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After earlier years playing hip hop and rock, Magnus first caught the fever for house music in 1985. Since then he’s honed his craft amongst the best there is, pushing the sound everywhere and anywhere he’s been. Unsurprisingly, a DJ career that has lasted more than 20 years has seen Magnus play at (probably) hundreds of clubs and parties all across Europe. From world renown super-clubs like Fabric through mountain-side bars to hard-to-find warehouses in a city near you, this man has done ‘em all. Having DJed (and, of course, partied) with a who’s who of the Tech House and Deep House over the years as well as over a decade with the UK’s South Coast’s favourite, Positive Soundsystem, it is with this crew that he has defined his sound , playing to some of the most demanding and loyal party people, building a strong underground following. Magnus currently holds down several residencies in his Brighton hometown as well as in London and Sweden. Check the site for updates and party plans. Almost 3 years down the line, Magnus’s recording project C-Soul has become a popular addition to his DJ work. Involving a fluid and groovy collective of like minds (keyboards, sax, vocals and percussion), the name has appeared on labels like Flyagaric Trax, Is This, DiY Discs and Suspect Package and of course his own On The House label. Whilst Magnus holds down a busy DJ schedule, C-Soul are available for bookings as well. Although in it’s early days, On The House has already lined up names like Jay Cowley, Nathan Coles, Colin Dale, Toka Project and Rithma (vocals) for releases and remixes. Future releases have been appreciated across Europe and America by a long list of established DJs.


  • Deep Movement 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Yes cool this new pack from the ever so good Abstract Sounds. Loads of good sample here & lots of midi. The midi files are great midi for bass,synth & pads so good. The wav samples are really to notch as well. Some really cool groove loops and the fx are very handy too. I can highly recommend this pack for sure. I like it a lot..

    TIJN - Modular House

    Rating: 10/10

    Yes yes super cool this pack from one of the best producers out there & as always Sample state comes up with the goods. All samples in the pack has been recorded to a very high standard. Drum loops are spot on & music & bass loops are so good. Very interesting sample pack this. I can highly recommend this pack 10/10 from me on this one..

    Minimal House V1

    Rating: 8/10

    Yes cool sample pack this & it so good to see/hear a new 5-Pin media sample pack because you know it's gonna be a good one. This pack is again recorded to a very high standard & all loops are ready to use in your next production. All music loops are great and so are the drum loops & the one shoots are very useful too. Looking forward to get cracking with this pack

    Yes yes a new UNDRGRND Sounds sample pack & this one is a good one. Some really nice loops in here & some cool one shoots. All sounds are recorded to a very high standard that has become the norm for UNDRGRND. I'm really looking forward to making some music with this pack. This sample pack is useful in all kind of house productions. I can highly recommend this pack. Looking forward to the next pack already

    Oh yes John Tejada one of the great producers out there. Loopmasters has done it again getting a top artist on there sample pack artists series. Really like the music loops in here & the one shoots are so useful to. This pack is not just for the straight up house producer this could be used in all kind of electronic music productions. Really looking forward to get this pack up & running in the studio..

    Oh yes Abstract has done a great sample pack again. This one has it all for the deep/minimal house producer. Some lush pad loops,groovy synth & bass loops and some really cool drum loops. Also you got midi for bass,synth & pads which is a really nice added bonus. There are some groovy loops that are song start right there. The drum loops are broken down so they are easy to use when you do your arrangements. All sounds are recorded to a very high standard. I can highly recommend this pack. Well done Abstract Sounds.

    Electronic Body Music

    Rating: 9/10

    Oh wow. I love this pack. The vocals are great in this sample pack. If you like your early Belgium beat/Techno this is for you. All samples are recorded to a very high standard & there are lots of them, so many in fact you very rarely see this many loops in one pack, very impressive. They've really gone out their way to create something special here. I can highly recommend this pack well done whoever has created this sample pack.

    Romanian Minimal House

    Rating: 8/10

    Super cool this new sample pack from UNDRGRND Sounds. It has it all to make some nice slick minimal house & beyond. As always UNDRGRND has created a very good sample pack that is recorded to a very high standard that has become the normal for this label. They never seem to fail. Really cool drum loops broken up in parts and some bass & synth loops to match. I can highly recommend this pack for all house producers out there. Looking forward to the next one already..

    Vocode Galactica

    Rating: 9/10

    Yes yes cool sample pack this something a bit odd we like. Loads of phrases here to use some are super cool some might not be of every ones taste. I can highly recommend this pack if you like your vocals vocoded and will fit nice into some electro that's for sure will suite other music to. All recorded to a very high standard and some drums & music thrown in to. Get it now and have fun..

    Lo-Fi Soul

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool here we go again another really good sample pack from UNDRGRND this one on the more musical tip really like the chords and music loops in this one. This pack could be very useful in many various music styles. All loops are recorded to a very high standard as has become the norm for this label. Highly can recommend this sample pack.

    Cool sample pack this really like the minimal feel to this pack some good drum loops & some new modern sounding music loops. House Of Loop is going from strength to strength all loops are recorded to a very high standard which seem to be the norm from House Of Loops. Really looking forward to hear more from this label

    Deep Tech Illusion

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh wow Abstract Sounds are just getting better & better. This is a really cool sounding sample pack i like it a lot. It's a bit more up beat this pack some really good drums in lots of variations. Music loops are cool & bassline are great. I do really like the vox & texture loops in this pack a bit on the weirder side which is good stands out. All samples are recorded to a very high standard. What's next? Looking forward already..

    Nation Of House

    Rating: 9/10

    Yep 5Pin Media steps up again to give us a very high quality sample pack. This pack has everything you need to make your next hit. Samples are recorded to a very high standard. 5Pin Media is defo one of the best labels out there for sure they always deliver something for everyone. This pack can be used in all genres. Looking forward to the next one already..

    Oh yes Loopmasters has done it again a really cool pack very modern tech house this pack. It has the rolling basslines and the big synth loops that's for sure. Some good one shoots in this pack recorded to a very high standard. Loopmasters is one of the best labels out there and i'm looking forward to what';s next from the label...


    Rating: 9/10

    Yes really cool sample pack this. It's a bit deeper than the normal tech house packs out there. It does sound a bit underground amazing really as underground the word gets a bit abused. I like this pack a lot nice vibe high quality recordings of the audio. I can highly recommend this sample pack for the a bit more deeper producers out there. Looking forward to hear more from House Of Loop label

    Always good to see/hear a new Samplestate pack. This one is top notch again. Samplestate's done it again - a really cool pack at a very high standard. All audio loops are recorded to a professional standard and ready to use on your next track again Samplestate aims more to the minimal house producer but i'm sure you can use some samples in other genres to. Looking forward to hearing more from Samplestate..

    Electro Shock

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a cool pack if you like your kits. Not so many loops in this pack but you got 5 kits that are cool. Samples are recorded to a very high standard & will work with a very wide area of music. This is my first listen to this label & I like what i hear. i'm looking forward to checking out more from this label. I can't wait to get in the studio and start to use the sample pack. Techno/Tech House/Minimal/Electro will work with all..

    Detroit Electro 2025

    Rating: 9/10

    Oh yes this is a great sample pack. The samples are recorded at such a high standard and loads of them. This pack will work in all genres it's a very versatile sample pack. I'm a big fan of 5Pin Media but this one really does stand out as one of the best of the bunch. All samples are very useful in my productions. I really wish there were more sample packs like this out there - such an inspiration. I can't wait to get working with this sample pack..

    Ethnic Deep

    Rating: 10/10

    Cool new sample pack from Abstract Sounds. This one is on point again really good samples & yes yes got midi in this one too. Again the come up with a great sounding pack all the samples has been recorded to a very high standard this one has taken a different route with kits that does not disappoint at all & they thrown in some bonus drum loops too. I can highly recommend this pack for the house producers out there. Looking forward to the next one already...

    Minimal Deep Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    Yes this is sounding rather nice. I haven't checked this label out before and i like what i hear. Really good quality loops on display here. I haven't used any in my trax yet but i'm sure i will soon as this pack is deep sounding. It sounds what it says on the tin Deep Minimal Tech very modern sounds. Can't what to load some up in the studio next session..

  • Hypnotic State

    Rating: 10/10

    Cool this another really high quality sample pack from Abstract Sounds. They are getting better and better. I really like the simplicity with all their packs and the recording of each sample is to a very high standard. Hypnotic does exactly what you need in your house trax of today. I can highly recommend all their packs and looking forward to more releases from this label.

    Another cool sample pack from Loopmasters. as always this label comes up with some top notch sample packs and their artist collection is getting bigger and better. Looking forward to seeing/hearing what they come up with next. The samples in this pack are more towards the techno progressive side of house. It should work well for those peak time tech house number one's..

    Deep Movement

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yes Abstract Sounds has done it again. This pack is super cool really good high quality loops in this pack and midi for the music and bass loops are always a nice touch. All loops are recorded to a very high standard. The drum loops are broken down nicely so you can mix your beats up as you wish. Really looking forward to more packs from this label..

    Yes yes this pack is good as was expected from Matthew. All the loops are very high standard. The arps are super cool and I really like them so are the combi loops they are recorded in such a high quality. Music & bass loops are very nice to there are tech/house/breaks loops a plenty in this pack so much content keep you busy for a while. Shame there is no one shoots and vox but still a very good pack for sure..

    SLATIN Modular House

    Rating: 10/10

    Yes yes I love this sample pack so many cool quirky loops you can play around with. I can highly recommend this pack. There is a lot of loops they really gone one step more on this pack. It's a lot of work that has gone into this sample pack and it show's it defo stands out from the rest. I will check out more from Singomakers label and looking forward to doing so...

    Yes yes it's looking really promising for this new sample pack label Abstract Sounds all loops in this pack are great and recorded to a very high standard. Drum loops are cool what i really like is they are broken down i know a lot of packs do this but this one has hi hat on it's own which is very useful nice touch. And supplying the midi for the music loops are so good makes a pack so much more useful and last longer as you would come back at a later date just for the midi. Looking forward to more releases from Abstract Sounds

    Trippy Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    So this UNDRGRND Sounds pack is not the best one so far in their very impressive back catalog. Don't take me wrong it has got some interesting sounds for sure but sounds a bit like some of the old ones. It's all about the one shoots on this one for me. There are some heavy distorted loops on here - far out and a bit too heavy for me. I recommend downloading the test samples and find out for yourself..


    Rating: 9/10

    Wow wow this pack is great. I love it so many cool quirky sounds here. I got some really good inspirations straight away from this pack some really nice atmos and some really cool out there modular sounding quirky loops that i really like. I can highly recommend this pack. The one shots are really good as well. All samples have been recorded to a very high standard. More of this please..

    Oh yes this is a really cool sample pack. It has some very unique sounds and loops. They are recorded at a very high standard and There's lots of them. They are not all your normal sounds here - they defo gone out their way to record some odd samples in this pack. I can highly recommend this pack for sure. I'll be looking out for more from this label.

    Phil Weeks - OG House

    Rating: 9/10

    Oh yes oh yes. This is a fun pack with loads of cool samples for all your house needs. The loops are super cool basslines acid line music loops slamming drum loops they are all there. If you are a fan of Phil's music you should get this straight away. The one shots are really good and lots of them. A super fun pack this...

    Black Sky Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    I really like this pack stripped down minimal goodness at very high standard Loops are super cool recorded to a very high standard and the one shoots are very useful to. It is my first pack from Ztekno and i think it is really good. Modern sounding loops and quirky one shots. I can highly recommend this pack & i'll be looking out for more from this label..

    Yep yep 5Pin Media has done good again. Really like this sample pack loads of good loops bass loops are very good so are the chords. The one-shots are super handy too. I can highly recommend this pack. All 5Pin Media are very good and this one does not disappoint at all very - cool indeed..

    So this pack is another one from the UNDRGRND and yet again they have done a fantastic job creating a really cool sample pack. All loops are made to a very high standard and there's lots of them too. One shots are really cool they are my - favourites in this pack. I did think there would be more 303 loops in this pack but what;'s on display here does not disappoint at all...

    Old Movie Clips

    Rating: 8/10

    Yea I kind of like this one. I like the Russian speaking phrases but that's just me. There are loads of samples in the pack - but most of it is not for me - but I managed to find a few. I would like to see more longer phrases that would be more useful as you can pick out just a few words etc.. I do like Industrial Strength sample packs a lot...

    Oh yes 10 out of 10 on this one for me - what a great sample pack really high standard on all loops. This is one of the best packs so far this year - really digging it. One shots are very good too. So many useful samples. I wish there were some vocals and some instruments but still this pack is so good...

    Yes this is amazing if you use Ableton; so many racks to play around with. Very high quality sounds. Can be used in all music. I can see myself using this pack a lot in my productions. The racks are very hands-on with lots of control over all. SFX tools are super cool so are all sounds and drums racks are good to. Over all a smashing pack this. I hope Industrial Strength will do more packs like this..

    Evocative Underscores

    Rating: 9/10

    Wow this is brilliant - so much good content here that's very useful in all music. I can highly recommend this pack to everyone. Recorded to a very high quality; all loops are good & loads of rack for Ableton & Kontakt. I defo give this a 9 out 10 there are lots of samples in this pack that can be used on many tracks/productions. You should buy this pack for sure.

    Cosmic House & Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Yes I like this pack a lot - UNDGRND always come up with the goods. All samples are very high quality and there's lots to work with here. Bass loops are great so are the synth loops and always with the key information which is very useful. Only thing with this pack is there is no midi but all wavs are good. I can highly recommend this pack; especially if you produce house music. Its a good one for sure.

    Oh yes wow this is so good. So many really cool one shots here. This is totally what I need/use in my productions. There's so much you can do in sampler with these one shots. They are recorded to the highest standard. I can highly recommend this pack. Blind Audio has really done a good pack here and it's not super expensive. 10 out of 10 from me on this one...

    Lo-Fi House 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow UNDRGRND have done it again. They've managed to do a super cool pack once again. They never disappoint - its so good and they've got some vocals in this pack too. All loops are very good to the highest possible standard for sure and all one shots are super cool too. I can totally say this is a very good pack 10 out of 10 for me on this one.

  • Oh yes some really cool vocals in this pack and loads of different variations. Its Loopmasters' own label again - doing the thing they do best producing some super cool sample packs. This will work on many various styles of music for sure. I like it a lot..

    I must say 5Pin Media is definitely one of my favourite sample pack producers out there. This pack is cool with loads of samples to hve fun with for sure.. One shots is a really high standard and midi is cool too. I like this pack a lot.

    Yes really good this very high standard of samples on display here. all loops are cool maybe some for me is a little bit to full on but they are all very well produced and thew one shoots a super nice defo recomend this pack for sure.,

    Oh yes this is such a good pack we love it here at Club Magnus studio super slick music loops and drum loops are so good too. All the one shoots are really cool too. Such a high standard on display here. Can't go wrong with this one 10 out of 10

    Wow this is good all this midi to play around with 5 pin media is well knowned for hey top quality midi loops so this one is up there with the best it's 10 out of 10 for me on this one for sure. Can't wait to get my synths and drum machines on these midi loops

    Yes this is a good one just to layer underneath or get a track rolling or get a fresh new idea started it's all about the house music sound here. System 6 samples have really gone and done a good one here. Top stuff

    Oh this is a good one Loopmasters doing it again really cool sample pack this more for the new modern tech i guess very high standard really like the percussion loops on this pack. The drumm,Bass & music loops are cool too. Top stuff

    Classic Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    Oh wow all good this pack more on the break beat side of things very high standard as always drum loops are ace on this one really like it a lot bass & music loops are cool too and of course midi is there too. Whats not to like this one is not just for break beat electro you can use it on other music styles too.

    Deep Grooves

    Rating: 9/10

    Oh yes always so good when a new UNDGRND sounds comes out this one does not bad at all very high standard that has become the norm with this label nice deep grooves here bass & music loopas are on point and good to have the midi..

    Afrotrap Spirit

    Rating: 8/10

    Yep this is a good one got loads of cool samples one shots and loops that could be used in many different music styles. It has a modern feel but it's got more old vibe to it too. I like this pack a lot - well done Loopmasters...

    Nu Jazz & Neo Soul

    Rating: 9/10

    Oh yea wow! This is a good one - so much soulful keys and chords and bass - it has it all. This pack is one of the best ones I've heard in a long time - more for the deeper side of music but it's a such a high standard I really want to just get on and make some music - its that good!

    Techno Retribution

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool - Cool - another good sample pack from Loopmaster. This one does not disappoint at all - it has loads of good one shots and some really cool loops. All i can say is it needs more vocals but apart from that it's a good pack for sure. Loopmasters know what they are doing so keep the coming!

    Downtown Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    Apollo Sound is a new company for me. i'm very impressed - some really cool samples here. All drums are super cool as are the music loops - a very high standard. I will be looking out for Apollo in the future that's for sure - top stuff.

    Deep Dub House Aspects

    Rating: 8/10

    Yea cool sample pack this one. 5pin media always deliver such a high standard of samples - I really like this. All drums and one shots are good; so are the loops. The music loops are super cool with many different variations so it's not just for deep dub house - you can use the samples in other genres as well - thats for sure.

    License Free Movie Clips

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow just wow 10/10 for this one - so many good acapellas here I don't know where to startt This sample pack just has so much going for it - so many good phrases you can use in all sorts of music. Someone has taken the time and effort to sample all these cool vocal samples from so many diffrent films well done.

    Rominimal Deep

    Rating: 9/10

    Oh yes Samplestate does it again a super cool sample pack right here. Really good loops of the highest standard the groove loops are really good to add that extra texture to your track the drum loops are nicely broken down to suite your production well. The one shoots are very good to lots to choose from. This pack is for the more minimal deep producer. Just wish there was some vocals in here but over all a very good pack for sure..

    Oh yes yes Samplestate one of my favorite brands when it comes to sample packs and Hugo is back again and smashing it so many good loops here could do with the midi. All music loops are such a high standard and so are the drum loops. The one one shoots are very useful to. Yep i like this pack alot..

    Yea really digging this pack so much good stuff in here, Samples are such a high standard and so many of them the instruments in this pack are very useful and so are the midi. Loads of audio loops atmosphere's are good and the vocals. This pack is more the techy house vibe. I like it alot..

    Breaks Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Oh yes oh yes UNDRGRND sounds has done it again really cool sample pack this it works for so many diffirent music styles this sample are such a high quality as always with these pack they could do with some vocals really dig the break beats the drum loops atmosphere is good to so are the synth & bass loops to well done again...

    Tom Demac don't need much intro thats for sure great producer so this packs gives you a bit of his magic. Loopmasters artist series is such a good sample packs for sure nice music loops in here and the drum ones are cool to. Recommened..

  • Deep House MIDI 02

    Rating: 9/10

    Yep this pack is good if you like to use your midi files there is some wavs in there but head straight to the midi and load them up with you favorite synth soft synth or outboard does not matter these midi files works very well. Top pack this..

    Classic Deep House 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Yes so good this pack yet another super pack from UNDRGRND Sounds so much good in here. All the music loops are recorded at such a high standard really cool ones in there and loads so many to choice from. All the one shoots are very good to. Only thing this pack could do with is vocals. Highly recommended this pack for sure.

    Terrace House Grooves

    Rating: 8/10

    Yes another great samplepack from Samplestate. Includes everything you need to get your trax started and you could possible do finish trax with this samplepack it has it all to a very high standard. Samplestate is for sure one of the leading sample brands out there always deliver very good samples. The vocal folder in this pack is superb.

    Here we go again really cool pack from Proudly People. This pack from Samplestate is a bit edgier than there normal packs. This got some ace bassline loops & some cool vox. All the one shoots a very good to. I like this pack for sure. This pack is for more tougher house but got some killer synth loops too. This pack is very value for money it's got a lot going for it.

    Yep UNDRGRND Sounds has done it again with this one really cool bass loop[s with midi of course so high standard synth loops with the midi are really cool too. Just one thing here there would be nice with some vocals. One shoots a recorded to such high quality. Yea nothing wrong with this pack thats for sure..

    Dub Techno Aus Berlin

    Rating: 9/10

    Yes yes very cool sample pack from 5 pin media here. Very high standard on loops and instruments. Such a nice touch to have plenty of midi too. Loads of various loops here Groove loops are very useful & so are the texture ones. The one shoots are recorded very well. I like this pack a lot got so much going for it. I haven't tried the Ableton project yet but i'm sure it will be plenty of fun to be had...

    Wow James Dexter on top form again and Samplestate steps up again for a amazingly good sample pack so high standard all loops are very well recorded. Just a shame its not more vocal loops as all of them a very good need more. One shoots a super cool too. I like this sample pack a lot so much going on and so good.

    This pack is different in so many ways it will work in so many different music styles. I can't wait to try some of these out in my production. All the instruments are super cool and lots of midi too. The vocals are good very useful. There is 4 Live projects in there to to get a jam going and you learn something to. Highly recommended this pack.

    28000 One Shots

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow just wow there is so many one shoots here you never need any ever again. They are all such a high quality as well. It's very useful to have a pack like this just put them in any sampler soft or hard and jam away. I'm a big fan of HY2ROGEN sample packs just for there one shoots and this pack just has it all its a 10 out of 10 for me here..

    Soul Vocals For House

    Rating: 9/10

    Yes this pack is so good these are the vocals i search every where for high quality spoken word by a male is super cool. You can use just a word in the phrase all all of it or chop it up it works for sure. Really like his voice its got some depth to it. This pack is useful for some deep house vibe that's for sure.

    Yes 10 out of 10 for this one. It's even better then Vol 1. They really have step't it up a bit on this one. I thought Vol 1 was really good. This just work straight out of the box you don;t even need to much efx on the vocals just load them straight in or in a sampler of choice. Like it a lot..

    Circle Of Tones

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack got some interesting sounds going on very rhythmic and very high quality. This pack you can use in all sorts of music making. I really like this a lot something different that's for sure. All the samples are recorded so well and plenty in there. Someone has put a lot of work in to this pack and it shows. Highly recommended..

    Deep Minimal Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    Yes yes what a super cool pack this is. 5pin media are defo the leading sample pack out there very high quality here i really like the sample instruments here so many and so good. Bass loop has got some serious sub in them. I'm not to sure about the music loops iin this pack find them a bit to main room house kind of thing. Midi is provided in the pack for bass and music parts which i really like such a nice touch. Good pack this..

    Wow here we go again another smashing sample pack from Little Helpers Samplestate. This one is a good one from Russian p[roducer Legit Trip. Some really good bass loops and music loops. the drum loops are very useful to. The efx are top notch and all the one shoots are so good very good quality here. This will suite anyone that makes deep techy house that's for sure. Highly recommended this pack. I like it alot.

    So another ace sample pack from Loopmasters. There is a lot of good stuff in this pack. There is so many many bass loops really good ones to the acid loops are a nice touch. Very high quality on all the sounds in this pack. Drum construction kits are very useful when you arranging a track could have been a few more of these. The drum loops are broken down to suite any producer Vox & efx folder is good to but again could have beeen more but saying that it has so much content in this pack very value for money. The synth loops are cool to and there is plenty of one shoots to and some good sample patches there for all leading plugin samplers. This is a cool sample pack that has everything you need to make a complete track. Highly recomended.

    This pack is cool always liked Spettro as a producer so no wonder this pack is a good one. Well crafted loops. Very nice to see detailed key description. Drum loops are split up in differant sections full loops are tight with not to much going on and then hi & tom perc are very usefull. The Synth & bass loop are so good. And you got a lot of patches and samples for most key samplers on the market. I bet the serum patches are good to but i haven't tried them yet but will do when i get a chance. This pack is for the minimal deep house producer thats for sure. Very high quality loops. patches and one shoots on display here.

    Vocals With Attitude

    Rating: 8/10

    This vocal pack is pretty cool if you like your rnb and could work with other music styles to like deep house/bass house and more. It's a nice touch to have the text for the lyrics in the pack not sure if i seen that before? All loops got the key what note it's sung in which is essential for a vocal pack. I haven't had a chance to check out the presets for the various samplers but it is compatible with pretty much all of the main ones out there. The install guide is very easy to read and got color pictures showing you how to install your presets. Loopmasters are so good with there support with there products. I'm looking forward to try out these vocals in my production.

    Little Helper/Samplestate does it again such a high quality of samples on display here. First up the drum loops good to see various bpm's and very well broken down stems so useful as sometimes you just like the perc or kick in the loop. Next up music loops the background loops are very cool indeed I always look for theses sounds. Next bass loops it's very good to see so many bass loops and all in bpm and keys very high standard. The synth loops is cool to and lots of them again all in key. Sounds & FX folder is so good Drum hits very useful fx are good and the vocals a killer. In this pack you got everything you need to make some modern deep tech house

    Oh yes UNDRGRND Sounds strike again this pack don't disappoint if you are a fan of UNDRGRND's high end samples this has got it all if you like your modular sound check out the perc folder. All the one shoots is super good to. Synth loops and bass loops are very cool and got the bpm and the key on all loops very handy. And what I really like with UNDRGRND they give you midi when they can. The drum loop folder has got each loop stripped down which is very useful. There high quality samples does stand out among the rest that's for sure. This is a very good sample pack lots loops and one shoots to get you making some dope deep tech with a modular feel.


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