years as well as over a decade with the UK’s South Coast’s favourite, Positive Soundsystem, it is with this crew that he has defined his sound , playing to some of the most demanding and loyal party people, building a strong underground following. Magnus currently holds down several residencies in his Brighton hometown as well as in London and Sweden. Check the site for updates and party plans. Almost 3 years down the line, Magnus’s recording project C-Soul has become a popular addition to his DJ work. Involving a fluid and groovy collective of like minds (keyboards, sax, vocals and percussion), the name has appeared on labels like Flyagaric Trax, Is This, DiY Discs and Suspect Package and of course his own On The House label. Whilst Magnus holds down a busy DJ schedule, C-Soul are available for bookings as well. Although in it’s early days, On The House has already lined up names like Jay Cowley, Nathan Coles, Colin Dale, Toka Project and Rithma (vocals) for releases and remixes. Future releases have been appreciated across Europe and America by a long list of established DJs.


  • So another ace sample pack from Loopmasters. There is a lot of good stuff in this pack. There is so many many bass loops really good ones to the acid loops are a nice touch. Very high quality on all the sounds in this pack. Drum construction kits are very useful when you arranging a track could have been a few more of these. The drum loops are broken down to suite any producer Vox & efx folder is good to but again could have beeen more but saying that it has so much content in this pack very value for money. The synth loops are cool to and there is plenty of one shoots to and some good sample patches there for all leading plugin samplers. This is a cool sample pack that has everything you need to make a complete track. Highly recomended.

    This pack is cool always liked Spettro as a producer so no wonder this pack is a good one. Well crafted loops. Very nice to see detailed key description. Drum loops are split up in differant sections full loops are tight with not to much going on and then hi & tom perc are very usefull. The Synth & bass loop are so good. And you got a lot of patches and samples for most key samplers on the market. I bet the serum patches are good to but i haven't tried them yet but will do when i get a chance. This pack is for the minimal deep house producer thats for sure. Very high quality loops. patches and one shoots on display here.

    Vocals With Attitude

    Rating: 8/10

    This vocal pack is pretty cool if you like your rnb and could work with other music styles to like deep house/bass house and more. It's a nice touch to have the text for the lyrics in the pack not sure if i seen that before? All loops got the key what note it's sung in which is essential for a vocal pack. I haven't had a chance to check out the presets for the various samplers but it is compatible with pretty much all of the main ones out there. The install guide is very easy to read and got color pictures showing you how to install your presets. Loopmasters are so good with there support with there products. I'm looking forward to try out these vocals in my production.

    Little Helper/Samplestate does it again such a high quality of samples on display here. First up the drum loops good to see various bpm's and very well broken down stems so useful as sometimes you just like the perc or kick in the loop. Next up music loops the background loops are very cool indeed I always look for theses sounds. Next bass loops it's very good to see so many bass loops and all in bpm and keys very high standard. The synth loops is cool to and lots of them again all in key. Sounds & FX folder is so good Drum hits very useful fx are good and the vocals a killer. In this pack you got everything you need to make some modern deep tech house

    Oh yes UNDRGRND Sounds strike again this pack don't disappoint if you are a fan of UNDRGRND's high end samples this has got it all if you like your modular sound check out the perc folder. All the one shoots is super good to. Synth loops and bass loops are very cool and got the bpm and the key on all loops very handy. And what I really like with UNDRGRND they give you midi when they can. The drum loop folder has got each loop stripped down which is very useful. There high quality samples does stand out among the rest that's for sure. This is a very good sample pack lots loops and one shoots to get you making some dope deep tech with a modular feel.

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